I don't know why I started another one when I haven't even finished The Dark Side yet, but oh well. I can't really complain when this story is going so smoothly. I'll probably finish this one before the other one though. Anyway this one is gonna be shorter than the other one, probably...

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Icy Fire

Chapter One

'You're so cold and so harsh yet...

I can't seem to shake away the feelings that your cold demeanor inspires.

Feelings that make me burn with a desire to kiss you...hug you...touch you.

Heh, my desire is so deep that it has become possible for fire to love ice.'

Sasuke leaned back onto the dozens of pillows that lay behind him. His entire body started to tingle with warmth from head to toe, as he tried to calm his rapidly beating heart.

"He loves me..." Sasuke whispered out loud in disbelief, as he once again read the page that he had "borrowed" from a certain loud mouthed blond.

He had meant to use it as a sort of blackmail for making Naruto his. But after reading it, Sasuke realized that he couldn't do that to Naruto. Not when what Sasuke had just read kept repeating itself in his mind over and over.

...it has become possible for fire to love ice.

Sasuke sighed deeply as a soft pink color spread itself over his cheeks. He couldn't really believe that this was happening! The dobe actually liked him, even though Sasuke had only ever talked down to the blond. At this thought the warm tingly sensation Sasuke had been feeling disappeared.

Oh dobe, thought Sasuke looking at the paper in regret. I'm sorry, dobe...Naruto.

The current object of Sasuke's thoughts was frantically searching for a certain piece of paper that he seemed to have "misplaced." A paper that anyone smart enough, which was practically everyone Naruto knew, could figure out what it meant; because on that piece of paper he had written his secret feelings for a certain dark haired avenger.

Oh man! Oh man! Thought Naruto with rising panic, where the hell is it?!

Naruto turned away from where he had been searching under the bed and looked around the room. In his obsessive search for the ever elusive paper, Naruto had completely destroyed his apartment! Drawers had been opened, their contents spilled all over the floor. Along with the clothes from his closet, the couch cushions, the few dvd's and cd's that he owned, the kitchen ware, all his ramen sat on the table in hazardous piles, some nearly falling off the table. Even his bed had been totaled! The sheets had been viciously stripped from the mattress and the two pillows he owned had lost their cases.

That is how Sakura found Naruto's apartment. She had come by to see if he had wanted eat with her for old times' sake, but decided not to when she saw the usually hyper blond completely depressed. I wonder what's wrong, she asked herself, placing a gentle hand on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto shuddered when he felt the hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Sakura's worried face.

"What's wrong, Naruto?" she asked softly, a sharp cry escaping her lips when she saw the tears that started to fall down Naruto's whiskered cheeks.

"I lost it..."