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Addison sat at the patio with a glass of red wine and her blackberry. She looked at it, well, stared at it, willing it to ring. It had been a year since the break-up. She couldn't believe that she had been such an idiot. Kissing Wyatt? Noah? What the hell had she been thinking? She thought back to the day he ate noodles off her back. No one had ever eaten food off her and it was the sexiest thing ever. She turned to look at the couch, well, the foot of the couch. It was the best place in LA according to her- the foot of her couch. She pictured her phone ringing. Wasn't it what that book "The Secret" said to do? Psycho-babble. She was sure Violet would say Freud or Jung or some other such person had proven it. Oh she knew another psychology name – Skinner. Maybe he said something like that. Those were the only names she could remember. As she thought, she grinned and a song came into her head and she bobbed with the beat.

You used to call me
Just to say I love you baby
You would always treat me like a lady
Everyone was jealous of the way
We kept keeping on feelings were so strong

Her phone buzzed. It was a number she couldn't recognise. She huffed and picked it up anyway.

"Dr. Montgomery," Addison said and took another sip of wine.

"Addie. It's Derek."

Addison's eyes bulged. She swallowed the wine. She coughed a little.

"Derek! Hi. What's going on? Is everything okay?"

"Addie, you need to come to Seattle. As soon as you can."

"Derek. What's going on? Is it Archie? Derek!" Addison stood up and marched back into her house.

"It's not Archer. You need to come here, Addison. Fast."

"Derek. Will you tell me what's going on before I have a panic attack?" she asked, racing up the stairs to pack her bag.

"Addison. I'll fill you in when you get here. I have to go now."

Addison hung up the phone, grabbed the bag she had haphazardly packed and raced out the door, across the patio and banged on Sam's door.

"Addison! What happened? Is everything alright?" Sam asked, sliding his glass door open. Addison looked frazzled.

"I have to go to Seattle and I need a ride to LAX. Now." Addison grabbed Sam's car keys and started dragging him towards his car.

"Addison. Slow down. What's wrong?" Sam asked, halting.

"I don't know Sam. Derek called and told me to get to Seattle as soon as I could. He didn't say anything else. I don't know what's wrong. He won't pick up his phone. Neither will Callie or Mark. Not even Meredith! I tried calling his girlfriend and she won't pick up." Addison tugged at Sam hard. He stumbled and they got in his car.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Sam asked, driving at almost breakneck speed.

"No. If I need someone I'll call." Addison stared at the road. She wouldn't look at anything. She didn't know what to think. It could be anyone. Callie, Mark, anyone. Why would Derek be calling her?

They reached the airport and Addison raced inside, without saying bye to Sam. She went to the counter and got the first flight out, which luckily left in an hour. At 10pm. She called Sam to tell him and asked him to let the others know that she was going to be in Seattle and to get Nae to take care of all her patients. Sam wished her good luck.

She sat in the airport impatiently, tapping her foot, walking up and down, drinking coffee, 'til it was finally time to board. She got on the plane, settled in her seat, when the TV screen went off and the captain's voice was heard overhead.

"There was a hostage situation in Seattle. Terrorists took all the people on the Space Needle hostage. The Terrorist Task Force was called in from all over America and the rescue mission and negotiations are still on. This is to tell you that there are going to be high alert in the Seattle airport and an increase in security measures. Please be patient and cooperate with the ground staff upon arrival. Thank you and have a nice time on United."

Addison was in shock. This had to be something to do with him calling her there. Was it Kevin? He was SWAT- unless he had changed specialities. Could a person do that? Oh God. It was Kevin. He was injured, or dead. That was why Derek was calling her. She started to feel the hysteria creeping up on her. She put her fist in her mouth and breathed heavily through her nose. She tried to calm herself down. She didn't know if she could. She rocked back and forth in her seat, squeezing her eyes shut. She did this while the plane took off and the tears finally stopped and she could breathe normally. She drank all the water in the tiny bottle.

She closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep. She would lose track of time if she slept and she needed to lose track. She finally slept and the next thing she knew, the airhostess was gently shaking her awake. She woke up with a start and rubbed her hand over her eyes. She went to the loo and washed her face. Her eyes were still red and she looked dreadful. But at this moment, she really couldn't care less. She took a deep breath and went out where the captain was asking then to buckle their seat-belts to prepare for landing.

It took her an hour and a half to go through security. She was glad she was a Forbes Montgomery. It got her through much faster when compared to the other people on the plane. As soon as she was out, she took a cab to Seattle Grace and literally ran inside.

"Dr. Shepherd. Where is he?" Addison asked at the reception, panting.

The receptionist looked at her like she was crazy. "Just a minute ma'am. Take a seat."

"No I will not take a seat damnit. Page Dr. Derek Shepherd now. Or give me the phone and I'll page him." Addison lunged for the phone when she heard her name being called.

"Addison! Dr. Montgomery!"

Addison turned round to see Alex Karev. "Karev. Where is he? Where's Derek?"

"He is in surgery right now. But told me to page him when you arrived. I did. Dr. Sloan wants to see you now. Come on. I'll take you."

Addison followed Karev to an office where she could see Mark, Callie and some blonde. Karev held the door opened and Addison walked in.

"What's going on? What is happening and if I have to wait another second I will chop your heads off and, and, and… Just please tell me something," Addison said, near tears.

Callie got up and put her arms around Addison. "Remember you said you were dating a SWAT man last year?"

"Oh God. Kevin. Oh God!" Addison started to sob. Mark also put his arms around her.

"He still listed you as his emergency contact person," Mark said soberly.

"It's how I put two and two together. Addie I am so sorry." Callie squeezed tighter.

"Is he alive? Is he here?" Addison asked in between sobs and stood up.

"Yeah he's alive. For now." Callie said.

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