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I finally wrote something not Austria X Hungary oriented! Yay Me! :] (Yes, yes you should be proud) So this piece features Andorra, a tiny country between Spain and France that was established to keep the Moors out of Christian France. The country has been ruled since it's creation by Spain and France because Andorra did not have a government of its own. .org/wiki/History_of_Andorra

This is how the story came to be:

Me: "Heyyy, this country is really cool. I want to write a story on it!" *Realization hits* "Wait, it isn't in Hetalia..." *feels sad for a moment, then pulls an America, complete with dominating pose* "Its okay I'll just make her up!" *feels very accomplished* (Yes, this really happened)

Andorra is a 5-6 year old girl with waist length brown/black hair that is usually in a braid over her shoulder. She wears a cute little crimson red jumper with white knee socks and black shoes. Her braid has a dark green bow on the end.

I sometimes feel like America in human form. :] I guess this would be one of those instances?

On with the story!

I DO NOT OWN AXIS POWERS HETALIA. Although I do own Andorra. :D

(Thoughts are in italics)

"England, will you marry me?" England looks down at the other nation, and seems completely stricken at the idea, the whole time spluttering incoherently.

"OH NO YOU DID NOT!" Both nations quickly turn toward the loud voice and stare as Spain barges in the room looking very disgruntled. "You are married to me remember?!"

"But, but…" France began pathetically, trying in vain to interrupt Spain's angry tirade. England continues to look confusedly between the two nations. "And," Spain continued, "We have a child!" He gestured to his right into the empty air. For a moment he had a self satisfied smirk on his face until he noticed the looks of confusion on the other nation's faces. He quickly looked down to where his "child" was and smacked his forehead angrily. "Hold on, I'll go get her. One moment please." He left the room grumbling under his breath: "I told her not to get separated from me. What was she thinking?"

England and France looked at each other confusedly. "So, is it true?" England asked hesitantly. "Yes. I had no idea he would be so angered by the idea of an alliance with you. But," France smirked "Now I know he loves me more than he lets on. Naughty boy…" As France uttered this last statement England jumped back, completely repulsed by the creepy look that had appeared on the other nations face. "You disgust me!" England spat.

Both nations were brought back to the present when Spain began speaking. "Here she is. I found her! See dearie, there is nothing to worry about…" The little nation looked shyly at England, her thumb in her mouth. She quickly smiled as she saw France. "Papa France!" she screamed as she ran and embraced the nation's legs. "I've missed you so much!" she quickly relinquished France's legs and placed her hands on her hips, pouting. "You promised we would go flower picking with me." She said angrily. France knelt down and took the little girl by the shoulders. "Mon amour, Papa has been busy lately. Papa will come as soon as he can, I promise." "Okay!" she squealed and quickly kissed France on the cheek. England quickly recoiled, thinking "How could such an innocent child love THAT?!"

Another world meeting. France was trying to seduce the nations around him (as always) while Spain sat next to him silently pouting that he wasn't getting "any attention" and America was ranting on and on about how he was a hero (again, as always).

"So, why don't you come with me after this dumb meeting is over? We can drink the best French wine and go on a tour of my beautiful countryside." France stated alluringly to the unfortunate nation near him. "Uh, uh…" Finland stammered as Sweden gave France a cold stare.

"PAPA FRANCE!" Upon hearing this exclamation France jumped and cowered in his seat as the rest of the conference froze. Spain sighed, "Andorra, I told you interrupting world conferences is considered impolite and rude. Apologize please."

Realizing that the whole conference was staring at her, Andorra bashfully stated "Sorry everyone. I was rude and unladylike and it will never happen again." As she said this she lightly scuffed her shoe on the ground, looking down shamefacedly. "But," she began brightly, looking up "I got to see Papa France!" The whole conference recoiled slightly (some more animatedly than others) at the child's statement. "How could anyone love that dirty perverted man?!" the nations thought collectively. "Wait. Who the heck in his right mind would have a child with FRANCE?!" With this thought the whole table began to look suspiciously at each other. "Well, Papa Spain of course!" Andorra stated happily, looking as though this was the most obvious thing in the world. Hungary began taking pictures furiously as the rest of the nations turned to stare at Spain as if he had grown two heads.

"I can't believe this." Germany said, putting his head in his hands. "I can!" added Italy. "Italy, you're not helping the situation in the slightest." Germany said, giving the other nation a slightly disapproving look. "Oh…okay." Italy stated sheepishly.

"I don't like you. I formally declare war on your nation!" Andorra declared angrily, pointing imperiously at Germany. The table collectively gasped. Germany looked very taken aback by the younger nation's statement. "Doitser, doitser, she declared war on you!" Italy said, pointing frantically at Andorra while simultaneously pulling on Germany's sleeve. Spain and France immediately grabbed Andorra, both making excuses for her over each other.

"She's really very young…"

"She doesn't know what she's doing…"


"Well what do you expect when the kid has you two for parents?" England stated sarcastically. "I'm sorry!" Spain wailed, fearing that his actions alone had removed his daughter's chance at any sort of future happiness. "Calm down Spain. Your wailing won't change anything. Although I do admit your parenting style to be a bit…uncouth." Austria interjected levelheadedly.

"Yes, but she is such a precious little girl." Russia said, leering at Andorra in the way only Russia could. Many nations around Russia heard a quiet "Kolkolkolkol" emanating from Russia's vicinity. Andorra (rightly) cowered behind France's back, holding his coat-tails in front of her protectively. "Poor little girl. She's already the object of Russia's affections." The nations collectively thought.

"Uhum, thank you Russia for your…sweet compliment. I'm sure it is fully appreciated." France stammered while Spain quietly tried to console the severely frightened girl.

"Anyways…is it even possible for two nations to have a child?" Japan said thoughtfully, "I mean, I don't think it has ever happened before…"

"Let's ask someone who would know!" America exclaimed excitedly, turning quickly towards the pair. "Austria, Hungary have you two ever gotten pregnant?" The two nations blushed furiously as everyone at the world meeting turned to stare at them. As Hungary tried to suppress a maniacal grin that had spread across her face, Austria stuttered something along the lines of "What an improper question to ask" and muttered something about it being "ungentlemanly" all the while turning redder and redder.

"What's 'pregnant'?" Sealand asked Finland innocently. Finland shushed him quietly and told him he would explain later when Sealand was older. Meanwhile Sweden glared angrily at America. "Its 'yr f'lt if 't ever c'ms 'p ag'n." * Sweden growled in America's direction, causing the latter to slide down in his seat momentarily.

While this discussion was taking place Andorra had been momentarily by Spain and France in their embarrassment. She made her way down the table and skipped up to Lithuania. "Would you like a rose?" she asked very sweetly while brandishing the rose less than a foot from his face. "Um," he started, eyes flickering back and forth between the precious littler girl and Russia. "I would love one?" he answered questioningly, unsure if he was going to be punished later by the larger nation. "Yay!" she replied and quickly handed him a crimson rose. "I had the thorns removed of course. That way there can be no boo-boo's!" Andorra stated brightly, a grin gracing her small features.

The whole conference had seen the latest exchange and collectively thought: "Boo-boo's? Really did she just say that?" and all of them after this thought melted into puddles of goo from the cuteness of it all.

"She's just so endearing and innocent," England thought, "I just have this overwhelming urge to hug her…wait, she's France's child, France's child!" as he mentally slapped himself for allowing such a traitorous thought to cross his mind.

"This whole, like situation is totally like a soap opera. I mean like, come on, how crazy is this?" Poland interjected, ending England's mental flagellation.

"While this child is clearly adorable, don't we have important things to discuss? Such as the war most of us are currently involved in?" Germany said impatiently. After this statement Andorra was duly banished to a corner of the room for the remainder of the conference so that 'important matters' could be discussed. Andorra was content to sit by herself for a while because she, like England and Norway had imaginary creatures as friends.

England saw this surprising development about an hour later and was pleasantly shocked. "Maybe this child isn't completely horrible after all…wait this must mean that France does see my magical creature friends! " England was very happy at this possibility and immediately began to make plans for invite Andorra to his next magical sightings event.

Andorra became disinterested in the magical creatures and resolved to sit and try to pay attention to the conference. "Papa Spain and France will be so proud!" she thought happily. She was a nation after all. A few minutes later a distraction appeared in the form of one of Greece's many kitties. "Hello kitty, kitty, kitty!" she called quietly to the approaching cat. Interested the cat made its way to her, lazily flicking its tail. For the next few minutes the cat seemed resigned to its fate of death by incessant petting. Deciding that is had had it's fill of attention from this intriguing person, the cat got up and began to make it's way back to Greece.

"Kitty come back! Come back!" Andorra quietly called. She began to pursue the cat and followed it on her hands and knees underneath the conference table. Over the next few minutes nations simultaneously began to feel pressure on their toes while hearing soft cries of "Kitty Kitty" coming from below the conference table. Many nations tried to conceal their smiles at the small girl's antics. Sweden felt a small tug on his pant leg and proceeded to look under the table curiously, acting like he had dropped something. Andorra was sitting at his feel, hand on his trousers and a smile on her face. "What?" he whispered quietly. "Who owns the cat?" she whispered back impatiently. "Greece." He responded, curious as to why she was under the table. "Where is he? I lost the cat." He pointed farther down the table where she spotted the cat curled around the nation's ankles.

She quickly crawled her way down the table, veering largely around Russia's feet which seemed to be emanating a scary vibe. Finally she made her way to Greece and crawled out next to him holding the kitty in her arms, which startled many nations in the vicinity. Greece wordlessly reached down and placed Andorra in his lap, along with his kitty. She nuzzled against his chest, hugging the cat to her. She fell asleep quickly in his arms. Greece continued slowly stroking her hair until he fell asleep himself. All the surrounding nations were overcome with the cuteness of the scene and were unable to pay attention to the issue at hand without stealing furtive glances back at the sleeping pair.

A few hours later the conference ended and France and Spain collected the still sleeping Andorra from a now groggy Greece. Looking down at the sleeping child in his arms Spain whispered "She really is the best of you." "You too." France replied tenderly. "I'm glad she's ours."

Sweden says "This is your fault if it ever comes up again." *

Spain and France are "married" because France was Spain's boss after the Spanish War of Succession rather than the Hapsburgs of Austria. Also because Spain and France to this day jointly control Andorra's government.

Sorry if this is too fluffy for your taste. I almost died typing it! :] I apologize for any typo's you find while reading this. I did try to find them all.

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