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And no this isn't based off of The Little Mermaid. Or the song by Megurine Luka...

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And so here we go.

It's amazing how soothing the gentle pressure of moving waves feels under the ocean. Amazing how in the right sort of sunlight the bits of salt in the water twinkle like individual stars meant for those who can't surface. Amazing how each peice of coral could be a different colour, different size, and house a variety of different creatures, all as beautiful and colourful as the last.

I could watch, and listen, and feel these many wonders forever.

"Mama! What's this one?" I asked, pointing to an odd shaped creature stuck to a rock. Mama looked at me and smiled, her short, brown hair gently moving about her face with the wind moving the waves. She gently picked up the creature, having a bit of difficulty getting it to come off, and held it out to me for a better view. My older sister, Luka, and our friend Miku gathered around Mama as well. Miku was sort of like my sister as well, though not by blood. Her parents were killed long ago and we took her in.

"It's a starfish." She said, "You see? It's shaped like a twinkling star that we see every night."

All three of us 'ooh'd' and 'aaah'd' at the small starfish. I even dared to pet it, tracing my fingers gently over each pointed arm. Big sister was too afraid to touch it, and Miku giggled as she took it into her hands and threatened Big Sister with it. I took the starfish away from her however, feeling sorry for it being thrusted around so violently, and gently set it back on the rock.

"Luka doesn't like starfish, does she?" Miku teased, pulling at Sister's cheek.

"I'm not afraid of them if that's what you mean." She replied, swatting her hand away and rubbing the sore spot on her cheek. "It's just that I prefer tuna."

"Tuna's aren't pretty though!" I laughed. Sister blushed.

"Yes they are!"

"Clown fish are much more cute." I argued. "Right, Mama?" I asked her. She laughed, covering her mouth with her hand. But before she could answer our quartet was suddenly forced to break apart. We scattered in separate areas as a large silver instrument came slicing between us. A hooked sword, buried deeply in the sand by the force of it's impact. We all looked up to the surface.

Overhead loomed the shadow we only knew as death. Miku and my family knew as death. Being as young as I was then I had no understanding of what the object meant.

A boat is what it was. A boat full of humans. But I had no idea of what it was. The humans were fishing. They just happened to catch sight of our tails.

"Girls, it's best we go." Mama was saying, but I wasn't listening. I was looking up at the humans who were looking down. They could probably see me, the way they were squinting into the waves. They instantly fascinated me.

"C'mon, Rin! Mother says it's time to move." Sister was calling me. But instead I eased a little closer to the surface. They could see me now I was positive. The way their eyes widened and they suddenly became frantic. I could hear them talking above but I couldn't understand their language. It was so..dull compared to the one we spoke.


Again I ignored them and continued to study them. The boat was rocking now as they dashed back and forth. What were they doing? Why did they look so excited to see me? They didn't know me.

"Mama, they look...happy to see us." I muttered.

"Rin! Get away from there!" Mama grab my hand and began to pull me with her. I was still watching the humans, eying the metal sword one of them had positioned over the side of the boat. What were they going to do with that?

"Mama...what is that?" I asked, lifting my finger to point upward. When Mama saw what I was pointing at her eyes widened. She gasped as the human threw it into the water. Headed straight for me! It was going to hit me!

That is until Mama tugged me just out of it's reach. She hugged me against her chest as the weapon shot to the sea floor. I could feel the water moving behind me from where it was shot. Mama pulled me along with her, swimming as fast as I'd ever seen her. Sister and Miku followed behind us. I didn't understand anything. I was too young to understand. Why were the humans so...excited by us?

Mama didn't stop swimming until we reached our home, which was a small cave a little ways from the coral reef we played in. Papa was there. He took one look at Mama's face and suddenly he had the same expression.

"What? What's wrong?"

He dashed to Mama, and took her face into his hands. I managed to get Mama to release me, before moving over to my big sister.

"Fishermen." Mama replied. "Out by the reef. They had those...those...harpoon things."

"Meiko, you're bleeding." Papa said, gesturing to the cut on her shoulder. She looked at it and shrugged.

"Nothing a wrap of seaweed won't fix." She said. "Honestly, Kaito, you worry to much." Papa smiled.

"At least the girls are ok." He muttered.

"Why wouldn't we be?" I asked. Papa let go of Mama and looked at me.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"That's her first time seeing the humans. She doesn't know any better." Mama said gently. Papa blinked several times before motioning for me. I obeyed, coming closer. He looked at Sister and Miku as well.

"You all need to hear this." He said, gathering us around him.

"Humans are evil," he said with the most serious of expressions, "they're greedy creatures with no hearts. They even fight amongst each other, killing over bits of land, or currency. They kill even for the sport of things. Not many of them know of our existence, but those who do or those who see us will no doubt want to kill or capture us."

"But why, Father?" Sister asked. I was curious as well.

"Because, we are strange to them. We are weird to them, as they are weird to us. Because we have what they do not."

"You mean a tail?" I asked, emphasizing by swishing my yellow tail through the water. Papa smiled and patted my head.

"Yes, Rin. If they caught us, they would do horrible things to us. And our kind is dying out as it is....Which is why I warn you, girls, never trust a human. Even the kindest looking ones can turn their backs on you."

I believed my father. I held on to those words like they were the most precious thing in the world. I stayed away from the boats, the nets, the humans on the shore. I could never let them see me less I suffer the tortures Papa described to me. That is...Until my 17th birthday.