Never Was

In ruin and creation's passage,
Cycling, as it always does,
Remained a world that was left behind:
The World that Never Was.

We were born in Twilight's view,
A place betwixt and between.
A crooked ascension led us here
To this city by a dark-lit sea.

In this hall of empty melodies,
The notes will break and fall apart.
Lost, alone, never finding;
We are souls without a heart.

We stand upon the brink of despair,
Not knowing what is real.
Climbing memory's skyscraper
To remember how to feel.

Deep within our castle
There are stones within the hall.
Grave markers sealed in memory
For members who did fall.

It's just proof of our existence;
We do not live, so cannot die.
We do not mourn the fallen,
Just watch time keep passing by.

We watch the sky, we see the moon,
We all hear Nothing's call.
Over havoc's divide we choose to walk
In the hope that we'll be whole.

And in the end, at the Altar of Naught,
We look to the kingdom and pray.
We will follow naught's skyway from here to the end,
And let nothing stand in our way.

It will be a fragmented crossing,
A journey in many parts.
But we hope, beyond this addled impasse,
We will finally find our hearts.

So it's ten o'clock at night and I get a random idea for a Kingdom Hearts story. I promptly tell my muse to shut up, I have to finish my Death Note story first. Muse won't leave me alone, so to appease it I will put up this, which was originally written a long time ago with the prompt "use as many room names from Never Was as possible". This poor poem's been rewritten two or three times, and I still couldn't get them all in. (sigh)

The fifth and sixth stanzas are my favorite. :D

Hope you enjoy!