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"Hey Xion," Demyx said, walking past the hooded girl. "You're going to see Roxas today?"

Demyx looked down, staring at the quiet girl. She looked up, her face still hidden in the darkness of her hooded cloak, and nodded her head, smiling just a bit as she did.

"Yes," she said shyly.

"Well," Demyx said. "Tell him I said hi…that is, if he wakes up and all." Demyx looked away awkwardly, not sure if he had offended the girl in some way. She hardly ever spoke to anyone in the castle, and it didn't help much that he used to mess with her a bit when she was new to the group. Still, she visited Roxas every day, and it meant something to him to see her act as though she had memories of her past self, even though it really wasn't so.

"I'll tell him anyway," Xion said, her voice rose a bit. "He'll be happy to hear from you, I'm sure about that."

Demyx nodded his head, though he was a bit confused. Xion did realize that people in comas usually can't hear what's going on in the outside world? He shrugged the thought off and just smiled at the girl, letting her hurry off to Roxas' room, and making his way to the Grey Area.

It had been several days since Xigbar returned with an out cold Roxas. Since then, it had been Xion's duty to collect hearts. Nobody seemed to be overly worried about Roxas, or if they did they didn't show it all too well.

Demyx was, as odd as it was, only just a little worried. He didn't know Roxas that well, since Roxas seemed to have taken a liking to Axel and Xion only, but he couldn't help but wonder if this would affect him somehow. After all, he needed a heart in order to feel and become whole again.

Aside from getting his heart, there was really no other reason for Demyx to actually care about Roxas and when he would awake from his strange slumber. He personally couldn't think of any moment he and the boy shared together that would make him feel bad about the situation, not a mission or a simple chat in the halls. Aside from the small talk shared between them before missions, he could barely say he knew the kid.

Demyx lifted his hand, summoning up a dark corridor, and walked through it, still lost in thought about when he would finally get his heart.

When would Roxas finally wake up?

He had, of course, asked Xigbar what had happened. After a long meeting between the original members, he had asked Xigbar if he knew why Roxas had suddenly passed out. Xigbar had frowned, shaking his and shrugging, saying that he hadn't the slightest clue why the kid just fell to the floor.

Demyx walked through the dark mater, pulling himself out of the dark tunnel and entering the huge white room. He looked around, hoping to see a familiar face.

Aside from Saix, the room was completely empty.

"Where is everyone," he asked.

"There's another meeting," a cool voice said from behind.

Demyx turned around and crossed his arms, sighing.

"Another one," he asked.

"We're not invited," Luxord said with a small smile. "Whatever they're talking about, they don't want us to hear."

"I can always ask Xigbar later," Demyx said, smirking just a bit.

"I think he might keep quiet about this one," Luxord said. He stared carefully at the younger member. "There's been little talk about Castle Oblivion…I think this meeting may have something to do with it. Most likely, what we've lost."

"Lost," Demyx muttered.

He had remembered the talk about there being losses at the Castle, but the idea that more members could have been removed seemed a bit strange to him. Almost frightening.

But it had happened, or at least that's what he had heard. Most, if not all the members had been slain. Right there; they had gone from fourteen to eight…

If it wasn't such a grizzly thought, Demyx would have made a joke about a promotion.

He chuckled just a bit, earning a strange look from Luxord. Demyx looked away, his face reddening from being caught.

"…I think it's what rid of them," Luxord then said.

"What," Demyx asked.

"Who took down all of our comrades," Luxord said, pondering about the strange situation. "After all, someone had to do it…and thus far we've received no light on that problem, only being left in the dark."

Demyx frowned.

"I don't think that it's, Luxord," Demyx said, shaking his head in disbelief. "We would have been told about it if someone had killed everyone…whatever it was…"

"I don't think Xigbar would be so keen to admit something like that, Demyx," Luxord interrupted. "I know you want to believe that he wouldn't keep a secret from you…" Luxord stared hard at the young boy, breaking eye contact as he trailed off.

"Didn't someone suggest a heartless," Demyx asked. He was a bit hurt at what Luxord had said, but he knew Luxord was only making guesses. Xigbar was a superior, but there were no secrets amongst the two. Xigbar talked about meetings all the time, if anything, he always complained about them.

"That's the rumor," Luxord said, "but I'm not sure whether or not to believe it." Luxord rolled his eyes, groaning just a bit. "And all of this happening now…so problematic."

"Tell me about it," Demyx said with a groan. "First Roxas…and then this?"

Luxord shook his head, "as though they were connected somehow." He chuckled. "Of course, playing the blame game won't do much for us. We'll have to rely on Xion to do all the hard work for us."

Demyx nodded his head, though he wasn't paying complete attention to what his fiend was saying to him. He tried to think about just how many members that had lost since the mission had begun, and what he would do if he found out it was true. He could honestly say that he didn't know most of the members that well, aside from the lower ranked ones, but even that was limited to Axel. Larxene, he wouldn't miss a bit, and he felt pretty much the same about Marluxia. There was Zexion and Lexaeus, but they kept mostly to themselves, so Demyx couldn't really say he would miss them. And Vexen…well, he was Vexen. He wasn't all too friendly, so Demyx was sure there would be no remorse for him.

No, no feelings whatsoever.

Correction, there was one feeling. Relief. Thank god he had gotten away…that he didn't end up going to Castle Oblivion. He made it alive, and nobody else did!

He was lucky.

And looking back on Roxas' situation, Demyx came to the conclusion that he was really lucky. He could have ended up like that…

So what did this mean?

"Once the meeting's over, you ought to ask Xigbar," Luxord said suddenly.

"Huh," Demyx asked. "…I thought you said he would keep certain things away from us?" Demyx put a hand on his hip. "You changed your mid for some reason?"

"I still think he will," Luxord said. "But there are certain things he'll tell you before he tells anyone else. Perhaps you might get some valuable information to help us lower ranked member."

Demyx pouted.

"Doesn't sound like you have much faith in them," he murmured.

"We've been cut down in half," Luxord stated in an overly serious tone. "I think asking would do us some good. What little we can get will help us. We can't count Saix in the mixture; he's practically second in command, so consider it just the three of us."


"Xion included," Luxord commented.

"Oh, right," Demyx said.

"I think it seems only fair that we get some idea of what's going around," Luxord said, walking away and distancing himself from Saix. He leered at Demyx, making sure the boy followed him. "If they have reason to worry, then I want it too…"

Demyx hurried over, keeping himself close to the older male.

He hadn't though much about it, but Xigbar did tell him all sorts of things that he might not tell Luxord, or any other member for that matter. But then, he told him on the account that secrets were meant to be kept, right? Xigbar had done so much for him; it wouldn't seem right if he went off and sneaked around him, telling others what was going on in the castle.

"Demyx," Luxord said suddenly.

Demyx looked up at Luxord, frowning.

"What is it," Luxord asked.

Demyx took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he let the air flow out of him.

"Can I think about it," he then asked.

Luxord went silent.

"Give me some time," Demyx quickly added on. He tried to rise his posture a bit, making himself seem less confident about the idea of standing up to either Luxord or Xigbar, but still came off as a bit nervous. "I….I just feel a bit unsure about sneaking around him." Demyx cracked a weak smile. "Seems a bit wrong, don't you think?"

Luxord placed a hand on his head, looking down a bit as he muttered a few words to himself.


Luxord sighed, looking up to Demyx with a rather upset expression on his face.

"…I suppose" he said, "Yes…it would be wrong of you…but…"

Demyx could see that Luxord was conflicted; about to say something that would obviously upset him. Demyx couldn't imagine what it would be, but he closed his eyes, figuring it would have something to do with gaining this or that…

What else could it be?

But it never came. He heard Luxord sigh, and after that was nothing.

And for some reason, that made him even more worried.

Demyx looked up and saw the worried expression on the nobodies face.

"Lux," Demyx asked nervously.

"…sorry," Luxord said suddenly. He smiled at Demyx, the strange expression on his face disappeared from sight. "I just…blanked." He placed a hand on Demyx's shoulder.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah…just got lost in thought for a moment," he friend said. Demyx frowned a little, detecting that there was most likely a lie going about. But he couldn't think of why Luxord would ever lie to him, since there was nothing to lie about. Yes, it would be very wrong of him to just sneak around Xigbar, especially since Xigbar trusted him. The very thought made Demyx feel a bit sick in the stomach.

Why was Luxord acting so strange?

"Listen, Demyx," Luxord said, "just talk to him, and if anything seems wrong…"

Demyx nodded his head, though he was a bit lost in thought. His eyes darted into the long hallway, wondering what exactly was going on in the Round Room. What was so important that they couldn't know about?

"Ok," Demyx muttered, though a huge part of him still felt a bit unsure about it. He knew it probably wasn't a big deal, but the thought of betraying Xigbar in any way just didn't fit well with him. After all, Xigbar would never do the same with him…



Xigbar let his foot sink into the huge mounds of snow as he desperately tried to make his way through the mountain. Every so often he'd stop and take a good look around; hoping to find what he was looking for, only to find more snow.


Another long, boring meeting of him wishing it would end, and what happens?

It ends…and he gets sent out to look for a bloody dragon.

Were dragons even real? Xigbar knew from story books that they were usually creatures of ones imagination, not something to actually go out looking for. But Xemnas wanted a huge heartless, and he was bound and determined for him to go out and create one.

It annoyed Xigbar though. He wanted nothing more than to teleport around and hope he found one…but he knew walking treading through the snow would mean more for him to see. The winds up here were far too harsh for him to bend to his will, so he couldn't just teleport himself up and look from above. Plus, he hated snow. It was cold, wet, and it made simple thinks like walking a difficult task. But he knew Xemnas well enough to know that there was probably something out up in these mountains…

Xemnas would know about the many worlds better than anyone else…

Xigbar sneered as a cold wind hit him in the back.

God, this place!

Xigbar huffed, wondering whether he should make another attempt at finding this dragon later on. It was far too cold for him, and the day was nearly over…

Yeah, he should do that. Xemnas wouldn't dare make a huge scene about it, and it wasn't like he was afraid of Saix or anything.

Xigbar hurriedly summoned a corridor, and walked through it, shaking his legs in a desperate attempt to rid of any snow on him. He couldn't wait to get back to the castle, as sad as that might sound. He was eager to get into his room and removed his soaked uniform. Xigbar looked down at his cloaked legs, groaning as he realized how wet and tight they were around his legs.

Get back, take a long shower, and try not to choke Xemnas…

Xigbar gave a quick sigh of relief as he felt warm air envelope him. His room had never looked so wonderful.

Almost immediately, Xigbar got himself out of his clothes and got into his washroom, eager to heat himself up.

"Xigbar," a voice called.

Xigbar removed himself from the wall he had been leaning on the past several minutes. He recognized Demyx's voice, smiling with excitement as he called out to the boy/

"Hey, Demyx!"

He heard footsteps walking closer, stopping at the half opened door.

"Xigbar, are you in there," he heard the boy asked.

Xigbar shook his head.

"No, Dem, I'm not," he said sarcastically.

He could hear Demyx mutter a few words, probably embarrassed from asking the question. He let it slide as his mind wandered around the possibility of getting the boy in the shower with him. What fun that would be.

"Where were you today," he heard Demyx ask. "Cause I saw Xaldin earlier…"

"Visited a world," Xigbar said casually. "Xemnas wanted me to fetch him something."


"Yeah, a dragon," Xigbar said with a small laugh. He let his head peered through the curtains and he stared at Demyx's rather bewildered expression. "…I'm not kidding."

Demyx nodded his head rather slowly, letting a small smile appear on his face when he finished.

"By the way," Xigbar added. "You'll be going back to the Coliseum soon."

Demyx's smile faded quickly.

"What," he asked.

"Xemnas wants to you go looking for something," Xigbar said as he let his head back in, washing himself down in the heated water. "I told him you might not be a good choice, but he was bound and determined…"

"That place is sooo creepy," Demyx said with a whine. There came a small pause. Xigbar heard a bit more movement from Demyx, the boy scooting himself closer to the shower. He wondered whether the boy was thinking the same thing. "Umm, Xigbar?"

Xigbar smiled.


"So…was the meeting about missions," Demyx asked curiously from the other side of the curtains.

Xigbar withheld the urge to groan.

"Dem," he said, "trust me; you have nothing to worry about. You're not going on any hard missions, just the usual."

"Ok," he heard the boy say. "But…what else did Xemnas say?"

Xigbar shrugged, forgetting Demyx wasn't there to see. "Just the usually crap. Nothing really worth mentioning aside from what I said."

"About the dragon?"

"Pretty much," Xigbar said. He waited a few seconds, hoping Demyx would ask, but found himself giving in to temptations. "So…Dem, you wanna come in?"


"You know," Xigbar said, pushing the shower curtains aside. He grinned eagerly at the boy, hoping he could get the younger to join him. "After all, it's been a long day, and I think you could use it just as much as me, right?"

Demyx smiled. "Is that all you can think about?"

"Is cleanliness a problem," Xigbar asked innocently, sticking his hand out and beckoning the boy over.


"Plenty of room."

"I guess…"

"I know," Xigbar said, still smirking.

"Alright," Demyx said, giving into the demands. He rolled his eyes, stilling smiling as he undressed himself.

Xigbar watched as the younger removed all articles of clothing, feeling rather proud of himself. The past several days had been great. He had only momentarily worried about getting himself in trouble for his past act, figuring Xemnas may have noticed and might slap him on the wrist for it. But he hadn't. Whether it was Xemnas didn't notice, or some other factor, Xigbar could care less, he only cared that he had gotten away with it. Demyx didn't know, Xemnas didn't care, and Roxas would probably never find while he was out in happy coma land.

Things were looking pretty good.

You're probably wondering why little was mentioned about Roxas and what Xigbar did to him in the last chapter. I was planning to upload a unrated chapter, but due to the Terms of Service being brought down on my ass, I couldn't get to it. So let me me the one to say, yes, Xigbar did the naughty. The reason why it wasn't mentioned so much in this chapter is more to do with Xigbar simply not feeling remorse for what he did. He doesn't care.

I plan on uploading more chapter with M rated content, but those chapters will take longer to upload, since peoples idea of what is M and MA varies.