The Diary of Tom Robinson

5 days till the trial- Today was mighty tough, pick'n for Mr. Link Deas. His pecan trees r' way tall'r then them cotton plants down yonder. On m'way back to m'house I ran by Miss Ewell in 'ere field over yonder down by the homestead. She was mighty tired look'n and always work'n hard for Mr. Ewells. I'm sad to say this, but right 'bout now I was feels a little sorry for the young'n.

4 days till the trail- Today was normal, nothin' interesting in the field. On m'way back past the Ewell's estate, Miss Mayella called on me. What was a nigga' to do, 'specially when them white folk come a callin'. Miss Mayella asked for me to bust up some chiffarobe that she had in front'a her. She offered a nickel that I kindly declined, she didn't have no nickels to spare on a nigga' like me.

3 Days till the trail- Miss Mayella asked for my help yet again. It's becomin' a normal thing to help out the needy Miss Ewell, chopin' kindlin' and totin' water, she always needs some help. Back at m'house I have chores of m'own to do but I'll just have to do'm both.

2 days till the trail- Today gave me a scare; I'm goin' to jail for sure. After what happened today I'm gonna have to live my whole life there too. Miss Mayella asked me inside today, for a while I hesitated badly. After I decided on comin' in she asked me to fix her broken door; off the hinges it was. When I went to get 'er screwdriver she grabbed me 'round the legs. With no chillin' 'round she stated to kiss me. When her dad came 'round and started a yellin' at her I ran for the hills, no way to get outta this one...

1 day left till trial- Oh no, now I'm stuck. Court, court is a bad thing. Good thing I got Atticus to back me up. He'll do a mighty job at defendin' me, but it's a lost case. No way to get out now, here I come jail cell...

After trail- Here I'm stuck. The jails mighty cold an' almost close to hell. I'm plannin' on jumpin' the fence, not like I'm gonna make it by while I'm crippled as I am. T'sad that Atticus lost his case, but I guess he tried his hardest. But he knows I'm innocent, thats all that matters now. Like anyone would care other then my wife and the other nigga's.