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Summary: Tennis training is canceled due to rain. How does Seigaku eliminate their boredom and why are their rival schools so shocked.

Training camps were supposed to be fun. It was suppose to allow you a chance to go up against strong opponents and see how much stronger you've become and what you needed improvements in. But instead, three schools found themselves holed up inside the cafeteria as a storm brewed outside, enabling anyone to venture outside unless they wished to become soaked and risk the chance of falling ill and not being able to participate in the camp.

Several laughter and chuckles erupted causing everyone to turn towards the sound and much to no one shock they saw Seigaku standing in a circle to the far side of the cafeteria. No one was shock because it was just like Seigaku to find something to entertain them-selves with.

The two rival teams watched them for a while in curiosity especially when Eiji laughed as the members of Seigaku, seemed to have come to some type of agreement and got up from their seats and formed a circle.

Atobe stood up and began walking towards the circle, his team following his lead. Seeing this, the other team trailed behind them. Coming to a stop behind the Seigaku team the Rikkaidai and Hyotei regulars watched in fascination in what their rival team was doing.

(Tezuka, Ryoma, Eiji, Fuji, Oishi, Momoshiro, Inui, Taka, Kaidoh,)

"Starting from Kikumaru Eiji, Seigaku game!" the happy voice of the acrobat drifted towards their ears.

"Yay" came the cheers, some enthusiastic while others were boarding on blank or bored, from the rest of the circle as they each held out both of their thumbs.

"Inui" Eiji called out pointing towards Oishi who in turn pointed towards Kaidoh, "Sadaharu" Tezuka and Taka pressed their fingers towards the bridge of their nose like they were pressing on glasses, while the former was pressing his glasses, "Rikutsu janai"

Kaidoh pointed towards Fuji, "Oishi" Fuji chuckled and turned and pointed towards Tezuka "Shuichirou" Ryoma and Kaidoh moved their hands in imitation to Oishi's moon volley, "Kara Kara Kara"

Eiji and Fuji giggled.

Tezuka made a grunting noise, "Echizen" he called out pointing towards Eiji, who grinned, "Ryoma" he turned and pointed towards Oishi. Fuji and Momoshiro raised their hands and pulled down an imaginary cap, "Nyarou" they replied.

Oishi pointed at Ryoma, "Tezuka" turning the future pillar of Seigaku pointed at Taka, "Kunimitsu" Kaidoh and Inui seemed to have grown a blank, momentarily forgetting the line.

"I believe that time is up. So rock, paper, scissor, loser leaves the game" smiled Fuji

Inui and Kaidoh did as told, with Kaidoh winning and Inui scribbling into his notebook as he took a seat at the table murmuring something about it being illogical.

"Hoi! Hoi! What was Tezuka's one again, nya?" asked Eiji.

"Nandeya nen" replied Fuji and Ryoma, the former grinning like a chesire cat and the latter tugging at his cap.

The group nodded their heads in understanding.

"Who should start now?" asked Oishi looking around.

"Since Ochibi was the one who got Inui and Kaidoh, he should start!" smiled Eiji

Ryoma gave his senpai a blank look before shrugging his shoulders.

(Tezuka, Ryoma, Eiji, Fuji, Oishi, Momoshiro, Taka, Kaidoh,)

"Starting from Echizen Ryoma, Seigaku game!" he retorted blankly.

"Yay!" they cheered, well some cheered.

"Kikumaru" he called out pointing towards Momoshiro "Eiji" he replied pointing towards the motioned person. "Kikumaru beam." Ryoma and Fuji retaliated moving their hands in the same manner that the acrobatic would do when executing the move. Eiji smiled and pointed at Kaidoh, "Fuji" hissing the snake-like teen pointed towards Ryoma, "Syusuke" Tezuka and Eiji moved their arms, "Tsubame Gaeshi" they called out.

Tugging at his cap, Ryoma pointed at Taka, "Kaidoh" smiling shyly the future sushi chief pointed towards Oishi, "Kaoru" Fuji and Momoshiro swung their hands, "Snake Shotto" Nodding Oishi pointed towards Tezuka, "Momoshiro" turning his head he pointed towards Eiji "Takeshi" Ryoma and Fuji made a motion like their were dunking something, "Don!" they replied.

Eiji grinned and pointed towards Ryoma "Kawamura" turning his head to the side, Ryoma pointed towards Fuji "Takeshi" he replied. "Burning!" called Oishi and Eiji. Fuji chuckled in amusement as he pointed at Tezuka, "Echizen" he smiled at the captain who nodded, "Ryoma" he replied pointing towards Taka. "Mada mada dane!" "Nyarou" came two different shouts causing everyone to look at them.

Inui pushed up his glasses, "You are incorrect Momoshiro, the saying is Nyarou" he answered.

"What is this game that you peasants are playing, ahn?" the arrogant voice of the Hyotei captain interrupted whatever else Inui was going to say, or Momoshiro's reaction to the news that Kaidoh beat him in something.

The Seigaku regulars turned towards the voice and saw that the regulars of both Hyotei and Rikkaidai were watching them.

"Yes, we would also like to know" added Yukimura with a smile.

Fuji smiled and faced the group standing to the side of them, "Well, it's called Seigaku game. And as the name says it's about us."

Atobe flicked hair, "If peasants such as Seigaku could have a game named after them, why not us as well, nah, Kabaji?"


"We will name it the Hyotei game, ahn" Atobe smirked.

"And us too!:" cheered Kirihara "But it would be the Rikkai game."

Yukimura chuckled, "Well that does sound interesting." he whispered.

Inui pushed up his glasses, "Hyotei's Atobe is jealous of the fact that we have a game named after us so he wants one too while Kirihara of Rikkai just wants to follow as well, interesting. I can't wait to see how this develops. Ii data." He murmured pulling out his notebook and scribbling into it.

Atobe shot the data man of Seigaku a scathing look before flicking his bangs, "Well our game is going to be better than yours." He remarked turning and strolling away with the rest of the Hyotei team behind him.

Yukimura chuckled, "We have work to do, let's go team." He smiled and guided his team away,

"Mada mada dane. No way there game will be better than ours." Ryoma snorted and threw his arms behind his neck carelessly.

"Nya" Eiji stuck his tongue out at their rival teams retreating back while hanging off Oishi's shoulder. "Oiiiissshhi, why are Hyotei and Rikkai trying to copy us." He whined

Patting his partners shoulder, Oishi tried to placate his double partners ruffled feather, figuratively speaking, "I don't know Eiji"

The rest of the Seigaku team watched amusedly as the Rikkai and Hyotei team tried to figure out how to start the game."

Saa…this should be interesting, let's get a better seats for the show!" Fuji giggled as he looped his arms through his best friend who was nodding his head excitedly and bouncing on the balls of his heels, seemingly over his whining. "Hoi! Hoi!" Tezuka shook his head and trailed behind his team as they came to a stop in between both rival teams and took his place beside his vice captain and best friend with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look plastered on his face.

"You start Oshitari" called Atobe which earned him an annoyed glance from the blue haired tensai as he adjusted his glasses.

"Doing this was your idea Atobe, why don't you start the game." He commented.

Atobe glared at him, "Because ore-sama told you to go first, ahn."

Shaking his head Oshitari looked around, "Whatever. Starting from Oshitari Yuushi. Hyotei game." He replied. "Yay" came the cheers.

Seigaku gave them an annoyed look.

"Mukahi" he called pointing towards Hiyoshi who frowned and turned his hand to the side and pointed towards the said person "Gakuto-senpai" Gakuto leaped into the air, "Moon sault" he exclaimed.

Ryoma raised an eyebrow while Fuji and Eiji giggled. Momoshiro snickered, Kaidoh hissed in what appeared to be amusement, Inui scribbled in his notebook, Oishi and Taka smiled lightly and Tezuka looked annoyed.


"Starting from Kirihara Akaya, Rikkai Dai game" the Seigaku regulars turned when they heard the second year ace of their other rival school's voice. "Yay!"

"Marui-senpai" he called pointing towards the tricksters who snorted, "Round fat"

That caused more laughter to erupt from the Seigaku players.

"Why are we even doing this?" scowled Hiyoshi not liking the fact that his rival school were being so amused by their blunder.

"Because ore-sama says so, beside if plebeians such as Seigaku can have a game so can we."

"This is hopeless, Atobe."

Flicking his hair, the diva of Hyotei demanded that they continue.

The regulars of Seigaku felt like collapsing on the floor. They had never laughed so hard in their lives. Eiji and Momoshiro were hunched over holding their stomachs with tears in their eyes, faces red and mouth opened as they tried to suck in as much oxygen as they could. Taka, Oishi, Inui and Fuji were chuckling while Ryoma, Tezuka and Kaidoh wore a smirk, well the former was, the latter was hissing in what appeared to be amusement and Tezuka lips were twitching while his eyes danced with his mirth.

After what seemed like hours Shishido was frustrated, "I don't want to do this anymore. This is hopeless. No matter how much we try, we are not getting any better." he spoke with a glare directed to Atobe. :And Seigaku has done nothing but laugh at our failure..."

Atobe flicked his hair and interrupted Shishido from his rants, "Quit your bitching Shishido. We will continue to do this until Ore-sama is satisfied by your progress."

Shishido wasn't the only one who was tired of doing this, the entire team looked angst when their buchou said they had to keep doing it.


On the other hand Rikkaidai wasn't fairing any better and wanted to give up but seeing that Hyotei was still going they decided to keep going as well, it was bad enough to have one team be better than you at something but to have two team, well that was just not unacceptable and un-Rikkaidai like to lose so thoroughly. So until they were better than Hyotei, they would not stop.

Beating Seigaku was out of the question seeing as they were the ones who made the game, it would be impossible to beat them at the rate they were going, so they would just have to settle with defeating Hyotei instead.


After watching this for a few more minutes the Seigaku team could not bare to watch their rivals fail so horribly at something so simple, I mean it could not have been that hard to do, after all when Inui had first proposed the game and had showed them how it was done, it did not take them this long to get the hang of it.

It was nearly painful to watch...well almost painful and they would have intervened sooner but the sight of their two rival schools being so hopelessly disastrous was so humorous that they could not bare to interrupt, besides this would show both Rikkaidai and Hyotei who the best team was.

Or as Atobe was fond of saying Katsu wa Seigaku, Makeru no Hyotei and in this case Rikkaidai too. Of course the names was switched around when Atobe would say it.

Eiji and Momoshiro burst out into a fit of laughter again when Gakuto swung his arm to the side in annoyance and ended up smacking Hiyoshi in the face which in his surprise caused him to fall over onto Shishido who shoved the enbu-tennis player away from his person but in the process he tripped over Jirou's sleeping form and fell against Ohtori who yelped and took a step to the side, causing Shishido to fall on his butt on the ground, and he (Ohtori) to step on Oshitari's foot causing the blue haired tensai to withhold a grimace, but he could not stop his arm from shooting upward releasing the cup he was holding as well as the contents inside.

Everything seem to freeze as everyone in the room turn their attention towards the airborne cup. They watched in trepidation as the cup tipped upside down over Atobe's head, drenching the captain of Hyotei in red liquid.

Everything was silent for a .01 seconds before roaring laughter was heard from several occupants as well as several chuckles.

Atobe cry of anger was ignored.

And because of the noise in the room no one heard a soft clicking sound.

Silence reigned within the cafeteria except for the sound of the rain hitting the roof. Each of the school was sitting in their own corner though Atobe still looked annoyed by what occurred earlier. And a scowl crossed his features as he glared at his team, minus Kabaji who had not been involved in the whole incident before and Jirou who was still sleeping despite all the noise going on around him, who were looking everywhere except at him, which was a good thing because if they were too look, they were sure to explode by the intensity of the glare aimed at them.

But at least they got their wish.

They didn't have to practice playing that wacko game against their will.


Rikkaidai was happy that Hyotei finally decided to quit because now they could as well. They didn't wish to continue such a hard game anyway, how Seigaku manage to create and play the game with such ease was awe inspiring, after all the game had to have been a recently made one since Ryoma had just arrived this year.

The creaking of a door being opened caused the group to turn and stared as a figure loomed in the doorway.

"Hora, minna, the rain stopped so get going to your cabins before it starts up again."

Hearing their coaches voice, Seigaku nodded their heads and left the cafeteria, though they did shoot Hyotei and Rikkaidai superior looking smiles or in some cases a smirk while Fuji chuckles nearly gave their opponents the shivers.

Ryuuzaki spared the other two a glance before turning around, "Are you guys coming as well or do you want to stay in the cafeteria till tomorrow?"

Atobe got to his feet and snapped his fingers, "Ore-sama is not staying in here all night. Let's go." he called as he guided his team out of the lunchroom with Rikkaidai following a few steps behind.

"Saa, Seigaku sure is an interesting team" Yukimura chuckled. "I can't wait till tomorrow."

A few weeks later all of the major tennis teams had an enveloped sent to them. Inside of it were pictures. And what the photo contained were many embarassing snapshots involving the regulars of Hyotei and Rikkaidai. Along with the pictures was a letter.

There printed on the paper were several words. 'If you mess with my team, I will personally find a way to embarass you. Sincerely, Fuji, Syuusuke:)"

And after reading the contents of the ketter and reviewing the photo's everyone came to the same conclusion. Whatever you do, don't mess with Seigaku.


Meanwhile Fuji wore a giant smile on his face as he sat amongst his friends. None of them wanted to know what he did to be so happy and quite frankly they really didn't want to know who he had tortured to be in such a great mood.

This was not meant to be a sequel to the original but it could be one if you want to see it as one, I guess.