KOTOR: The Fate of Revan

Chapter 1: Their Love is Revealed

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The stars illuminated the nighttime sky of the Rakata homeworld of Lehon. Everyone was celebrating around a huge fire near the temple. They had every right to celebrate. Malak was dead, Revan was a hero again, and the Star Forge was destroyed. At the space battle, most of the Sith armada had been defeated thanks to Bastila's battle meditation near the end. The flames danced around the cloaks of various Dark Jedi who died at the temple. Zaalbar was gobbling down a huge pile of meat, while Mission stared at him.

"Big Z, isn't there ever a time when you don't stuff yourself?" Mission asked.

"I haven't eaten in hours, Mission!" Zaalbar roared in his native tongue. She shook her head in disappointment

Canderous and Carth stood near the fire, both of them holding blaster rifles.

"I'm telling you, Carth, I was the best sharpshooter in Clan Ordo" Canderous bragged.

"Oh, so they were all that bad?" Carth asked him.

"Well, aren't you cocky? How bout a little competition?" Canderous inquired. He pointed towards a skinny tree far away from them.

"Whoever hits that tree first wins" Canderous said.

"Alright, but let's make it more interesting. Each of us puts down 500 credits" Carth proposed.

"Deal, but I'm going first" Canderous replied. He stared through his blaster rifle's scope. He pressed the trigger, and watched the shot pass the tree and HK-47, who was standing next to it.

"Query: Are those meatbags attempting to assassinate me?" HK-47 said.

"Nice try, Mandalorian, if you were trying to miss it" Carth mocked. Carth aimed his blaster rifle at the tree. The laser erupted from the gun, strayed off course, and hit HK-47.

"Threat: Prepare to meet your painful demise, meatbag!" HK-47 declared. The droid took out blaster pistols and shot lasers past Carth's head.

"That's not good! Help!" Carth said as he ran away from the droid. He hid behind a barrier, as the droid shot rapidly at him.

"Hahaha, the best the Republic has to offer! If you're so great, Carth, why don't you defend yourself?" Canderous asked.

"Do you know how angry Revan would get if I fried his droid?" Carth said.

"Good point. Well good luck" the Mandalorian said as he strolled off.

"Wait! Where are you going? Canderous? Canderous?!" Carth yelled. HK was getting closer, so Carth shot him in the head with an ion blaster, shutting him down.

Revan and Bastilla lay on a hill under the starry sky. Fireworks began to illuminate the space above them.

"They're beautiful" Bastila said. Revan looked at her.

"Just like you" Revan said. She blushed, but composed herself and stood back up. Revan stared in confusion.

"Bastila, what's wrong?" Revan asked.

"What do you mean?" Bastila replied.

"On the Star Forge, when you came back to the light, you said you weren't afraid to be with me. But now you seem uncertain" Revan said.

"I'm sorry Revan. I truly love you, just as you love me, but I am afraid. The Jedi Masters are here. I'm just not sure what they'll think" Bastila explained.

"Well, I guess we'll have to explain it to them. Plus, Jolee could back us up and say how love saves you" Revan responded. Bastila looked at him unsurely.

"But Jolee isn't on the best of terms with the Council" Bastila said.

"Then Juhani

"Are you sure?" Bastila asked. He walked over to her and held her.

"Completely" Revan affirmed. The two began to kiss, as red fireworks lit the sky above them. Suddenly, HK-47 fell to the ground next to them. The two broke apart with shock, and Revan saw Carth staring at them.

"Uh, I guess you're wondering what happened to your droid. But I think I'm more confused than either of you are" Carth said. The two exchanged awkward glances.

"We'll talk about it on the ship. Bring all the people we traveled with" Revan ordered.

Revan, Bastila, Carth, Mission, Zaalbar, Canderous, Juhani, and Jolee stood around the center of the Ebon Hawk's interior.

"So, you two have been in love this whole time?" Carth asked.

"Pretty much. She just wouldn't admit it" Revan said.

"How do you all feel about this?" Bastila asked.

"I think it's wonderful that you two are together!" Mission said excitedly. Zaalbar roared in agreement.

"I've known you both for a while, but I never saw this coming" Carth said.

"Eh, I saw it the whole time. It was pretty obvious" Jolee stated.

"What? How was it obvious?" Bastila asked.

"Well, you two were always looking at each other. I always thought there was something there" Mission said. Revan and Bastila were astonished. They didn't realize that anyone else suspected anything.

"Oh come on! HK, was it really that obvious?" Revan asked.

"Answer: Yes, Master. There were multiple occasions on which you were *observing* her and vice versa" HK answered. The others giggled at this.

"Answer: Also, you two seemed to imply a romantic involvement in your dialogue"

"Oh really? Give me an example!" Revan demanded.

"Reply: Very well, Master" HK adjusted his voice pitch to mimic Bastila's.

"Mockery: I don't have to listen to this. As a Jedi, I can't let my feelings for you get in the way."

"Mockery: We have to be focused on stopping Malak. We can't let our mutual attraction get in the way." HK made his pitch normal again.

"Statement: For such a smart Jedi, your mate truly had a poor choice of words, Master"

"I am NOT his mate!" Bastila said angrily.

"Yet" Revan said with a smile. At this, everyone cracked up, while Bastila punched Revan in the shoulder.

"Canderous, what do you think?" Revan asked. The warrior shrugged.

"I guess it's fine. I mean, she's not ugly or anything" Canderous said. Bastila glared at him.

"Thank you Canderous. You really know how to compliment a girl" Bastila sarcastically said.

"Maybe his charm works on Mandalorian women" Carth teased.

"How are you guys going to tell the Council about this?" Jolee asked.

"Well, we were hoping you could go with us for support" Revan said.

"No, that won't do any good. The Jedi Council look at me as a crazy old hermit. They're not gonna listen to me" Jolee said. Revan nodded.

"I guess you're right. I'll think of something though" Revan said.

"When are they going to debrief you about what transpired on your journey?" Jolee asked.

"They're going to ask us about it on Coruscant. They want us to immediately depart for it" Bastila said.

"We convinced them to let us drop you guys off first, however" Revan said. Suddenly, Mission's smile faded.

"Oh yeah, the adventure's over" Mission said sadly. The others were sad as well.

"Don't worry guys, we'll always be friends" Revan said with encouragement.

"He's right. Besides, we have to go our separate ways" Canderous said.

"When do we leave?" Juhani asked.

"Tonight, actually. But first, I need to know where you guys are going" Revan said.

"Me and big Z are gonna live on Kashyyyk. He wants to be with his father again, and I can live anywhere" Mission said.

"Mission, I don't know if I can. I've sworn a life debt to Revan" Zaalbar roared in his own language.

"Zaalbar, if you want to return to your people, you have every right to" Revan said.

"Are you sure?" Zaalbar asked.

"Completely. The adventure's over, anyway, and you belong there."

"Thank you, Revan. You are truly the kindest man I've met." Revan looked at the rest of the crew.

"What about the rest of you?" Revan asked.

"I'd like to return to Dantooine" Juhani said.

"Me too. I may not be on the Council, but I do want to train apprentices again" Jolee said.

"I have a few contacts on Tatooine. Take me there" Canderous said.

"We'll go there first, then Kashyyyk, then Dantooine, and finally Coruscant" Revan stated.

"Okay guys, it's getting late. Go to bed if you want some rest" Carth said. Everyone other than Revan, Carth and Bastila left for bed.

"Set a course for Tatooine, Carth" Bastila said.

"I'm on it" Carth replied. He pressed the appropriate buttons, and the ship flew off the surface of Lehon. Once it left the planet, it vanished into hyperspace.

Bastila was meditating in one of the bedrooms. She felt a powerful presence approaching, and looked up to see Revan. He stood at the doorway smiling at her.

"How's your meditation?" Revan asked casually.

"It's going well" Bastila responded. He walked over and crawled into the bed behind her.

"What are you doing?" Bastila inquired.

"Well, this is your bed isn't it?" Revan asked.

"Yes, but why are you…" Suddenly, Bastila realized what he wanted.

"No, we are not sharing beds yet" Bastila stated. Revan's jaw dropped.

"WHAT?! I just defeated Malak, saved the entire galaxy, turned you back to the light side, and you won't share a bed with me?!" Revan yelled.

"Quiet! We don't want anyone else to hear this" Bastila said.

"Why can't we Bastila? All I'm gonna do is go to sleep" Revan said.

"Revan, we can't do this in here. Mission and Juhani share this room with me" Bastila said. Revan scratched his head.

"So we should do it in the cargo hold?" Revan asked. Bastila blushed and narrowed her eyes.

"No, we're not doing it at all!" Bastila said angrily.

"I didn't mean that it!" Revan explained. Bastila sighed.

"As long as the others are on this ship, we're going to stay in separate beds" Bastila ordered.

"Fine, have it your way" Revan said in defeat. He walked out of the room, leaving her alone.

Canderous sat next to the swoop bike in the back of the ship. He glanced at the mechanical droid standing near him.

"HK, you've killed a lot of people, right?"

"Answer: Yes, meatbag, I certainly have" HK-47 answered.

"So why do you do it? What are your reasons?" Canderous asked.

"Answer: Well, during his reign as Dark Lord Revan programmed me to carry out assassination missions. So that's the primary reason I do them. However, I do get satisfaction when I kill my prey."

"Really? Do tell" Canderous said in an intrigued voice.

"Statement: As you're aware, I am disgusted by how you meatbags are designed with so much water. So, whenever I have successfully eliminated an assassination target, I don't stop there. I use a sharp blade from a vibroblade or something and gut the humanoid until all its fluids have been released."

Canderous stared at the droid in disgust.

"That's horrible! I thought Mandalorians were brutal" Canderous said with a shocked expression.

"Statement: Actually, sometimes I'm not fortunate enough to have a sharp object like a sword with me. In that situation, I use my metallic fingers to rip open the person's-"

Before HK could continue, Canderous ran off into the medical bay. Jolee watched him puke into a garbage can.

"I told you those rancors would give you food poisoning, but nobody listens to old Jolee" Jolee said.