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Nessie POV

The sun was visible through my window as sunrise came. I opened my eyes, feeling refreshed and excited for the new day. Excited because I was going to see Jacob. I was hanging out with Jacob more and more. I felt like I had this stronger connection with him than I have ever had my entire life.

I rolled out of bed, showering and getting dressed. I skipped down the hallway and to the kitchen where I was about to make myself a bowl of cereal. My father Edward looked up from his book to me as I skipped along to the kitchen.

"You're looking rather excited."

Of course, having a mind reader for a father, he already knew.

"Yes, I'm going down to La Push to see Jacob for a while, is that ok?"

"I don't mind. You do spend a lot more time with him lately."

My father always takes note on how much time I spend with Jacob, what we're doing, and how long I'm gone. Now that I've gotten older he has more of an eye on me and Jake. Not that he never watched Jacob's behavior towards me, but it annoyed me sometimes.

I made my bowl of Cheerios and sat down across from my father at the table. He continued reading his book while I ate my Cheerios, tracing the lines on the wooden table with my free hand. After about ten minutes I noticed my mother Bella wasn't here.

"She's up at the mansion."

My father put his book down and looked at me. His golden eyes studied me until I gave him a curious glance. He noticed my train of thought.

"Nothing Ness, just thinking."

He kept doing that, the whole staring thing, all month. I wasn't sure if it was because my birthday was coming up. I was reaching my physical maturity of 17.

Then I would stop aging.

No more growth spurts, no more physical changes throughout the days, and no more hiding from the world. I would be able to go to school, and even better, see my grandmother Renee.

My grandma Renee thinks my parents, myself, and the rest of the Cullen family live in Canada. I have never met her, but I so badly want to and wait for the moment to finally meet her. I was very excited for that day. My father brought me out of my reverie.

"You will meet her soon. I promise"

He smiled, giving me that smile that my mother always loved, and one that always made me smile back. I went back to my cereal, finishing it then grabbing my coat on my way out the door to La Push.