Declaimer: Harry Potter belongs to the beautiful and talented J.K Rowling not me.

-Le Garçon Perdu/The Lost Boy-

Chapter 4

Once in a while Potter would glance back at Draco, his green eyes distrusting, and an aura of annoyance wrapping around him. The stone walls echoed their heavy footsteps, even the portraits watched in silent awe as the two walked less than a foot apart. As they neared the Gryffindor common room (Draco guessed they had taken a short-cut since they were walking down an unfamiliar corridor), Potter slowed down and turned to face Draco.

"How long do you plan on following me?" Potter asked.

"Until I find something incriminating," Draco replied.

Potter's face went blank.

"Is this some sort of joke?"

"No," Draco answered slowly. "If it were then one or both of us would be laughing."

Potter stared at him for a brief moment, then continued walking, with Draco following alongside him.

"If I tell you something incriminating, will you leave me alone?"

Draco narrowed his gray eyes.


"I'm going to Hogsmeade tonight. Which I don't have to tell you is incriminating since we aren't allowed off school grounds unless we are on holiday."

"How do I know you're not lying?" Draco said slowly.

Potter looked at him and said, "I guess you'll have to go to find out."

It took a while for Draco to hurry back to his common room, trying to decipher the many twists and turns of Hogwarts proved to be a challenge, so Draco decided that relying purely on instinct to finally reach the familiar ground was the way to go. He arrived to find the Slytherin common room half empty with Pansy and Blaise sitting in front of the fire place drinking tea. They both looked up when he came near.

"Join us Draco," Pansy said, taking a sip from her steaming cup.

Draco sat down; turning down the cup of tea Pansy offered him. The three of them sat in silence with only the crackle of the common room fire breathing life into the room.

"What's wrong with you two?" Draco asked when the silence had started to grate on his nerves.

"Before I tell you what's wrong," Pansy began. "Keep in mind that we're doing this to help you and – "

"Your obsession with Potter and is starting to become a problem," Blaise blurted out.



"What happened to being discreet?"

Draco raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not obsessed."

Blaise sat still, avoiding Draco's eyes.

"I'm not," he repeated when Pansy sighed.

"Maybe not, but this Potter thing is getting a little strange," Pansy said.

"I am merely trying to make Potter miserable, what's wrong with that?" Draco asked. When both of them became silent, Draco crossed his arms. "You don't believe me?"

Blaise snorted, "Not exactly."

"All the signs are there Draco," Pansy added. "You've become a stalker."

"That's ridiculous," Draco said.

"Well," Blaise began, clearing his throat. "You stole his property, you've followed him practically everywhere, you stole his clothes and cut a lock of his hair – "

"– for a deadly potion!"

"It's actually quite frightening when you think about it," Blaise continued.

"You're both mad."

"I'm afraid it's you who's gone mad darling," Pansy supplied.

Draco's icy glare wavered as they sat in silence.

"The sooner you accept this the sooner we can help you," Blaise said, sipping his cup of tea.

"So you're telling me that I'm – I could be ob…" Draco swallowed. "Obsessed?"

Pansy frowned, "Absolutely."

"Either that or you're in love with him," Blaise said smirking.

Draco froze.

"Could you imagine!" Pansy said laughing.

Blaise lost his smirk when he saw Draco's face suddenly losing all the color it had left to spare. His eyes widened.

"It couldn't be."

Draco shook his head. "Of course not."

"Draco - "

"Your right," Draco said, running his hands down his robes.

"We are?" Pansy said cautiously, sharing a look with Blaise.

Draco looked up, attempting a small smile but deciding to smirk instead. "Of course and as an apology I'll take you both to dinner in Hogsmeade."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with you finding out Potter would be there tonight, would it?" Blaise asked casually.

"How did you know? Did you follow me?" Draco yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Blaise.

Blaise stood up suddenly shouting, "I knew it!"

"Blaise!" Pansy hissed.

"And for your information we didn't even follow you," Blaise continued undeterred. "I guessed."

"Need I remind you about the favor you still owe me?" Draco asked Pansy, slowly smirking when his friend bit her lower lip.


Blaise shook his head, crossing his arms. "You can go ahead but I refuse to be part of this any longer."

"Remind me again why I came to Hogsmeade?" Blaise said, his teeth chattering.

Draco ignored him, rubbing his gloved hands together in an effort to keep warm. Pansy pursed her lips, tilting her head in Draco's direction.

"To prove Draco is stalking Potter."

Blaise sighed, frowning when an overexcited reporter pushed him in his hurry towards the pub they were walking towards.

"I was afraid of that," he muttered, staring at the string of white smoke slithering out of the chimney of the Three Broomsticks.

"There!" Draco whispered loudly, pointing where a group of reporters were all swarming the door. All three of them backed up a bit as the large crowd of men and woman pulsed and shuddered as if alive.

The door of the Three Broomsticks opened slightly as a familiar shock of red hair popped out, only to scurry back inside at break-neck speed, managing to block the reporters that charged at it.

"Well, we saw Potter lets go home now," Blaise said, running his hand up and down his arm.

"That wasn't Potter, that was Weasley," Pansy said, avoiding the glare sent her way.

"Same thing," Blaise replied through clenched teeth.

"It most certainly is not." Pansy and Blaise looked at the blond who blushed. "Come on," Draco said, walking straight towards the pulsing crowd.

"I have a feeling this is going to end very badly," Blaise said, but followed his two friends anyway.