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Chapter 1

"Hey, Sonny?"

I turned my head and looked at the blue eyed boy sitting down next to me. His blonde hair was falling in his eyes, and his mouth was upturned in the tiniest smirk. "Yeah?"

"Could you make me a sandwich?"

I rolled my eyes and shifted my position on the couch, so that I was facing him full on, and my feet were tucked underneath me. "Not gonna happen."

Chad stuck his bottom lip out and looked pleadingly at me. "Please?"

"Look, Chad. I'll make you a sandwich, if you make me one too," I said. I gathered my hair in my two hands and rested it on my left shoulder. One lone curl escaped from the bunch and bounced in front of my right ear. I tugged on it and wrapped it around my finger as I waited for his reply.

"Do I have to?" he whined, and I smiled despite myself. Normally, I was a very happy, bubbly person, so smiling was not something that was unusual for me. But Chad...he could make me smile for any and every thing. Like now, for instance. I shouldn't be smiling because someone demanded that I make them a sandwich, especially because he doesn't want to make me one back. But I was. And that was because the person in question was none other than Chad Dylan Cooper. Even I wasn't immune to his charm, as much as I had tried to deny it.

"Yes," I said firmly. "You cannot expect your girlfriend to make you a sandwich unless you plan to return the favour to the aforementioned girlfriend. It's in the boyfriend rule book." I turned away from him and closed my eyes in what I hoped was a haughty gesture. I bit my lip, and then peeked open one eye and glanced at Chad, only to find him choking on silent laughter.

"Aforementioned? Really, Sonny? You are such a dork!" he said once he had settled down. I frowned and started to turn away from him even more, my heart hurting. I didn't get very far though, because Chad grasped my chin and made me meet his eyes, which were both sparkling. "But...that's why I love you," he whispered, before pulling me in for a kiss.

My heart was hurting again, but in a good way. It always pained whenever Chad uttered those three little words to me. But the pain was made purely of joy and love, not actual hurt and sadness. My heart hurt because I was glad, because I felt the same way.

Love was odd in that sense.

"So, about that sandwich?" Chad said once he pulled away. I flicked his shoulder and grinned when a look of feigned hurt passed across his features.

"Like I said...only if you make one for me too," I insisted, and fist pumped the air when he sighed and stood up. Mission accomplished. I grabbed his hand and pulled myself to my feet, taking a moment to stretch before he pulled me into my kitchen. My mom was visiting some family back in Wisconsin, so I had the whole apartment to myself, which basically meant that Chad had been a regular fixture in my living room for about a week or so. He would pick me up every morning before work, and drive me to Condor Studios. Then every evening, he would drop me back home and stay and hang out for a little bit. He felt completely comfortable in my house, so he had no problem swinging open the kitchen door and going inside before me.

I let go of his hand and opened the refrigerator door. I stuck my head inside and surveyed all of the possible ingredients that could be put into a sandwich. Grabbing the bread in one hand and reaching for the lettuce with the other, and called over my shoulder to Chad, "Hey, can you get two plates out, please? In that cupboard over the sink." I nodded when Chad pointed, and then turned my attentions back to the food in front of me. I grabbed the cheese, tomatoes, ham, turkey and chicken and then piled them up in my hands, using my chin to help keep then balanced, before kicking the fridge door shut and dropping all of the ingredients on the counter in front of Chad.

"So, what kinda sandwich do you want?" I asked, taking out two slices of bread and putting them on a plate. I handed him the bag and watched as he mimicked my actions before smoothly spreading a thin layer of butter on one of the slices.

"BLT," he replied, breaking off a small piece of crust from my bread and popping it into his mouth. I smacked him lightly on the arm and glared at him. "Hey! That's my sandwich! Can't you wait like, five minutes until I'm finished with yours?" I asked.

"Not really, no," Chad said before snagging another piece of the crust. I was standing on front of the sink, washing the lettuce before putting it in Chad's BLT. Instead of drying it with a towel, like I normally did, I instead flicked my wrist and watched in delight as all of the water droplets flew into the air and landed on Chad.

He jumped slightly and I started to giggle. "What's wrong, Chaddy, scared of a little water?"

"Pssht, no, of course not. It just messes up my hair, that's all," he replied. He ran his fingers in his golden locks and wiped the water off on his shirt.

"Yeah, yeah, Chad, whatever," I said, laying the lettuce down on the bread and smoothing out any crinkles. "Oh...ummm, hey, Chad?"

"Sonny?" he answered, without even looking up from where he was covering a slice of bread with cheddar cheese. He knew me so well that he didn't even have to ask what kind of sandwich I wanted, he just knew. He, on the other hand, changed his tastes every two days, so I always had to try and keep up.

"We may have a slight problem."

"And that would be...?"

"I have no bacon, therefore, no BLT. Would you mind a, I dunno...an HLT?"

"Ham, lettuce and tomatoes?" he asked. He placed the other slice of bread on top of the cheese laden one and cut the sandwich down the middle, creating two perfect halves. "Sure, no problem."

I kissed him on the cheek and started to pull a slice of ham out from the packet when the phone started to ring. "Oh, just a minute," I said to Chad, putting the ham back in the paper. I wiped my hands on the towel that was resting on the counter and started to head over to where the hall phone was hanging. I was brought to an abrupt stop when I felt a strong hand around my arm.

"Sonny, did you just leave my sandwich to answer the phone?" Chad asked, his eyebrows furrowed him mock annoyance.

The phone rang again and I fought to be freed. "Yes, Chad. Now come on, let me answer that before whoever it is hangs up!" I broke away from his hand and started to run into the living room. Chad chased me around the couch, and grabbed me around the waist, causing us both to fall into the cushions. I reached out and snatched the phone from the coffee table, mid-ring.

"H-hello?" I gasped, out of breath from laughing so hard.

"Sonny?" Tawni's voice poured into my ear. "What's wrong?"

"Huh? Nothing, Tawn. Chad is over –,"

"Ewwww!! Is that why you're so out of breath? What do you and Chad do when you guys are alone? Was I interrupting something? Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" Tawni started babbling, and I rolled my eyes at Chad.

"Tawni!" I screamed into the phone, effectively stopping her chatter. "To answer your question, we are not doing anything! No, what I mean is, you're not interrupting anything. We were just making sandwiches, that's all."

"So...no making out? Or more?" Tawni asked, her voice laced with confusion.

"Right," I said, nodding my head and forgetting that Tawni couldn't see me. Chad brought one hand up and planted it on top of my head, stopping the motion. I shot him a look, but all he did was smirk in return. I rolled my eyes and sighed, and then picked back up on my phone conversation with Tawni.

"I don't believe you," she said simply.

"Why not?"

"Sonny, if all you guys were doing was 'making sandwiches'," I could practically hear the air-quotes that she was undoubtedly using, "Then why were you so out of breath when you answered the phone?"

"Because Tawni," I said slowly, resisting the urge to roll my eyes once more. "Chad was chasing me around the house. And then we fell. That's why I was out of breath."

"Yeah, sure, whatever," she said. "I'll leave you two alone now. Call me back when you guys are done, ok?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," I repeated before clicking the phone off and tossing it down on the couch.

"What was that about?" Chad asked, pulling on a lock of my hair. His arms were still wrapped around my waist, and I absentmindedly traced out a pattern on his forearm using the tip of my index finger.

"I don't even know, ok? Tawni called, accused us of making out and then hung up the phone," I leaned my head back and looked him in the eyes. "Not exactly one of her shining moments."

He dipped his head and kissed me on my lips once before pulling back, a mischievous look in his eyes. "Maybe she's psychic," he whispered, sending slight shivers down my spine. I smiled and pulled his head down so that our lips met again.

Just when the kiss had deepened, my house phone rang, causing me to jump out of my skin. Chad started to laugh, and I moved out of his grasp, silencing him with a look as I picked up the phone and brought it to my ear, guessing that it was Tawni again.

"Alright, Tawni, this time, we were making out," I said, tucking my bangs behind my ear. I stopped abruptly when I heard raspy sobbing on the other end, and bit my lip nervously. "Hello?"

"Sonny?" my mother said, her voice cracking. "Oh, Sonny."

"Mom? Mommy, what's wrong?" I whimpered, and in a flash, Chad was by my side once more, his arm protectively around my waist.

"Sonny," my mom said again, and I felt the knot tighten in my stomach. My mother wasn't a crier, so her tears could only mean that something really bad had happened. My stomach lurched, and I tightened my grip on the phone until my knuckles were white.

"Mommy? What's going on?" I asked again, tears starting to well up in my own eyes.

And then my mother uttered the seven words that would change my life forever. "Oh Sonny. Lindsey has a brain tumour."

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