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Chapter 1

Most stories start at the beginning or at a very important moment in someones life. I guess you could say mine did as well. See mine didn't start at the beginning or with me seeing the guy of my dreams and saying I'm going to marry him one day, or knowing right away I loved him and we were meant to be. No quite the opposite mine started in away that made me wish the day didn't happen. Wish my story didn't start that way, but if I had gotten my wish I wouldn't be here in this situation thinking the same thoughts I had that first day. That I wanted more than anything to believe it didn't happen, or I could turn back time. But it also lead me to the point in my life that I was happy about and made me think I would never want to trade it for anything in the world. And everything contributed to that. The good the bad, the horrifying and the amazing. See if none of it happened I wouldn't be in a bed waking up on my twenty sixth birthday after one hell of a night in Vegas with the person I hated more than anyone in the spot next to, both of us naked except for the wedding band on each of our ring fingers. I would not be here married to Edward Cullen and freaking out with the thoughts of why did this happen to me all going through my head... again.

"no you are Edward Cullen the man I have hated since I first saw you and vice versa!" I yelled pulling the sheets up tightly as I got off the bed and went as far away from him as fast as physically possible considering I was wrapped in a sheet naked and a total klutz.

"and you Bella Cullen-"

"Swan!" I corrected.

He sighed and for once I didn't see his annoying smirk he always used I saw true hurt and pain, and even more longing. "and you Bella Cullen," I just glared at him but didn't stop him this time, "are the women I have been in love with since the first time I laid eyes on you."

I just stared at him in shock. No no NO this could not be happening he hated me HATED me!

I stared at him dumbly. "so about that divorce..."

Ok so I know this is confusing but to make it all make sense I have to show you how it all started. The first time I thought why did this happen to me, and I wish that didn't happen. The first time I saw my best friend in the whole world still to this day 19 years later. It was also the first day I saw him. The first person I would hate, the person I would marry, the person I would want to divorce, and eventually the first person and the last person I would ever love.

It all started nineteen years ago on this very day. My sixth birthday and the first day of kindergarten September thirteenth.

I was having all the same fears and problems as everyone else going to kindergarten for the first time.

* * flashback * *

"but mommy what if they don't like me." I asked looking down sadly while smoothing out my navy dress my mother made me wear.

And my mother just like any other good mom was trying to comfort me. "of coarse they will baby just be yourself, and if anyone doesn't like you they aren't worth it." she said smiling at me and giving me a kiss on the forehead. I nodded at her and after one last hug she left me in the classroom.

I looked around and saw all the kids playing at different spots on the floor with five kids or more and than I saw two kids in the left corner of the room playing with legos. The girl had spiky black hair and was short even for a six year old. She was wearing a yellow dress and smiling and playing with the boy across from her. The boy was extremely pretty (A/N: remember this is six year old thoughts) with red and brown hair wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. He was taller than me and smiling and laughing with the girl. As if they could feel me looking at them they peeked over at me and I was looking into two green eyes. The girls was more brownish while the boys was pure green.

Yikes caught! I thought smiling slightly at them. The girl smiled back at me and gave a wave while the boys eyes grew wide as he continued to just look at me. I blushed and ducked my head. He obviously didn't want me near them so I began to walk away but when I did I saw the girls smile drop and she looked down at her legos.

I made her sad... that's not very nice. I went over to her to say sorry and when she saw me coming she brightened up, jumped off the ground and hugged me.

"hi I'm Alice Cullen and this is Edward my brother what's your name do you want to play with us?!" she said all so fast.

"um hi I'm Bella Swan." I said blushing as I looked at the floor and nodded at her later question as she dragged me to the corner where her brother was still staring at me with wide eyes. As I sat down he looked down at the floor and kept building, totally ignoring me.

"Edward this is Bella my new bestest friend!" (A/N:not only a six year olds thoughts but also their words) she said happily but he didn't look up. She shrugged and continued talking to me. When snack time came she went to get us both juice boxes and Edward went to get one too.

I sat playing when I suddenly saw a shadow over me. I looked up and saw Edward. I smiled at him but he continued to look at me strangely. I didn't get why. He suddenly bent his juice box down and squirted me with it write over my private part.

His hand shot up in the air and he screamed. "Mrs K! Bella peed her pants!" the whole class looked at me. Some 'ewwed' while others laughed.

"no I didn't Edward squirted me with his juice!" I tried to defend but everyone kept laughing.

"did not!"

"did too!"

And that went on for a while ending when the teacher came over and Alice brought me to the bathroom as I began to cry. When I cried I looked over at Edward and his eyes held some sadness but I didn't care he was so mean!

* * End flashback * *

I guess you could say that was the first moment I began to hate Edward but trust me the feelings only grew and not in a good way.

The first time I went to Alice's house I met the rest of their family. Emmet their older brother and Rosalie and Jasper their neighbors who were over everyday. Esme and Carlisle their parents and I loved them all... except for Edward.

The first time I went over Edward wouldn't leave me alone and he ripped my barbies head off! Now as a six year old girl you could imagine I was not happy. In fact I started to cry so bad my mom had to come pick me up and bring me home... sad I know. When I told my mom of the events that took place she told me the same thing she told me after my first day of kindergarten.

'he only does it because he has a crush on you! That's how little boys show their feelings.'

If only she knew how wrong she was. See young boys might do that but than as they get older they are supposed to mature and ask you out or just leave you alone right. Well that's how we know he didn't like me, see with Edward it didn't stop.

When elementary school came around he just got worse. He would laugh at me when I would fall, which let me tell you happened a lot, and would call me names like klutzella and freak. Middle school was the same. Only thankfully less of Edward. Alice and Jasper began to date and so did Rose and Emmet. They were perfect for each other and everyone knew it. Edward and I had no classes and when I went to his house he would leave me alone. When he saw me he would look at me with huge wide eyes like he did that first day but than walk away without a word. Which trust me I was quite grateful of.

High school came and things started to get worst. See Mike Newton the most popular guy in school had a crush on me and I sort of had a small one on him. Come on he was the most popular guy in school and also the nicest (besides Edward but he wasn't nice to me) so obviously I was excited. By junior year he got the courage to ask me out and everyday in biology when he would turn to ask me my partner, Edward, would turn and join the conversation making it very awkward.

Eventually Mike backed off and he wouldn't even look at me. It was like he was scared. He would get a glint in his eyes when walking past me and when I thought he would approach he looked behind me, got huge eyes and ran away with his tail between his legs. I would look where he did and see Edward glaring after him. Believe me this got me furious.

* * Flashback * *

"Edward what the hell is your problem!" I screamed at him when we got back to his house.

"my problem! I don't have a problem just because Newton doesn't find you attractive like the rest of us doesn't mean you have to take it out on me!" he yelled back. I heard a gasp from the doorway and knew it was Alice, Rose, Jasper, and Emmet.

I had become used to Edward's words but that hurt... a lot. I saw his eyes get huge and he looked almost guilty but I knew that wasn't what he felt because he's Edward.

Before he could speak I ran up the stairs crying my eyes out and falling onto Alice's bed. A short while later Alice and Rose came up to comfort me along with Emmet and Jasper who told me non stop I was beautiful. They were my best friends and with them I felt safe and like nothing could bring me down.

* * end flashback * *

The only good part about high school was the fact that Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmet all stayed strong and to this day are still together both married.

See us three girls made a pact that we would each be the maid of honor or M.O.H at one of our weddings. So Rose was Alice's, I was Rose's and Alice will be mine. Well not anymore because well the thing with vegas and yeah. But along with that our men would go with us and since Edward and I weren't together we were still forced to be grouped together making us walk down the isle together. Not a happy moment for either of us.

Wow I'm getting sidetracked. Anyway collage came sooner than I thought. I was off to Dartmouth sadly with Edward while all my friends stayed at Seattle University. That mean Edward and I got to share planes when we came home and sit next to each other and drive the hour back to Forks in the same car. We would have stupid fights and yell and scream but pretty much came back in one piece.

When collage was over the six of us moved to the big apple together to start our careers. Alice became a successful designer and Rose and model for her company while also a mechanic. Jasper a lawyer, and Emmet owns the hottest club. Edward is a very successful doctor and me I became a author. I got out one book that has been pretty successful and am trying to write a second one now. See I was in so much stress over this stupid book my friends kidnapped me and brought me to vegas along with the boys.

I know I became off track from the purpose of this story. The one that lead to where you saw my freak out earlier. Just in case you forgot let me remind you. Me, Edward Cullen. Vegas. Married. I hate him. Apparently he loves me. But I promise everything has a purpose. No matter how big or how small everything ties together in the end. Connects in someway or another. Whether it bring you good or bad it will bring you something. Because the choices you make will come back to haunt you if not the next day the next decade or maybe even longer. The choices I made and the things I did lead me to the situation I am in right now...

"no you are Edward Cullen the man I have hated since I first saw you and vice versa!"

"and you Bella Cullen-"


"and you Bella Cullen are the women I have been in love with since the first time I laid eyes on you."

I just looked at him as if he was the most horrifying thing I have ever laid eyes on. And for once in my life I didn't know what to say back to Edward leading me to say something incredibly stupid, "so about that divorce."

...and you know what. I wouldn't change a thing. Because they did just that. They lead me here.

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