After the cookie situation was properly sorted out in poor Spain's sleep deprived mind, he left his precious Andorra in Lithuania's care. The pair happily resumed making cookies after promising to clean up the batter spattered kitchen.

"Let's make the cookies look like tomatoes!" Andorra suggested energetically. "Papa Spain would like that!"

"I'm sure he would." Lithuania said, "But won't France feel left out?"

Andorra frowned slightly, staring down at the countertop thoughtfully while trying to figure out a solution to the impending problem. Both of her beloved Papas had to be represented…

"We should make the other half look like frogs!" Andorra stated, pointing her finger with a determined air. Lithuania rushed to stifle the giggles that threatened to let loose. I'm sure France will be thrilled to have cookies made in that shape. What will England think? Maybe we should send him a tin of the finished product… That thought alone created a whole new reservoir of giggles within the timid man. Fighting his hardest for control, Lithuania was finally able to reply that he thought that was a marvelous idea.

A few hours later Spain re-entered his newly cleaned kitchen and saw the pair busily making home made cards. Lithuania was currently wiping glue off Andorra's cheek while she relentlessly scribbled something on the paper. Spain rested in the doorway for a moment, taking in the happy scene before him. That is, until he saw Russia peering through his kitchen window.

The man smiled creepily, apparently enjoying the scene as much as Spain had the moment before. Spain was frozen at this moment, completely horrified that the man was now in his territory, eyeing his daughter…

Sensing the other's presence, Russia lifted his eyes to meet Spain's, laughing softly at the expression of unadulterated horror on the man's face. He gestured for Spain to come closer, watching happily as the nation uneasily made his way toward the window.

"You are going to let me in, da?" Russia stated brightly through the glass. "It would be very rude of you to keep me outside."

Spain paled unnaturally at this prospect, only increasing the other's amusement at the situation. I have to let him in, or something horrible could happen. Spain thought. Wait, what could be more horrible than Russia IN YOUR HOUSE? Shaking his head quickly, as if to dismiss the thought, Spain unwillingly moved to open the door. Wishing for the first time ever that America would show up unexpectedly, Spain watched Russia make his way into the kitchen.

The pair looked up simultaneously, sensing a new presence in the kitchen. Lithuania's face immediately paled, horror masking his once pleasant features at the chilling sight of Russia in the doorway. Andorra pause, scissors in hand, staring curiously at the smiling giant.

"Well Lithuania," Russia said, breaking the tense silence, "why didn't you tell me you had made a new friend?"

Lithuania tried to verbalize his thoughts but seemed unable to make his vocal chords function, giving his the appearance of a fish out of water.

"What a cute little girl." Russia said leeringly, leaning threateningly towards Andorra. "May I borrow her?" he said questioningly, turning his gaze toward the still frozen Spain.

"What? No!" Spain uttered forcefully, finally seeming able to utter a syllable in the presence of the taller man. Russia smirked unbelieving at Spain, who now looked shocked at his speaking at all.

He turned to address Andorra this time, saying "If you come with me Andorra, you can stay with Lithuania all day long!"

Andorra momentarily seemed excited at the prospect, but quickly turned contemplative.

At this seemingly pivotal moment, France started entering the door behind Russia. Like the other nations before him he froze, silent at the sight of the man standing in his kitchen. He turned to see Spain seemingly as shocked as he. Well, maybe more so. Poor Spain seemed to be hyperventilating and unable to stop himself.

"Well?" Russia asked, continuing to smile at the small girl but a shred of impatience showing through his normally masked demeanor.

Andorra looked up innocently and asked: "Do you have cookies?"

"Of course!" Russia said brightly, acting as if that was the most obvious fact in the world. Why wouldn't a cold, former Soviet nation living in the inhospitable tundra have cookies ready at their disposal?

"Let's go Andor- umph!"

Russia had started to speak before being abruptly and ferociously tackled simultaneously by Spain and France. A few minutes later Russia was rather ungraciously kicked out of the territory by the pair of fuming fathers.

"No one tries to take our daughter!" Spain yelled after the retreating nation.

"Except as a lover." France said suggestively, laying his hand on Spain's arm before laying a kiss on the formers protesting lips. Breaking away exasperatedly Spain said, "For goodness sakes France, she's six years old!"

"You can be so overprotective sometimes, my love." France said consolingly, twirling a lock of Spain's hair between his fingers. "I was only kidding."

"I heard Andorra made us some delicious cookies. We should probably go look." Spain said tremulously, his face flushing slightly from embarrassment.

Taking the others hand, France led the way back to the house bragging the whole way that Andorra had inherited his 'fabulous culinary skills!' That is, until he learned that his cookies were in the shape of a frog.