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The Boat Ride

Kira leaned against the railing on the boat. For some reason they had changed the way of transportation to the school. She felt the spray of the ocean on her face and smiled. She was on her way to Duel Academy. She had wanted to go almost her whole life, and now her dream was about to come true. Though she did feel bad about it, she was technically not allowed to be there, her father had forbidden it. Kira hated lying to her father, but she didn't see how there was any other way for her to get here, She loved him with all her heart but he just never seemed to let her do things that others seemed to be able to do.

Kira looked up at the sound of approaching footsteps. She looked around in time to see Alexis walk over to her. She leaned against the railing beside Kira, turning her head she smiled at Kira.

"So do you think you will like it here?" Alexis asked her, Kira smiled and nodded.

"I do, I really do love to duel, I've been doing it my whole life." She told her. "I hope that it is as cool as people say it is." She leaned back against the railing again. Alexis smiled at her.

"Yeah it is, there are classes, on all sorts of different things, card theory, strategies, and even alchemy." Kira's smile got bigger.

"That is so cool. I can't wait to get there." Alexis nodded, purposely leaving out that a bunch of strange things also seem to happen there.

Alexis suddenly jumped and spun around water dripping off of her. Jaden, Syrus, and Atticus (who had joined them) all stood behind her. Atticus was closer to her and his back was turned, he had two water balloons in his hand. Syrus and Jaden stood facing her, Syrus also had two water balloons, but Jaden only had one. Syrus gulped, dropped the balloons and ran away. Jaden just blinked and looked at her, and Atticus turned around to see his very pissed sister looking at him. He gulped and waved at her.

"Hey sissy... What's up?" He slowly started to back away, never taking his eyes off of his advancing sister.

"Atticus... leave." She said and turned her eyes to Jaden who was starting to look more and more like a cow... at least to Kira he did, his eyes were big and brown and bulging, just like a cow. Atticus turned and fled to the other side of the boat while Jaden gave Alexis a smile.

"Hey Lex, nice day isn't it?" his smile faltered as her frown deepened. Kira stood watching this and couldn't help but laugh. Alexis just glared at him. "Aww come on Lexie, we were just playing a game. I didn't mean to hit you." Atticus stuck his head around the corner just as Alexis was about to explode at him.

"Run Jaden, run, before she gets you." Jaden to turned and ran. Alexis looked back at Kira quickly "See you after." She called and then ran after the boys. In the distance she could hear Alexis yell. "You are so dead Jaden Yuki." A second later there was a scream and a splash. She laughed at the thought of Alexis pushing him in the pool... she looked off to the side and saw a life preserver be thrown into the water and a brown head get pulled back to the boat. Kira burst out laughing as she watched him get pulled in.

She smiled as she watched the ocean again. Oddly enough she was looking out the back of the boat, so she wouldn't see the island like all the people at the front. In fact most people were at the front, which is exactly why she was not. Not that Kira minded crowds, heck she normally adored them; it was the fact that they would all be duelling each other, and talking best cards, and being fairly annoying. Kira loved her cards and she never liked to brag about them, she only showed her cards in a duel, not before.

Kira sighed again, she had been unable to see shore for a long time now, so she was mostly looking at nothing, not that the ocean wasn't beautiful, with the fish and birds and waves, but it did get boring. Suddenly she heard the loud speaker.

Attention passengers we shall be arriving at Duel Academy Island in approximately 5 minutes. Please be sure that you have all of your belonging ready to go.

Standing up straight Kira grabbed her suit case, duffle bag, and backpack. All three of these looked very similar just the colours where different. The suitcase was clue, it had yellow lining and zippers, there was a design in the shape of a flame that was red. The duffle bag was red with yellow flames and blue lining. And the back pack was yellow with blue flames and red lining. She also grabbed her purse, it was a jean purse that matched her jean jacket.

She took her belonging to the front of the boat where everyone was gathering to get off. She stood at the back, away from the crowed so that she didn't get squished. When they finally landed she waited until the others got off before she did. She stood on the dock for a second to get her first look at the school. She smiled; she was going to like it here.

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