If Only…

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She sighed as she looked out the window from her room; it was already dark outside and there was nothing else that she could do this late at night. A grumbling noise from the corners of her room forced her gaze over to the other occupant hiding near the bed.

"Noah?" No response came from the said person but the grumbling grew louder. The teenager walked over carefully.

"Noah." She repeated, but this time more firmly.

"Hunger…" She heard the weak response, flinching slightly but used to it she held out a hand and pulled away the blanket hiding her other self. The bloody red eyes that peered out into her own caused her to pull away but the bony hand that shot out kept her in her place.

"Do you want food?" She asked already knowing what the answer was.

"Isn't it obvious Avalon." The girl sighed once more and pulled away from his grasp ruffling her hair with her hand.

"I understand. Alright let's go." She opened her window and allowed Noah to exit first jumping down from the tree, not as skilled as he was she climbed down slowly; the screech of impatience from Noah caused her to descend a tad faster but not by much.

"Quiet Noah; or else you'll wake up the family." Avalon dropped to her feet and brushed the dirt off her pants. Noah just turned away and proceeded to sniff at the air. Finding the stench he wanted he started bounding towards the direction, she hurried to keep up with him.

"Hey Noah…" She asked while running, Noah grunted in response,

"Why…do you feed on others…like yourself?" Noah looked back at her a fleeting look of surprise flashed on his face.

"Would you prefer me to feast on humans?" She shook her head immediately,

"But…why would you feed on other…chains…. while other chains feed on us?" Noah shrugged his bony shoulders but gave no response. Knowing the conversation was over she stopped trying and continued to run quietly keeping her guard up. Eventually though the sudden stench of blood and death was overwhelming as it caused her to stop. Noah stopped as well but urged her to continue with a growl, fearing his power the girl continued but covering her mouth with her sleeve. Then the stench became more powerful as they neared the source, Noah began to run faster; excitement flowing off of him, here was to be a delicious feast she could tell. They stopped a few meters away from the chain that was currently feeding on a human with its contractee howling with glee. One look and she knew it was already over for the man.

"Noah…" He bounded for the chain, while at the same moment the chain and the human noticed him. The second chain left his meal howling.

"FOOD" Noah yelled and with a clawed hand began to tear at the chain. He was met with some resistance though as the chain was quite bigger than him and not to mention already fed. She recognized it as a 'trump', the one Noah had always mentioned that had been a hassle to him within a place called 'the abyss.'

"GIVE IT TO ME!" Noah yelled his attacks growing fiercer each time. The contractee fell backwards at the impact of the two chains,

"NO TRUMP KILL HIM!" She glanced over at the human, the fear in his looks but the anger that radiated from him as well. The man caught her glance and at once rose to his feet; his fists balled up and began to charge at her. She faltered and stepped backward, glancing around for a weapon.

"I'LL KILL YOU AND CHANGE THE PAST, I SWEAR IT, FOR MY FAMILY!" Then he unsheathed a gun from his coat pocket. Avalon found a stick on the ground and finding that the only thing close enough for her to grasp she grabbed it and prepared to defend herself. In the skies above she could make out the form of Noah still battling crazily. If only she could defend herself for a few minutes….

The man pointed the gun at her and shot, she stumbled but luckily the bullet had missed her vital points but unfortunately had shinned her arm. She hissed but held on, running towards the man.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" He repeated aiming again and shooting, perhaps it was the adrenaline rush that filled her body or the fear that radiated off the man as with each increasing shot the bullets continued on missing their mark. For that she was glad as she raised the stick; when the man ran out of bullets she brought her weapon down as hard as she could. She could hear and feel the sickening crunch of the man's bones as it cracked and gave way.

"Sorry……I'm so sorry, but I can't die now." She whispered dropping her weapon and falling to her feet in front of the man. She hadn't wanted to do this.

"NO!!!!" She could hear the other chain scream and she knew it was the end. She imagined Noah killing him, slashing him and drinking his blood; then the abyss appeared. The chains grew out and pulled the man down into the hole, the bottomless hole, the chain was also being pulled down; Noah was staring at it finishing the blood of the chain and grinning. Avalon looked away. Minutes later, after all bloodcurdling screams had stopped she felt the shudder of fear finding its way into her body. Noah stepped towards her, using my arms she hugged herself trying to keep warm; it was as though her body finally realized how cold it was and how flimsy the pants and shirt she wore were.

"…..I don't enjoy eating humans…" Avalon looked up, surprised at Noah,

"You….have eaten them?" she asked; he looked away.

"They taste of sorrow, and pain while chains; they taste of nothing. Eating things that have feelings left over makes me feel bad, and disgusted…" With that he pulled her up,

"I'm glad." She answered, he didn't respond and slowly they made their way back to the house.

The next morning came quickly as Avalon woke on her bed with the covers thrown hastily over her body. She got up and stretched realizing that she had not changed clothes since they came back yesterday. She winced at the tightness around her arm. Remembering the injury she gasped and looked over but found herself puzzled as she realized there was already a bandage wrapped around it.

"Be thankful," The badly bruised girl looked over to find her chain sitting near the window. Smiling as she realized this may have been one of the only nice things he's ever done for her.

"I am?" She questioned but dragged herself off the bed and into the opposing washroom. Turning on the shower she proceeded to discard her clothes and stepped into the awaiting warmth.

"How far has the seal gone?" Noah asked having gone from the window side and now approaching the girl's drawer to draw out a towel.

Avalon looked down at it, she had always found it intriguing how the delicate markings had looked together and how it seemingly moved on its own; but that was in the beginning before she had realized what that seal had actually meant. She felt a shiver of fear as she realized it was already filled most of the way.

"Around a quarter left." She called out tearing her eyes away from the seal and focusing on the warmth above her, she washed the grime and sweat off her body quickly.

Not much longer huh… He thought as he clenched the towel.

No….This has to work, there was no way he'd let this go without trying.

"Noah?" The chain seemingly snapped back to attention as he thrust the towel at her. Hesitantly she took it.

"…Hey Noah…." Avalon wrapped it around her body as she walked over to grab for her uniform which hung over a chair.

"I'm listening." The chain glanced over at her,

"What….what will happen, when this thing completes its round?" She asked her arm coiling tighter around the towel which covered the seal, how she wished she could get rid of it once and for all.

"…you already know, why do you ask?" He stepped closer to her extending out a clawed hand. Avalon flinched but held her stand.

"You haven't told me though." She forced her eyes to meet his bloody red ones. This was what she had feared, in his eyes held the sadness, the pain, and the overwhelming feelings of fear; this was what she would come to know once she fell. And because of this she stumbled back, only to be pulled forward by a strong grip.

"Why?" She demanded tears forming. Noah said nothing but pushed down the towel a bit to reveal the hidden evil, gently he stroked it. Avalon brushed his hand away and tightened her hold on the towel again; she turned her back towards him and rushed to the bathroom hastily shutting the door. There she fell; leaning on the cool wood.

"…Why?" She heard Noah muse, "It was your choice. Remember Avalon?" Even though she didn't want to her body did remember. Her body shook as she recalled the memories she tried to throw away:

"Help…Help…..Someone." I whispered, who those men were she did not know, what they were going to do to her was what she feared. They already hurt her once, abused her and had her thrown into the dark space as she came to realize was her only sanctuary. The noise outside though; it wouldn't stop, each time she closed her eyes she remembered her cries for salvation, but they only chose to laugh and draw her closer.

"Help? And if I did, what would you do for me?" I drew a quick breath trying to somehow draw even closer to the wall. A gleam of light, shooting from the floor; was this even possible?

"If I set you free, will you in return release me from my prison?" I realized it wasn't one of those men speaking to her. Gathering courage I crawled closer to the gleam of light.

"Yes…yes, I'll do anything, just please…..help me." My hand shook as I tried to grab at the light, the gleam suddenly grew larger as the floor seemed to burst, a bottomless black hole covering it and a shadow of an animal appeared. I shrieked and threw myself backwards and closed my eyes. What seemed like years passed by, but I knew it was only a few seconds did I dare myself to look back. The hole had disappeared but the animal. No, beast remained.

"Create a contract with me." It demanded extending forth a hand.

"A…contract…" I breathed,

"Yes human, in order for me to help you, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself to me." It stepped closer, frightened by him I didn't move.

"What? Are you regretting it now….you said you needed help, would you prefer to stay here and allow yourself to be vulnerable to those around you again?" I shook my head, I'd prefer anything to this torture.

"Then hurry human, I have not much more patience nor time to deal with you…" One of its bony arms thrust forward and hoisted me up. I nodded, after all they have already stolen from me most of everything I treasured, selling myself to the devil would make no difference.

"Then devote yourself to me, create the contract….and free yourself." I couldn't see its smirk but I could feel it. Hesitantly I grabbed its arm.

"Form……Form a contract with me…..." The beast threw back his head and roared as the floor crumbled and shook while the walls began to crack.

" I accept your proposal…but do not regret it." With that the beast shifted form, to that of a large winged monster, ones whose face I could not tell as it shrouded itself with darkness.

"NOAH." It proclaimed loudly and powerfully, I could not do anything but to look with awe…



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