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Stupid Magazine, part 2

By sakuracherish814

Zach POV

After the little scene Cammie had made that morning during breakfast in the Grand Hall, she avoided me for twelve days straight. Well, she couldn't really avoid me the way expert pavement artists like herself were perfectly capable of avoiding people; at least, not when all of our classes were together. But she simply settled with avoiding any contact whatsoever, including eye contact, (she wouldn't dare look any where near my direction unless instructed to). She tried to stay as far away as possible when we were in the same room, instantly bolting out the door when it was time to leave, and she skipped meals in Great Hall with Macey, leaving Bex and Liz with Grant, Jonas, and I.

I couldn't help but feel a little annoyed with her behavior. So, she suddenly has the confidence to make-out with me during breakfast in full view of the entire school, faculty and staff included, but now she's having second thoughts and feels like she can just avoid me and make it all go away?

What the hell was with that?

"It's a girl thing, I'm guessing," Grant said with a shrug when I had subtly brought it up a few days ago.

Oh, so it was a "girl thing" to just play with a guy's emotions? Hah. Yeah right. Well, even if it was just a "girl thing," Cammie would not be getting off the hook that easily. In my eyes, she wasn't just any girl; she was Cammie Morgan, the headmistress's daughter, an expert pavement artist, a Gallagher Girl. She was a spy-girl. And the most important part of that was the "spy" part.

Because spies don't play to get even—spies play to win.

Okay, I'm probably just overreacting, (something I'll probably never ever admit). I was probably more upset with the reason behind her behavior than the behavior itself, (also something I'll probably never ever admit.) You only avoid when you are afraid, and you're only afraid if you have doubts, and you only have doubts when you have regret.

So, Cammie's avoiding of me meant that she was suddenly regretting kissing me, huh?

I couldn't help but notice Cammie was nowhere to be found in the Great Hall for dinner tonight, (the twelfth night of her avoiding me, to be exact). I hadn't even seen her seen she darted out the door after C&A. Usually she makes a small appearance to grab some food with Macey before hurrying out, but she hadn't been in the Great Hall all night. That's when it dawns on me that it's Saturday, and she spent Saturday dinners eating with her mother in the headmistress's office.

"She'll come around," Bex reassures me as she and Liz join Grant, Jonas, and I at our usual table.

"So why is she avoiding Zach like he's the plague?" Jonas questions, only to be kicked from underneath the table by Bex.

"Dude," Grant says, "you're supposed to be helping."

"Well, she's probably a little confused right now after," Liz reminds. "She read this article in a magazine a while ago and I guess… well I guess it's got her mind a little out of place. And we all know what Cammie does when she's troubled: she hides."

I say, "That's the point exactly." Bex and Liz look at each other, and I first I think it's just another "girl thing" until I realize Grant and Jonas have no idea what I'm talking about, either. I sigh. "Obviously she wouldn't be hiding unless she was regretting everything. She's regretting kissing me, right?"

Bex's eyes widen. "Of course not!" she says almost defensively.

"Cammie would never!" Liz seconds.

"So what's the problem?" Jonas asks. Yeah, what's the problem?

I hear an irritated sigh that belonged to neither Bex nor Liz, and Macey sits herself on Bex's other side shortly after. "You people are so dense, aren't you?" she questions almost accusingly. "First of all," she begins, looking at Bex and Liz, "you two ought to keep your mouths shut. Cammie wouldn't appreciate you offering her feelings because you have major crushes on Dumb and Dumber over there." They blush, and so do Grant and Jonas, whom Macey turns to next. "And you two—honestly, just ask them out! Do you know how irritating it is to listen to them gush on and on about you? It's obvious you four like each other."

I chuckle, wondering if their faces could get any redder, until Macey directs her next glare towards me.

"And you, Zachary Goode," she begins sternly, "need to put Cammie out of her misery before she really does think you don't like her back."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What the hell?

"What?" I ask, sounding truly taken off guard, because I truly was.

"You and Cammie," she says, stabbing angrily at her salad. "It's been twelve days since she began avoiding you, which is really blowing it all out of proportion, and yet all you do is let her run around and—"

"Wait a minute, how is everything suddenly my fault?" I interrupt. "I haven't done anything. It's Cammie who's blowing everything out of proportion."

"Okay," she sighs, sounding like she was trying to teach something to a bunch of Kindergarteners, "let me spell this out clearly. For all of you." She glares at Grant, Jonas, Bex, and Liz. "Cammie kissed you because she's madly in love with you."

"I know that. But she's the one who began avoiding me. I didn't do anything."

"My point exactly!" she cries out in frustration. "Her avoiding you is because Cammie is Cammie and feels like she needs to worry about everything. Or have you all forgotten what our dear friend has gotten herself into before because she worries so much?" She looks around at our faces, which are still blank or otherwise perplexed.

I was a spy-in-training who understood clearly and spoke fluently in over a dozen different languages, yet Macey McHenry could've been speaking Martian to me.

What the hell was it with girls and thinking that they've gotten their point across when what they just said had absolutely nothing to do with the topic!?

She rolls her eyes, now extremely irritated. "You could've let her know you love her, too, instead of just letting her run around campus and hiding everywhere. We all know that Cammie hides when she's worried, and if she's obviously worried, then obviously you've got to go reassure her."

Was that all?

I felt like double-checking. "Is that all?" I ask her.

She nods, and looks like she wants to rip my throat out.

Well, God, I thought me kissing her back that morning had been pretty self-explanatory. But, I guess this was Cammie after all, and I'm guessing this was the part of her that was both a spy and a girl. As a girl, she was probably just nervous. But as a spy, she knew exactly what methods to use to get exactly what she wanted. But I couldn't help but smirk just a little.

This time around, I was "exactly what she wanted."

"My work here is done," Macey says. Then she turns to look me in the eye again. "This better be solved by tomorrow, or else your next P&E class may very well be your last."

Then she dismisses herself from the table.

Grant and Jonas, despite themselves, look just a little shaken up, while Bex and Liz are only freaked out for a couple of seconds, then gain their normal composure. I'm guessing they were quite used to Macey's moods after being her best friend and roommate for three years now.

"You know, she really will put you into a coma if you don't do anything," Bex says.

"Oh, I believe you."

"So what're you going to do?" Liz asks.

By now, Grant and Jonas are looking at me, too.

"Zach probably has a couple of plans already," Grant tells them, "right Z?"

"Just a couple of errant thoughts," I say dismissively, grinning.

"As usual," I hear Jonas mutter underneath his breath.

We laugh.

The next day, today, (making it exactly thirteen days since her little kissing scene in the Great Hall) is a Sunday and, like most schools, no classes take place on Sunday. It was roughly mid-morning when I find her. Like she had been for nearly the past 2 weeks, she had skipped out on breakfast in the Great Hall with Macey again, so I still hadn't seen her since C&A, which was yesterday. She was sitting on the edge of the fountain in the foyer with her ankles crossed and her nose in a book, (or, at least, it appeared as if she were reading.)

"Long time no see, Gallagher Girl," I say casually, and her eyes shoot up at me.

She wasn't startled, but now that she took a split second longer to look at my face and really see it was me, she made a motion to stand up. I step forward, blocking her way in another one of her sudden attempts to dart out of the room. "Zach," she says uncomfortably, knowing she couldn't escape.

"Yes, Gallagher Girl?"

"Could you please get out of my way?" she asks.

"I'd love to, but I don't think so," I say and she gives me a strange look even I couldn't quite decipher. (It was then when it dawned on me this was the first time she was looking directly at me in thirteen days.)

I sit down beside her, and she doesn't make another attempt to escape. Okay, that's already an improvement.

She's looking at me intently, in a way someone who's been seeing apparitions no one else can see is staring in one particular direction; as if I were just a figment on her imagination and I was going to disappear any minute now. Almost as if to prove I was real, I reach up and tuck a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. She doesn't flinch, but she closes her eyes and inhales a staggered breath.

I begin to draw my hand back when she catches it with hers, lingering it a few inches from her face.

"This is dumb, you know that?" she asks.

What the hell?

"What's dumb?"

"This," she says, taking my hand and pressing it against her cheek, which is heated with a slight blush. "This"—she makes some odd hand motions with her free hand and vaguely shakes her head—"whatever of ours…! I mean, isn't it stupid?" She shakes her head, muttering, "I'm supposed to be a spy."

"Supposed to be?"

She shrugs. "I mean, being smart and devising plans instead of just running? Isn't that what spies do?"

"Yes," I answer, "but the running part… that's what girls do, don't they?"

I run my fingers through her hair and she closes her eyes again. "…I don't know," she sighs, sounding conflicted. "I mean, technically I am a girl, but I've been a part of the spy world—or whatever kind of 'world' we belong to—since before I can remember. I've only known this kind of life. Never have I ever just taken the same path any girl would." She sighs again, shaking her head. "I fail. Completely. At being a girl!"

I shrug, fighting back a smile. "Nah, I think you're doing a good job."

She arches an eyebrow. "That's all I get?"

"Okay, you're doing a pretty good job."

She rolls her eyes.

"So," I say after a pause, drawing my hand back. "How would you like to do this, Gallagher Girl? You want to try the girl way, or the spy way?"

She's smiling widely now, positively glowing. "How about the 'spy-girl' way?"

And she leans in, her lips suddenly fierce on mine the same way they were thirteen days ago. I'm pretty sure that the heat between us was enough to put a billion-dollar fireworks display like the ones showcased in DisneyLand to shame. This is why we're so distracted to not notice people were around us until after we hear the click and see the bright flash of a camera snapping a picture, and suddenly part, finding ourselves surrounded by the entire senior class.

"That one's definitely going in the yearbook!" Tina Walters exclaims, proudly, but not necessarily surprisingly, holding a silver digital camera in her hands.

"It's about time!" Kim Lee adds, looking positively giddy.

I arch my eyebrow to where Grant and Jonas were standing beside Bex and Liz, their arms draped around said girls' waists. Man, were we the beginnings of a new trend? I turn to look at Cammie, who seems like she doesn't know whether or not to be annoyed, shocked, or a little smug.

She turns to look at me, grinning as she asks "Did you set this up?"

"Nope," I admit, "but I may have leaked something to Bex and Liz."

"Who may have leaked something to Macey who may have devised this little plan…" Bex was nearly squealing, clutching onto Grant's arm as he was beaming beside her. "But, you know," she giggles with a shrug, "you've no proof."

Cammie shakes her head. "That's interfering," she pointedly tells Macey.

"You're welcome," Macey shrugs, but she flashes Cammie a grin and me a face I didn't really understand, before spinning on her heels and walking away. But she stops suddenly, pulling something out of her bag and tossing it in our direction, which Cammie catches. It's just one of those girly magazines, yet I'm guessing it has some significant meaning because Bex, Liz, and Cammie begin to laugh.

"What?" I ask.

She looks down at the magazine, and back up at me, biting her lower lip to stifle her giggles. Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I can remember what Liz was saying yesterday during dinner. 'She read this article in a magazine a while ago and I guess… well I guess it's got her mind a little out of place.' And then it all clicks.

I snatch the magazine from her, and Cammie only has a second to react before she's otherwise distracted by a sudden urge on her lips. A chorus of "awws" of both sopranos and basses surround us, but I just place the magazine in my lap before my hands find her waist.

Someday, I'd have to thank Macey McHenry. And whoever wrote that article of this stupid magazine.

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