A Paradox by Any Other Name- Prologue.
A Paradox By Any Other Name
Author: SpiritofEowyn
Rating:PG-- PG 13
Pairing: 10/Rose Other characters you've probably heard of.
Summary: My name is Rose Tyler and this is the story of how the Doctor died, again.( My version of the 2009 Specials.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, if I did I'd be financially well off.

A/N:Spoilers through Journeys End and any rumors you've heard about the New Years Specials and the 10th doctor's regeneration. This is my version of what the New Years special will be like. Probably 4-6 chapters beyond this prologue, if you count the interlude.

A Paradox By Any Other Name

My name is Rose Tyler and this is the story of how the Doctor died, again.


On Boxing Day I met a charming man, tall dark and handsome. I was carrying a large box that rose right about my eyes, filled with all the things my mum wanted me to return to the shop on the worst day to do so, which included a lavender jumper which wasn't the right cut, which she had given her. So not only was her mum returning Rose's gift, but she was making HER return it for her and give her the store credit. To add to her joy she was going to have to tell her supervisor why her mom did not find a greatly employee discounted Henrik's sweater wasn't good enough for her when she wore TopShops. Add on the dustbuster that Dad's Mother had sent them,which Mum insisted was an insult on her housecleaning and Rose was almost glad to be out. It was shaping up to be that kind of day. It didn't surprise me that when I took a corner too fast I ran into someone, scattering the contents of my Dustbuster box and one jumper that had been stuffed inside across the sidewalk.

"Great." I muttered to myself. "This is brillant." The crowds passed me by like I was an incovinent island.

"Sorry about that. " He smiled at me like he was filming the leading role in a romantic flick, or breathmint ad. He graciously helped me return everything to the box.

"Thank you," I noticed his eyes sparkle with inordinate pleasure.

"Here, let me carry it for you." He offered, lifting it with ease.

"No, I-" I waved my hands at him.

"But I insist. It's the least I can do."His voice was saccharine. "Now where am I taking this," he noticed the color of the box with barely restrained mirth. "Blue box?"

Either he had an odd sense of humor or he was one of those perpectually perky people.

"Oh, I'm returning it to Henrik's right down the street. I know, On boxing day," I rolled my eyes. "But my mum insisted."

He gave a polite laugh. "Mmm. How obedient of you." He offered his free arm to me. " Let's be off." If he wanted to play the part of a gentleman and carry my stuff for me, I wouldn't complain.

There was something old and otherworldly about this man who couldn't really be that much older than me. He just didn't seem to fit into a busy London street. He was just too excited about the world. It wasn't a bad thing, for a guy to be nice and cheerful. Far from it, it was intrigueing.

He waited as I returned the items, standing guard behind me. Now he must be playing the part of the faithful knight. Her coworker who ran the return transaction gave her that look.

"So who's the bloke? Did you break up with Mickey?" She asked nosily.

"No, just some," I shook my head. "Nice guy."

"Guys aren't nice to pretty girls just for laughs." She advised knowingly.

"Mind your own business Charene." I cleared my throat and raised my eyebrows significantly. "It's not like that."

I grabbed the Store Credit debit card for my mom, shoved it in my pocket and walked towards the door.

My knight was right behind me. "So! Where would you like to go next, my lady Rose." He bounced on his toes and did a comic bow.

I laughed. "Look Mister I don't even know your name and I'm kinda seeing someone, Thanks though." Warning shot through my stomach. " Hold on, how do you know my name?"

He blinked, but quickly regained his composure. " What else would your name be? A flower of such beauty-" He reached towards her face with manic energy." Such a pretty face."

"You still didn't tell me your name-"

His eyes laughed at her. "Don't you know? I'm Harold Saxon at your service," He leaned in close to whisper in her ear, as if imparting a great secret, "But you can call me... Harry."

This was getting too intimate and he was taking too many liberties."Yeah, I think I should go home."

"Then allow me to escort you." Harold grabbed her arm and put it through his. He started telling me jokes to keep my attention. Whenever I thought about walking home alone, I felt this wave of trust for this stranger and the thought left before it could be focused on more.

We were several blocks from home when I saw him.

A tall man with some really great dark hair, wearing a suit. He glared at us from across the street. Herald saw him cross the street towards us and led me into an alleyway. I looked over my shoulder to see Great Hair catch up with us and yank Heralds arm away- separating us.

"Get away from her." He growled murderously at my helper. When he glanced at me his expression changed to something like fear. "Rose, RUN!"

Then he punched Herald right in the face. I was outraged. "Oi! Who are you? Beating up on innocent people like that?" I returned to Harold. "Are you alright?"

"Indeed. Who are you?" Harold challenged confidently. I almost thought he was enjoying this. He snaked his arm around my back. "Care to say? Oh. That's right you can't. Shove off." Harold looked me up and down appreciatively. " You're interrupting my date with Rose Tyler." My 'date 's' glee should have warned me but I couldn't think straight with his arm around me.

Great Hair looked horrified, sickened as his jaw worked like he was holding back words, or bile. His chest heaved like he had been running much farther than he had. His dark eyes were begging me, now glassy and hard, his tongue quickly running over his teeth. His eyebrows raised as he told me, " Rose, you need to go home- NOW."

I stumbled backward from the intensity of his gaze. Looking like he knew me. I tried to back up to escape from it but my feet wouldn't move. My legs were immovable but the fingers on my free hand were not and tapped out a beat furiously on my leg, a beat like the repeating sound of drums.

"Stop it. Let her go." Great Hair bit out tremulously, as if the words pained him.

"Or What?" Harold taunted, tilting his head. "Empty threats. After all I've done," He gripped her elbow, trapping her arm to her body. "You still didn't have it in you to harm me. You won't now over one-Oh, or is this one different?" Harold forced her chin so that she had to look at him, but Rose's eyes were still drawn to Great Hair. "I've always wondered what you saw in this one." The once charming man was dismissive to her face. She felt like a toy fought over by two angry dogs.

Great Hair growled much like a dog, and pulled out what looked like a strange metal pen with a flashing blue eraser.

And that was it. Nothing else happened that day. I had fish and chips. Saw Mickey and Mum, went to bed, woke up the next morning like nothing had happened.

Nothing worth remembering.