Funny how short a whole month seems. Everyday is like a blur when I'm here. With my friends. I guess that saying of 'Time flies when you're having fun' is true. I've had nothing but fun since the day I set foot (tail...whatever) up here. Everyday a blur of laughs and brightness. Even when the storms came and went it was always like a sunny day.

It's already been a whole month. A month! Who ever knew I'd last this long! I'd come up here a complete foreigner and now it was didn't matter. Things had become accustomed to me as I have to them. Even language wasn't as much of a barrier anymore. Of course I still sounded like a child in the ways of speech, but I could hold a decent conversation if I wanted to...I have to admit the grammar is a little tricky though.

"Oi! Rin! You coming or what?"

"Yes! Coming!" I called back over my shoulder, but I refaced the mirror once more. My hair was brushed, teeth brushed, hair clips in, bow tied. My outfit was ironed, and my necklace was safely tucked under the collar of my white button-up. Alright. Perfect...or at least as perfect as it was gonna get. I scurried back into the bedroom and grabbed the messenger bag hanging from the edge of the computer desk's chair.

"Rin, I swear if you don't hurry up-"

"Coming, Len. Geez." I said this sharply as I exited the bedroom, slinging my bag over my shoulder. It was heavy from everything that we had stuffed into it the previous night. It would have been easier if Neru-onee and Mikuo were still here. They'd gone home the previous week, leaving Len and I to have the house to ourselves. It was weird. It was a lot quieter after they'd left, and I didn't much care for it. I missed hearing the yelling, the laughing, the yelling again...

But Len and I managed to keep ourselves entertained. Mostly by him trying to teach me Japanese in time for today.

"Finally. I was beginning to think you'd died in there..." He said casually. I pouted a bit and crossed my arms.

"Sorry I keep you waiting."



"The correct tense of that sentencewould be that you kept me waiting."

"...Oh." See what I mean? Len only laughed at me, and I flushed. I hated when he laughed at me because I did something stupid...Stupid Rin. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

"We go now?" I asked, bouncing on my toes a bit. Len sighed and rested his face against the counter.

"I'd rather not..." He said; it was muffled because of the way he was positioned, but I could still hear him. I huffed in annoyance. Wasn't he the one rushing me a second ago? Geez, Len, make up your mind.

"Hurry up." I mocked his earlier tone, and his head shot up to stare straight at me. I smirked at him and motioned for him to stand. With a groan he did so, his car keys jingling in his left hand.

"Alright. Alright." He grumbled, coming from around the counter. He looked nice in his uniform, but how could he wear that winter jacket like that? It had to be scorchingly hot outside...Hm...maybe it was me?

"Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up." I chanted as I skipped out the front door. The morning air was thick with moisture from the ocean, and warm. It would turn way hotter later in the day. The sky was full of puffy white clouds that revealed only one or two spots of dull blue. A light breeze hit my face.

"I can't believe you're this excited..." Len mumbled as he exited the house. I loved how fast I was learning this language. I could almost understand that whole sentence!

"What is excited?" I asked. Len didn't answer me right away. Instead he locked the front door of the house, lazily stomped down the stairs off the porch, and then unlocked his car with the press of a button from it's key-ring. I giddily raced around to the other side that didn't have the big wheel, and plopped into the seat. Len, of course, took his time.

"Excited," he said as he started the car, "is a word that means you're...looking forward to something. You're really happy about getting to do something."

"Oooh." If that was the case, then yes. I was excited. Because today...was my first day of school.


I pulled up into the senior parking lot and parked in the correct space. I was just glad my car wasn't the only flashy looking thing in the lot...Rin practically bounced in her seat as the engine to the car stopped, and her eyes instantly glued to the two story building that was labled as my personal hell. As she reached for the door handle, I stopped her and she looked back at me quizically.

"Listen, Rin," I said sternly; she relaxed in my grip on her wrist to hear me out, "I know we spent the whole summer going over your language skills, but don't get't...don't get too excited about it. You still only know the basics and you're still having trouble with reading."

"What should do?" She flushed as she corrected herself.

"Well...You and I have different classes... But all the teachers know about that fake story that Neru made up to cover your ass..." She smirked at me.

"Listen, just...don't do anything stupid."

"Rin is not stupid!"

"I didn't call you stupid! I said don't act stupid!" Ugh! How I wish sometimes that she could have stayed that cute girl that didn't know a couch from a TV! She's getting too smart for me.

She pouted, her cheeks puffing up in a childish manner. I took a deep breath and got out of the car. She followed my actions and I locked it as she swung the door shut. There were a few other people who were in the lot, all happily chatting with friends they hadn't seen all summer. No use eavesdropping on their conversations seeing as there couldn't be anything interesting in them.

From the corner of my eye I saw a blur of white and yellow try and dart past me.

"Woaaah, slow your horses there." I said, grabbing Rin's hand in my own. It stopped her short, jerking her like a dog on a short chain. She looked back at me, brushing some of her hair out of her face. I smiled like the jerk I am, and pulled her back beside me.

"See? You already tried to do something stupid." I told her as we walked toward the school. Even though I could tell she was angry with me, she still gripped my hand in hers. Her steps were far more energetic than mine and her free hand clung to the handle of her bag while mine remained in the pocket of my jacket.



"What is classes? What's schedual and what's semester?" Oh boy. Here we go.

"Classes," I replied "are boring as hell. The scheduals here are ridiculous, and the semester is way too long." She eyed me with a highly confused expression and I sighed.

"The classes are where each lesson is held. Scheduals list what classes you have. A semester is how long you must remain in that class." As I explained, her confusion turned into understanding. Really...I could only use the basics with her. She was like a two year old. But damnit...she was my two year old.

It was weird how she'd ended up living with me and not with Neru seeing as she was supposed to be her cousin. Not mine. Oh well. Just proves how oblivious people are.

As we entered the school, Rin's eyes darted everywhere, eating up everything in minute detail. Me? I'd seen it before. Woohooo. Big deal. A few people were watching us as we passed through the commons and into the cafeteria. Most of them were girls. I knew trouble was coming there. It was no secret that I was considered the school's heart-throb...I don't give a shit. I guess that also makes me the bad boy around here. Now that title...heheh...that one's a better title to have around. I mean...who wants to be fawned over by fake bitches with no real personality all the time? Not I.

I mean..I don't like her like that or anything, but Neru is cool. Mostly because she's one of the most amusing people I've ever listened to. The first on that list had to be Rin though. But that goes without saying I suppose. I mean that girl is a little freak of nature, but damnit no one can look at her without wanting to get on her good side. She should use her powers of cuteness for good and not evil...

As we wandered into the cafeteria I was hit by the strong smell of syrup. Must be serving pancakes or something for breakfast. I scanned the tables until I found the one Neru, Mikuo and I had sat at all last year. They were already there, bickering as always. They didn't even notice when Rin and I sat down.

"How can you possibly think that she's hot?"

"Um...hello. Have you seen her chest? I mean holy crap!"

"Ugh, you're such a dissapointment to the human race."

"That's not what your sister said last night."

"Don't you dare talk about Naru that way!" That remark followed by a quick slap to the face. It looked like it stung, but it managed to get that teal haired idiot to look in our direction.

"Dude! When'd you guys get here!" He held his hand to his quickly reddening face. Rin and I shared a look before I shook my head.

"You're like freakin' NINJAS!" He exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. Neru, of course, smacked him in the back of the head.

"You're so loud! No one wants to get a headache this morning...quiet those girls are like zombies...if you're too loud you'll draw their attention." She wrinkled her nose as she mentioned these zombies, and I wanted to do the same.

In highschool there's always that one group of people that everyone hates, but pretends to like because they're...what is it?...Popular? Yeah. Or hot. Or rich, or something. I don't know it all depends. But our school isn't any different.

"Bring it on, I'm ready to take on The Drills." Mikuo held his fists up, and punched the air. I couldn't help but crack a smile at the stupid nickname we'd dubbed the leader of the zombies.

A girl named Teto Kasane was the leader of the pack. I won't lie, she was pretty attractive but boy was she a bitch. Five feet of pure evil was in that chick. The first time I ever met her was in ninth grade in math class...

I was just sitting there...minding my own business, probably doodling in my notebook, and then all of a sudden SWOOSH. Everything knocked off my desk and replaced with Kasane's ass. She propped herself up on her hands, and stuck her chest out (like it would help when she only wears an A cup at best) and crossed her legs. Now, I'm not stupid...but I am a if I was more like Mikuo, I probably would have been speechless then and there. But she struck up one short conversation on how I was to become...basically her new boy toy.

That shit don't go with me.

She wasn't too happy when I told her to move her pretty little self off my desk and leave me alone.

So now she's taking out her frustration on us. Anyone associated with me? She bullies. Hell, she even takes shot at me sometimes...Girls are scary.

"What are your schedules like?" I asked, placing mine on the table. The paper was a neon yellow colour and hurt my eyes if I looked at it too long. Neru and Mikuo withdrew their identical sheets and we all just kind of passed them around. I had gym class with Mikuo, but it looked like Neru and I would only hang out during lunch. And Rin was in some of the really simple classes usually reserved for mentally handicapped students. It would have to work for now since she really couldn't do anything our level.

My first class today was english with Hiyama, then gym with Megpoid, chemistry with Dad (Oh joy a class I look forward to), and then choir with Prima. I thank God that I don't have to take a math class this year. Especially now that I'll have to help Rin with her homework too. Now that I think about did we manage to sign Rin up at all? We didn't have any transcripts or I.D or anything for her... Maybe they realized she was a danger to herself without someone keeping an eye on her... I don't know I'm just glad this school fails at life.

"Damn. I was hoping we'd have a class this year." Neru muttered, passing my schedual back to me. I folded it in half and stuffed it into my backpack.

"Ah well. We'll still hang out at lunch." I gave her a shrug.

"Well, good moooorning Len-kun." A high pitched voice suddenly broke though our circle and I felt arms wrap around me from behind.

"Get off of me, Kasane..." I muttered in a dark tone. Kasane only giggled and placed her head on my shoulder. All I saw was a bunch of pink from those drills of hers.

"Don't be shy, Len-kun. It's ok to admitt you missed me." She copied my dark tone, making it obvious she was messing with me. She knew good and well I hadn't given her a thought all summer.

Rin, who had been looking around the large room, snapped her eyes to me and Kasane. By her expression she didn't look like she liked seeing Kasane's arms around me.

"I said get off." I had a warning tone to my voice now. Neru and Mikuo only glared at her and Rin looked as if she was about to tackle her. I swatted her hands off of me and turned around to push her back. I didn't like being mean to girls but, I'll make an exception for this one. Kasane only smiled as she took her steps backwards towards her group of friends. Leon, Miki, and some new freshman girl with black hair smiled evily at our table, getting a kick out of watching Teto troll me.

"Just go away Drills, we don't want you here." Mikuo said, smirking through his use of her nickname. She frowned then. She'd never liked our little pet name for her. It was her fault really...twirling her hair like that until they looked like twin drills..weird hairstyle if you ask me but then again I hang out with a girl who wears a ponytail on the side instead of the back. What is this? The 80s?

"I just thought I'd tell you goodmorning. You don't have to be so rude about it. Who's your new friend?" Kasane ducked down to land eye-to-eye with Rin. While the Drill's look was more of a glare, Rin's was more of an inquisitive stare. Didn't look like Teto was too happy about it either.

"You a transfer student or something?" She asked, never tearing her eyes from the blonde girl. Rin however turned to me for assistance. I nearly laughed.

"Leave her alone, Drills." Mikuo made a shooing motion with his hand, "Rin's too good to talk to you."

"Speak when your spoken too, Hatsune," Teto broke her gaze from Rin for only a moment before bringing it back, "Rin, huh? What's the matter? Do you speak? You dumb or something?" At this, Rin's cheeks puffed up in anger.

"R-...I am not dumb! You are a baby in a trench coat!" She shouted, shoving Teto away from her. Baby in a...? Ok, no more letting Rin watch Supernatural...

"Geez, Len-kun. From what circus did you get this one out of?" Teto let out a dark chuckle and smirked at me. No matter.

"Same one I found your mom in." I told her before picking up Mikuo's juice and taking a victory sip of it. Bad idea. It was that stupid vegetable juice he loved so much. Swallowed it down anyway like a boss. The expression on Kasane's faced looked the same as if I'd slapped her across the face. She huffed and turned on her heel, snapping her fingers to call her followers to do the same. Once they left, Mikuo and I exchanged high fives while Neru questioned where the hell a trench coat had come into the conversation.

The day went by...smoothly I guess. I mean...I had a hard time explaining to Rin that she needed to stay in her class and not come with me to mine. Seperation anxiety is strong in this one. The first day of all schools is always easy. Syllabus day. Getting to know the teacher day. Do nothing all Well except in Prima's class. Choir ususally started out with a bang and I wasn't expecting anything different. Right away she assigned us a few pages in the music workbook to make sure we hadn't been slacking during the summer. Of course slacking was my specialty but I had this course down flat. It was too easy. Only one of the reasons I adored this class.

Don't try and tell me that choir is for chicks. I'll kick your ass. It's quite manly...Chicks love a singer.

One day I'm gonna be big in the music industry. I just know it. Music is my biggest if not my only interest. I love it all. Pop, rock, metal, techno, jazz, classical, even country...Ok so some genres are more preferable than others...

But I digress.

After class was over for the day I had to go and get Rin from her class. I was starting to appreciate the fact that she was in a special class. That way she always had someone to keep an eye on her. Make sure she didn't get hurt doing something stupid. Throughout the day I had done nothing but worry that she would do or say something that would get her or even me in trouble.

From the classroom, a few of the other kids were filing out, ready to go home like everyone else. I'd told Rin to wait in the classroom for me. No matter what. She wouldn't leave with anyone else or by herself. That was the rule. If she broke it, there'd be serious consequences...And it was at that point in the lecture that she stopped me to ask what consequences were. I think the most fitting punishment was to take away the television...She was obssesed with all the shows...

I pulled open the door a little and peeked inside. I'd never really been to the special classrooms before...and I hated calling it that but...that's what it was called. People are people afterall.

There was a lot of colour in the room. Drawings (good ones too) of different scenes, objects, or people were posted on a bullitin board in the back, the tables were set up to be in a square on top of a thin (and slightly dirty) blue carpet. There were large windows and blue walls contrary to the usual white. There were two marker boards, one in the front and one on the side and a small chalk board in the back covered in doodles. Rin was standing in front of the front marker board. It looked like she was drawing something. The teacher was sitting at her desk, looking on with a smile as Rin doodled away. I stepped into the room and cleared my throat to catch Rin's attention. She turned to look at me and that usual smile spread across her mouth.

"Len! Here!" With a wave she gestured me forward, and I followed walking up to the board.

"Look." She said, turning back to it. I did. On the board were several small drawings. They weren't bad...but they weren't good either. They were...cute, however. There was a cat, a dog, a butterfly, a tree, a person with wings (an angel I guess) and all of these were surrounding a trio of four people. One had long hair and a bow, one had a side ponytail, one had short hair and the last had a short ponytail. It was us. I guess she'd been thinking of us all day. That's so fucking cute.

"Len like?" She asked me.

"Yeah...I like."

"So, what did you learn today?"


"Joyous. What kind?"

"Um...One and one makes two."

"You learned addition?"

"Yes. Addition."

Rin and I were in the living room. She was showing me things she'd done in her class today. Most of the papers were worksheets. On writing and reading and on math. There were a few simple equations on the papers and she'd written her own name at the top. While I was rumaging through it, she was sitting in front of the television watching the Hub channel. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was on.

"Do you have homework?"

"Sonika-sensei said homework in tomorrow."

"What do you have to do?"

She scrambled up from the floor and over to me. A single sheet of paper was pulled out of her folder and was held out to me. It was a worksheet on the alphabet. 'Study the characters and write them yourself' was what it said at the top.

"You really should get this done." I told her, handing it back. She looked at me a little pouty and I return with a stern look. Call me a hypocrite but I wanted Rin to do her homework. Someone was gonna need to be the smart one around here. That way Rin could go to college and make all the money while I stay home and keep doin' my thing. The perfect roommate.

"...After dinner?" She asked. I grinned and shook my head. Procrastinator.

"Fine." With that she smiled and went back to watching Applejack and Rainbow Dash running against each other in a race. From outside I heard the sound of an engine approaching and then shutting off. There was a slamming door and then footsteps on the porch. I didn't react when the door opened but Rin sure did. She jumped and a solemn look crossed her face when she saw who was home.

Dad strode in and closed the door lightly behind him. There was a bit of a burning cigarette in his mouth but he smushed it out in the small ash tray I'd set on the counter. I'd told him I didn't want the house to smell like smoke and he'd respected that rule, only smoking outside but I let that last drag slide if he put it out before wandering off into the house. He looked at us both then, Rin on the floor and me on the couch. His eyes lingered on Rin for a long moment but she wasn't looking at him anymore. It'd been a while since he'd last seen Rin but I still remember what she'd told me. I was still pretty pissed off about it too.

"I'm home." He said in a low voice.

Dad usually came home a lot more during the school year really only leaving for the lab on weekends and holidays...and if he like going after school was out. Usually it was nice having him around. I only hated him because he acted like he hated me. least like he'd rather hang out at the lab than with me. Like I really didn't matter as long as I was sheltered and fed. Plus the whole attitude thing.

"Hey." I said. It was quiet except for the TV. Rin wouldn't tear her eyes from it and her posture was stiff. Probably scared of the elephant in the room.

"Len, can I talk to you for a minute outside?" He set his bag on the floor against the wall and walked back onto the porch.

"Rin, stay here." I sighed and followed him out. Rin gave me a nervous glance. Outside, Dad was leaning against the porch railing, looking out over the water. I stood there, and waited for a about a minute before he even said anything. From his pocket he pulled out a carton of cigarettes and lit one he pulled from it. A single drag. An exhale of smoke.

"What's she still doing here?" He asked. I stuffed my hands into my pockets and cast my eyes toward the water.

"She wanted to stay here."

"Isn't she Neru's cousin?"

"Yeah, but she wanted to stay here. Threw a fit about it actually. Guess she likes me better-"

"Len, don't lie to me." Finally he looked at me. He took another drag before saying more.

"It's obvious that girl isn't related to any of you. Who is she really? And tell me the truth before I call Neru's mother and ask her myself."


"We...found her. On the beach...No one was with her. She was bleeding...and didn't have any clothes so we took her with us."

"You just took a stranger into the house?"

"She needed help!"

"She could have been dangerous, Len!"

"But she wasn't! Turns out she really didn't know what the fuck she was doing!"

"Watch your mouth..." He placed his face into his palm. I waited.

"You should have gone to the police."

"We did." We didn't. "We did our research, Dad. No one is looking for this girl. Whoever lost her, doesn't seem to want her back. Me, Neru, and Mikuo like her though. We want her to stay safe with us. So we let her stay. I let her stay. And she's gonna keep staying, or bothof us will leave." That seemed to hit a nerve. He took a sharp breath and looked like he was going to yell at me some more. But he didn't. He took another long drag from his cigarette and crushed it out, unfinished.

"Fine." Was all he said. He turned back to the water with an angry expression on his face. Me leaving had always been a touchy subject for him..and he knew I'd meant what I said. Argument won. But there was one more thing.

"She told me what you did. When you pushed her. Don't do that again."

With that, I went back into the house.


Seriously...I'm sorry about my wicked long hiatusi...The fact that I've been fangirling over Supernatural and Misha Collins lately isn't helping. Making me want to write Destiel fanfiction.

By the way, if you don't watch Supernatural you probably won't get that baby in a trenchcoat joke.

And if you're wondering. Yes, I AM a pegasister. Brohoof anyone?