Accidentally In Love

Chapter 6

A month had gone by since the day my parents had found out I no longer shared their last name. A month since I returned from Vegas. A month since I have been Mrs. Bella Cullen. Ugh just saying the name made my stomach knot and not in the good way that meant I was excited and happy. In the bad way that said someone please get me a bucket so I can dispose of all my previous meals.

The passing time hasn't been too horrible though. I spent almost every moment of everyday in my bookshop hoping to avoid Edward. Well I would be in the apartment or doing what ever I needed to while he was at the hospital but when he got home I would go to bookshop and also on the days he had off. Unfortunately on those days he decided to join me which meant I had to talk to him when I didn't have anyone to help. And being honest that was a lot considering this was a small bookshop although it's more crowded than one would think. Especially since Edward started coming. Now girls would come just to try to catch a glimpse of him, not that I minded, it was good for business.

Anyway getting off topic again. The six days following the announcement of marriage to my parents had been sufficiently awkward. I was trying to avoid Edward and he knew it and didn't let it stop him, hence the whole coming to work with me thing. He would make me breakfast every morning and dinner every night and it pained me to say he is a damned awesome cook. Every night I would fall asleep to him whispering "goodnight my love have sweet dreams," and every morning I woke up to "good morning my love I hope your dreams were pleasant." Don't get me wrong it was sweet and everything but it was annoying! I didn't love this guy, I didn't want him yet everywhere I went he was there and he was being so sweet that I was starting to feel bad when I would be mean to him when only a few weeks ago I would do it no problem and he would say something just as equally cruel back. Now he would say something nice and if something cruel slipped through my lips I could see the hurt in his eyes and on his face and it made me feel guilty.

I've been going to Alice and Jasper's a lot to hang out and every time I go I see the pity in their eyes when they realize it's Edward's off day and I'm here or that he will be off work soon and I won't be there when he comes home. That's why I started going to the book store because I couldn't take the look of disappointment on their faces. After a week I just couldn't take it anymore. Especially when they would ask about Edward or suggest they should invite him over and I would make an excuse not to.

So here I am spending my saturday in my book store with Edward following me around until we go to Emmett and Rose's house in about half an hour. Today is there day to host our weekly gathering. We have one every saturday but last week was the first time we did it since Vegas. It was Jasper and Alice's night so they chose that we would go out to a very nice very expensive restaurant.

I sigh as I continue to place books on the shelves they belong.

Edward is immediately by my side. "Do you want any help love?" He asks me sweetly. And it makes me so mad that he can be all sweet now and make me look like the asshole.

"I'm Fine." I respond to him. It's my usual response when he asks me this question which is every time I sigh or groan. He doesn't get that half the time it's not even about the books, it's about my thoughts which are revolving around him in times like these.

He was silent but I could feel his eyes boring into the side of my head.

Don't let him get to you Bella! I screamed in my head but it was so hard not to. But eventually it becomes to hard and I turn to see him staring at me with big adoring eyes.

"What!" I snap at him.

"Nothing you just look beautiful." He says and I roll my eyes and ignore him. He has been saying things like this all month and it aggravates me more and more every time the words leave his mouth. What annoys me the most though isn't that he is saying crap like this, it's that I know he really believes it and is speaking honestly. He had our whole lives to tell me that I was beautiful but he didn't. And now he seems to be making up for lost time and it is driving me insane.

I huffed and continued my work, ignoring when he asked if I needed help, and finished restocking the books.

When I was done I looked at the clock and saw it was time to go. Thank god I don't know how much longer I can take of this silence.

"It's time to go." I say as I stand up and make my way towards the door. He of course beats me to it though and holds the door open for me like a 'true gentleman'. That's what he said when I complained about him doing it.

We loaded into his precious volvo because apparently my truck was 'not safe'. I scoff just thinking about that. My truck had gotten me everywhere in life since high school and it was still going strong.

He opened the passenger door for me of course being the gentleman again. Ha! As if! I'm sure a gentleman wouldn't force an unwilling woman into marriage!

I hop in and after he runs to his side of the car and gets in we speed off. We are at their house in five minutes since they live in the closest settlement of houses near us. Alice and Jasper just got the house next door and of course everyone was ecstatic. We were helping them move in in two days.

Edward parked the car and I walked to the front door, not giving him enough time to open my door which I knew would piss him off.

I knocked on the door and felt Edward wrap his arm around my waist right when it opened. There stood Rose and she smiled warmly at us.

"Hey guys everyones in the den." She said and I hugged her as I walked past her and into the room. I saw everyone sitting around on the floor with alcohol on a table near by and I went for it right away.

I grabbed a bottle of vodka and took a swing.

"Whoa there Bells thirst?" Emmett asked chuckling while I just glared at him.

"Shut up I need a drink." I said rolling my eyes.

"I can see that." He responded still chuckling.

I just grabbed the bottle and took a seat next to Emmett on the floor with Edward on my other side.

"Be careful love we don't want you to drink to much." He said and I snorted.

"I'm sure you would love that. I mean you haven't had sex in two weeks so I'm sure you wouldn't mind me being wasted considering we both know that's the only time i'll ever sleep with you." I said glaring at him and he sighed. We both knew it was true. See Edward and I lost our virginity to each other. It was high school graduation and there was a party at the Cullen's and man were we wasted.


I have been in Alice's room for the last three hours as she straitens my hair and and puts on my makeup along with my outfit. We just graduated from high school today and now the Cullen's are having a huge graduation party and all of Forks graduating seniors are invited, which isn't really much but still.

My outfit consists of a black lacy push up bra and thong set even though I say repeatedly that I won't be needing it. But what can I say she insists. Over it I'm wearing a tight silver dress that goes to mid thigh and clings to my body tightly. I'm also wearing three inch high black high heels. That was probably what we fought about the most. See I want to live to collage but Alice apparently doesn't agree with me on that.

My makeup is light thank god, only mascara and eyeliner. I look in the mirror and I look gorgeous. I would normally be surprised but I have come used to the fact that Alice and Rose can make anyone beautiful together and by themselves as well.

"Alice this isn't necessary, it's not like anyone care what i'll look like." I said sighing.

"That's not true I no at least one person who will care." She says with a secret smile.

"You don't count. And neither does Rose." I say giving her a look that says nope you can't trick me.

She rolls her eyes and sighs, "Not who I was going to say." I just roll my eyes again. Emmett and Jasper don't count either not that they really care that much. I let it drop though not wanting to get into this tonight.

"Ok all done let's go." She says as she finished putting mascara on herself. Alice is wearing a pale pink dress that is tight across her chest but than flows out to a little above her knee. I don't know why she gets to wear the non tight dress but her argument was she already had a man and didn't need to impress everyone. We fought about that one for a good five minutes. Five minutes I will never get back.

Suddenly Alice has my hand and is dragging me into the hallway and than we are slowly descending the stairs. The place is crowded and I'm guessing almost everyone who is coming is already here. When I reach the bottom step I see many eyes on me. Yeah I'm shocked I can be pretty too everyone now stop staring!

Alice spots Jasper and starts to walk over. Than I see that Edward is over there too and I suddenly don't want to go over there. Alice and Jasper have this thing when they look deeply into each others eyes when they aren't in an important conversation and they haven't seen each other for a long time. And they haven't seen each other since graduation five hours ago and sadly that is a long time for them. after making me promise her I'll dance with her and Rose later she leaves me and goes to his side.

I decide to get a drink. High school is over and everyone is going to be beyond wasted tonight. I'm not going to be the only sober one. Plus I'm sleeping at Alice's so I don't have to go home and explain to my parents.

I get a drink and walk around. I find Angela one of my best friends other than Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper. She's talking to Tyler, another friend of ours. He's been crushing on me since last year when him and Lauren, a girl who hates me for some reason, broke up. He always asks me out and I always turn him down, he just keeps on asking though. Men.

I'm making my way over when Mike Newton comes up to me.

"Bella!" He screams while he picks me up in a big hug.

"Um hey Mike."

"Take a shot with me." He says holding up two shot glasses.

"Mike I don't know," I begin to say but he cuts me off of course.

"Come on Bella just one... please." Don't get me wrong I was over my crush on Mike but he was probably the fourth hottest guy in school after Emmett, Jasper, and he who should not be named. And you know what this is it. High school is over so why not take shots with the second hottest single guy in school."

"Alright but just one."

Four shots later I'm standing on the dance floor with Rose and Alice and I'm feeling more than a buzz. We are grinding on each other with Rose behind me and Alice in front of me. There is literally no space between our bodies and I can feel eyes on us from every angle.

"Having fun Bella!" Alice shouts over the music. I smile as I answer back.

"Of course!"

"Ok well this has been fun but I see how Emmett is looking at me and I think i'll dance with him now." Rose smirks and takes her hands off my hips as she walks over to dreamy eyed Emmett and pulls him out onto the dance floor.

It's just Alice and me now but after the next song Alice goes to Jasper who is standing next to Edward. She whispers something to him and than Jasper and Alice go to the dance floor. leaving me all alone.

Instantly Eric comes up to me. Thanks a lot Alice.

"Hey Bella! Want to dance?" He asks looking at me hopefully. Oh no. I hate saying no to people but Eric is not someone I want to be dancing with. In my drunk state though I can't think of anything to say at all.

"Um, well..." I stammer. Shit!

"She can't she has promised me a dance." A voice said from behind me. I can't tell who it is in my state but I can hear their words are slurred so I know they are just as bad as I am.

"Oh ok maybe later." Eric walks off with his head slightly lowered.

"My hero!" I gasp as I spin around.

"It's my pleasure my lady." The man says as he picks up my hand and kisses it.

I look up from our hands into the charming face of my hero who is... Edward?

I immediately snatch my hand back from his grip causing me to stumble slightly.

"What are you doing?" I slur while pointing a finger at Edward accusingly.

"What I just knew you wouldn't want to dance with him." He slurred back. "Come on." He said as he grabbed the hand that was extended towards him and turned me around so my back was on his chest.

"What are you doing now?" I asked as he started to sway us to the music.

"Dancing." He said like it was obvious.

"Why?" I'm confused.

"Because I told Eric we would dance."

"Ok." That makes sense I guess.

As more music played I started to grind my ass back on Edward and I could feel him responding. Hehe I made him hard.

"You look beautiful tonight Bells." Edward whispered in my ear.

I started giggling like a school girl. "No you look beautiful Edward." he joined in and we were both giggling, well I was giggling he was chuckling.

Wow I'm funny when I drink and so is Edward. He's also nice when he's drunk. I like drunk Edward.

"I like drunk Edward." I said as I turned so I was facing him.

"I like him too." He said and we laughed again.

We danced for about five songs grinding and than doing weird moves causing the other person to laugh.

"My feet hurt." I declare. And suddenly my feet aren't on the ground anymore, I'm in Edward's arms as he carries me off the dance floor and up the stairs.

"Don't worry my fair maiden I will help you." He declares and I lightly hit him on the chest.

"You're such a dork Edward." I say as we both erupt into fits of laughter.

He puts me down on a bed and I realize I'm not in Alice's room, I'm in a room i've never been in before. The only room in this house i've never been in is-

"I've never been in your room before Edward it's pertty!"

"Thanks but not as pretty as you." Edward says while blushing as he joins me on the bed.

A few minutes go by and I just enjoy the buzz.

"Edward. Can I. Edward can I tell. Can I tell you something." I ask while lightly hitting his shoulder although I miss my target a few times. I'm giggling while I talk and he's chuckling at me. I'm so funny!

"Of course. You can tell me anything, that's what friends are for." He says smiling.

"But we aren't friends." I'm confused again.

"I know." He says and we both laugh again.

"You're so weirrrd." I say slurring the word weird. "But I need to tell you a secret." I whisper the last part.

"Ok tell me. I'm all ears."

I look up into his beautiful eyes. Are they always that green. They are pretty. And shiny. I like shiny things. "I want to kiss you right now." I say tapping his nose when I say right now.

He grabs my face in his hands and gives me a big kiss right on the lips. "There." He says smiling proudly and we both laugh again.

I crawl up on my knees and stair at him. "I want to kiss you again."

He looks up at me and smiles crookedly. "Than do it." he challenges and with that I lean in and kiss him.

End flashback

That kiss lead to another which lead to another and even more followed. The next thing I remembered was waking up in Edward's bed with him spooning me from behind and we were both naked. I quickly got dressed and left his house going home. I never spoke about it with the rest of our friends but I knew they all know what happened. They had all seen me come down the stairs in the morning and knowing that I wasn't in any of their rooms it didn't take a genius to figure it out. Plus I'm now sure Edward told them in his quest for their help to 'win me over'.

All I remember from the actual sex is that it was painful but he was a perfect gentleman waited until I told him it was ok, wasn't too rough, and I remember it being pleasurable after the initial pain.

I wish I remembered the whole thing, not because I wanted to know what it's like to be with Edward but because it was my first time. That is supposed to be a girls most precious memory, or well one of them anyway. And now all I remembered was the giant ass headache I had in the morning.

Emmett's voice snapped me back to the present. "Ok so after that awkward comment let's play."

Everyone groans but no one says anything. See whoever has the gathering get's to choose what we do and whenever it's here we always play some stupid middle school aged game that Emmett chooses and than watch a movie that Rose picks.

"What's the gam e today?" I ask taking another giant gulp of the alcohol.

"We are playing truth and wait for it...!" Emmett started saying.

"Yeah we don't really need to wait for it." Edward said at the same time Emmett said "DARE!"

I started to giggle and nudged Edward with my shoulder. "Just because it's obvious doesn't mean he won't do it."

Suddenly the laughter stopped and everyone was looking at me. "What? That was funny." I crossed my arms over my chest defensively. "What he always says that and Edward was right we didn't really need to wait for it I mean it was obvious." Everyone just continued to stare at me with blank faces. "It was funny!" I wined throwing my hands up in exasperation.

"We all agree it was funny we are just confused to the fact that you just playfully commented on Edward's joke." Alice said.

"Yeah and nudged his shoulder with your own." Jasper added. "I mean you always avoid touching him."

"Thanks Jazz." Edward grumbled.

"Oh stop being such a sour puss." I mocked Edward and took another drink.

"Alright that's enough for you." Edward said and took the bottle from me.

"Hey give it back!" I exclaimed and climbed in Edward's lap so I could reach the drink.

He froze and Rose took the bottle from him. "Behave Bells you don't want a hangover tomorrow. You have to work."

Knowing Rose was right I climbed out of Edward's lap and sat back in my seat.

"Ok now that we got that our of our system let's play." Emmett exclaimed.

"Emmett we played this last time we were here." Jasper grumbled. It was true last time I was dared play the rest of the game topless, I still had a bra of course. When we played we played dirty.

"Yes that is true but this time everyone is going to have to right something on a piece of paper write on truth and one dare on the piece of paper, we than throw it in the hat and whatever you pick you have to do the truth and dare. So that means you can't put someones name on the card it would be do blank to the person on you left or so on so forth."

He handed out paper and everyone wrote their truth and dare. I could see the evil looks on everyones faces as they wrote. The only thing is if you did something really embarrassing and you picked it, well that would not be fun.

Emmett collected them and put them in the hat and we started the game. Since it was his idea Emmett picked first. We were going clockwise so next would be me than Edward than Alice than Jasper and finally Rose.

"Ok the truth is how many people have you had sex with. Well that's easy, one." He said while smiling at Rose and she beamed back. "Ok dare is to grab the boob of the person on your left." Emmett looked at me and I looked at him. He than looked at Rose who was silently laughing.

"Go for it." She said and Emmett looked at me again. I sigh and remove my jacket. He takes that as his sign and reached over and grabs my boob, he squeezes it once and than drops his hand to his side.

Everyone who is trying so hard not to laugh bursts out in laughter except for Edward.

"Did you really have to squeeze." Edward asks and Emmett just shrugs laughing.

"How could I not." he says winking at me and I blush deeply while Edward growls lightly.

"Oh calm down." I say to him and he looks at me and relaxes. "Alright my turn."

I reach my hand into the hat and pull a piece of paper out, I unfold it and look at my fate.

"Truth is who is the first person you ever had a crush on." Oh no. Shit I can't say it was Edward but this game is no lying aloud and Alice would know because she knows about the five minute crush I had on Edward.

"Stop stalling Bella!" Alice screams.

"Ok fine my first crush ever was Edward." Complete silence. "What it was the first day of kindergarten before you became an asshole. When I looked at Edward his eyes were glowing with hope. Oh god. "Ok and the dare is, whoever is on your left sit on their lap for the remainder of the night. Oh come one what would happen if Emmett got that he would crush me!" I exclaimed.

"It doesn't matter you got it so now do it." Alice said and I knew she wrote that truth and dare.

"Fine." I said and took a huge gulp of the vodka to give me courage and than I crawled onto Edward's lap. "But no funny business." I said and I shifted to get comfortable. "Oh come on Edward." I said when I felt something poking me.

"Well stop squirming around." Ugh I knew he was right. Everyone was laughing of course.

"Oh shut up." I said. "Let's just continue the game."

Edward reached over to pick one out, but couldn't reach with me on him so I had to lift the hat to him as he picked one out.

"Ok my truth is say if you have gotten yourself off to the thought of someone in this room and if you have say there name, also if there is more than one person say them too." Edward stopped reading and looked horrified at the piece of paper.

"Dude answer the question." Emmett said excited. Everyone knew Emmett wrote this one because there was always one question like this and it was always Emmett. I can't wait to see what the dare is.

"Dammit!" Edward whispered harshly while he ran his fingers through his hair. His hair was glinting in the light, it look gorgeous. So did his eyes. Whoa wait what! Ok I am cutting myself off. I places the vodka bottle where I used to be sitting. "Ok yes I have, and that person would obviously be Bella."

I got off his lap immediately. "Uh uh uh nope noway get back on his lap." Alice said sternly.

"Are you kidding he just admitted to jacking off while thinking of me!" I exclaimed.

"So what? Emmett does that about me and Jasper does that about Alice get over it!" Rose said and I sat back on his lap with a humf. He wrapped his arms around my wait but I shook them off. "Plus," Rose added. "I'm sure he doesn't do it just to thoughts of you, I bet he has pictures." Rose cackled and everyone laughed as well while Edward and I froze. I turned to look at Edward and by the terror in his eyes I knew Rose was right. Oh god this was just so gross. I grabbed the vodka in and chugged a good bit. I changed my mind I do need it.

Alice had to confess to a dirty fantasy about Jasper where he is a vampire and she a damsel in distress, weird. And than she had to not be able to touch Jasper for the rest of the night. If only I got that one, or better yet if Edward got it. Jasper wrote this one.

Jasper had to admit than when he first saw me he had a crush on me but than when he saw Alice the next day he forgot all about me and knew Alice was the one, even at that young age. Alice was furious but than she realized he was like seven and didn't know any better plus he got over it right when she walked in the room. He also had to smack a girls ass and since he couldn't touch Alice and Rose is his sister it was me. And since I was stuck in Edward's lap he had to do it while I was facing Edward and still had my knees in his lap... awkward. Edward was furious. Rose wrote this one.

Rose had to admit that what she wanted more than anything was to have kids with Emmett. She also had to call up Mr. Banner, our old biology teacher, and say she always had the hots for him. He said she was the hottest girl he's ever seen so Emmett flipped out and threatened him while we all laughed. That was the truth and dare I wrote.

Which means Edward wrote mine. So I'm in his lap because of him. Not that he had anyway of knowing I would pick that one but still I bet it was his fault somehow.

Rose picked Mean Girls for us to watch. An all time favorite movie of everyone and of course most quotable movie. By this time I was totally trashed and Emmett and Rose were pretty drunk along with Alice since none of us had to drive. We all laughed and quoted the movie, Rose, Alice, and I even did the jingle bell rock dance. We learned it in high school.

Everyone said goodbye and that next week it would be at Edward's place, well our place. That's still so weird. See whenever it was at Edward's house I 'couldn't' go. The next week he would always come to mine but I never went to his. I bet you they sat there planning how he could get me to fall for him. Oh ew.

"Bella can you walk?" Edward asked. I tilted my head in the known sign as -I'm-confused- and he smiled at me. "You're drunk, can you walk?"

"Of course." I said stubbornly and climbed out of his car almost falling as soon as I got out.

"Ok that's a no." He said and picked me up bridal style. I laughed and clung to him tighter. I told myself it was so I wouldn't fall but he smelt so damn good tonight.

When we got to our loft he brought me up to our room at set me on the bed. I looked up at him and saw his beautiful eyes staring at me with love in them and something in me snapped. I want to be loved. I want to be cherished. And if he's the only one who could give it me goddammit I wanted him to.

I pulled him down and smashed my lips to his. He responded eagerly and I removed his shirt. He was laying on top of me now and I raised myself a little bit so I could take my shirt off. Than I ran my fingers through his sculpted chest. DAMN! He had a hot body. He must work out a lot. And I know he does but now I know it really pays off well. Suddenly he froze and pulled away.

Wait what Is he doing? Does he not want me? Am I ugly?

"No Bella you're beautiful and I want you so much don't think like that." Edward said and I realized I must have spoken out loud. "But Bella I love you so much and I respect you so much and I will not take advantage of you when you're drunk. All those other times I was drunk too but now I'm not and I would never do that to you." He kissed my forehead and walked towards the door. "Goodnight beautiful girl." He whispered as he turned off the light and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

Edward slept on the couch that night. Being the perfect gentleman and not touching me while I was under and influence and easily could have and said I threw myself at him because I did, but he didn't he walked away and slept on the couch. Where I had wished he would sleep this whole time.

Funny thing was, that wa \s the first night I was wishing he was sleeping in bed... with me.

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