Hey everyone, but I have some slightly upsetting news. Well, not really, but I've decided to put this story on HAITUS, because I am kind of experiencing Writer's Block with what I want to say. I also think that since what I have planned for this story is so emotional, I kinda want to wait until I'm a better writer, because I'm kind of having a hard time right now. I promise that I will continue, but I'm just warning you, it may be a while until that happens. On the bright side, I do have another story that I'm going to start working on right now and hopefully, I will have the first chapter up either tonight, or tomorrow for the latest. Hopefully.

Please check it out. I don't have a name for it yet, so I can't refer you to anything, but when the time comes, you can click on my name and find a link from there.

Once again, I'm really sorry to everyone who was looking forward to what was coming next.


PS - Honestly, I just wanted to let you guys know that typing this is breaking my heart, because I hate putting stories on haitus. This is just something that I felt like I had to do, as a writer, because I never do any serious pieces, and I want this one to be superb, which might require more practice. I am truly sorry, guys.