Author's note: I got bored and decided to write this. It was completely random, as is most everything I write. ^^ b So anyway, Rimahiko. I do not own Shugo Chara! Don't sue me! XD

I Don't Hold Hands with Liars

Rimahiko! ^^

You reach to hold my hand,

I turn and run away.

I don't want to admit,

That I'm in love with you today.

You tell me that you love me,

But you've lied to me before.

Your face is full of pain and shock,

As I run for the door.

I cannot escape these feelings,

No matter how much I may run.

Toying with my heart this way,

Is this what you call fun?

Tease me, taunt me,

It's a game.

Yet in the end,

It's still the same.

I'll never show my feelings,

And I'll lock up my desires.

For I know I've told you once before,

I don't hold hands with liars.