By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Princess Daisy has been known to fart a lot.

She has been recognized by farting a LOT.

But the odd case? She loves it when she farts. She gets even more attention than she already has obtained in the past.

But there are some times where Princess Daisy finds her farting to be incredibly dangerous.

And the case of such has been so bad that so many young and teenaged boys in the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as the several Daisy fanboys amongst them, have gotten a PRRRROMOTION so strong in their pingas, that they cannot contain the win within them.

And today was one case where Princess Daisy was embarrassed to be known as the Mushroom Kingdom's second best farter in town.

"Oh... I knew I should have never ate those explosive beans..." Daisy accidentally belched as she held her stomach with her right hand, which was gurgling rather loudly. She then pouted, "How can I be such a sucker for low, low prices!? No wonder the economy's going down the drain!"

Before long, she let out a powerful poot, which caused the surrounding plant life to wither. Daisy covered her mouth in shock as she farted again, causing the withered plants to disappear completely. Before long, Daisy found herself harming the environment, every one of her deep pitched brassy farts destroying part of the wildlife nearby.

"Oh my..." Toadette stated as she watched Daisy poot and toot, clenching her pink dress with her right hand as she blushed. "Daisy sure is gassy..."

Birdo rolled her eyes as she stood next to Toadette. "And you seem to be enjoying that fact judging by the way you look."

"Ugh, don't tell me the kid is aroused by that gassy tomboy princess..." Dry Bowser droned on as he was polishing his dusty old bones.

The next thing they knew, they saw that Daisy got a pair of orange colored pants, of which they then witnessed Princess Daisy farting in tight jeans.