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Rosa Rubicundior

Red like blood.
White like bone.
Red like solitude.
White like silence.
Red like the senses of a beast.
White like the heart of a god.
Red like molten hatred.
White like chilling cries of pain.
Red like the shadows that feed on the night.
Like a sigh piercing the moon
It shines white, and scatters red.

Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidor (Redder than the Rose, Whiter than the Lily)

Christian was walking on a beach, moving like he knew where he was going. Even though he was only ten, he knew this place better than anywhere, knowing he wouldn't get lost. Dad brought him and the other orphans here for picnics, but this place meant more to Christian than that. It was his refuge; he would come here every time he was mad, sad, or confused. It was the most calming place in the world, and Christian loved coming here.

He heard his name called out, and he searched for the body the voice belonged to. The voice sounded familiar, but he had no idea from where he heard it...

"Christian! Wake up, you lazy goon!" Ten year old Adam kicked his younger brother, trying to wake him up. Although they weren't related by blood, there wasn't a moment in Adam's life where he could remember not being with Christian, taking care of him and making sure he didn't get into trouble.

Christian's mother died giving birth to him. She had no home, no identification, no previous medical history, and she died before she could even give him a name. The doctors left Christian at the orphanage they now called home, where their father gave Christian his name. Six months later, Adam was abandoned at that very same orphanage. No name, no note saying 'take care of my baby'... his parents just left him there. Their father also named him, and Adam and Christian grew up together. Adam didn't know if he actually was older than Christian, but he always acted older, so he became the older brother.

"Christian! Get up, stupid!" He kicked Christian again, and he woke with a start, jumping up. He glared at Adam, rubbing his arm where the long haired blonde kicked him.

"Ow," Christian said, "You didn't need to do that, Addy."

"Don't call me that," Adam said. "Look around you! It's sundown! You were supposed to be home ages ago!"

"I'm sorry," Christian said, "Gimme a break. I meant to come home on time, but then I started watching the waves, and I... I lost track of time, I guess."

"You always lose track of time," Adam said, rolling his eyes. He grabbed Christian's hand and pulled him to his feet, sand falling off of Christian's clothes and shoulder length hair as he stood upright. "Come on, dinner's ready, and Dad's going to be mad if we're late... again." The way he said it, Christian knew Adam was blaming him for all the times they've been late.

They ran to the orphanage, Adam holding Christian's hand, unwilling to let the sillier child distract himself with anything. Christian could be given two pots and he'd entertain himself for hours on end. When they finally reached the orphanage, both boys were out of breath, quickly running to the dining room table.

The other orphans- Ian, Shelley, and Shannon- all ooed as they sat down, and Shannon sang "Somebody's in trouble."

"Oh hush, Shay," Christian said, "Or I'll tell Dad who took the five dollars from his wallet." Shannon frowned, and she stook her tongue out at Christian. She was only eight, but she was definitely a troublemaker, and she took great pleasure in blaming any of the others for her acts.

Shelley was the baby, only five, and she pretty much did whatever Ian did. Ian was nine and that somehow made him think he understood the world better than anyone. He took great pleasure in making people feel stupid and by making himself seem smart. "Where were you?" Ian asked.

"In none your business land," Christian shot back.

"Actually, that's a question I'd like an answer to." Christian and Adam turned around and saw their Dad, David Heath, behind them. Christian looked down in shame as David crossed his arms, putting the ashamed gaze on the two blondes. "I told you we were having dinner at five. It's five thirty. Where were you?"

"Dad, it was my fault," Christian started, "Addy was only late because he went out looking for me..." David punched the wall, making all the kids jump. Christian's eyes widened with fear as David looked at him angrily.

"When I say five, Christian, what do I mean?" He snarled. Christian shivered, and he said, "Answer the question!"

"Five, sir," Christian said. David blinked, unable to believe he was acting so harshly to the kid, so he walked over and put his hand through Christian's silken locks.

"Listen Christian," he said softly, "I'm sorry I scared you like that, but you're only ten. You can't stay outside at all hours of the day. And what if something happened to you and Adam because you decided to stay out so late?"

"I'm sorry Dad," Christian said softly, "I won't do it again, I promise."

"Good boy." David rubbed his head and said, "Well, whose hungry?"


That night, when they were all in bed, Adam felt someone shake him awake. He looked up and saw Ian, who told him quietly to follow him. They went out of the room and into the bathroom. "What's going on?" Adam asked.

"Look at this." Ian handed Adam a bill for the rent, and Adam was shocked to see that the rent was three months late.

"Did you show the others this?" Adam asked.

"You think I want to scare Shay and Shel like that?" Ian asked, "Don't you see? This is why Dad's been so crazy lately. He doesn't know how we're going to keep staying here." It was true; their Dad hasn't been himself lately. He was usually a very patient man, but lately, he'd yell at them for the smallest of things, or he'd hit one of them, only to snap out of it and apologize. The rent problem could possibly be the reason.

"We have to be on our best behavior, then," Adam said, "We have to make it as easy on Dad as possible."

"I'm trying. But you know Shay; she likes stirring up messes. And then there's Christian..."

"Christian's nothing like Shay," Adam argued.

"Yeah, but he's careless. He doesn't think about consequences; he just does stupid things like sleeping at the beach. And if Christian got kidnapped, imagine how that would look on Dad. In a way, he's worse than Shay." Adam didn't want to agree with him, but he could actually see Ian's point. "Do something, Adam. He listens to you. Maybe you could get him to stop being so dumb."

"He doesn't listen to me," Adam grumbled, "Christian does want Christian wants to do."

"Well, Tian listens to you more than any of us... come on. I'll take care of Shay if you could keep Christian in line."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do."

Christian moved away from the door to the bathroom, sneaking downstairs so he wouldn't get caught eavesdropping. He couldn't believe it. They were having money problems? He didn't want to make things worse on their Dad, but apparently, he was. And he was worse than Shay? He couldn't help but feel angry at himself.

Christian sat on the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Adam and Ian to go back to bed. He held his knees to his chest, and his hair covered his face as he thought about what he should do. He knew he couldn't get a job, but he could try to not be so careless.

"Christian?" Christian raised his head and locked eyes with his father, who looked at him with worried eyes. "Christian, my child, are you okay?" Christian nodded, but David Heath could see through the ten year old easily. "Come on; would you like some hot chocolate?" Christian nodded again and followed David into the kitchen. He made them both hot chocolate and gave Christian one of the mugs. "Be honest with me, Christian. Are you truly okay?"

Christian shook his head. "I'm sorry for all the trouble I cause."

"What was that?" He said, confused.

"I cause trouble for you... I'm sorry, Daddy. I don't mean to..." David sighed and grabbed Christian's hand.

"Christian, you're only ten. It's your job to cause trouble every now and then. But I don't blame you for it; Christian, as long as your heart is in the right place, I could never blame you for having fun."

Christian smiled at him. "I promise I'll try to follow the rules better."

"I know you do." David stood up, clapping his young son's shoulder. "Try to get some sleep. You have school tomorrow." Christian nodded, finished his hot chocolate, and ran up the stairs. David smiled and waited for Christian to be upstairs before going to the den. His smile disappeared as he looked at the check he got from the government for the children's upbringing. It was hardly enough to keep feeding them and to get them coats for winter, much less pay the rent for the building.

He gritted his teeth and punched the desk, his fingers leaving indents in their wake. He blinked, unable to believe he did that to his own desk. He'd never been that strong a man, and he just broke his hardwood desk. He slumped in the seat and put his head in his hands. "What's happening to me?" he whispered. He wanted to see a doctor, but he couldn't spend the children's money on himself. He didn't have a history of mental illness in his family, but with all that was happening lately- the hunger that never seemed to go away, the sudden violent behavior- he wasn't sure of anything.

He just had to remember that the children were his first priority. Adam, Christian, Ian, Shannon, and Shelley came first. His stomach grumbled, and he wondered why, even after dinner, he felt so empty.

"Shay!" Ian shouted out, putting Shelley's book bag on her back, "Shay! Time to go to school!"

Christian and Adam ran down the stairs, a wet spot on Christian's shirt. Ian could tell he brushed his teeth before he put on his clothes, although their dad always told Christian not to do that; he had a tendency of letting the toothpaste drop on his shirt. Ian silently told Adam with a glare that he was supposed to be keeping Christian from doing stupid things. Adam just shrugged, thinking how was he supposed to keep Christian from being an idiot in the bathroom.

"What is she still doing up there?" Christian asked.

"Who knows? SHAY!"

Shannon came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her waist, her bottom lip trembling. Adam grew concerned and said, "Shay, are you okay?"

"Something's wrong with me," she said, sounding on the verge of tears, "I don't know where it's coming from... God, help me..."

"What's wrong?" Ian asked. Still shivering, she put up her hand- her fingers were coated with blood. "I'm bleeding..."

The front door opened, and David came in. "Well, come on, it's time to go to school! What's taking so long?"

"Shay's bleeding..." Shelley said, pointing up the stairs.

"Are you okay, Shannon?" David ran up the stairs to Shay, who shook her head. "Where are you bleeding from?"

"I don't know, I went to the shower and there was blood all over my panties... Daddy, help me!" Shay cried out. David wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her, but then something strong smelling hit his nose. It was a delightful smell, making him almost moan. He needed to taste whatever was making such a delicious aroma, and he was so hungry...

He grabbed Shay's hand, lifting it, studying the blood that coated her fingers. It was the origin of the odor, and he gagged inside, knowing that he desired the blood, but at the same time wanting to suck the bright red substance from Shay's small hand. "Daddy..." Shay finally said, frightened by what he was doing. He shook his head, breaking the hypnotic spell her fingers had on him, and he said, "Shay, I think you're becoming a woman."

"What do you mean?"

"Well..." he turned to Adam, Christian, Ian, and Shelley, smiling softly. "I guess we're going to be late for school. Adam, can you take them to the school today? I have to take care of Shannon." Adam nodded. "Alright now, all three of you, listen to Adam, and hold each other's hands on the way. I'll see you after school."


David came home after dropping Shay off at school. He didn't think he'd have to deal with her getting her period until she was at least eleven, but he heard they sometimes came early.

He walked to the bathroom to clean Shay's mess and paused, the strong scent of blood hitting his nose again. There were droplets on the floor, and Shay's underwear, soaked with her blood, was also on the ground. He knelt down in front of it and, before he could stop himself, he was lapping up the drops. Each taste was amazing, unlike anything he'd ever eaten before. He then grabbed the underwear and sniffed it, the scent driving him wild. He needed more, needed...

He dropped the underwear in horror. Good God, he just licked blood off the floor. Even worse; he loved every last bit of it! He was sniffing his daughter's underwear! He bolted out of the bathroom and into the hall, collapsing into a ball. How could this have happened? What was happening to him?

And why did he want, no, why did he need more blood?

Adam sat on a swing during recess, focusing his eyes on his feet. Christian took the swing next to him and began to slowly pump, not going too high. "Addy?" Christian called out.

Adam looked at him, shaking his head. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"

"Always one more time, Addy," Christian teased. "So, what was up with Shay?"

"Girl issues," Adam said, "Issues that you and I will never have to deal with, thank God." Christian laughed, and Adam's mouth curled into a smile.

"So," Christian said, "We should go down to the beach one more time before it closes for the winter. Once Shay gets better, that is. Maybe it'll be good for all of us."

"You'd go back to the beach with or without us."

"Yeah, well, I happen to like family time. And besides, what's a true beach trip without a splash fight with my Addy?"

"Will you stop- oh, whatever." Adam laughed. "You're going to kill me, Christian."

"You know you couldn't live without me." The bell rang, and Adam got off the swing. Christian followed him and they went back inside the school.


Nothing was enough.

For the last few weeks, David had been trying to eat, but nothing was enough. And now that he knew what he wanted, it took all his mental prowess to keep the craving in check. Then, on the way to the school to pick up the kids, he saw a figure sprawled on the ground. It was a dog, and it obviously got into a scuffle with another dog. It was bleeding and near death, and David couldn't hold back anymore. He sniffed at the air, and all he smelled was the blood. It called to him, begged him to taste it, and the next thing he knew, he was bending over the animal, lips to the wound, teeth extending into sharp fangs for the first time ever.

He didn't even hear the soft whimpers from the dog's mouth as he drained his life. All he knew was the taste, the taste of life. It seemed like only a moment to him, but he later learned that it was longer; he was late by a whole half an hour to the school.

Soon, more dogs went missing, only to have their bodies turn up, bloodless, in alleys. The town was in an uproar, but David couldn't bring himself to care. All that mattered was that he was stronger now; no longer hungry. And now his fits of anger were further apart; the more he ate, the less likely he was to snap at the children. He still did, but not as often.

What this meant to Ian, Christian, and Adam was that the financial problems were finally ending.

When Shay got her period the second time, David smelled it, and he could almost feel himself drooling. He shook his head; it was one thing to drink from pets, but he couldn't drink from his own daughter. He told the kids he was going to the store and left the house, trying to distance himself from Shay and keep from hurting her.

He leaned against a dumpster and tried to contain himself, but he couldn't; he was hungry, and he needed to eat. Suddenly, the sound of a woman's high heels clunking down the sidewalk invaded his senses, and he could smell her blood. He could almost hear it circulating through her veins. He was so hungry, and, well, better her than his little Shannon.

He started towards the woman, faster than he ever thought he could. She turned suddenly, afraid, dropping her purse and causing its contents to fall across the sidewalk. She hardly had time to scream before David moved in for the kill.

He sunk his fangs into her neck and sucked roughly until her eyes fluttered shut for the last time. Her blood was more delicious than any other meal he'd ever had before... well, except that first time. Shay's blood, splattered against the tiles, was definitely better than anything else he'd ever had.

David felt a pang of guilt then, thinking about his cravings and the woman. He prevented her from ever returning home. Maybe she'd been a mother, a lover, a child, and he ripped her away from her family, her home, her life.

But he couldn't allow himself to lose control. He couldn't allow himself to attack Shay, or any of his children. If people filled him up more, and gave him more control during Shay's (and eventually Shelley's) periods, than he was willing to handle it. He only had to take care of his children; no one else mattered.

And besides, he needed to eat.

"Come back!" Shay hollered. Christian just laughed, waving her test, which she got 53% on, in front of her. She ran after him, screaming out what she plotted to do to him once she caught him.

For the past two months, all anyone could talk about was whatever was draining animals- and sometimes people- of their blood. There was now a curfew on the town, and Christian and the other children weren't allowed to go out alone or after seven. Bored, Christian got his fun where he could, and that was taunting Shay.

"What are you-" Ian moved out of the way, cut off mid-sentence, before Christian or Shay could bulldoze him. Christian laughed and they sped through the halls, having no courtesy for anyone. Adam went over to Ian and said, "What the hell?"

"Stop them!" Ian shouted, flustered. Adam laughed a little, but then he heard a scream, and he rushed over to where he heard it from. "Christian!" Adam shouted out. He could hear loud sobs, and Shay's voice apologizing over and over again. Adam ran to the sound and found them at the door of the room, Christian's finger cradled in his other hand, Shay begging him for forgiveness and for him not to tell on her.

In the struggle, Christian's finger somehow got jammed in the door. His finger was mottled purple, and his nail was split in half, cutting into his skin and making a thin trickle to blood fall down his finger. "Come on," Adam said, helping Christian to his feet. He was still crying, but he did as Adam told him to, following him to the bathroom.

"Please Adam, I swear, I didn't mean to hurt him-"

"You won't get in trouble, Shay," Adam said, "Just go along." She nodded, said sorry to Christian one last time, and ran off. Adam put Christian's finger under the cold water, hoping it would dull the pain at least a little.

In a few minutes, the door shut, telling them their father was home. Ian ran downstairs and told David everything. He went upstairs and the familiar, enticing, coppery smell hit him like a wave. He stopped, wanting to see what was wrong with Christian, but also not wanting to hurt him.

Finally, he swallowed the thirst, reminding himself to get a nice stray at night after he took care of the children, and he went up to the bathroom. "Christian, are you alright?" he asked. Christian nodded, biting his lip to keep back another sob. David kissed his forehead comfortingly and said, "It was Shay, wasn't it?"

Christian didn't nod, but his silence told David all he needed to know. He left the room and found Shay, upset, on the bed, still remorseful over what she did to Christian. She looked up, and-


Her hand went to her cheek, unwilling to believe her Dad just did that. "Are you an idiot?" David screamed, "Do you see what you did to Christian? He'll have to go to the hospital and it's all your fault!"

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..."

"Like that'll magically fix Christian's finger!" He yelled. She began crying, and Ian and Shelley ran into the room. Adam told Christian to stay there and he went to the room also, watching him scold Shay.

"Stop it!" Adam yelled, "Dad, she said she was sorry! Don't make her feel bad..."

He turned on Adam, eyes red with anger. "Shut up!" Adam staggered, almost as if he was the one physically assaulted. Ian hugged Shelley close, and David pushed past them, going for the phone. He dialed the number for the ambulance and Adam went over to Shay, wrapping his arms around her. Things were going so well, and then this had to happen.


After Christian came out of the hospital, David spent money they didn't have to take the children out to dinner, trying to apologize for his actions. And it worked; things went back to normal in the Heath orphanage, even if there was mass hysteria outside over the monster draining bodies, both cainine and human, of their blood.

And for a few months in the winter, the calm returned. Then, spring began, and, even though neither Adam nor Christian knew it yet, their lives as they knew them were about to end.

Adam, Christian, and their friends all played soccer on the beach. Shay, Ian, and Shelley were on a playdate with the Martins, so David told the boys they could stay out until five forty today. Excited with the extra forty minutes, the boys had a great time. By the time the game ended, all the boys were dirty, and there were scraped elbows, knees, and a few bruises, but the boys felt like they were on top of the world.

"Did you see that final goal?" Christian said, as they walked back home. He brought back his leg and kicked the air, as if he were kicking a soccer ball. "I should join the league or something!"

"Nuh uh," Adam said, shaking his head, "We are going to join the 'Leafs, remember? The Heath brothers, knocking out teeth and slapping the puck more times into the goal than anyone,"

"Why can't I be both?"

"Because you can't have everything, Christian," Adam said, rolling his eyes.

"Says who?" Christian put his hands on his hips. "I'm going to be the 'Leaf's star player, I'll become the biggest thing in soccer, I'll be a billionaire philanthropist, and I'll own a Peeps factory."

"Idiot," Adam said, shoving Christian gently. They laughed, and Christian put an arm around Adam's shoulders and they walked home. They opened the door and Adam shouted out, "Dad, we're home!" They began walking to the den, to say hi to their father.

David's eyes closed; he could smell the blood Adam and Christian had stuck to their bodies. He clenched his fists and tried to fight the craving, reminding himself that he couldn't attack Adam and Christian, his oldest boys. Christian entered the room first and shouted out, "Hi Daddy!"

The smell was almost too much; he hadn't ate in five days, but he didn't think it would be that bad. How was he supposed to know that Christian and Adam would come home all cut up? He could hear Christian's heartbeat as he came closer, and all he could think about was draining life out of the boy... "GET OUT!" He roared.

Christian froze, unsure of what to do. Why did he yell? Did he do something wrong? "Daddy, is everything okay..."

David turned around and slapped Christian. Christian whimpered in pain, and Adam's mouth dropped, unsure of what happened. "When I say get out, you get out, you stupid child..." David snapped, trying not to look at Chrisitan's pale neck, see the pulse there, begging to be bitten.

"But Daddy..." David couldn't take it anymore. Christian smelled too delicious; his veins looked too inviting. Something inside him snapped, and everything that held him back was gone: all that was left was bloodlust. In a second, Christian was slammed against the wall of the den, his father's long fingers wrapped around his neck. Adam screamed as Christian struggled, his fear written plainly on his face.

"Let him go!" Adam yelled out, running over and pulling on his father's free hand's sleeve. With a careless, quick snap of the wrist, Adam flew across the room, hitting the wall. Christian yelled out Adam's name as he fell to the floor, whimpering and crying in pain.

Christian turned back to David when the pressure became greater, making him cough and sputter. "Please... Daddy... stop it..."

"My name," he said, without a trace of their father's warmth in his voice, "Is Gangrel." He moved his hand a little to expose Christian's throat, still holding him to the wall. He leaned in and sunk his teeth into Christian's throat, making Christian scream in agony. The sound was like music to his ears; he knew Christian was his son, but that made him want to drain Christian even more- after all, Christian and the rest of the silly brats drained him, taking all his money and his time. He was due his life, and Adam's, and Shannon, Ian, and Shelley's.

Christian's eyes shut in horror as his legs kicked, slipping against the wall. He could feel himself weakening, but that just made him want to escape more. His heart was racing wildly in his chest and he felt like he was on fire, like his whole body was being consumed by flames as his blood flooded into Gangrel's mouth.

BOOM! Shots fired out, and Gangrel ripped away from Christian's throat. He looked at the intruders angrily and ran away, deciding he couldn't take them on- not yet, at least. Christian fell to the floor, the world slipping away quickly. He was unconscious in a matter of seconds.

Adam looked at their saviors, two men with long blond hair. The more muscular one ran in the direction the man Adam once called father ran in, and the skinnier one ran over to Adam, cradling the child in his arms. "Are you okay?" He asked, his accent the kind Adam only heard in movies about the Wild West.

"Christian-" Adam said, pointing at his brother.

"He's going to be fine," the man said, "You both are."

Christian's eyes opened slowly, bandages all over. He sat up and saw that he was in a hospital bed, and that there was an needle in his arm. Adam, who stood with him all night, said "Thank God" and ran over to Christian, wrapping his arms around his neck.

"Addy," Christian said, "Addy, I had a dream."

"What was it about?" Adam asked.

"I was on the beach, and I heard someone call out my name. It was an angel, Addy, a beautiful one. And you know what it told me?"

"What?" Adam asked.

"That the man who attacked me wasn't Daddy. He said that the man who attacked me killed Daddy." Christian looked down sadly, and Adam said, "Oh Christian." He squeezed his brother tightly, wondering how he could begin to explain what happened. The man, he said his name was Shawn, said he'd take care of it, but Adam couldn't help but think about his Dad, and everything that happened.

Soon, Shawn and his partner, a man named Hunter, would come in that room and tell the boys that their lives were over, and that the children were going to be sent to different foster homes. Soon, they would give them an option to stay together, but would tell them that, in order for them to stay together, they would have to agree to harsh conditions. They would have to agree to give up their lives and begin hunting the things that go bump in the night.

But for now, they were just two boys, alone and scared, unsure what would happen next.

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