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Chapter One - Unusual Youths

This new world that Ed found himself trapped in was definitely a lot different than the world from which he was from. But this was something that he was just going to have to learn to deal with since he was trapped here.

At least for now.

The golden haired youth hadn't given up on returning to the world where he belonged but it had became obvious to him that it was going to take a lot more work than he had previously anticipated.

Which, of course, irritated the boy to no end. "I can't believe that I'm stuck here," he muttered angrily to himself as he made his way down the street in a small town.

He needed to find some work, since he had no money to live on, but that wasn't really high up on his list of priorities. What he really wanted to do was find a way to make alchemy work in this world so that he could summon that damnable Gate and go home.


The fact that alchemy didn't seem to exist in this world was turning into the very bain of his existence. He needed alchemy to return home so, of course, that was the one thing that he couldn't do.

"This is so stupid!" he screamed out to he heavens, gaining himself some very weird looks from the people who were walking along the sidewalk.

Having received strange looks for most of his life Ed didn't pay any attention. It didn't really matter much to him if the people in this town thought that he was insane. So long as they didn't try to commit him to an institution or anything, he was perfectly okay with that.

This thought was suddenly interrupted by the sound of something exploding. Tuned to the sound of destruction due to his days in the Amestris State Military, Ed's gaze automatically shifted in the direction the noise was coming from.

A bright flash of light could be seen over a grove of trees and, without thinking of exactly what he would do when he got there, Ed rushed toward the sight of the explosion. Perhaps it was instinct or maybe something else.

Maybe it was fate.

Within minutes Ed arrived on the scene and the sight that met his searching gaze was something that he had never seen. Two teenagers, one a white haired boy and the other a girl with pig-tails, were fighting against…

Ed couldn't even identify their opponents, having never seen creatures like this. They looked vaguely like machines and yet they could speak and seemed to have a consciousness of their own.

"Strange…" he muttered as he watched the two youths fight.

"Look," one of the Akuma snarled, shifting it's attention to the new arrival. A wicked smile spread across the creature's face. "That little boy looks easy to kill. I think I'll take him out and then return to the Exorcists."

Ed's eyes narrowed as he heard the creature's words and realized who the thing was talking to. "Who are you calling so little that you need a microscope to see?!"

Completely ignoring the boy's rant the Akuma flew toward him, claws out and eyes gleaming with the intent to kill.

"Look out!" Leaving the other two Akuma to Lenalee, Allen launched himself forward. He managed to push the strange boy aside before the Akuma could kill him and, turning back to the creature, he said, "Bring forth salvation to this tormented Akuma's soul."

And with these words Allen used his claws to slash through the Akuma. It exploded and Allen immediately went to rejoin Lenalee, who had managed to kill one of the remaining Akuma.

The two Exorcists glanced briefly at one another before simultaneously attacking the Akuma. Mere minutes later the sky was lit up by yet another explosion, smoke swirling around the two youths.

"What the hell were those things?" Ed asked, taking a couple of steps toward the teenagers.

"Those were Akuma," the boy with the white hair replied in a voice that was both polite and distant at the same time.

Ed's eyes widened as he took in this strange youth's appearance for the first time. There was a vicious scar that ran almost the entire length of the left side of his face. And there was also his left arm, which had been some kind of huge claw thing but had no reverted back to what appeared to be a normal arm.

Allen could tell that the blond haired boy was staring at his arm but he was used to this by now. Besides, when his Innocence was activated, it really did make his left arm look strange.

"It's called Innocence," Allen said, his gray eyed gaze focused on the boy. "And it's the only substance that can destroy Akuma. My name is Allen Walker and this is Lenalee Lee. We're Exorcists."

"Exorcists?" Ed repeated, the wheels in his mind traveling a mile a minute. This was definitely something that he needed to look into further. Then, as a sort of after thought, he said, "My name's Edward Elric."

"We're really glad to meet you," the girl named Lenalee said, offering Ed a smile.

"So are there many more of those things running around?" Ed asked, his gaze returning to the smoldering ashes that had once been Akuma.

Allen nodded, a grim expression on his face. "Akuma are born from the sadness and desperation of humans and their numbers are vast."

"And the only way to fight them is with… Innocence?"

Lenalee nodded. "And only a handful of people are compatible with Innocence."

Ed was growing more interested in this concept by the minute. It seemed that this Innocence stuff was really rare and incredibly powerful.

Perhaps it could be useful in his search for a way to get back to his home.

It was worth looking into at any rate.

"Well we should probably be going," Allen said, turning his attention to Lenalee. "We have an assignment to complete."

"Right," Lenalee said, nodding her head in Allen's direction.

Preparing to depart Allen turned his attention back to the boy named Edward. "Should you see any more Akuma, then get as far away from them as possible. If you get hit with the bullets they fire then you'll die. They contain a toxic poison that is always fatal."

"I'll keep that in mind," Ed said, already planning to follow the two Exorcists. He needed to do a little research on this substance called Innocence and what better way to do it than to follow two wielders of the strange power?

But he had the feeling that they wouldn't really welcome his company so he had to be careful not to let them find out that they were being followed.

But this wouldn't be the first time that Ed had ever followed someone who didn't want to be followed and their was no doubt in his mind that he could do it.

"I just have to be smart about this," Ed thought to himself as Allen and Lenalee bid him farewell and continued on their journey.

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