Chapter 1 – Slippery When Wet

Lucius Malfoy was preoccupied as he climbed the two flights of stairs up to the room he shared with Narcissa.

As much as he tried not to think about her his thoughts constantly drifted back to his wife's sister... Bellatrix.

Every time she was around he couldn't help watching her. Her dark sensual allure drew his eyes like a magnet. Those large dark eyes... those long dark waves of hair... that porcelain skin... that luscious pouty mouth...

She was beautiful, sensual and completely seductive. She was also completely off limits. They were both married and she was his sister-in-law. If he was honest with himself the fact she was forbidden fruit made her even more tempting. He couldn't though. He wouldn't. He loved his wife.

He had no doubt Bella was well aware of the effect she had on him. The same effect she had on most men.

She seemed to enjoy teasing him... flicking him seductive glances...smirking at him with those lovely lips... lowering her voice to a husky purr when she spoke to him... trailing her hand down those lovely curves when she saw he was looking. Oh yes. She knew he wanted her.

Sometimes when he was alone he would imagine what it would be like to give in to her. To have her. To have her slender body naked and writhing under his. On those occasions he would invariably need a cold shower.

In fact... a shower sounded good at the moment. It was a very warm July day and he'd been kept busy with work for the Dark Lord all day. He walked into the large elegantly decorated bedroom. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts he didn't notice the soft sound of the shower running in the en suite bathroom.

Lucius stripped down so he was wearing nothing but his pants and headed for the shower. As he slid the door open to the bathroom the sound of the shower hit him. The room was full of steam. Which was strange. Narcissa had gone out several hours ago. The figure he could see hazily through the semi-opaque door of the shower was definitely feminine.

The figure in the shower turned to face him and the shower shut off. The door of the shower opened and Bellatrix stepped out, dripping wet and completely naked.

"Shower's free" she said brightly, seemingly unconcerned with the fact she didn't have a thing on. He however was very aware of that fact. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her body. Droplets of water adorned the full creamy breasts tipped in dark rose... the flat stomach... the slender shapely legs. Her long dark hair was hanging in limp curls down her back.

He hoped she hadn't noticed the way he was staring... or the fact that his pants were becoming confiningly tight...

"Sorry..." she said slightly smugly, the mischievous look on her face saying she wasn't sorry at all. "The hot water in my shower isn't working so Cissy said I could use yours" she said casually.

He swallowed hard. "That's quite all right" he said rather hoarsely.

"Pass me a towel?" she said nonchalantly, holding out her hand. He quickly passed her a fluffy white towel from the shelf. She rubbed her long dark sopping curls vigorously for several moments before finally wrapping the towel around her body.

Her dark eyes skimmed over his slender, slightly muscled torso and a lascivious grin flickered over her pretty, delicate features. She gave him a cheeky wink as she breezed past him and left the bathroom.