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Ginny Weasley Potter was rushing around her house trying to get lunch ready for her two sons 3 year old James and 2 year Albus. When she heard a knock on the door. She rushed to open it and found her friend Nyphadora Tonks Lupin on the other side. "Hello Tonks come in" Ginny said breathlessly as she ran back to the kitchen to get the soup off the stove before it burnt.

"Hi Aunt Ginny" nine year old Teddy called out.

"Oh Hi Teddy dear" Sorry its really hectic around here would you like some lunch." The boys hair turned from a mousy brown to a bright blue. Well I'll take that as a yes then." She laughed taking the pot off the stove and turned back to Tonks who had followed her into the kitchen. "Would you like some tea Tonks"

"Yes please that would be heavenly." She sat down with a sigh.

"Long day" Ginny sypathizied with her friend as she sat the tea down in front of her.

"Yeah" Tonks sighed taking a sip of the hot tea in front of her. Just then two little boys rushed into the kitchen.

"Mommy I'm hungry" The eldest of the boys called out.

"James the soup is done now go sit down at the table and I'll get you some." The little boy rushed to sit in his seat. "Teddy" Ginny turned back to the older boy will you put Albus in his highchair for me please?"

"Sure Aunt Gin" He lifted the youngest boy into his arms and lowered him into his highchair. Tonks got up from her seat and helped Ginny ladle the soup into the boys dishes before putting bowls down for her and Ginny the two women sat down and started to eat there lunch.

Teddy stared down into his soup something odd was going on for some reason he felt a need to reach out and touch his aunt Ginny's stomach which was odd and a bit creepy. And he was sure his aunt would not appreciate it. He tried to eat his found but he just couldn't stop staring at her stomach. Ginny looked over at Teddy his eyes fixed to her stomach and his soup barley touched.

"Teddy is something wrong" she looked at the boy worriedly. He scrunched up his face in confusion. He could almost see a faint pink glow around her stomach if he squinted.

"Aunt Ginny" He tilted his head to the side still focused on her flat stomach..

"Yes Teddy" Teddy was so confused it was almost as if he could hear a heart beat from with in his aunt dear lord he was going crazy. He put his head in his hands. What was wrong with him was he coming down with dragon pox's or something

"Teddy" Tonks looked at her son and rushed to his side. "Honey what's wrong" She made him look her in the eyes. She could see the confusion that shined through them.

"I'm going crazy" He told his mother fear tinting his voice.

"What do you mean Ted" Tonks watched the emotions flick across her sons face.

He put his eyes back to his aunts stomach. "Aunt Ginny is glowing I swear god her stomach is glowing pink and there is some weird noise like a heart beat emanating form her and its not hers and I can't staring at her stomach and and." The young boy was in hysterics.

"Wait!" Tonks stopped her sons flow of words.

"What do you mean that Aunt Ginny is glowing Pink?"

"See I told you I was crazy" Teddy said but I swear she is glowing this odd pink glow surrounds her stomach. His eyes were still trained to were he saw the glow. Tonks looked up at Ginny. Who had looked down at her stomach.

"Wait you said you heard a heart beat." Tonks asked her son. He nodded his head. "Gin " she turned to the other women do you mind if I try something." Ginny looked at the older woman she was pretty sure what she was going to do and nodded her head. "Prego revelo" Tonks pointed her wand at Ginny's stomach. A golden light encompassed her stomach.

"Oh my god" Ginny breathed out placing her hand on her still slightly glowing stomach. She looked over at Teddy in shock. "You said I was glowing pink." He numbly nodded his head.

"Can I touch your stomach." He asked timidly. Ginny nodded her head slightly and Teddy placed his tiny hand upon her flat stomach. He felt a tiny spark go up his arm. He bent his head down and whispered to Ginny's stomach. "Hi little one my name is Teddy and I'll protect you." It seemed the room was encompassed by a bright light as Tonks and Ginny looked at each other wide eyed. Just then Harry and Remus walked into the room just in time to see the last of the light leave the room.

"What's going on." He looked oddly at Teddy talking to his wife's stomach.

"Um Harry" Ginny stood up on unsteady legs. He looked at her she seemed a bit pale. "I'm pregnant."

He laughed and picked her up spinning her around. He sat her down and kissed her. "I love you Ginny." He smiled kissing her again. No one noticed that Teddy was once again hovering near Ginny and though they still wondered how Teddy had known she was pregnant in the midst of the celebration that question would be put to the back of there minds not to be brought out for a few more months. They just seemed to expect that if Teddy was around he would be near Ginny and with a large and livly family the Weasley's Lupin's and Potters just didn't have the time to ponder why the nine year old was so fascinated with the child growing inside of Ginny.

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