Authors note: This is my first fanfiction, hope ya like!!! Oh, and I don't, and probably never will, own Fairy Tail.

And his moods keep swingin'

Chapter one

Lucy sat with her head on the Fairy tail bar, in a daze. 'Of all the men … why's it gotta be that dumb ass, Natsu…? Every time we go on missions, I try to look good for him but does he say anything? Nooo'.

Lucy was beginning to lose hope of Natsu ever loving her back. She had tons of men drooling over her and could steal their hearts with just a smile. But the one guy who actually mattered was too naïve to notice how she felt.

Lucy shifted to another seat just as Gray came crashing over the bar, where she was sitting before. He jumped up completely naked and Lucy covered her eyes shrieking, "Gray put your damn clothes back on"!

He looked down, eyes wide, and Natsu waved his boxers in the air with an evil grin, "Look what I got stripper man!"

Jubia blushed and threw him another pair of pants from her stash, "Good luck Gray-sama" 'you sexy beast…', she thought.

Gray had already been losing the fight badly for the pasted 2 hours, and was getting mad, so he gathered up the rest of his ice magic and threw an attack that would have frozen Natsu solid, if he wasn't the Salamander of fire.

"Holy crap! Gray!" Natsu yelled and tried to shield himself from the blizzard that threatened to freeze the half guild. But he wasn't able to stop it in time.

After nearly being frozen to death, a lot of the guild members were mad, but didn't have to do anything because Lucy took care of it.

Lucy couldn't take anymore of the fighting and snapped, "Shut the hell up! You've been going at it for 2 hours!" Gray and Natsu stared at her wide eyed. "Everyday! You do this everyday, and I'm getting sick of it."

"But Lucy-" Natsu began but stopped when Lucy gave him a look that said 'I will shoot lasers from my eyes and kill you.'

"Alright, anything for you, Lu-chan." He pouted sitting down next to her at the bar and glaring at Gray.

Lucy raised an eyebrow at his comment, 'Since when does he ever say things like that?', but she let it go and went back to spacing out… until she felt something on her neck. She looked to the side and saw that Natsu had his face in hair.

She jumped up, brown eyes widening eyes, and shrieked, "Natsu! What are you doing?!"

"What's wrong? I just thought you smelled nice." He grinned innocently at her. But she thought she saw his eyes flash slightly.

'Aw, is that all?' Lucy thought disappointedly. "W-well don't do it again, you can't go around smelling people like that, Natsu."

Natsu went to get up and stumbled slightly, bumping his head on the counter, he grabbed it groaning in pain, and sat back down. Mira walked over to their side of the bar.

"Lucy, I think you should take him home, I guess Gray's ice had an effect on him. I don't want him to collapse." Mira said.

"I'm ok, don't worry 'bout me" he grinned.

"No you're not! Natsu, you're taking to a plant, we're over here!", Lucy said shaking her head.

"Hey! How'd ya get over there, Lu-chan?!" Natsu said in amazement.

"I haven't moved, how'd you get over there?"

'Why does he keep calling me 'Lu-chan'?' Lucy thought.

"I don't know!" Natsu laughed like a drunk man and stumbled across the room.

"See, what I mean. I don't think he can make it home by himself; I still have to work so I can't do it. And you're probably the only one he won't hurt." Mira said with concern.

They both turn around in time to see him standing on top of a table screaming, "Hey everybody look, Titanic!" and he leaned forward with his arms out, and fell off the table, "Hey! Why didn't anyone catch me?!"

"Uh, I think you're right, He probably wouldn't even make it outside without killing himself or breaking something." Lucy sighed getting up and walking over to Natsu.

"Hey… where we goin', Lu-chan?", Natsu asked like a child.

"Natsu, you're sick, I'm taking you home", she said helping him up and putting his arm around her shoulder to support him. They said 'Goodbye' to everyone as they were leaving.

"Hey look, Lu-chan! I'm a ninja! Ow…" Natsu yelled out leaning sideways,and hitting his head on the door frame on the way out.

"My God, Natsu. Be careful"

After they'd been walking for a while Lucy felt Natsu's head lean on her shoulder. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and he smirked up at her, causing her to avert her eyes as a blush spread across her face.

Lucy looked around; they weren't on a main street, so they were the only ones out at that time of night. She avoided Natsu's gaze and stuttered. "Na-natsu, I thought I told you to stop smelling me…"

"Yeah, I know. But you smell so good, you know I just can't help it, love." Natsu said putting his face further into her neck. "Damn, I never noticed how cute you are really are."

'OhMyGod! Why is he acting like this, did Gray's ice make him that sick. It shouldn't even affect him, He's a fire mage, for God's sake!' Lucy started freaking out. She was so distracted, that she didn't see the wall that she accidentally slammed Natsu's face into.

"Ow!!! Lu-chan, why'd ya do that?!", Natsu howl out in pain,

"What are you talking about, Natsu?" Lucy said. 'What's with these weird mood swings!'

"Lu-chan, that hurt!" Natsu whined, as blood started to drip from his forehead.

"Oh crap! Natsu, I'm so sorry! My apartments this way, we can go there first."

She moved quickly and made it to her apartment in 5 minutes. She went into her apartment closing the door behind her. She pushed Natsu onto the couch and went to the bathroom to get some bandages and antiseptic.

As she was reaching for the first aid kit on the top shelf, she felt strong arms encircle her small waist. She squeaked as Natsu pulled her back against his muscular chest.

"That wasn't nice, love. You shouldn't hurt me like that." He whispered seductively in her ear and smirked when he felt her shiver.

'I know I wanted his attention but I didn't think it'd be like this!',Lucy thought, somewhat startled by Natsu's sudden change. 'Oh god, how am I gonna get out of this?'