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Shadows of Destiny

The efforts which we make to escape from our destiny only serve to lead us into it. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Vickie Guerrero screamed as she swung the ax in a full arc, hitting the Bone Demon's neck. The flesh squelched and a shrill cry escaped the human-like monstrosity's neck, blood flying out of it's mouth and hitting her in the face. It didn't faze her at all; it wasn't the first time blood flew on her, and it wouldn't be the last. She brought the ax back and slammed it back into its neck, continually chopping until the last sinews gave away and the head rolled onto the floor. The Bone Demon's body fell to the floor as well, slumping down unceremoniously.

Vickie stepped back against the wall of the old, unfurnished wooden house, breathing in and out as best as she could. She took the ax and went over to the head, seeing the eyes roll around furiously, almost as if it were trying to find the body. She held the ax over her head before bringing it down, chopping the face apart, skin giving way to blood and bone. She kept crushing until she was sure there was nothing left, that there was no way it could return to life.

"Querida." A gentle hand grabbed the ax, pulling it out of her hand. She turned around and saw her husband and partner, Eddie, holding the ax with a frown on his face. She took a deep breath, his very presense instantly calming her. "It's over. It's dead."

Vickie threw her arms around her husband, hugging close to him. "This means it's partner's dead?"

Eddie nodded. The two were called over after friends and fellow Nightstalkers were killed trying to save a child from a Bone Demon and a Flesh Demon, who could control the very thing their name suggests. After a long time of planning, they finally came up with something that worked. Eddie finally patted her shoulder and pushed apart. "Querida, where's the child?"

Vickie shook her head. "I don't know. I didn't see him on my way around here. Maybe he's upstairs."

Eddie took off his jacket and wiped the blood off of Vickie's face gently, making sure not a speck was left. Wordlessly, he grabbed her hand and began leading her to the stairs. Soon, they split, looking down the hall as silently as possible. Vickie silently looked through the doors of the housing, seeing nothing but empty spaces and open windows. The breeze flowing through the windows into the hall chilled her to the bone.

As she moved closer to the end of the hall, she heard quiet, muffled cries. As she kept walking, the cries grew increasingly louder, making Vickie run to the room at the end of the hall. She opened the door and saw a kid, curled up into a ball, crying.

"Ay Dios mio," Vickie said, putting her hand on her heart. She ran over and knelt on level with the child, putting a hand on his back. "Love, are you okay?" She rubbed his back as he cried. "Sweetheart, you're free," Vickie said, "The bad people are dead."


Vickie stared at the child's head, trying to understand. "No what, sweetheart?"

"The bad people are still alive." The child lifted his head, and Vickie saw that his eyes were completely white. "True evil never dies." She screamed and the child's hands reached out, grabbing her cheeks roughly. "I've been waiting for you," the child said, "Now, I will show you death."

Vickie couldn't move; her eyes were locked on the child's, and she was immobilized by fear. His small hands glowed white, and soon, Vickie's eyes turned white too. "You will know exactly how dark this world is. You will know exactly how strong we are. You will know exactly how your pitiful race will end- and you will despair knowing that there's nothing you can do about it."

"VICKIE!" Vickie pulled away when she heard Eddie scream her name. The boy's face distorted with anger at the sound of the interloper and he stood up, seeing Eddie point his gun at him. I can't challenge death yet. I have to wait for my master, my Persephone. He blinked and he disappeared into thin air, leaving Eddie and Vickie alone.

Eddie ran to Vickie, dropping to his knees and putting his arms around her. "Are you alright, Querida?"

"It was a trap," Vickie said, falling to weakness for the first time since she began hunting, "It was a trap." Eddie patted her back as she cried into his shower, trying to make her feel better, but nothing helped her stop crying after that experience.

You will know... and you will despair.

Vickie's eyes snapped open, the scream dying on her lips. Eddie was sound asleep next to her, unmoving. For what was another night of many nights without end, Vickie had another nightmare, filled with pictures of so many different things. Well, it couldn't be called a nightmare... but it couldn't be called a dream. Some of the images were as simple as a man slipping on a pair of socks, and others were as complicated and as frightening as murder, as crime.

She saw love, hate, fear, hope, death, life, and everything in between. She saw the mundane and the exciting, the good and the evil. And no matter what she did, the pictures would replay in her head the next morning, sometimes distracting her during missions. Was she losing her sanity?

"Querida?" Vickie turned as Eddie took her hand into his, still half asleep. Eddie's eyes fluttered as he said, "What's the matter?"

"Something's wrong with me," Vickie said, trying not to break down. Eddie sat up, rubbing his eyes to make himself alert.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm... seeing things..." Vickie said, trying to put it to words.

"What things?"

"I don't know-" Vickie felt tears welling up in her eyes, and Eddie pressed his lips against her forehead.

"Querida, maybe all this hunting is getting to you." Eddie squeezed her hand comfortingly. "How about we take a break for a while? We can relax and you can clear your mind. What do you think?"

"Y- yeah, that sounds good," Vickie said, "A vacation-"

"That's right. We can visit with Rey and Chavo's families. Their boys are growing so big." Eddie smiled softly. "You should see Chavito now. He's going to be strong, just like his father. And Little Rey's just a little ball of energy. Rey sent me a picture of the boy- he's jumping off of trees and climbing on furniture."

Vickie smiled, the picture of her nephews entering her mind. Chavo and Rey were both only six, named after their fathers, and were practically the apples of her eye. They made her think that, maybe, she'd one day have children of her own. She'd heard that some hunters, when they'd eventually retire, were able to start families and lead pretty normal lives. Maybe one day, she and Eddie could have a family all their own. "Maybe that's exactly what I need."

"Good," Eddie said. He pressed another kiss on the hand he was holding, and then another small one on her lips. "You're going to be fine."

"Yeah," Vickie said, although she sounded almost absent when she said it.

"No fair!" little Chavo whined, his voice echoing through the Guerrero's small house.

"Very fair!" Rey chanted, sitting on Chavo's back. Chavo wiggled around and scratched at the floor, trying to get free, but Rey kept the pressure on Chavo's back. Vickie picked up Rey and said, "Alright, nenito, come with me."

"But I want to play!" Rey whined.

"It's time for your nap." Vickie still had the weird hallucinations, but being in the relaxing environment, around family and friends, helped a lot.

"But what about Chavo, Tia?"

"Don't worry about Chavito," Vickie said, "Only worry about yourself, little one." Vickie brought Rey to his room, and he kept on trying to make deals to stay up later.

"Five more minutes?" Rey tried.


"Three more minutes?"

"Rey, my love, you need your rest," Vickie said, rubbing his head.

"One more minutes?" Vickie began laughing, and she carried Rey to his bed, sitting him down. She got him into a pair of pajamas and then said, "Go to bed, Rey."


"Yes Rey?" Vickie asked.

"Where do you and Tio Eddie go?" Rey asked, "You two always go away for a long time. I miss you, Tia."

Vickie smiled and placed a kiss on Rey's forehead. She sat down and quietly, in Spanish, explained that sometimes, a person's duty came before what a person wanted to do. Rey nodded the whole way, and then he said, "Tia, I want to work with you and Tio Eddie when I grow up." Vickie shook her head. Rey and Chavo would stay clear away from the world of demon hunting if she had something to say about it.

"Your duty is to school," Vickie said, "And then, you can find a job wherever you want. But you don't want to follow your Tio and I."

"But why, Tia?" Rey asked, "If you and Tio do it, why can't I?"

Vickie rested her hand on Rey's head. "There are so many things I wish for you, for you and for Chavito. I want you two to grow up, to go to school. I want you two to find wonderful women and start beautiful families. I want the world to be your oyster. Rey, there is nothing for either Chavito or yourself in the world your uncle and I live in."


"Yes?" Vickie asked.

"If it's so bad, then why do you and Tio Eddie do it?"

Because someone has to, and since we're already fucked up, it might as well be us. Vickie smiled softly. "Time for bed, my love. It's a story I'll share with you another time, but only if you take a nap."

"You promise, Tia Vickie?"

"Yes." Rey grinned, the innocence of a child shining through from the gap in his teeth to how messy his hair was, and he cuddled into the covers, trying to get to sleep. Vickie watched him with a motherly feeling, thinking about how her burden was worth it, so long as she could keep Rey and Chavo in perfect safety.

One day, she could imagine Rey doing anything, but the one thing she didn't want Rey to do was fall into the demon hunting business.


Vickie eyes snapped open, the vivid pictures playing over and over again, all sense bleeding through her fingers. It was a pain she understood too well, the pain of loss, the pain of losing grip in such a manner that she could feel absolutely nothing.

It was a good friend of theirs, Yoshihiro. Vickie saw nothing but pools where his eyes should be, blood soaking his body and dyeing his clothes a deep brick red. She couldn't see his partner, Darren, anywhere around; it seemed he wasn't there to keep Yoshihiro from falling prey to a demon.

She stood up, hands shaking. There was no way that one of the many hallucinations she saw every night was real. It was just an illusion. Vickie must have been going insane, the images breaking her down until she had a nightmare about someone she actually knew, rather than people who, in all likelihood, didn't exist.

But it felt so vivid, just like the other images that made their way through her mind. It hurt too much, seeing one of their own, one of their friends, dead like that. Yoshihiro and Darren, Benny and Dean… the Guerreros counted the two other Nightstalker groups as their closest allies. And for so long, all three groups were able to dodge death that Vickie thought there would be a day when the six of them would be old and gray, talking to each other about how they perfectly executed a plan, or about how they finally found themselves able to kill a particularly tricky demon.

Vickie had no way to be sure Yoshihiro or Darren would pick up her call; they had absolutely no way of contact when the groups were hunting. But she had to try, had to try to assuage the fears that her delusions put her through. She called their number, each ring making her stomach sink even more, until the message began to play, Darren's English accent filling her ears.

"Darren? It's Vickie," Vickie said softly, "Just, call me back when you get this, okay? Call me back." She hung up the phone before sitting back on the bed. Eddie wasn't here; he was probably drinking with his brother, catching up on all they missed over time. Vickie just decided to go to bed, hoping that Darren would return her call sooner rather than later.

Vickie stared as Eddie spoke on the phone, his whole face falling as the conversation went on. She couldn't hear anything; all she knew was that all her worst fears were being realized at that very moment. The hallucination was real. It came true. Yoshihiro was dead- and the demon that killed him gouged out his eyes to keep as a trophy.

Eddie hung up the phone and turned to Vickie, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Querida, it's going to be okay." He didn't sound so sure of what he was saying; in fact, he sounded like he was lying to her. "Querida, I know, it's horrible, but we'll get through this. Darren will get through this. We will be alright."

Vickie shook her head. Her eyes were completely dry; they couldn't spare a tear for her poor, lost friend. "Eddie, something's wrong with me," Vickie announced.

"No, you're alright Querida. It's just the shock. You'll be fine…"

"No. Listen to me. I'm sick. There's something wrong with me." Vickie swallowed before saying, "I saw it happen, Eddie. I saw him die. I knew he was going to… oh God, I knew…"

"There's no way you could've known it," Eddie said, trying to remain calm for both himself and for his wife, "I'm telling you, you're just reacting to the fact he died, and that we weren't there to help him. But there's no way you could've known this was going to happen."

His words made Vickie pull away. "You don't get it," she said, "God, you don't get it." She shook her head and backed up.

"Then help me understand. Querida, I want to help you." Eddie's face shone with genuine concern, and Vickie wondered how she could possibly begin to make him understand the curse she seemed to be under.

"I've been having dreams," Vickie said slowly, "At first; I thought they were hallucinations, but… not anymore. Eddie, I think I'm seeing the future." Vickie unloaded about every dream she had, regaling Eddie with details to show him exactly what she was seeing, making sure he understood the kind of turmoil she was under.

Eddie listened, his attention not faltering once. He wanted to say something, something to comfort her, but he didn't even know how to make heads or tails of the story himself. All he knew was that she was seeing things, and from the sound of it, each was prophetic. But it was impossible; regular humans didn't just come by powers. "But how?" he finally got out.

You will know... and you will despair.

The words replayed in her head. It was just those two sentences, not a single other line that came out of the demon child's mouth. "The demon. The one that looked like a child. He told me that I'd know. I think he gave me the ability to see the future."

"But why, Querida, Why you?" Vickie shook her head, no idea how to answer.

It was the very question she would ask herself decades later, when she'd see hunters come and go, all asking for advice, all wanting to know the future. And despite her power, she couldn't even understand why she was the one who needed to see the future. It was the one question she couldn't answer.


"Mama!" A loud wail filled the room, reverberating off the walls, thick blood oozing down the wall. Rey was on the floor, crying, trying not to look and the body against the wall. There was a bandana in the midst of the blood pooling on the floor- the small head it was once around was unrecognizable.

"Look at me." Rey shook his head, keeping his eyes covered, falling back on the age old adage that, if he couldn't see the threat, it wasn't there. The demon grabbed his arms and pulled them away from his face, making Rey gasp. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" The demon had gray, leathery skin, almost stretched across the human like body. There was not a single hair on his body, and his nostrils were like a snake's. The skin crinkled as he smirked, eying his prey.

Rey's bottom lip trembled, wishing his cousin was still here with him. "Papa!" Rey shouted out, "Tia! Tio!" Rey began praying in fluent Spanish, begging God to save him. The demon laughed before lifting him up. Rey kicked as his legs left the ground, and he began crying harder, stumbling through the prayer.

"There is no greater motivation than a death or two in the family," the demon explained, before tugging on Rey's arms, extending them farther than any child's arms should ever go.

Vickie screamed, wanting to see anything but the stomach curling image of her nephew being dismembered. But it replayed in a constant refrain, repeating over and over until she was reduced to tears.

She could see the future. And in it, her little nephews were going to be killed.

Soon, Eddie was with her, but she couldn't hear a thing he was saying. She just kept crying, trying to think of some possible way that she could keep Rey and Chavo from getting hurt.

Soon, she was able to speak, trying to overcome her weakness. She hated feeing powerless like this; her visions had reduced her into something unrecognizable from the hunter she once was. She couldn't even imagine ever holding a weapon again; she had seen too much death, and she would continue seeing it so much, that she wanted nothing more to do with it.

But the maternal instinct she had told her she would do anything to protect those children.

"Querida, the future isn't set in stone," Eddie said, after hearing the story. Although the news made him want to break down, he had to remain strong for Vickie. He put a hand on her shoulder and said, "You and I can stop this. Just calm down and let's think rationally."

He's right... calm down, Vickie... Rey and Chavito need you... She took a few deep breaths, trying to relax herself, before she wiped the tears from her face. "I can't let that happen to them," Vickie said, "They had nothing to do with this."

"I know. And we won't let it happen to them. Don't worry, Querida." Eddie stood up and went to the phone. "I'm going to call Benny and Darren, see if they can get here. The more eyes we have, the better."

Vickie nodded, getting up and passing by the rooms the children were sleeping in. She laid a hand on Chavo's door, silently hoping that they could stop this from happening. She'd so long hoped they'd never have to face demons- now she could only hope that they'd get out alive. Vickie moved her hand away and went to her suitcase, throwing clothes out until she got to the false bottom. She pulled it out and began looking over her arsenal of weapons.

No one was going to harm her nephews.

"Look, me and Benny are on our way," Dean said, sounding very sympathetic over the phone, "Eddie, don't worry about it. How can you even be sure Vickie's actually having visions?"

"She saw Yoshihiro die," Eddie said, one hand on the phone, one resting nearby his gun. Vickie didn't say when the demon was coming, so he needed to be ready. "I'm not taking chances, not after that."

"But how is she seeing these things? I mean, she has the tattoo. She's not a demon."

"I don't know, Dean, okay!" Eddie shouted. He stopped himself, trying to calm down. "All I know is that my wife is seeing these things, and for some reason, they come true. I'm not going to question it; I'm just going to keep another tragedy from happening."

An uncomfortable silence followed, so Dean moved the conversation away from that topic. "You got in contact with Darren?"

"Yeah. He said he'd meet up with us soon."

"I can't believe Yoshi's gone," Dean said mournfully.

"I know." Eddie gripped the phone. "I can't let my little nephews go the same way."

"We won't let it happen," Dean affirmed, "Give us a day; Benny and I will make tracks as soon as possible."

"Gracias," Eddie whispered. He hung up soon afterwards; his friends were on their way. All that was left to do was to protect the kids until they got here, and that he had no problem doing. His family always came first, no matter what.

Chavito and Rey's parents went out to dinner on Vickie and Eddie's prompting. They couldn't let the boys out of their sights, just in case the demons decided to follow their families out. Vickie was positive that the demon was after the children, and that their parents could, at least, remain in the dark. Hopefully, the children could also go on without knowing that there were ever demons in their lives.

After they put the children to bed, Eddie and Vickie sat by the door of the room, guns at their sides. "You could go in there too, Querida," Eddie said softly.

Vickie shook her head. "We're stronger as a team." Eddie smiled and grasped her hand momentarily, but then he let go, keeping alert. Hours went on like that, and Vickie wondered if anyone was even coming. She tried to keep herself from nodding off, pinching herself and pacing every now and then.

Eddie began pacing after a while, frustrated by the lack of show, but also kind of relieved. Perhaps it would happen when Dean and Benny and Darren arrived. Suddenly, Vickie grabbed his arm. "What is it, Quer..."

"Shh." Vickie put a finger to his mouth, and then he heard something. It was almost like a mouse scampering around the floor, the scratching getting louder and louder. Vickie and Eddie put their guns up, preparing for whatever it was.

They kept waiting, but nothing came. Vickie moved forward hesitantly, her gun still up, looking for the cause of the sound. But the hall was as empty as it was before. She slowly backtracked, still keeping her gaze on the darkened hallway.

"MAMA!" Vickie whipped around so quickly that she gave herself whiplash, the one shriek breaking through her professional nature. She began running back to the room, seeing Eddie slam the door open and lift his gun.

Eddie immediately shot out three rounds, each pushing into the demon Vickie saw in her dreams. Each one pushed him back, away from Chavo, who was on his bed, shivering. "Chavito, down!" Vickie shouted in Spanish. Chavo nodded, going under his bed quickly. Eddie ran into the room, running toward Rey as Vickie shot at his head.

The second bullet hit his forehead, making his eyes roll back and fall to the floor. Rey shuddered in Eddie's arms, too afraid to even scream. Eddie put him on the floor and said, "Rey, go." Rey paused, but Eddie screamed out now in Spanish, and Rey nodded, running out of the room. Meanwhile, Vickie closed in on the demon's body, ready to check if it was dead or just stunned.

Vickie pulled out her knife, ready to make sure the demon would never retun, but then it bolted upright. The momentary shock was enough for the demon; he grabbed Vickie by the collar, lifted her with ease, and then threw her into the small trundle bed. She screamed, the impact spreading pain through her entire system. She scratched and clawed at the edge of consciousness, trying to rise, but soon, she feel deep into the recesses of her mind.

Vickie woke up, feeling a small hand shake her. Her eyes focused on Chavo, whose eyes were filled with nothing but pure fear. He crawled onto the bed and snuggled next to her, and she realized he was holding a gun. She took it; it was warm, as if it were fired recently. "Chavito...?" Vickie said.

"I didn't want him to hurt you anymore," Chavo said, hiccuping as his voice broke. She realized what happened and held him close. Chavo was obviously broken up over what he did; a six year old should never have to kill anything, not even a demon. Vickie dropped the gun and pushed Chavo aside, wondering what could have possibly happened.

She immediately turned around, pulling Chavo close, hoping the sight wouldn't scar him. She carried him out of the room, hoping she didn't cry. She had to remain strong for the boys, even if she felt like self destructing. She closed the door and pulled him into the living room, calling out for Rey.

"Tia?" Rey crawled out of under the table, running over to hug her legs. She couldn't help but wonder how this night could've effected Rey. "Tia, I want to leave. Where's Tio?"

Vickie put Chavo down and patted their shoulders. "Go to the car, okay? Put on your shoes and go straight to the car."

Chavo immediately did as he was told, and Rey followed after giving Vickie a look that repeated his question. She grabbed the keys and went to the car with them. She loaded them inside and began driving away, not willing to think about what must have happened while she was unconscious.

She didn't sleep for three days after the horrible incident. But when she finally did go to sleep, she saw exactly what happened once she fell unconscious.

There's no cheating fate. No matter what you try to do, you can't rob the devil of it's due. I tried to mess with fate, and look what happened. Rey and Chavo might not have died, but the balance took something else from me. And he later became the motivation the demon came to the house that fateful night to achieve.

If Chavo and Rey had died, my love would've followed them three months after. Consumed by rage, he would've murdered countless demons, eventually slaughtering an incredible 17 in one battle before falling himself. It would've been one of the most remarkable feats in Nightstalker history.

Since we did interfere, and my love was taken instead of my nephews, the balance chose another to go on the rampage. One of our own friends, a man I knew as Benny. Anyone who saw him hunt called him a wild animal, a wolverine. And he decimated hundreds of demons before eventually dying himself, on the very soil he called home.

Dean and Darren decided to team up to train a pair of Nightstalkers themselves. Their names were Brian and Paul, and the two would become prodigious hunters in their own right- before falling themselves.

And that night did change the boys. Chavo became antisocial as he grew up, Rey developed a habit when he was sixteen to help repress the memories of what he saw and heard. Their only salvation was in the life I once wished to keep from them. I have seen their futures, seen the demons, literal and figurative, that they've got to fight.

I have seen people come and go. I saw a muscular, bald, trash talking Texan barge into the building, beer can swinging out his hand. I saw a young latina girl with brown hair and an incredible ability who would soon move in with me. I saw a passionate young blond Canadian that I would one day tell that he couldn't fall in love.

And each time, each time I saw someone new, I fell into deep despair. There was so much I wanted to say, so much I wanted to keep them from feeling, but the balance always gets it's way. A life for a life. A deed for a deed. I couldn't directly interfere, not without destroying someone else's life.

There is no greater curse than seeing the future... and knowing that I'm unable to stop it.