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Chapter 4

Meet the Pancake

The door to Ed's house swung open as Ed, Double D, Eddy, and Flapjack were sent flying out of the house.

"Touch me again and I'll hit you with a club!" Sarah yelled at Flapjack, who's head was now in mulch. The door then smashed shut.

"Like that wasn't going to happen...." Eddy muttered angrily. Jonny then came by, whistling happily.

"Hiya Eds!" Jonny greeted cheerfully, holding his friend Plank in his hands, who still was smiling as usual.

"Hi Jonny!" Ed responded. "Meet our new friend, Flapjack!"

Jonny looked at Flapjack with interest.

"Hi Flapjack! This is my pal Plank!" Jonny said as he showed Plank to Flapjack.

But strangely, Flapjack was staring at Plank. Ed waved a hand in front of Flapjack, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Oh, a magic trick!" Ed said excitedly as he watched Plank. Edd and Eddy looked at each other with a confused face.

"Hard to believe they aren't related huh?" Eddy asked.

"I don't get em either Plank." Jonny muttered as he walked away, but was followed by Ed and Flapjack, who continued to stare at Plank.

"Bubby, how much longer?" K'Nuckles asked as he sat on Bubby's tongue. Bubby groaned angrily.

"How am I supposed to know? You were the one who lost him!" Bubby said as he voice began to raise.

"Well it's not my fault he jumped off the lighthouse!" K'Nuckles yelled back.

"WELL IT'S NOT HIS FAULT HE'S CURIOUS!" Bubby yelled as she started smacking K'Nuckles with her tongue, which sent him smashing into her cabnet full of water.

"Now look what you done! Now we have no water!" Bubby yelled. K'Nuckles got back up slowly, and then began arguing again.

"Me?! You hit me into it!"

Ed was now holding Flapjack on his head as the four boys hoppe dover into Rolf's yard.

"And this is Rolf's yard! He has a bunch of animals, like....CHICKENS!!" Ed said giddly as he ran over to the chicken coop and pulled out 3 chickens.

"Don't mind Ed, Flapjack. He likes poultry, and not just to eat too." Edd explained. Eddy snickered at the sentence.

"Yeah. Remember that one time we tricked him into eating a chicken?" Eddy ask with a laugh. Edd looked at Eddy with a glare.

"Oh please Eddy. That incident was hardly funny." Edd scoalded.

Flapjack was rolling around with Ed with the 3 chickens, when Rolf walked outside, and gasped.

"What are you doing to Grechen, Sharp as a Bone Ed-boy?!" Rolf asked frantically as he pulled Ed and Flapjack out from the pile of chickens. Rolf looked at Flapjack with a confused look.

"And who are you? Another Ed-boy I presume?"

"No Rolf, he's actually a new friend we met. His name's Flapjack." Ed explain as feathers poofed out of his mouth. Rolf perked his eyebrow and stared at Flapjack.

"Flap.....Jack?" Rolf restated. Edd and Eddy ran over, and watched as Rolf tested Flapjack in his usual way. Rolf took off Flapjack's sock, and commenced with the apple test as he did with Ed a while ago. Rolf placed two apples onto Flapjack's foot, and then smiled.

"6 seeds. A fine friend you have chosen Ed boys." Rolf complimented. A thought then hit Eddy's head.

"Rolf just complimented us....That means maybe the other kids will like Flapjack!" Eddy said as he smiled brightly. "C'mon Flappy! Let's make some more 'friends'." Eddy said devilishy as he grabbed Flapjack and ran away.

"Ed! Quick, Eddy's trying to use Flapjack!" Edd said as he frantically ran after Eddy. Ed sat with crossed eyes on the ground, turned his head to Rolf, and then ran quickly after the other Eds.

"Did the Ed boys forget all about the Son of a Shepard?" Rolf asked himself, confused.

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