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He finally made it back to the torture-of-a-room, and instantly ran towards the simple bathroom that was connected with it. Luckily, the bathroom was decently clean and white, in comparison to the pink fluff that lay outside.

After locking the door, he was pretty sure he could survive all night there. There was water in the sink, and he just ate dinner so he wasn't hungry. If he did have to come out, he could wait until the alcohol wore off or when Tohru was asleep.

'Yep, all's good.'

After a few minutes, he heard the door click open. He wasn't surprised when he heard her voice.

"Um, Kyo-kun? Are you in here?"

He kept quiet of his whereabouts. It was like he was a pretty doe, calmly eating pink flowers in a meadow, while his (cute, nice, innocent) hunter lay in the shadows to assault him.

Damn Shigure. Stupid spiked drink was starting to impair his thoughts!

More silence.

"Oh mom, what will I do! Kyo's ran away and now I can't find him…"

Kyo smiled, thinking about how she still talked to her mom out loud, even years after her death. Then, there was a crashing noise and a yelp from Tohru.

Instantly, Kyo sprang into action and ran out as quickly as possible.


She stood there, looking very dazed and confused. She keep shaking her head at the now broken vase of roses on the floor, and then up again at Kyo.

"Ah! Tohru, you're bleeding!" She looked at her knee, which had been cut by some glass.

Frantically, Kyo started searching all the drawers in the room and ordered Tohru to sit down and NOT help him pick up the shards (because, knowing her, she would cut herself again). Eventually he found what looked to be a first aid kit and opened it.

He found a note saying:

In case you two lovebirds want to play 'doctor'.

-Aya ~

After cringing in horror at the kinky doctor "equipment", he finally found what he was looking for: A band aid and antibiotic cream. He went over to Tohru and helped clean the small wound.

"There, all done," said Kyo. He involuntarily let out a sigh, and then tried to stand up. Unfortunately, his nose suddenly collided with a foreign object: the edge of Tohru's skirt.


"Ah, Kyo-kun! Is there anything wrong?!"

'Nothing's wrong,' thought Kyo, 'except that you are standing over there and I flew way to the other side of the room like an idiot! Pull yourself together, it's just Tohru, just Tohru, just…'

"Oh, you look like you have a fever, Kyo-kun! Your face is burning up!"

'…Just Tohru, just Tohru, just…"

"Hmm, but your temperature doesn't feel funny…"she trailed off, and removed her hand from his forehead.

'…JUST TOHRU, JUST TOH-' Kyo was practically screaming in his head now.

"Well, I'm going to go take a shower now, so…" she started to reach past him towards the bathroom door, completely ignoring how much this had an effect on him.

And that's when things started getting blurry.

He remembered that he was somewhere, someplace, and that Tohru was there. But he really had no sense of his surroundings; except for the fact that he had pushed her onto the bed and now he was kissing her like his life depended on it.

Perhaps somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that he had to stop, but the alcohol-induced side of his brain seemed to be controlling both his emotions and actions. He felt the lust that was burning inside of him, and he couldn't stop it.

He felt her skin on his, warm and soft. His mind was a blank buzz. He dipped down toward her neck, and chastely biting a piece of skin. He was sure that he heard her breath hitch there, but he couldn't tell as he continued the assault on her neck.

Everything that was there was Tohru, and he had no intention to stop, his mind filled with Tohru, Tohru, Tohru. His feelings spilled out as he pressed his hips towards hers, without any awkwardness at all. He felt like he was loosing control, and he didn't care.

Suddenly, the lights turned off. He didn't even realize it for a minute, and when he finally broke out of his daze, he was stunned.

'What were we…what was I…'

He then realized that they were making out. As in the stuff he saw in the sappy movies they always watched together. He was stunned, a bit frightened. But most of all he just felt embarrassed.

"Uh, I think the house had a blackout. Um, so yeah…" He felt like an idiot. Just a couple of moments ago, he was kissing her like…an animal. Something he thought he would never become again.

He suddenly felt his face heat up because of the thought of what they were doing and what they might have been about to do, and he turned away from her, even though he knew in this light she wouldn't have been able to see his face.

They almost did it.

He almost gave in.

He almost took away her innocence.

How could he face her again?

'Escape, escape, escape…' Kyo spotted the sliding doors at the end of the room. He quickly unlatched the lock and ran outside.

"Ah, Kyo-kun! Wait for a minute! Kyo!"

"Don't…follow me…"

"But, um, ah, Kyo, we can, um, talk about, um, that…thing," her voice got quiet.

"That's stupid. I'm sorry. My feelings got a little hectic." He turned away from her and started to run into the forest.

"Kyo-kun? KYO-KUN!"

He kept on running faster and faster, as if he had wings and could run away into the sky, where he might make it out of this nightmare.

His head screamed one thing, and one thing only.

'Everything…is over now.'

He didn't even hear any footsteps on the roofing tiles, so he nearly jumped when suddenly someone said his name.



He quickly whipped his head around to look at one of the two people he trusted completely in this world.


"Kyo, are you okay?" Shishou sat down beside him. The night air provided a slight breeze, and the stars were brighter than the moon itself.


"I think we both know you're not."

"I said I'm fine"


"Look, will you just stop it, okay! I almost had sex with Tohru, and you are just sitting there, asking if I'M okay! Go to her! She's probably mentally scarred forever!"

Everything was silent for a moment, and the wind howled.

"Kyo, I think you're too hard on yourself. Everything will be fine. Have you thought about Tohru-san's feelings?"

"Of course I have. Did you not hear, 'mentally scarred'?"

"But she might've not hated it. In fact, she might've been okay with it."


"You didn't even consider that, did you?" Shishou sighed.

"Look, there comes a time in a relationship where you need to talk about what you want and expect from one another, and not just assume stuff. There's an American saying about assuming, you know."


"To 'assume' is to make and 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'," Shishou laughed.

"Shishou! You shouldn't…say…"Kyo's voice was breaking from laughter, "bad…words…like…that!"

"Well, I'm sure everything will be fine if you don't assume things, Kyo."

The air was serious for a moment, and then the two burst out in laughter.

And the moon shone, far above the two.


He didn't even have to turn his head to know who his second visitor was that night on the roof, but he did anyway.

"Yeah, Tohru?"

She sat down next to him, and for a moment they just looked at the stars.

"It's okay, you know. The thing…back there," Tohru's eyes shifted towards him.

He decided to say nothing. More silence.

Tohru sighed. "My mom said, long ago, that I would one day find my true love. You know, like a prince."

Even Kyo had to chuckle at that.

Tohru's eyebrows furrowed. "And she also said, that if you were sure that you loved this person and that they loved you back, then it was okay to move on to the physical aspects of the relationship." She absentmindedly put her hand to the mark on her neck.

Kyo looked at her, stunned.

"Or, something, like that…"

Kyo cleared his throat and looked up again. "I love you, Tohru, you know."

"Yes, I do."

"But I don't want to hurt you. Like that."

Tohru mumbled something underneath her breath.

"What was that?"



"To hurt me. I'll still love you, too."

Nothing more was said. They just leaned toward each other, meeting up halfway. Words were not needed.

He woke up, slowly at first, but then wide awake as soon as the memories flooded back. The first thing he did was check that she was still there, safe and with no immediate injuries. She looked beautiful, with the sunlight catching her hair in just the right way, making it seem to glow. He sat up. He was surely the luckiest guy in the universe.

After grabbing a pair of pants he decided to start on breakfast. The smells seemed to stir Tohru a bit, and by the time he got back to the bed, she was already opening her eyes.

"Good morning."

"Morning. Here, I got some breakfast."

At that moment, her stomach growled.

" Uh, thank you…" she said, while blushing.

He felt his cheeks heat up too. Last night was maybe ranking on the top nights of his life, but it was still a little awkward now.

Okay. Very awkward. He wasn't sure what he should be saying at a time like this.

Luckily, he didn't have to choose, because at that moment, she took his face in her hands and kissed him.

It was light at first, but then it got deeper and more demanding. Breakfast was soon forgotten.

Out of nowhere, the suite door banged open, and in came a large group of the family.

"Hello! How is everyone on this wonderful, lovely, morning…"Ayame's loud voice quieted down as everyone stared at the couple, who both looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

No one said anything.

Haru broke the ice.

"Hey, it seems like they had…fun last night."

"All right Aya, the plan worked!" Shigure gave Ayame a high five.

"You, you!" Kyo seemed like he was trying to say something to Shigure, but was still stunned. "Uh, we didn't do anything!"

"Explain why you are half-naked and Tohru doesn't seem to be wearing much under those sheets," piped up Hiro.


"Thought so."

"Well," started Ayame, "It seems like the innocent couple in the Sohma family has given in to their swirling romantic passions and finally committed the ultimate act of love. Nothing to be ashamed about, kiddies. Happens all the time, due to…"

Yuki looked like he was about to faint. He didn't say a single word, and seemed to be fixed upon staring at some point in the room. Which point, no one could tell.

"Huh. It seems like they finally had sex."

"Haru! Don't say such a rash thing!" Momiji pouted, while managing to give Kyo an evil look that didn't seem like it could come from the ex-rabbit.

Suddenly, Kyo snapped out of his senses.

"That's it, all of you, OUT!"

Kyo pushed them all out and closed the door.

He sighed.

"Sorry, my family is crazy."

Tohru, who was blushing silently, suddenly laughed. "I think I'm quite aware of that. But I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Yeah me either."

"I mean, they are sort of what brought all of…"

"Sorry, I couldn't hear the last part."

With her hair covering her face, she squeaked out, "…last night…"

"Hm, I guess you're right. But they can't control one thing," Kyo said, while sitting down beside her on the bed.

"What's that?"

"How much I love you."

And with that, they were kissing once more.

The End

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