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Ginny flooed back to her house after promising her parents that she would bring Fabian over next Sunday so he could meet the whole family, she found the two older boys playing wizards chess and the younger two asleep on the sofa.

"Where's Lily." She asked the two boys.

"Uncle Harry's putting her to bed." Teddy answered looking up from where he had just made a move across the board. Ginny nodded picking up Albus and taking him into his room, she passed Harry in the hall.

"Grab James please," he gave a slight nod and they parted ways. Ginny and Harry got the younger boys situated into their beds and then went out to the living room to talk to Teddy and Fabian. "Hey guys can you come here a moment," Ginny patted the couch beside her.

The two boys got up and sat next to them. "What is it Aunt Ginny Teddy asked."

"Well first off when are you going home Teddy." Lily teased her godson.

"Next week," he teased back

"And second next Sunday we are all going to the Barrow for a dinner." She glanced over at Fabian trying to gage his reaction. He had a slightly apprehensive look.

"Don't worry Fab the Weasley's are awesome." Teddy proclaimed.

"Fabian your grandmother is really eager to see you." Ginny wanted her nephew to know he was wanted. Harry watched the scene in silence.

"Ginny can I talk to Fabian on my own for a moment please." She nodded after looking over at her husband she wondered what he was up to.

"Come on Teddy lets go get some cookies and mike for you and Fabian. He jumped off the couch and raced towards the kitchen. Once both Ginny and Teddy were out of sight Harry turned to his nephew.

"Fabian I know you are worried but you know what when I was your age I met the Weasley's for the first time really, I mean I was friends with Ron and I knew Fred and George and Percy but I didn't know Mrs. Weasley, but you know what she excepted me as another son almost as soon as she met me and remember I had no blood ties to her and I didn't start dating your Aunt Ginny until I was almost seventeen. "

"Do you really believe they will like me." He asked in a scared voice.

"I'm sure of it. Just wait you'll feel at home instantly." Just then Ginny and Teddy walked back in to glasses of milk and plate full of cookies.

"Thanks aunt Ginny." Fabian grabbed a cookie. The rest of the week passed by in a whirl of sun, brooms, and baby kisses from Lily.

Fabian was so worried he had never had a father any type of male role model, and the only person he had in his life really was his mother who though he loved her was controlling scared of losing him. He knew she had never got over the death of Fred Weasley, or the fact that he was born at seven months almost not making it. She'd had a hard life and he couldn't blame her, but he did blame her a small part of him anyway for keeping him away from his family his father's family not letting him have any part of them of who he was.

They all appereted into the Barrow's yard that Sunday Fabian's stomach in knots the minuet Molly saw them she bustled over and stopped short taking in his look, so much like him but so different at the same time.

Fabian's hair was a softer color his eyes a bit deeper blue. "Hello Fabian I'm your grandma Molly."

"Hello grandma," Fabian said shyly excepting her hug. He met all the Weasley he met Victorie blond look at me I must have all the attention Victorie.

Dominique the shy strawberry blond

Louis the conceited yet fun loving boy

Never break a rule Molly

Rebellious Lucy

Free spirited Roxanne

Prankster Fred that name had made him cringe for a moment

Always Reading Rose

Mysterious Hugo, all the cousin's and all their unique personalities.

He then met his aunt and Uncle's they all seemed nice, though he swore to stay away from Percy for all he was worth. When he met George he could see the pain that flashed through his eyes momentarily, and he felt bad for the older man, he missed his father and he'd never even met him how must the man's twin feel.

Teddy was playing with Lily on the side yard and Fabian sat down to join them. "So what do you think of the family." Teddy asked his friend.

"They're ok but I still like Lily best," he smiled at the one year old.

"She's my best friend," Teddy pouted he really did want Fabian to get along with Lily to like Lily but he didn't want him to steal his best friend.

"I want to play." Vic all flounced out in ribbions and bows came up to them.

"Were not playing anything," Fabian looked at the girl confused

"I'll play with this then," she snatched the little plush snitch out of Lily's hands and the little girl started to cry.

"Hey that's Lily's." Teddy jumped up yelling indignantly. "Give it back." Fabian stood up behind Teddy also.

He took the plush toy back from Vic and gave it to the upset baby. "There you go Lils." He glared at the girl.

And oh how Vic wanted to Tell everyone the boys were being mean to her but then she would have to reveal that she had stolen Lily's toy that she hated that little girl with a passion the little girl who had stolen her best friend, the little girl everyone loved.

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