Hot Shot's girl: Hi, I'm new to the One Piece fanfics and just recently became a fan of the show. I know crazy right, well anyways I've been thinking of this for quite some time and decided to try and give it a write since someone else wrote something very similar. Of course this story will be a little different and well let's just say it takes place some time after the Ace execution incident and Luffy has his whole team back and ship :D

Dragon smiled seeing the Thousand Sunny, the ship of his only son sailing away into the sunset. His boy had finally, after much turmoil and heartache, rescued his brother Ace, and found his crew and ship. His boy had become a man in such a sort amount on his life journey.

"He has completed so much in his life in such a short amount of time," came Ivankov as he came up next to his dear old friend.

"Yes, he has," said Dragon keeping his smile as he bowed his head and sighed. "But . . . can he be more?"

"Vhat do you mean by dat Dragon?" asked Ivankov tilting his head slightly.

It was then Dragon opened his eyes still having that sinister grin plastered upon his face. Yes his son had gone through unimaginable tests and always came out on top only proving to his father he was a man, but if circumstances were different would he continue to beat all odds? Dragon wanted to know if his son could truly conquer the sea against all odds.

"I know my son can conquer the sea because he has proven he is a man, but can he go against all odds and do the same . . . as a woman?" Dragon asked knowing that was the true question that resided.

The Straw Hat crew laughed liked they used to once again onboard the Thousand Sunny. Some even laughed 'til it hurt, but they didn't care for it was a good hurt to them. Others who laughed, laughed 'til they cried and weren't afraid to show the tears. They were all so happy that if they died right now they'd be content.

None could believe all that had happened to them, how they all separated and miraculously came back together once again. It was like something out of some kind of fiction storybook. Even though many questioned 'how' they let it slide knowing they just really didn't care at the moment.

"Who can believe it huh?" said Nami with a content sigh as she leaned back in her seat with a mug in her hands.

"I know what you mean," said Robin with a sparkling smile. "Against all odds we somehow found each other again, and now it is like nothing every happened to us in the first place."

"That's a good thing though," said Nami with a nod as the girls turned to see the three youngest dancing around the deck.

Brooke had his violin out and played Bink's Sake while the rest of the crew sang it. Franky sat beside him having his guitar out and joining in the melody. Sanji created the feast all were chowing down on now and was now bringing specially created desserts to the females of the group. Zoro just sat against the railing with a mug in hand and a content smile.

The Captain had never been more happy and it was then he swore nothing could cast his spirits down again because he had all he needed. He had saved Ace; he had his crew, his ship—and meat. Yep, he was one content 17-year-old. Come to think of it not even finding the One Piece could amount to the happiness he had right now—nope—nothing could.

The crew pretty much partied until they fell asleep. All fell asleep on the lawn, Luffy covered in a large cake Sanji had created just for his Captain. Chopper still had chopsticks stuck in his nose as he slumbered, and Zoro a half full mug in his hand.

All were too 'partied' out to even notice the cloaked person that had managed to find and board their ship in silence. Under the veil of night the person made their way towards the slumbering crewmembers and searched for his target. Once found the person came up to the Captain covered in cake and placed his hands on the Captain's face.

"Hormone hormone change," he whispered as he activated his Devil Fruit powers on the Captain.

All that was heard out of the straw hat was the inhale of a snore. He never knew what hit him as what was done was done and the mystery man placed the Captain back down on the green grass. The person straightened as he saw his work was done. With a smile he turned and said as he left—

"Velcome to our vorld now . . . Luffy."

The sun rose high in the sky and told everyone it was time to wake up. All woke up and covered their eyes from the bright rays of the jolly sun. With a few groans most managed to wake up, well all except their goofy Captain.

"Uh, I need a shower," groaned Nami as she massaged her neck. "I can't believe I fell asleep out here."

With a yawn she got up and walked past everyone who began to wake up themselves. Just as she was about to head towards the door Sanji came before her with hearts in his eyes asking—

"Do you want me prepare your shower for you Nami?!"

"No Sanji," she said with a sigh. "I'm a big girl. I can do it myself."

"As you wish my dear!" he sang moving aside so she could get through.

Robin picked up the book that was neglected next to her and began to flip through the pages. Brooke woke with a great 'Yohoho!' and it was then everyone knew he was up. The only ones still slumbering after everyone were awake was Zoro and their dear Captain who was still covered with his party cake.

"Hey, someone wake up Luffy," said Sanji looking at him. "I can't stand the sight of him in that mess."

"Okay," said Usopp as he trotted over towards his Captain and poked him in the face. "Hey Luffy, rise and shine."

After about a minute of poking Luffy woke with a start, sitting up swiftly. Usopp nearly toppled backwards by the sudden action, but he should be used to these things by now. Luffy bore that 'morning' look as he slugged his body forwards still covered in white crème.

"Na . . . what is it?" he asked turning his head to Usopp who blinked at him strangely.

"Luffy, you feeling okay?" he asked looking at his close friend.

"What're you talking about Usopp of course I do," he said waking up a bit more finding Usopp the one acting strange.

"Luffy, you didn't suck the helium out of the balloons from the party again did you?" asked Sanji with a sigh as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"Not that much!" whined Luffy turning to the cook as he leaned up on his hands and knees making some of the leftover cake fall off his head, neck, and chest.

It was then there was silence as all stared at their Captain. There, revealed by the piece of cake that fell from his chest, where a pair of . . . well something that wasn't supposed to be there. Luffy noticed the strange stares and the growing eyes that seemed to be directed towards him.

"Na . . . what is wrong with you all?" he asked tilting his head to the side making the 'attachment' slightly jiggle letting everyone know they were real.

"Lu—Luffy," started Sanji trying to find a way to speak, but couldn't.

"Um, Luffy," said Robin covering her mouth never seeing anything like it before.

"Eeehhh! Luffy!" shrieked Chopper with bug eyes.

"Holy shi—" began Franky lifting up his sunglasses to get a better look.

Usopp just stood there with his jaw touching the floor. Luffy looked at everyone's expressions and couldn't get what was so wrong—they've seen him dressed in food before haven't they?

"YohoHO! HOLY CRAP YOU'RE A GIRL!! . . . can I see your panties?" came Brooke leaning down towards his 'female' Captain.

"Na?" was all Luffy said as he looked up at his musician in confusion.

That sudden outburst from Brooke was all it took to wake the slumbering swordsman up and see what was all the ruckus. He looked around and examined everyone's expression first before examining the cause of them. Once his emerald eyes fell on his Captain he didn't see anything wrong with him—at first. Slowly, but surely his eyes scanned the whole being of his Captain and found what Brooke screamed earlier was true.

"You pervert!!" came Sanji as he kicked Brooke upside the head in the defense of the new—'girl'.

"Luffy's a girl?!" asked Zoro in shock doing his best shocked face.

"Oh look who final realized something," Sanji said with a roll of his eye and head.

"What was that crappy cook?!" growled Zoro instantly forgetting his shock.

"Knock it off you two!" came a familiar voice that only belonged to Nami who came out in a towel robe and wet hair.

"Nami!" sang Sanji doing a noodle dance.

"I was interrupted in the shower by Brooke screaming. Geez you can hear him from the other side of the ship. Now I heard him scream out something like Luffy's a girl—" at that she turned and looked at her Captain, upon realization that her Captain was now sporting a pair of breasts her mind wasn't too far off with other things 'she' now sported. "Ahh!! Luffy you're a girl!!"

"And you say I'm slow?" asked Zoro glancing at Sanji thus receiving a heated glare from the cook and soon, before the two knew it, they were in a starring contest.

"What are you guys going on about that I'm a gir—" started Luffy as he sat back and looked down to find a pair of breasts similar to the ones Nami and Robin sported, but not as large.

Luffy's eyes shot out of his head and were as wide as saucers. What on the Grand Line are those?! He felt himself start to sweat thinking that if all them screaming he'd been turned into a girl then a pair of breasts isn't all he gained.

"WHAT THE HE--!!!" he screeched jumping up and finding himself in a strange body, one that was DEFINITELY NOT his own.

With the Captain's sudden outburst the whole deck went crazy. Usopp, Chopper, and Luffy refrained to running around in circles and sometimes bumping into each other. Brooke and Franky just continued to try and pull out their hair, while Sanji tried to finish his cigarette in a minute.

"QUIET!!" shouted Nami getting everyone's attention and making all the madness stop. "This problem isn't going to fix itself with all you freaking out so just calm down!"

"Calm down?!" gasped Usopp taking a step forward. "Luffy has boobs Nami. HOW CAN WE STAY CALM?!!"

With that she whacked him over the head and he fell seemingly unconscious. She tried to slow her breathing down and get that anger of hers under control so she could coach the others in the ways of staying calm. After she slowed her breathing she inhaled and exhaled and looked at the others with determination in her eyes.

"Don't worry you guys, we're going to figure this out, but first we need to check if Luffy was changed into a whole woman," she said.

"I agree," said Robin standing up knowing it was up to her and Nami to figure this out.

"W-what are you talking about?" asked Luffy not liking where this was going.

"Come on," said Nami grabbing him by the 'if not' skinner wrist and dragging him inside with her and Robin.

"I didn't like the sounds of that," said Usopp getting up and glaring at the door that led inside.

And so all the men waited impatiently outside wondering if the impossible had happened, and if the impossible had happened to their one and only Captain. As they waited they all jumped and were startled by the sudden scream that came from none other than their Captain.


"Well," sighed Sanji taking another long drag. "Looks like the impossible happened—and to that nut case of all people."

"So you're saying he became a female overnight?" asked Zoro trying to comprehend everything.

"Looks that way," said Franky lifting a brow. "I don't remember him being a female yesterday."

"You're right!" gasped Chopper. "Something must have happened when we were all asleep."

"But what? Is the question," said Usopp holding his index finger in the air.

All attention was then turned to the opening of a door as the 'girls' came out. Luffy looked like someone had told him he was doing to die tomorrow. He seemed paler than normal and his whole body was sluggish with his eyes down cast like the rest of his body.

"Well it's official," said Nami placing her hands on her hips. "Luffy's a full woman."

It was then Luffy started to cry. He placed his hands to his face and fell to his knees crying—

"Someone has stolen my manhood!"

"Luffy, it'll be okay you'll see," cooed Robin as she knelt beside 'her' and placed a comforting hand on 'her'.

"No it won't!" he cried wanting to crawl under a rock and die—this feeling almost felt the same that those the negative ghosts had once caused him, very close to it. "How am I supposed to be Captain now?!"

"Luffy, there are plenty of girls who are Captains," said Robin with a soft smile.

"Name 'sniff' twenty," Luffy said looking at her with teary brown eyes.

"Uh," was all Robin could say to a question like that.

"You see!" whined Luffy burying his face in his skinner arms.

"Luffy," sighed Robin trying to help Luffy out of this state.

"Hey, Captain," Zoro called out to the weeping girl.

"Hm?" said Luffy looking up at his First Mate.

"Are you our Captain or not?" asked Zoro. "You usually don't let something like this get you down—unless . . . you're an imposter!"

"Zoro!" said everyone thinking how absurd that phrase was.

"Our Luffy would never cry over something as petty as a sex change," said Zoro crossing his arms. "So are you Luffy or not?"

There was silence now. All heads turned to their Captain as he covered his face with his bangs and hat. He then shrugged Robin off as he stood up with all the pride he had left and looked at Zoro with narrowed eyes.

"Never say I am an imposter again!" he said in a lower voice, well lower for a girl. "I am and always will be Monkey D. Luffy and don't any of you forget it!"

This caused everyone to smile as they all said—

"Aye aye Captain."

"Well," said Zoro with a sigh as he got up from his resting spot and walked over to his Captain. "What are your orders now?—Captain?"

"We find the guy that did this to me!" he said turning out to the ocean and leaning against the railing.

"But where to we start?" asked Usopp holding his hands out in confusion. "We don't know the first place to look."

"Well think," said Nami. "What other thing can do this to someone?"

"My guess is a Devil Fruit," said Robin.

"Then a Devil Fruit it is," said Nami hitting her hand with her fist. "But who in the Grand Line has something like that?"

"Luffy, do you know someone who has that ability?" asked Zoro looking quite calmly at him/her.

"Hmmm," said Luffy looking and thinking about it. "Nah, can't say I do."

"Hhh, well that's just great!" cursed Nami. "We're on a wild goose chase then!"

"Then I guess Luffy will have to be stuck as a girl for a while," said Zoro with a sigh as he turned to the rest of the crew.

"WHAT?!" screeched Luffy turning to him. "But I don't want to be stuck as THIS!!"

"Well, knowing you, you have met someone like that but can't think of it," said Zoro with a shrug as he turned to his Captain. "So 'oh well' right?"

"No, no!" said Luffy shaking his head trying his hardest to think. "I'm trying to think really, but I don't know!"

"Calm down Luffy," said Sanji stepping forward trying to still see him as man than a woman. "We're here for ya, and we'll figure this out."

"Yeah," said Luffy with a smile and nod of his head.

"So . . . now what to we do?" asked Usopp not knowing where to start with something like this.

"Uh," Nami was about to say something when Chopper jumped up and down exclaiming there was an island.

Everyone turned to see an island in the distance and even saw it had some docks, a sign of civilization. Nami seeing this got a brilliant idea and so smiled as she turned to Luffy and said—

"Well—since he might be stuck like this for a while—I say it is time we take the Captain shopping."

"Na?" was all Luffy could say as 'she' cocked 'her' head.

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