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It didn't take long for us to get to the house. To be honest, I didn't really want to go back to my brother's house. Considering the last time I came there was Penumbra. It would be safer now that we had Electabuzz but well things happen. It was our only option at this point to get our bearing and see where we can go from here.

Not to mention, I needed to find a way to fight the Penumbra. We couldn't rely on Electabuzz to protect us the entire time. He's a great pokemon but his endurance can't last forever, and when it does we won't last a second.

I shook my head pushing the thought away glancing back at Ash briefly who only stared back.

He pointed to the house a hopeful look on his face. "Do you think-"

"No." I said turning back to the house. "There's no one there I checked." It was harsh I admit but I've never been one to care for that type of thing, so I continued on to open the door.

It opened easily enough, not that it was a surprise. It wasn't locked before and I highly anybody had come in to remedy the situation.

I went to, flipping the light switch on to no avail. The electricity was out, figures.

"Would you pass me the flashlight?" I asked, ignoring the exasperated sigh from behind me.

"Yeah sure here you go." Ash said passing me the flashlight. I swerved the dim light into the living room, everything was where they were supposed to be except for Reggie's which were scattered all over the floor. I took a step forward moving towards the inside of the house.

"Electabuzz I need you to stay here with Ash while I go look for something useful, I'll be right back."

The expected protest from Ash came instantaneously, something I could predict but unfortunately could not stop. Well I never did expect the headache to stay away for long.

""What do you mean I'm to stay here. We should be staying together Paul. Don't you know the saying "Don't say I'll be back". It's the perfect set up to another murder in some horror movie and I think that's the last thing we should be doing in this nightmare."

"It's a good thing I don't very much care what you think." I said with ease. "Now stay put and don't stray too far away from Electabuzz, I don't want a repeat performance of earlier." Ash didn't say anything, so I chanced a look, he was glaring, his stance defiant, and he seemed to be ready to protest and possible start yelling until he turned around and marched himself on the couch.

"Fine, then don't listen to me." He said. "Go be an idiot."

Electabuzz turned his head to me, irritated. He didn't seem to like my plan either, and as much as I would have liked to go on my merry way, it just would have been counterproductive. Electabuzz might be one of my most loyal pokemon but he was also stubborn, and seeing that he wasn't too happy about me leaving it wouldn't take much persuading on Ash's part for Electabuzz to ignore his orders and follow me.

"Look," I said rubbing my head viciously. God I needed a Tylenol." It's just a quick trip, going as a group would just attract too much attention, alright. Besides I know the layout of the ranch, so I'm the logical choice to go in and out. If I'm not back in an hour then feel free to go on a search party and look for me but until then just wait here. "

It was a logical explanation and a rational one, and right now we needed to focus on keeping that train of thought or at least one of us. Electabuzz seemed to understand and accepted the terms and went to sit down next to Ash, but the grimace was still in place. Ash didn't move small frame tensing visibly.

"I'll be right back, alright."

I started walking into the house towards the backyard

"Would you stop quoting every dead guy in horror film!"

The first thing I did was go outside to the barn. Reggie always kept his 'weapons' there, they were tranquilizer guns. I always wanted my brother to get a real one, in case someone broke in or because of a wild pokemon. I even tried to convince him, but all he would do is shake his head and say he was a pacifist and didn't believe in guns.

"Hippie" I muttered without thinking, making my way to the barn.

In hindsight, even if Reggie had a gun it probably wouldn't have made a difference anyway. They were fighting shadows. What could a bullet do except go though it and miss its mark entirely.

The barns entrance was closed but with a little push the large doors opened easily. Reggie usually kept the Pokémon for the night, which was why it was so large.

It was empty.

Not one single pokemon was there no flapping overhead where the bird Pokémon perched, no bug pokemon chirping quietly in the corner, no bibarel munching more pokefood than it needed, just empty, quiet, replaced by an overwhelming silence that I seemed to be slowly growing accustomed to.

I couldn't however get accustomed to the feeling of helplessness that came with it.

I continued walking until I reached the back closet where Reggie kept the tranquilizer guns. He hated using them, but it was necessary. Pokémon were known to get….difficult during the breeding process and at times it was necessary to put them to sleep so they didn't harm another pokemon or person. I didn't, but it was hardly what I needed to help protect us from the Penemubra's. I needed something that could dispel them, the way Electabuzz could, and apparently the sun.

So, what did the two have in common, light? It wasn't exactly implausible, but the only source of light that seemed to work was flashlights, but they were dim at the best of times. It could hardly compare to the glow of the sun. So what was left?

I rummaged through the closet throwing out ropes, buckets, tools and just making a mess in general. Not like Reggie was here to yell at me anyway. It didn't take long for me to empty the close, the frustration and helplessness that I kept at bay before came rushing back.

I punched the closet door breaking one of its hinges. My hand hurt like hell but it helped.

There had to be something.

I closed the closet doors, stepping over the pile carefully and going to Reggie's workbench. Reggie never really used it. It was just sort of there, it didn't really have much use of anything other than to take care of a smaller Pokémon injuries or some other nonsense my brother deemed important. He usually kept medical supplies that could prove valuable to whatever journey we were going on.

I tugged at the drawer only to frown when I noticed it wouldn't budge. I tried again but to no avail. It was locked.

It wasn't really a surprise. My brother was extremely careful of that sort of thing. I felt the underside of the workbench and tugged out a key that was wedged into the tiny crevice of the bench.

Though to be honest he could have done a lot better.

I unlocked the drawer and found a box, a red box that I have never seen before. I opened it and stared at its contents in confusion. It was a gun? I took the piece of paper at the top of the box.

In bold letters it read.

Flare Gun : Instruction Manuel

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