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Chapter 1

Hitting a Head with a Headwind

Yet another day began on the soggy and fish stunk harbor known as Stormalong. Many shopkeeps began opening their shops and preparing for their usual morning customers. Houses began to illuminate in dim lamp lights.

And, with every particular morning like this, there's a particular adventure...

Suddenly, roaring like a banshee came a short, blond haired boy and a tall blue....person thing.

These two ratscalians were Flapjack and K'Nuckles, both self-proclaimed adventurers that famously reside the mouth of Bubby, a blue whale he discovered Flapjack 10 years before. Flapack had always been up for adventure ever since he first met K'Nuckles, or Samuel K'Nuckleton, which ever you prefer to call the blue pirate.

"Last one to the Candy Barrell is rotten whale guts!" K'Nuckles exclaimed as they ran down the dock to their favorite tavern of candy, owned by Peppermint Larry.

"I'm not ganna be the whale guts this time Capt'n!" Flapjack laughed as he ran ahead of the slowing down K'Nuckles. K'Nuckles noticed his loss of lead and began huffing as he ran after Flapjack, only he lost more ground the harder he tried.

"Wait up Flap...jack...." K'Nuckles huffed as he fell to the ground, tired. Flapjack turned around and smiled, then laughed as he ran back to K'Nuckles. Flapjack suddenly felt himself get lifted off the ground as he ran over to K'nuckles.

"What's wrong Captain? Am I too fast for you?!" Flapjack joked with a gargled giggle. K'Nuckles jumped back up with a grouchy frown and stared forward into the air. A gust of air then hit the two adventurers in the face.

"It's the gosh-darned wind Flappy! With a headwind hitting your head, you'll never wind a head-on race!" K'Nuckles explained. Flapjack then slapped his head in realization.

"I never would've that about it that way Capt'n..." Flapjack admitted with a smile. K'Nuckles frowned and stared at Flapjack.

"Flapjack, when do you ever think?" K'Nuckles asked.

"Right now." Flapjack laughed, "C'mon, let's go sew these sour oats with a nice handful of candy."

"Mmm, now you're thinking the right way way." K'Nuckles said with a sense of accomplishment as they began walking to the Candy Barrell once more.

"Alright Flappy, let's go in and uh....what did you say before?" K'Nuckles asked Flapjack as they stood in front of the Candy Barrell.

"Sew our sour oats...." Flapjack answered with a soft mutter. K'Nuckles smiled and laughed.

"That was it! Thanks for remembering what I said Flappy." K'Nuckles laughed as he ran inside. Flapjack hesitated, and then ran in as he laughed.

"Hey Larry, whip us up a couple of..." K'Nuckles started as he then noticed nobody was there. Flapjack suddenly appeared right beside him.

"Where is everyone?" Flapjack asked as he looked around for anybody.

"Boy, are not telling me something, because it's suddenly starting to seem that your a mind reader." K'Nuckles warned Flapjack. Then, a familiar voice piped up from a corner of the tavern.

"Oh, hey boys. Sorry, me and Candy Wife just closed shop for today." The tight lipped Peppermint Larry greeted as he was dusting the corner of the shop.

"But, why ya' closed?" K'Nuckles asked with a confused expression. Larry frowned immeadetly and pointed over to the now battered down doors.

"Candy Wife and I can't deal with wind in our shop, especially on a day like this. Now excuse me, I need to stop chit-chatting and go get my hammer and nails to fix the door." Larry grumbled as he went into the back room. K'Nuckles sighed in defeat and walked out with Flapjack.

"Man K'Nuckles, today is just no day for an adventure..." Flapjack muttered sadly. K'Nuckles scratched his beard and then smiled.

"We could go and get our guts switched from Doctor Barber!" K'Nuckles offered. Flapjack's stomach then grumbled.

"I don't know, I don't think my stomach would like that." Flapjack answered. K'Nuckles sighed, and then looked up to notice large, black clouds rolling above the harbor.

"Look Flap, we could try and climb into the clouds and see what's on top!" K'Nuckles suggested. Flapjack laughed and and began waving his arms.

"This'll be the best adventure ever!" Flapjack giggled. K'Nuckles motioned for Flajack to follow him as he ran to the Stormalonh Central Lighthouse.

"ARE SO SURE THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA CAPT'N?!" Flapjack yelled over the screaming winds and crackling thunder right above the two adventurers as the strong wind howled over everything.

"WE'RE ALMOST UP FLAPPY!" K'Nuckles laughed maniacally. Flapjack's hat suddenly blew off his head.

"K'NUCKLES, MY HAT!" Flapjack exclaimed over the thunder. Flapjack, attempting to grab his hat, jumped off the pole he was holding onto. Flapjack was blown into the headwind and flew right off the roof of the tower, high above the harbor, and soared out to see in the strong wind.

"CAPTAIN!!!!" Flapjack cried as Flapjack blew into the ocean blue. K'Nuckles' eyes popped open and and he reached his hand out too WAY too late to get Flappy.

"FLAPJACK!" The blue captain exclaimed as Flapjack blew away. As the wind finally died, K'Nuckles was left with tear-filled bags under his eyes, but as his belief as a pirate, he shed no tear and walked down the roof of the lighthouse and then began walking down the long winding steps.

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