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Chapter Ten - First Mission

Ed gazed down at the uniform that he was now wearing, thinking that it looked decidedly weird on him. It was very similar in appearance to the one that Allen wore, the main difference being that the symbol of his teacher had been embroidered on the back in red, a stipulation that he had been most adamant about. That was the only request that he'd made of the Order and was non-negotiable.

"If you're ready Chief Komui has asked that you go to his office," the man who had been fitting him for the coat said in a calm tone.

"Right," Ed said, fastening the buttons of the coat and turning to leave the room. He wore a long sleeved white dress shirt under the coat, as well as a pair of gloves, since he didn't really want to explain his automail arm to anyone here. Because he was fairly certain that they weren't going to buy the only explanation that he had to offer. "Thanks," he tossed out over his shoulder as he left the room.

The fragment of unrefined Innocence, which he had been carrying around in his pant's pocket, was now held in an inside pocket of the coat. This particular pocket came complete with a zipper, so that there was no way that he could lose the Innocence. The blond haired teen had refused to relinquish it but was at a loss as to how it was that he had been able to use it.

But determined to find the answer.

After leaving the room that housed the tailor who worked for the Black Order, Ed made his way to Komui's office. He wasn't sure what the Chinese male wanted with him but decided that it wouldn't really hurt for him to go and find out. After all the man had been kind to him since his arrival in this strange place.

Arriving at the office Ed found that the door was partially open, papers visible strewn all over the floor. This was a direct contrast to the office of his former superior Colonel Mustang and the blond haired youth couldn't help but smirk slightly as he reached a hand out and knocked on the door.

"Come in~" a voice sang out from within, sounding entirely too cheerful.

Still curious about what the man could possibly want with him, since it had already been established that he wasn't like the others who called the Black Order home, Ed pushed the door open and stepped inside. Gazing around he noted that Allen was sitting on a sofa across from Komui's desk, a dark haired teen sitting on the other side.

And neither of them appeared happy.

"You sent for me?" Ed questioned, turning his gaze to Komui and away from the two irritated teens on the sofa.

"That's right Edward," Komui said, his voice cheery despite the dark cloud that seemed to hover over the office. There was a smile on his face as the man's gaze surveyed the room. "Allen and Kanda are going out on an assignment and I'd like for you to accompany them. We want to find out more about how it is that you're able to use the Innocence despite not being an accommodator and I think that this is the best way to go about that."

Ed wasn't sure how he felt about going on this mission, his feelings somewhat mixed. On the one hand he too wanted to learn as much as possible about how it was that he had been able to harness the power of the substance known as Innocence but on the other hand it didn't appear as though this would be a pleasant experience. At least not judging by the expressions on the faces of the two guys that he would be accompanying.

Neither of them looked happy.

"We've received reports of Innocence in the western region of France," Komui said, going about the briefing as though oblivious to the looks on the faces of Allen and Kanda. He was used to it after all; they were never happy about having to go out on missions together… but of course this never seemed to stop the Chief from sending them.

"So why the hell are you sending three of us on this mission Komui?" Kanda snarled, his voice heavily laced with irritation that he made absolutely no attempt to disguise. He didn't see the point in all three of them going; the bean sprout may be inept but even he should be able to handle such a simple assignment.

"Because," Komui said calmly, his gaze shifting to Kanda. "There have also been reports of large numbers of Akuma in the area, which leads us to believe that the Earl has a particular interest. As you know this could mean trouble, so my decision stands. The three of you will leave as soon as you're ready."

"Why me?" Allen groaned as Kanda continued to scowl.

"If we're going on a mission then we should get going," Ed said, shifting his golden eyes in the direction of his two partners. With a nod Allen got to his feet and moved to stand beside Ed while Kanda took a little more time. Continuing to glare at both of them disdainfully he got to his feet, grabbing the sword that he had propped up against the arm of the sofa.

"Let's just get this over with," Kanda growled, striding forward and out of the office.

"Is he always so happy?" Ed questioned as he and Allen moved to follow along behind the irritated samurai. Allen nodded his head slightly. "You get used to it after awhile," the white haired teen mumbled.

"I'm not getting used to a damned thing," Ed proclaimed, not even bothering to keep his voice low.

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