Chapter 13: LEGION's Unexpected Outcome

While Sonic was providing a distraction for GUN, Shadow and the others were heading into the base to find the emeralds that were being stored.

"I feel like we're getting closer!" said Shadow as he was leading the way.

Suddenly a small patrol of soldiers spotted them.

"Hold it, no body moves!" ordered one of the soldiers whom pointed his weapon.

"Oh yeah, how about this then?" asked Shadow.

Shadow then immediately used his Chaos Control powers, and knocked each one of the soldiers out cold. They then headed right toward where the main vault was located where the emeralds were being stored. Back outside, Sonic was having the time of his life dodging the number of soldiers whom attempted to fire on him.

"Take him down!" cried the commander who was desperate to get rid of the former blue ally.

"You can't catch me!" laughed Sonic as he stuck out his tongue at the soldiers and then headed right inside the base.

"He headed into the base, search out!" cried the commander.

While Sonic was playing with the GUN soldiers, LEGION had already arrived on the scene. Before Shadow and Rouge could crack the vault, the vault door itself blasted right open only to reveal LEGION standing in between them and the Chaos Emeralds.

"Stand aside you menace from the future!" ordered the future Amy.

"Bah, you don't scare me, fighting all of you would certainly be a waste of pure energy, something which I can use these Chaos Emeralds for better use" said LEGION.

"Well you might want to start thinking about using that energy" said Sonic as he showed up on the scene.

"What about the GUN military?" asked Tails.

"Those slow pokes, don't make me laugh" replied Sonic.

"Well then my blue friend, if you think you can challenge me, I would like to see it" laughed LEGION.

"No sweat" replied Sonic as he sped right behind LEGION where the Chaos Emeralds are, "you're going to have to catch me first, if you want to have these emeralds."

"Sonic, don't do it!" cried the future Amy.

"Sorry, but I gotta" replied Sonic as he took the seven emeralds from their places.

"It seems like I have no other choice" said LEGION.

Suddenly, LEGION fired an energy beam, which managed to hit Sonic, but also the Chaos Emeralds. This unexpectedly triggered the blue hedgehog to transform into his Super Sonic form to which LEGION did not anticipated.

"You really wished you hadn't done that" said Sonic as he was beginning to recover.

"This would be a most interesting fight" said LEGION who then created a wall shield preventing Sonic's friends from interfering.

"What the heck is going on?!" cried one of the soldiers whom didn't noticed LEGION's presence before.

LEGION charged itself toward Sonic, grabbed him by the neck, and threw him right threw the roof of the base. The blue hedgehog in his Super Sonic form managed to stop still, before dashing right in from mid air straight toward LEGION, giving him quite a pummeling. A Brotherhood of Nod operative witnessing the intense fight in the base then notified Kane and President Eggman. Kane, especially was disturbed to see that if Sonic were to win it would indeed create a rift in time if LEGION were defeated.

"If your friend LEGION is this indeed powerful, and the blue foe of mine is this arrogant, he could create a horrible reality bending rift!" cried Eggman on the other line who was watching the video of the intense fight.

"I know what you mean Mr. President, but be assured, even if reality does change, I will not oddly enough" replied Kane, "you my friend would sadly not remember me if that were to happen."

"B-B-But I need your advice!" cried Eggman.

"Sorry, but you know eventually even if what I said doesn't happen, I'm the sort of person that can turn against you too" replied Kane as he turned off the other line.

Back at the GUN headquarters, the fighting was getting quite intense between LEGION and Sonic. LEGION was surprisingly weakening because of the fight. He had already used much of his energy putting Eggman as President in bending reality already.

"Face it, it just seems like I'm too much for ya" laughed Sonic as LEGION was trying to catch his breath.

"You are stronger than I thought" replied LEGION, "no matter, this means I get to use the rest of my power reserves the dear Prophet prepared for me."

LEGION then dashed straight toward Sonic, and gave him a good kick right in the stomach. He then delivered several good blows to the blue hedgehog, sending him crashing through several walls of the military base, and right into an unused tank.

"That's pretty impressive, but a friend of mine helped me learn some new moves" said Sonic referring to Shadow.

Sonic immediately used the Chaos Control technique from Shadow, and began to give LEGION quite a beating. The blue hedgehog didn't noticed, yet reality itself was rapidly changing. Kane knew this too, as he was already leaving the world organization headquarters and flying off to where the blue hedgehog was located. The battle was just about finished between the blue hedgehog and LEGION whom was badly damaged.

"I thought I was the superior being" said LEGION, "the Prophet made me superior to all."

"Well, you never messed with the likes of me then" replied Sonic.

Sonic then started to spin around LEGION, still in his Super Sonic form. The alien-Nod creation couldn't stand much more of it. Reality itself was tearing itself apart, and literally changing from within.

"Fool, stop!" cried LEGION as he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Gladly" laughed Sonic as he stopped to which LEGION soon turned into pieces with only the head of the robotic Nod soldier was left.

The Super Sonic form then also vanished, changing the blue hedgehog back into his normal form.

"Ha, I stopped the typical villain of the day like always" laughed Sonic.

"Did you?" asked LEGION to the blue hedgehog.

"What the heck do you mean by that?" asked Sonic as he picked up the robotic head.

"I believe you're missing a friend" replied LEGION to which Sonic turned around and noticed there was no Amy Rose.

"Hey, what do you mean by that?" asked Sonic.

"Dim-witted blue hedgehog" replied LEGION, "you crippled me, thus altering reality and time."

"Bah, like I've changed reality the way you have" said Sonic.

Yet as the blue hedgehog turned toward back to the city to head back to his friends, he noticed on one of the television screens a country known as the Soviet Union was growing quite strong.

"What the heck is that?" asked Sonic, "And why the heck is Eggman still President?"

"Please, need I to explain?" asked LEGION, "But sadly that will have to be left for another day."

What sort of mess the blue hedgehog has gotten himself into this time? It would seem time will have to wait for that one.