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I wanna wear your raincoat,
I wanna wear your yellow raincoat
Cause the sky is coming down
And I'm lying on the ground
I wanna wear your raincoat
Can I please wear your yellow raincoat?

I drift along in a sea of doubt
I can hear your name as the tide rolls out
And I never thought I'd live my life without you
I'm standing outside waiting around without you
Standing outside breaking out of the blue

*Raincoat by Crash Kings*


Bella's lips looked hotter than usual as they were wrapped around my johnson, moving up and down the shaft. I was standing up, and didn't fucking care to look around at where I was, and she was on her knees. I grabbed her hot as fuck pigtails and groaned. I moved her head with my hands to try and get her mouth further onto my dick and she started to gag. I groaned but it wasn't a good groan cause that shit was just bad. Even I knew you didn't make a girl gag. Fuck me. I pulled her off of me but she continued to gag, even though nothing was in her mouth.

Gag, heave "Ed" gag, heave "ward" gag, heave, liquid hitting water. Another heave and more liquid hitting water. Damn it. Bella's puking had worked its way into one of the hottest fucking sex dreams I'd had in a long time. I glanced at the clock and the bright blue numbers glowed three thirty am. "Edward" she said my name fast and I heard more liquid hitting the toilet water.

I went into the fucking kitchen with no God damn clothes on and filled a glass with water. I grabbed a wash cloth from the linen closet on the way back to our room, and wet it with cool water once I was in the bathroom. Bella was sitting on the floor with her hot as fuck white legs spread out around the toilet, and my fucking johnson twitched because I had just been dreaming about sex and shit, and she had some fucking hot legs. She was holding her dark hair with her right hand, and her left was holding her steady on the toilet.

"Are you done?" I asked. My voice was grumbley and tired. She nodded so I filled the mouth wash cap and handed it to her. She swished and spit as I reached into the medicine cabinet for the Alka-Seltzer and dropped two tabs into the glass. I handed her the wash cloth while the tabs dissolved.

"Thanks. Sorry I woke you up." Her voice was raspy from the vomit. I shrugged and rubbed my eyes before pressing the heels of my palms into my eye sockets. She wiped her mouth and I handed her the glass, which she drank quickly.

"Are you alright, Snow?" This was the third fucking night in a row that she had woken up at some ungodly hour to vomit, and this was the second time tonight.

"Yeah, I think so. Go to bed. I'm gonna sit here for a few minutes before I move. I feel like ass."

Call me a bad boyfriend if you want, but that shit had been on the rocks for a while; so I went back to bed, like she said. Just as I was starting to get back to sleep, I felt her crawl into bed beside me.

"Thank you." She whispered. I rolled over and bellied up to her. I laid my arm along her hip, careful not to touch her stomach. I'd thrown up enough times to know that that shit would send her right back to the fucking porcelain.

"No problem, Snow." And I fell back to sleep without getting to finish my sex dream.

When I woke up again, it was ten thirty in the morning. Bella hadn't moved at all in her sleep, but I was sprawled all over the bed. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes before tugged my hair and cracking my neck. I heard Bella sigh and she turned over to me.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

"Like my teeth are wearing furry slippers." She rasped her voice still scratchy from puking.

"That's not what I fuckin meant, Snow."

"I know ass hole. I feel fine, a little weak, but fine."

I grunted and got up to throw some jeans on before I made breakfast. I poured myself a cup of coffee, thankful as hell for the programmable coffee maker, and put some bread in the toaster. I made some grits on the stove and peeled a banana. I put the grits on a plate with salt and a little bit of butter, as well as the toast and banana and set it on the bar before buttering my own toast. Bella came out of the bedroom, dressed for the day in some tight as fuck jeans that clung to her legs like skin, some Doc Marten boots over the jeans that she never fucking laced and it drove me crazy, and a really long Run DMC t shirt. The colors from her full sleeve tattoo on her left arm stuck out in deep contrast with the black and white t shirt.

She sat at the bar and frowned. "Dry toast? What the fuck, EJ?"

I rolled my eyes as she poked at her banana. "You can't have butter, that shit's not good for you stomach when you've been heaving. No dairy."

"Is there at least butter in the grits?" She sounded hopeful.

"A little bit. Look, I don't want you getting sick anymore, so take it easy on that stomach, okay?" Our relationship may have been heading towards the shitter, but I still cared for her and didn't want her sick.

Bella slowly took a bite of the toast and made a face. "Ugh, this is gross. I can't do this." She put the toast down and crossed her arms. Just then, her annoying as fuck twin sister stuck her head out of her bedroom door to look around and giggled before sticking her head back in her room and shutting the door.

Alice and Bella looked nothing alike. They were both short with creamy pale skin, although Bella was a few inches taller, and they were both crazy thin, but that was the extent of it.

Bella had thick, long dark brown hair with coffee brown eyes to match, and Alice had short black spiky hair and grey blue eyes. Bella's features were soft and gentle, and Alice's were sharp and angled. No one ever believed they were twins. Apparently, their parents had trouble having kids and did in-vitro or whatever-the-fuck and they started out as test tube babies, each looking like a different parent.

Bella poked around her plate some more and continued to frown. "Seriously, EJ, this is gross. I want cereal."

"I'm sorry Snow, but it's not gonna happen. Eat your breakfast. You need it. You've been praying to the porcelain Gods for three nights now I wouldn't be surprised if you lost some fucking weight." That made her grimace and she started taking tentative bites of her grits.

I was rinsing off my plate when Alice finally emerged from her bedroom with her fiancé, and my best friend, Jasper in tow. He was wearing low slung, thin cut jeans and a mother fucking vest. That's it. I scowled at him because what the fuck, what grown ass man wears just a vest? Bella turned in her seat and tapped the tip of her nose with her index finger, her "thinking pose".

"You know, on any one else I'd say that's the most retarded outfit ever. Work it, girl." Bella said in her most tranny-esque voice.

Jasper ran a hand through his crazy curly blond hair that stuck in every direction and scratched his ear, where he wore a fucking dangly feather earring. He stretched his arms up over his head, making his already tall scrawny form look even taller and skinny enough to be a crack head. His vest lifted up and you could see the words "Alice In Wonderland" in flourished script tattooed from one hip to the other across his lower abs.

Alice climbed up to the barstool next to Bella and began picking off her plate while Jasper rummaged the fridge for one of his weird ass breakfast concoctions. That kid usually combined some sort of off the wall left overs that made everyone else's stomach turn.

"Uh-uh Wonderland, Snow needs to eat that shit. She threw up twice last night."

Alice looked concerned and placed her hand on her sister's forehead. "You don't have a fever. You okay, doll face?"

"Yeah. I feel fine." Bella shrugged. "I want to eat real food but Edward won't let me."

Alice pursed her lips and slid her eyes in my direction before looking back at Snow. "You know I hate agreeing with that asstard you call a boyfriend, but he's right. You need to get a little something in your belly and it has to be bland, either that or on the B.R.A.T. diet. Do you want an apple?"

Bella pouted and nodded. "Do we have any cold ones?"

"Yep." Jasper tossed her an apple from the fridge and she nibbled it with her little mouse bites that she always took. He started mixing Mexican rice with left over Japanese vegetables.

"I think I should call the doctor for you." Alice said, looking warily at her sister.

Bella reached over and slapped Alice on the back of her head.

"Hey Wonderland, I think that means no." I snickered. Alice threw toast at me.

Alice pointed to me and squinted her eyes, "You, are an ass hole," she turned to Bella, "and you are going to the doctor today."

Bella sighed and rested her forehead onto the bar top. Alice looked over at me and gave me one of those "say something" looks, but I just stared at her. She nodded her head over at Bella's direction and I threw my hands in the air. I didn't always get along with the little runt, but I could take her cues pretty easily.

"Hey Snow. I'll go with you if you want, you don't mind, right Jasper?"

Jasper shook his head before wiping his mouth. "Nope, go ahead dude; it's Sunday, I can call Rosalie in if I have too."

Bella stiffened at the mention of Rosalie. Rosalie was the newest artist at Jasper's tattoo studio and Bella was not a fan. Jasper hired her in a pinch after that fumunda cheese lickin douche, James, up and left without so much as a two day notice, much less two week. Rosalie came highly recommended by Emmett, who happened to be my brother and her boyfriend.

"No… I don't want anyone to go with me." Alice shot her a look. "Okay, except you. Jesus. Pushy much?"

Jasper pushed himself off the counter where he had been leaning and rinsed his plate. "Okay man, time for work." He said as he walked past me to hug Alice.

I walked over to Bella and put my arms around her. I whispered into her ear "Call me if you need anything," before I kissed her cheek.

"Okay. I love you." She whispered back. We didn't like going around screaming about our love for each other, even before it started dwindling into more of a friendly love, rather than intimate. I told her I loved her back and left for work.

I had been sitting at my station drawing when my cell phone rang.

"Hello?" I said into the receiver.

"EJ, its Alice." She whispered into the phone.

"Why are you calling me, Wonderland? And why are you whispering?"

"Because Bella didn't want me to call you, and she wouldn't herself. Look, we think her issue is a lady issue, so she called your dad and he's called an OBG…"

I cut her off. I didn't want to hear about fucking cave doctors. "Alright, fine. Just… you know… call me or something. Is she okay?"

She hesitated. "Um… I don't really know."

"What do you mean you don't know? Don't you have some stupid twin super power that links your asses together or something? Can't you just somehow know what she's feeling?"

Wonderland laughed and snorted "You're an idiot." She said before laughing some more. "Look, I don't know how she's feeling cause she won't tell me. But if I think something really… bad… is up, I'll let you know, okay? Ultimately, she'll be fine." click. The line went dead.

I closed my eyes and sighed before I tugged at my hair and cracked my thumbs. I walked out to the lobby area and slumped down onto one of the black leather couches. Jasper was laying face down on a mat on the floor with his arms and feet in the air doing some weird shit that I will never, and I mean never understand.

"You're too stressed out. You should do yoga." He grunted.

"You look like a fucking pretzel."

"But I'm relaxed."

I snorted. "All it takes is a six pack and I relax just fine."

Jasper twisted himself into some other contortionist pose. "You're worried about Snow White, huh?"

I stared at him blankly. "Um… yeah. Dude she's been throwing up every night for three days, and then she's fine the next day. That's not normal."

"She'll be fine." He said with a gust of air.

"How do you know?" I snapped.

"Did Alice say she'd be fine?"


"Then she will be." I think he tried to nod but his neck was turned at an unnatural angle, so I couldn't tell.

I walked down the street a little ways to the diner that my brother owned and sat at the counter. Psycho-Billy music was playing throughout the entire restaurant. Emmett pulled a beer from the cooler and a piece of apple pie from the dessert display and handed them too me. My brother's style never ceased to fascinate me. Some time in our teen years he went all James Dean on all of us and started wearing tight jeans that were cuffed at the bottom over his motorcycle boots and tight white t shirts with the sleeves rolled.

"You look all fucked up little bro."

I snorted and shoved a hearty fork full of pie into my mouth and washed it down with the beer. "Snow's been keeping me up at night. She keeps getting sick."

"Is she okay?"

"She's going to the doctor with her sister today. She's fine all day long, and then she lays down to go to bed and a few hours later she's up puking her fucking intestines out."

"How's her appetite?" He leaned down on his elbows and seemed just a bit too curious. I wish I could say it pissed me off, but the truth was that Bella had become a big part of my family. It was really going to tear them up when we were finally truthful with each other and things ended.

I didn't love her any less than I did five years before when she came into the shop to get her hot little nipples pierced, lookin like a naughty Snow White. But over the course of the past year, things had gotten… difficult. We fought a lot, and seemed to start to resent each other. I wondered if it stemmed from this being the first real relationship either of us had been in. We'd both dated and slept around and when I saw her, I didn't ever want any other fucking dude's hands on her. She was mine.

She hadn't been sick like this in the time we'd been together. She'd had plenty of trips and shit like that, but never actually been sick. Being worried about her had me wondering if I really could be without her at all. I snorted to myself and then shook my head at Emmett when he raised his eye brows. I just had to figure out how to convince my fucking stubborn as piss Snow White that maybe we should try harder.

"Um… her appetite is fine. Nothing's changed there at all."

"Huh… sounds almost like when I knocked Kate up." My eyes got bigger than my pie plate as I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. "Hey, you guys are a lot smarter than I was. We were only using the pull out method, and you know what Dad calls people who use that method."

I nodded "Parents."

"That's right. But she's on the pill and shit, right?" Emmett ran his hands on either side of his neck where is daughter's hand prints from birth were tattooed.


"Then it's probably just some stomach shit." There was a loud crash coming from the kitchen and Emmett swore under his breath. "I'm gonna go take care of the douche bag that Rosalie made me fucking hire."

"Um… isn't that douche bag her half brother?"

"Yeah, so what? He's still a fucking douche."

I decided not to tell him that Alice and Bella were going to the fucking cave doctor. It had to be related to… periods… or… uteruses or some trash like that. I shivered and Emmett bellowed "Newton! You're an idiot!" as he walked to the kitchen.

I walked back to the shop to meet with my client. I was grateful for the appointment because I'd have the dude in my chair for at least two hours and I was sure that would be plenty of time for Alice and Bella to be done with the doctor.

Sure enough, just as I was cleaning the work I had just done before covering it with the plastic wrap, my cell rang.

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