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The gym was less challenging than I thought it would be, it was a bit disappointing to know that was the best my town's gym had to offer.

I entered the Poke mart, and was not so pleasantly surprised to see Ash and his merry gang checking out the front counter. They were talking animatedly until they all broke off into a laugh. It seemed they still hadn't noticed me which was all well with me. I wasn't in the mood to deal with their chatter so late in the afternoon, but I needed to restock on potions before I set off on my journey. So begrudgingly I continued to make my way into the store, catching the group's attention immediately. It's to be expected when the store was about the size of a small apartment.

"Hey Paul, how are you?" Ash asked giving his customary smile, his Pikachu perched comfortably on his shoulder. His friends were crowding around him. Dawn and her Piplup being glaring with open hostility. She never really did like me, the feeling was mutual.

"Good." I said casually, sidestepping the group to reach my desired location to the back of the store, which I did reach, just not alone.

"That's great, so did you get your gym badge yet."

"Yes." I said glancing at the potions they had on stock. They didn't have my brand.

"That's great, congratulations." He said happily, his Pikachu adding his two cents of cheerfulness.


I wasn't sure if this conversation was really going anywhere. I highly hoped it wasn't because all I wanted at this point was to get my supplies and go. It didn't help that now that my brand wasn't there I had to check to see if there a similar alternative.

"So, I was wondering." Ash said carefully taking a step right next to me so I would see him in my peripheral vision. "Could we have a battle, you know so I can practice for my upcoming gym battle."

"Can't, I have to be on my way to the next gym." I grabbed one of the potions from off the shelves, it was green. The label said something along the lines of 'guaranteed to make your Pokemon feel better in no time flat'. I scoffed putting it back on the shelf.

"Would you at least look at him when he's talking to you" I felt someone grab my shoulder swerving me so I could face the group. The girl, Dawn, if I recall, was glaring. Brock had a small frown on his face, and Ash just looked sheepish.

This was getting to be more annoying than I thought, and too much of a headache.

"Does it matter?" I sighed, rubbing my head "I'm talking aren't I."

The girl just glared gripping my shoulder harder before letting go, and turning away to the entrance of the store. "I'm going back to the Poke Center." She huffed. "I can't stand being near that guy. Ash forget him and come on, Brock you too."

Brock gave a little wave and followed Dawn. Ash stayed behind fidgeting. I had a feeling he wouldn't leave until he had that battle.

"If you're willing to wait, than we can have a battle one on one, that's it. I have to get going."

He jumped excited at the prospect. "Thanks Paul."

I shook my head, slightly disturbed by my decision.

It was better to at least get it out of the way. Ash had a tendency to be stubborn about these sorts of things and didn't really leave me alone until I was out of the vicinity of a town or area. Giving Ash a battle was simpler in the long run. I just hoped he would stay quiet.

"So any specific Brand you're looking for?"

Maybe I should have started negations with 'the quiet game.'

I finished the rest of my shopping as quickly as I could. Ash was a great motivator since he would not stop asking questions and I wanted to get this battle over with and get as far away from him as possible. We went out into the forest so we could have enough room.

"Alright let's get this over with." I said taking out a poke ball from my pocket.

"You ready Pikachu?" Ash said a wide smile on his face. His Pikachu nodded jumping to the ground with a determined look on his face.

I shook head and started getting ready to throw the poke ball, just when he threw a peculiar thing happened. A ball of pink light came floating towards us. The ball was transparent and it also seemed to have this, this strong power surrounding it.

We started to run; it didn't make a difference the ball only came at us faster. Then it consumed us both. Escalating us higher up in the sky, Pikachu was left on the ground. Ash started to scream pikachu, pushing me out of the way and try to break the wall of light to no avail.

Before I had time to shut him up to get us out of this situation, a shadowball hit us, lucky for us our pink ball didn't break instantly, but it did crack. The push of the shadowball sent Ash flying towards me, causing me to lose my breath.

Then something happened. Right in the horizon a large dark wave passed over the land, covering everything leaving shadows in its wake. I didn't have to admire the peculiar event since another shadowball was coming our way. Unconsciously I grabbed on to the closest thing there, Ash.

The shadowball was getting closer. It was so close it could crush into our sphere to drop us to our deaths. I closed, my eyes to wait for the inevitable impact.

It never came.

Slowly, cautiously, I opened my eyes. There right in front of me was a large white dragon. Pink orbs were encrusted on its shoulders. Distinct lines covered all of its body. There was no mistaking it, this large Pokémon was none other than Palkia, a legendary. It roared as the pink shield it used to protect us from the shadowball dispersed.

Palkia wasn't the only one keeping us company in the air. Darkrai appeared, before us, but he seemed odd.

Darkrai seemed to have a hypnotized look.

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