At long last, Waluigi traced the original letter at Birdo's house, which was located on a small tropical island just south of the Cheep Cheep Beach. As Waluigi swam his way across the seagreen water, he dried himself and knocked on the door, with Birdo opening and seeing Waluigi.

"Oh Waluigi, how do you do?" She asked as she winked, allowing Waluigi in.

Waluigi sighed as he took a seat on Birdo's pink couch, with Birdo pouroing a cup of tea and sitting in her pink, Birdo-themed sofa.

"So what brings you to my humble little home, hmm?" Birdo asked in a sincere voice as she sipped her tea.

Waluigi, looking around Birdo's home interior, glanced straight towards Birdo and pulled out two roses, one red and on blue. "You... sent me these roses, didn't you?' he asked, wanting to know the truth.

Birdo, after sipping more of her tea, placed it down on the china, and she folded her hands together, nodding. "Yes. Oh Waluigi, how do you know it so?" She sighed as he closed her eyes, "I've somewhat admired you, Waluigi. You may be crude, rude, and downright mean, but something about you is so... elegant."

Waluigi rubbed the back of his head in confusion as he asked again, "Errr, what? Elegant? Me?" He chuckled, shaking his head as he opened his arms. "Why, don't be ridiculous. Just because I maintain myself as high classed-"

"Oh Waluigi," Birdo interrupted, smiling as she handed Waluigi a yellow rose, "Even know when you deny it, it comes off as so graceful. Like a gentleman. Please..." She insisted, nodding, "Take the roses. Consider them as a sign of my thanks for being so elegant."

Waluigi, upon glancing between Birdo and th three different-colored roses, sighed as he shrugged, and smiled, replying, "Heh. Why the hell not." And with that, he agreed to have some tea with Birdo before heading back to his island.