In my final reviews, a reader asked for a face off with Renee and Charlie. I thought it was only fair to cover all the ground with these two, seeing as they have overcome a great deal as it is. I wanted to give Bella her moment, her chance to show them both what she had accomplished and created in her life with Edward.

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My eyes were burning and my back ached. I had just gotten out of an eight hour surgery, and I was ready to go home and sleep for a long time.

With a sigh, I made my way to my locker and sat down on the bench to get my clothes together and shower. I vaguely heard the creek of the door from behind me as I began peeling off my socks and then yanking off my scrub top.

"Son" I heard my father's voice call out to me and I spun around to see him. I was surprised to see him here, but the shock was replaced with fear when I saw the grim look on his face.

I was on my feet as soon as I registered the concern, a series of different scenarios were running through my mind, and they all included Bella and the kids. My chest tightened and my breath caught, I had no idea what to ask, and moreover, I wasn't prepared for any answers.

"I need to speak with you about something, I just don't know where to begin."

I took a deep breath and nodded my head, as unsure as I was about this, I knew I needed to know what was going on.

"Is it about Bella? Is she okay? Are the kids alright? Did something happen?

My heart pounded harder when I saw his head nod yes. I stepped forward, unsure how to take his response.

"Which is it!? What is going on!?" I didn't mean to yell at him, but when it came to my family, there were no limits. I just wanted to know what hell I was about to face. In that fifteen seconds, images of Bella, Emma and Ethan were consuming my mind.

I saw Bella with her round belly, I saw Emma and Ethan as babies in my loves arms, and the feelings it evoked had me on the verge of a breakdown. I didn't hear my dad walking to me, but before I could fall apart completely, he was shaking my arms.

"They are fine! They are all safe, Edward. Calm down!"

When he said that they were all safe, I felt my heart rate calm. I took a deep calming breath and flopped back down to the bench with my head in my hands.

"What the hell is going on, Dad?" My voice was cracking and my tone was just above a whisper. I knew he would never say something like that as a joke, so I knew there was indeed an issue, but knowing that they were all okay and safe was enough to calm me.

Dad came and sat down beside me, his hands clamped together and resting over his knees. I watched him carefully, looking at him now, I could see the frustration in his expression, as if he was battling on how to word it. My dad at a loss for words was definitely something new, I knew that whatever it was he was fighting with, was serious.

He turned to me after a moment and found some resolve. With his shoulders squared, he began.

" I got a call this morning from a friend of the family." His eyes were focused on his hands still, and I felt some tension leave my body at the thought that this was about a misunderstanding. I could deal with an angry relative, hell I could deal with a tragedy as long as it didn't include my wife and kids.

"Do you remember the fiasco with Tanya those years ago?" I went stiff the second he said her name.

I had done a good job of blocking that vile woman from my memories, but hearing her name just now and under the circumstances in which I was speaking with my father, had me angry as if the things she had done were yesterday. If Tanya were doing anything to make a play at my family, I would not think twice about making her life a living hell.

"What is she doing, Dad? Are you sure Bella and the kids are safe?" I knew all too well what Tanya was capable of. After she attacked my Bella while she was carrying Emma and nearly caused her to miscarry, my feelings toward that creature was far from favorable. I hated the fact her name was even being brought up.

"Well, first off, it's not, Tanya. The call came from a private investigator who had done some work for your mother and I. She was who we called when the Tanya situation happened. When she agreed to go away, we still went ahead and kept tabs on her location. We wanted a warning if she went back on her agreement. I'm happy to tell you that she has made no move toward you or the family, so don't get too invested in that thought."

I was starting to get frustrated at the length of this conversation, I just wanted to know what the hell was going on. I think my dad saw that, so instead of waiting for me to calm down, he gave it to me straight.

"Well, Amy called this morning and told us that she had received a call about locating an Isabella Swan."

My head snapped back at attention from the mention of Bella's maiden name and instantly worry was replaced with jealousy. Who the hell would be looking for Bella now? Maybe an ex-boyfriend? I didn't like that one bit.

"Who is looking for her? What do they want?" I could of spat out about a hundred different questions, but I was stopped when my dad held out his hand as in signal for me to stop.

"It was Charlie Swan." he said.

My heart dropped and I felt my breath getting heavy as the realization of what was happening washed over me. I knew who Charlie Swan was, that was Bella's father.

I also knew that he was an un-wanted visitor in our home. Bella and I had spoken of her parents three times in our marriage. The first time was when we discussed Emma's baby announcement. The second time was our wedding, and the third was when Ethan was born.

I hated that she didn't have family, well... Swan family, to share the news of our children with. Our two children were welcome into this world and celebrated amongst my family, but Bella's parents didn't even know they existed.

I knew it hurt her, she would never admit it, but I knew Bella in every sense of the word. She was warm and compassionate. For her to be unfazed by the lack of interest her parents had in her life was far from believable.

I never made her talk about them, I had promised her years ago that she would never have to. I hated what I saw on her face when she did. When she had been willing to discuss them, her expression was a mix of pain and anger. She resented them, and I couldn't blame her. Between the two of them, they had both managed to dismiss her graduation and any achievement she had while at Yale and as far as I knew, her life.

I couldn't understand that, the idea that the two people who created my sweet and loving Bella would be able to hurt her and make her achievements less than admirable. She deserved her moment, she deserved to shine and be congratulated, but neither of them gave that to her.

I don't know the full conditions of Charlie's absence, but Renee was a different story. She was jealous of Bella, and that alone had caused her to say and do such a horrible thing to her.

All this and more was running through my head as I sat there, I didn't even try to ask anymore questions. I knew the issue now and all I needed to do was figure out how to proceed. Obviously, Bella needed to know, but I really didn't want to worry her with this news. I would see to it that she was left in peace if that is what she wanted. If it came down to it, I would go in her place to meet with Charlie and send him on his way.

"Edward, there's a little more to it." my dads voice broke through my thoughts.

"Amy said that her mother was also a part of the call and that she seemed quite determined to locate her. She said that more than one agency was hired."

I was down right irritated now. I knew that Renee was her mom, but seriously? She had been the main reason Bella had decided to cut them out of her life in the first place.

"Honestly, Dad… I don't really care if these people are arch angels from heaven. Bella is my only concern, and if she tells me to make them go away, I will do just that. I can guarantee that I will not allow them to come in an shake the quiet, happy life we have."

My dad was nodding his head in agreement. He loved Bella fiercely, and without hesitation. She was in every sense of the word his daughter, and that aside, he adored her. I was grateful at that moment for the fact the he was as protective as I. This connection he had, had now given us the opportunity to be prepared as opposed to blind sided by this news. I was now able to go to my love and tell her the situation and get her wishes instead of having her be surprised and upset later.

I stood up and slipped my shoes back on, all thoughts of sleep were now gone from my body, and the only thing I wanted to do was get to Bella and the kids. I grabbed my bag and flung it over my shoulder and headed for the door.

"Edward…" he called out to me. I stopped in my tracks to see his eyes boring seriously into my own.

"You make sure to tell her that we are all behind her decision, one hundred percent… no matter what she chooses to do."

I smiled at him and gave him a firm nod. I would pass that message along and I knew what it would mean to her. So did he.

"Call me when she decides what she wants, Amy said she will keep things hushed until we speak with her."

I turned again and headed for home.


I had quite the relaxing evening going on here. Ethan was laying across the couch and relaxing with his feet on my lap while we watched and listened to Emma practice the piano. She was quite good for a child the age of six.

Edward had been passionate about making sure that both Ethan and Emma were exposed to fine culture and education. Emma was attending one of the best private schools in the city, and Ethan was enrolled there for a few hours a day in the play center.

Ethan was almost four, but he had a passion for knowledge. Every morning when Emma would leave for school, I would find him crying on the couch and clutching a back pack and bawling because he wanted to go too. I did my best to make his mornings as educational as possible, but with Ethan, more is always better.

I continued to pat Ethan's back while I smiled on at Emma playing her notes. She was still so sweet, and she reminded me of Edward when she focused on her tasks with such great care. Emma, loved the piano, she had begged and pleaded for private lessons. Having, Edward, as her daddy, she achieved that goal in under one hour. Thankfully, she was serious about the desire and I was glad to be able to give her the opportunity.

Emma's fingers stilled as the garage door adjoining in the kitchen creaked. She flew off the bench and was in Edwards arms faster than I had been able to get Ethan's feet off my lap. I realized that when he didn't even flinch when I stood, he was asleep. I leaned down and kissed his copper hair and went to find my husband.

I made it into the kitchen and found Edward holding Emma and talking to her.

"How was your day, Sweet Pea?" She giggled into his shoulder and proceeded to tell him about how well she had done in class and that she needed ten dollars for a donation to the homeless.

It never failed to amaze me at just how giving she was. At her young age of six, Emma was already a part of clubs that collected and donated things for the less fortunate. When she had come home after her first day of school and asked for a garbage bag, I had been baffled as to why. I gave her the bag and followed her into her room and watched as she rummaged through her clothes and threw things in the in that she didn't wear anymore.

When I had asked her what she was doing, she told me that there were kids her age all over the world who didn't have clothes to wear or food to eat. She began crying as she explained that in school they learned the value of a meal in other countries. She told me that she didn't think it was right for anyone to be hungry.

I watched Edward's face soften even more at her request and for a moment he just held her close with no words.

"Emma, I will give you more than ten dollars, it's a very good cause and we are blessed to be able to help others. You are a very good person, sweetheart. Don't you ever change, okay?" he told her.

Emma nodded kissed his cheek and squirmed her way down and back to the family room to practice. I called out to stop her, I didn't want her to wake Ethan.

"Emma, go get dressed for bed, sweetie. I'll be up in a minute." I saw the desire to protest, but she didn't. She merely pouted and turned to make her way upstairs.

With Ethan down for the count, and Emma up the stairs to change, I had my husband to myself. I turned back to him just in time to see him reach for me and pull me off the ground. His lips were on me as soon as I was secure.

I loved these kisses, I loved this man. I never tired of seeing him come home to me, and it never got old the way he would caress and rub along my body. I felt myself getting excited at the idea of taking him fully, but I reigned myself in before I got out of hand. Once the kids were in bed, then I would act on it.

I heard him groan in protest as my kisses to him slowed, but he didn't really fight me. He knew what needed to be done, and I promised myself mentally, that I would make it up to him.

"Hi, baby" I greeted him.

His smile lit up at the endearment I used and he snuggled me closer to him.

"Mmm, good evening, love. I missed you..." he whispered into my neck as he nibbled there for a moment.

I couldn't have wiped the smile from my face if I wanted to, moments like this just made my entire day.

"How was the surgery?" I asked. He took a deep breath as he recalled the extensive procedure and I could see the dark circles under his eyes. He looked so worn out, and I felt horrible for having kept him down here for as long as I had.

I began to pull away, I wanted him to be able to go rest, but he never released me. Instead, I was kept there in his arms and he held me for a moment in silence.

Any other day I wouldn't have thought much about it, he always held me. But on days that he had surgeries, he would usually be so tired that after a hello kiss, he would be off to a shower and then to bed. The fact that he was still holding me, and hadn't as much as hinted at sleep had me on alert.

"Edward, baby, is there something wrong?" I asked him. We didn't hide things from one another, so if there was indeed an issue, I would hear about it now.

He huffed as if exasperated and pulled back a little. I watched his face for a moment as he collected his thoughts. When he looked as if he were ready to talk, he began.

"I wouldn't say wrong, but there is definitely something I need to let you know about." he stated. I pulled back now, not a lot , but enough so that I could see his eyes.

"What is it? Is everything okay at work?" My voice was confused, I could hear that with my own ears.

Edward was already shaking his head no and doing his best to calm my imagination.

"It's nothing like that love, but it's something I want you to know about." He had my full attention now, this sounded serious. I was just about to dive in, but before I could, Emma called out for me to tuck her in.

I looked back to Edward and he gave me a warm smile. He leaned over, kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear, "Go, tuck in Emma and I will meet you in our room when your done."

I nodded and started to walk away, but I was pulled back by his strong arms.

"I love you" he told me. It was something he always said, but the look in he held was so much warmer and comforting than took me aback a little, but I didn't know why. I managed to pull myself together in time to reply.

"I love you too, baby." I was getting scared, but I had no idea why. I turned to leave then and saw Ethan squirming about the couch. Before I could ask, Edward scooped him up and followed me up the stairs and we parted our ways to get the kids in their beds.


After I had tucked Ethan in, I went to our room and got in the shower. I was still letting the hot water work over my tired shoulders when I felt Bella's tight nipples push up behind me. I sighed in contentment as her hands snaked around my waist and she rested her head along my back.

I held her hands and turned around so I could see her face and body. My angel was still as gorgeous as the day I had met her, and it never ceased to amaze me at how lucky I was to have her as my wife.

"Hey, you. I thought I would come see if you needed an extra hand in here." she teased.

I could only smile at her playful teasing as I dropped my mouth to hers and took hold of her firm ass into my hands and slowly pulled her up my body. I went hard at just the feel of her skin along my bare body and before I could think straight, I was pulling her over my length.

"Oh, God…mmm, Edward, baby, that feels so good." She whispered into my ear. I felt myself shake from the way she sounded. I loved hearing her talk while I was inside of her, the things she would say made it that much better as we worked ourselves to release.

I kept my pace slow and concentrated. I could feel her muscles tighten with every thrust inside and I knew I was getting her sweet spot when her pants became outright cries. Making sure not to move from inside of her, I positioned her on the wall and pinned her with my body.

She was so slick from the water and the marble wall helped glide her easily over my cock. I went harder inside of her and the feel of her tightening along with her pleas for more had me nearing the edge faster than I wanted.

Bella's right arm slipped from behind my neck and traveled down my chest to where we were joined. I felt her soft fingers play along my abs and it caught my attention. When I looked down, I saw her playing with her clit and sliding her fingers along my shaft each time I would pull out.

I gasped at the perfect feel of it all and I began to move faster inside of her, causing her fingers to tighten along me as her walls did the same. I was doing my best to stay quiet, I wouldn't be able to handle it if we had to stop.

"Oh, Bella…fuck baby, you feel so good…do you like it, baby? Mmmm, do you like the way I feel inside you?"

I took her left earlobe into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. She was digging her nails into my shoulders now, and before I could ask her again, I could hear her high pitch voice telling me she was coming.

I was right behind her and just as she began to shake and pull on my hair, I spilt into her and squeezed her ass in response.

We both stay still like that, with Bella in my arms and her legs wrapped around my waist. I didn't dare move our of her just yet, no, I still needed to get a grip of myself before I let her move away from me. After a minute or so, I let her glide down and I pulled out of her.

I kissed her softly as we washed each other, my fingers easily gliding over her soft skin as if it were made of silk. I sighed as Bella soaped her hands and glided them over my length while I massaged her breasts and nipples. I didn't let the fear of what I had to tell her rule me for that time, I just wanted to give her love right then, so that is what I did.

After we stroked and cleaned each part of each other, I turned the water off and helped Bella from the shower. I could see her eyes were getting wearier as time progressed, and it did nothing to help my resolve.

When we were each changed and walking into the room, she asked the burning question.

"What's going on, Edward? Did something happen?"

For the first time in five years of marriage, she sounded nervous. I mean, she had been nervous before, but the way she said this made me think she was on a whole different avenue.

I took her face into my hands and kissed her softly, I wanted to give her whatever comfort I could before I dropped the bomb. She kissed me back, but it was guarded now.

When I opened my eyes to read her face, I saw that she looked so scared. I felt my stomach turn at the knowledge that I had to tell he this. I wasn't sure how she would take it. I wanted more than anything for it to go away, but I knew that the last time I had wished something away, it just blew up in my face. I would not let this be an obstacle for us, I would be there to help her get through whatever lay ahead.

"Don't be scared, baby. This is nothing that we can't fix, okay?"

She stared at me for a moment, almost as if she were trying to find a hidden meaning in my words. I knew this was going to be hard for her, but I was with her, and I would never let anyone hurt her.

"So this isn't about us… our… marriage?" her words were low and scared still. I was lost for a moment until I noticed her fidgeting with her wedding ring. Her thumb kept rubbing against it as if to make sure it was still on.

It dawned on me then, the direction in which her thoughts were. She looked so scared because she thought it was about us. I pulled her into my lap and grabbed her ring finger and placed a kiss there.

"Absolutely not, love. You and I… were in this forever." I kissed her nose and then her eye lids as she relaxed into my arms.

She seemed so much more free in that moment, and I took that time to remind her of how much I loved her.

"Bella, there will never be a day that I don't want you… do you understand that? I will always be yours and you will always be mine. Nothing and no one will ever, EVER come between us."

I watched as the passion in her eyes lit up again. She smiled and nodded to me before kissing me hard. I succumbed to her and we both stay that way for a long moment before I remembered what it was I did have to tell her.

I pulled back and smoothed the hair from her face, when I could see her eyes clearly, I began.

"Baby, Dad came to see me at work today."

She just nodded, but the relaxation was gone. I kept going, because I knew this needed to come out.

"He got a call this morning from a friend of the family, this friend, is a private investigator and works for them."

She just nodded along, absorbing the words that were coming out of my mouth.

"Well, this friend received a call about you… well about finding you." I watched her eyes go wide and I could see the questions in them as soon as I said it was regarding her. I just kept going though, I wanted this to be done with so I could comfort her and find a solution.

She stood and had her arms crossed on her chest as if that would keep something at bay from hurting her. I could see she had a pretty clear idea where this was going, so I stood along with her and continued on.

"It was your parent's, love, they have hired people to find you." I said it as calmly as I could and held her hands the entire time.

"W-What did they say exactly?" her voice was breaking and her brow was furrowed. I hated this, hated this with every fiber in my being. I didn't think much good could come from this little hunt they were on, but it wasn't my place to make that call. This was, Bella's decision, and I needed to make sure she understood I was going through this with her.

"I don't know the specifics, love. I didn't react too well when I heard the news myself. Dad is the one who talked with, Amy, so he would be able to answer that better than I could."

She nodded and made her way back into my arms. I held her and rubbed her back to soothe her nerves, she looked lost right now and I didn't want her to feel alone.

"How do you feel about this, baby? Are you okay?"

I watched her face for any sign that this was making her upset, but all I could see right now was confusion. I understood that, she had lived without them for the last eight years, and only now were they attempting to locate her. There was something very unsettling about the whole situation.

I'm sure there was a reason, but I hated to think it was in regards to something selfish or needy. I could take the high road if this was just about finding, Bella, but if it wasn't, well… let's just say that I would not be very calm in that matter.

I felt Bella squeeze me tighter and bury her face in my chest. I had so many questions, but she still hadn't answered the one I just posed. She needed time, and I could give her that. Instead of harping, I picked her up into my arms and walked over to the bed. I lifted back the covers and placed her gently on the mattress, once she was settled, I scooted in behind her and held her to me.

I was about to ask her another question, but I heard her breath hitch as if ready to snore, and I knew she was asleep. I tucked her in closer to my side, and let her rest.

We would deal with this tomorrow… as a family.