Takeshi continued to sit against a tree near the edge of a cliff, where the ocean breeze would occasionally blow across his raven locks. Sure every now and then he'd inhale that salty sea air for relaxation, but he didn't come there to stare out at the sea or feel the cool ocean breeze on his skin—no, he was there to sit by himself, and stare . . . stare into the faces of his parents.

Takeshi's emerald eyes scanned every feature he could of the two as he held their current wanted posters in his hands. He'd spend a couple minutes gazing at one until he'd turn his attention to the other and gaze at that for a good amount of time. He'd hold one up into the light of the sun and stare at it for any details he's missed and then he'd do the same routine to the other.

For hours now he had been there—leaning against the trunk of a tree just staring at the photos. After taking in all the detail he could about them in their photos he'd turn to pick up their bios the government had collected throughout their years of being Pirates. He made sure to memorize every informed letter about them. He didn't know why he was doing this really—in truth he shouldn't care right? Well . . . at least that's what he told himself for nearly 12 years, but now . . . now that he knew it was the government that took him away from his parents . . . could he not care anymore?

They didn't abandon me, was all he thought as he looked at their pictures and wondered what they were like in real life.

Though Takeshi was curious as to what his life would be like if he was ever raised by them and not the government he still didn't like pirates. He would not hate the government for taking him away from such a hard life. Now, as a matter of fact, he thanked them for he knew being a Pirate came at a risk—especially since he was the child of the Pirate King and the World's Greatest Swordsman.

Takeshi neatly placed their pictures down and went to pick up the 3rd wanted poster—that of his older brother. Takeshi looked at him; it was recent—unlike the previous one of him as him as nothing but a baby. He looked to be around his age and a well mixture of both his parents—though looking more like Roronoa like Takeshi looked more like Straw Hat.

Takeshi thought back when his great grandfather, and grandfather, had told him about his family.

"You have an older brother named Roronoa D. Kichiro," Dragon said with a soft nod as he took out an old wanted poster. "At a very early age he was given a high bounty and since he was vulnerable at this age many a bounty hunter sought after him, but his parents made sure it wasn't easy to capture him."

"As you can see he is still wanted—alive," Garp said as he brought out a recent photo of the boy whom had grown quite a bit. "One of my men managed to take this picture of him when I was visiting Luffy. I told them no pictures and then I find out his finger 'slipped'."

"You still visit him gramps?" Takeshi asked as he took the poster and examined it more closely.

"Of course I do!" Garp scoffed, poking out his proud chest. "I have to keep track of my grandsons and great you know."

"Then how come you'd never bring me along?" Takeshi asked.

"Because it was forbidden for you to know about your heritage.," Garp admitted with a sad sigh. "So ordered by the World Government—so not to give you any thoughts of joining your parents."

"I don't plan on it," Takeshi said plainly. "Related to Pirates or Revolutionaries or not—I'm staying with the right side of the law, but if it's against the law then why tell me now."

"I'm getting tired of keeping secrets," Garp said with a sigh. "I ended up telling Dragon here accidentally—and then he insisted on seeing you—which the only way to do so is telling you. You tend to want to know who it is you're addressing."

"So what are you going to do now Takeshi?" Dragon asked as he gazed at his second grandchild. "Now that you know the truth about your parents."

Takeshi only gazed down at the three posters. He'd never seen these posters before even though they were very infamous around the world—he could just care less—at the time. Now he knew the reasons why he was never showed these . . . he looked just like them all.

"Two dads . . . and a brother," Takeshi said, holding all three in posters in his hand with his other arm tucked behind his head. "What an odd family."

Just because they're my family doesn't mean I have to like them, Takeshi thought to himself as he placed the posters down and gazed up at the clouds overhead.

"Hm, it's going to be a nice day today," he said to himself knowing the skies were changing for the better.

Still though, he was curious—curious as to what it would have been like if they raised him. If he had been a pirate like, what seemed like, the rest of his family.

Both parents, older brother, and an uncle . . . all pirates, Takeshi thought to himself, imagining all of them saying the infamous 'arg' of the pirates at the same time—though it was exaggerated. Well—great gramps, and gramps, still love them so I guess I have to as well. I'm sure they're all not that bad. Plus, after reading their profiles it seems like they're no ordinary pirates.

Takeshi sat up and took their profiles in his hands again. Skimming over the content of their personalities, their likes, dislikes, etc. Some of the things were so ridiculous he wondered just how Luffy had become Pirate King or Zoro World's Greatest Swordsman.

Let's see, Straw Hat—very naive at times, especially in fights, though always seems to come out on top. Likes—meat, meat, and, oh look at this, meat, Takeshi read to himself, skimming the profiles over once more. Roronoa Zoro—has the worst sense of direction on the face of the planet . . . well I'm glad I didn't inherit that from him, Takeshi thought to himself with a slight snicker, never being he one to admit he was lost when he gets lost quite often. Likes—rum, swords, and sleeping . . . how common. Dislikes—the cook on their ship? I wouldn't know, Takeshi then turned to the last person in his family—his older brother. Roronoa D. Kichiro—little is known about the child of the Pirate King and World's Greatest Swordsman only that he seems to take after the swordsman of the family, sometimes often fighting with his fists. Likes—his parents? Is that all? Dislikes—the World Government—hhh, wouldn't you know it.

"Well—maybe I won't get along with them, if I ever met them, like I thought," Takeshi gave off a soft nod.

"Hey Takeshi, what are you doing?" came his sister up behind him, startling the lad some.

Takeshi quickly shoved all the documents under his jacket to where the dark-haired girl couldn't see them.

"Oh, Rinko, it's you," Takeshi said, turning his head towards the pale girl. "You done training?"

"On a break," Rinko said as she turned to gaze out into the ocean with her half brother. "What about you? Shouldn't you be training as well?"

"Don't need to," Takeshi said smugly, closing his eyes with a smirk. "I'm too good to train anymore."

"Tch, yeah right," Rinko said with a snicker, playfully shoving the boy in the shoulder. "You of all people should keep on training. You need to perfect that power of yours."

"I had it at a young age, I've grown with it—it's easy to control it that way," Takeshi said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"I did too, but father always says to train with it so how come that doesn't apply to you?" Rinko asked as she placed her fists on her hips.

"Dunno, maybe 'cause I'm not his child," Takeshi said with a smirk, looking towards Rinko.

"So!" she said. "But he does train you some, so he's your teacher!"

"I have many a teacher dear sister," Takeshi said with a yawn, closing his eyes, ready for yet another nap that afternoon. "I can listen, or not listen, to anyone I want."

"You're a pig, you know that Takeshi?" Rinko grunted but soon heard the soft snores of her brother. "Ugh! There you go again! Going to sleep to avoid questions!"

Hhh! I hate it when he does that! Rinko inwardly groaned as she watched her brother casually nap—like he does EVERY day.

Rinko was about to leave him to his 'slumber' when something caught her eyes. She stopped and turned to see a small piece of paper sticking out of his jacket. It looked to be part of a wanted poster—but of who? And since when does Takeshi look at wanted posters?

With a few confused blinks Rinko went on her way. Takeshi really wasn't one to hide things—especially from her. They were family, brother and sister—why would he hide something from her? Was it bad? What was it? Rinko gave an annoyed sigh knowing this thought was going to be bugging her for a very long time.

"You got them?" Sengoku asked, walking around his desk towards the two CP9 agents who had just returned from a very successful mission.

"Yes," Kaku said with a nod.

"I want to see them," Sengoku said, about ready to head towards the room the children were being kept.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Jyabura cut in, coming up to the Fleet Admiral holding his hand. "They're vicious little monsters. Bit me good."

Sengoku examined the way the wolf was holding his hand and then noticed something off about him . . .

"What happened to your hair?" Sengoku asked, raising a brow—it seemed—shorter.

"Da- - brats cut it off when I wasn't looking!" Jyabura complained as he took out the severed part of his hair still trying to reattach it with tape or glue.

"We managed to knock them out at first, but they're awake now," Kaku said. "Kichiro won't let anyone near the other children—he's quite the vicious older brother of the group."

"I see," Sengoku said as he casually made his way back to his chair. "Still though—it's been 12 long years of searching for him and now that we have him, I want to see him."

"I'll go fetch him for you, but mind you—he won't come willingly," Kaku said as he turned.

"I'm a very patient man," Sengoku replied, motioning for the zoan to be off and fetch the long awaited lad.

And so Sengoku waited as Kaku left to fetch him. Sengoku had to admit it took some time for Kaku to return with the child, but he could see the reason very vaguely as the boy struggled against the giraffe's grasp.

"Let me go da- - you!" Kichiro spat, pulling and pulling at the hand that had a firm hold of his arm. "Don't you touch the others or I swear I'll—!"

"Kichiro—it's been a long time," Sengoku spoke up as he rose from his seat and came to stand in front of the boy.

"Hm? Who the he- - are you?" Kichiro asked, gazing at the old man.

"Tsk, tsk, such a filthy mouth for as young a child as you," Sengoku said, shaking his head in disappointment. "Must be living with those awful pirates."

"Awful?" Kichiro questioned. "You're the awful ones!"

"I suppose that is what your parents told you," Sengoku said with a sigh, his hand coming to rest on the side of his desk. "Children always believe what they are told right?"

"No!" Kichiro spat. "If you were to tell me my parents are evil I wouldn't believe you!"

"I can see that," Sengoku said. "You've been on their side for far too long I'd say. It'll be mighty hard to convince you what is right and what is wrong."

"What are you talking about? !" Kichiro gave off a feral growl that reminded many in the room of his father—Roronoa.

"You believe that your parents, who are pirates, sworn enemies of the World Government, are good right?" Sengoku asked.

"Of course!" Kichiro spat.

"Ah, an obvious answer," Sengoku said with a nod. "But you see . . . any parent that would put their child through a life of piracy is nothing but evil."

"That's not true!" Kichiro spat, struggling once more in Kaku's grasp.

"Oh, but it is. They kept you onboard their dangerous ship that is constantly being chased by Marines, bounty hunters, and other pirates. I wouldn't call that the safest place at the moment," Sengoku said with a slight nod, placing his arms behind his back and straightening his spine. "They knew the risks—but they didn't care. They could have easily let someone else raise you on a safe out-of-the-way island, but no—they'd rather put your life on the line at sea—the most dangerous place in the world."

"T-That's not true!" Kichiro growled as he shook his head, denying it. "They made sure we were all safe!"

"Is that so?" Sengoku asked, turning to pick up a few documents on his desk. "I have here, some accounts from pirates, and bounty hunters who had attacked the Straw Hats and, on few occasions, taken you hostage as a young child . . . irresponsible if I don't say so myself."

"But—but they still got me back!" Kichiro tried biting back, he knew his parents weren't the best in the world but they tried and that's why he loved them so much.

"Still, you can't deny that if you were raised alongside your brother you would have been safer," Sengoku said, raising a brow.

"I don't want to be a Marine!" Kichiro nearly shouted.

"You'll change your mind soon enough son," Sengoku said with a light smile, coming up to the trembling boy to pat him firmly on the shoulder. "Besides, I'm sure the others will make fine additions to your Marine unit if you become one."

Sengoku only watched the boy clench his fists and tremble. He watched him bite his bottom lip in frustration, not knowing what to do or say about the situation at hand. It was a good sign to him—it meant the boy might bend to their will—which was a good thing.

"Take him away," Sengoku ordered Kaku. "Take him to see his brother."

"Yes sir," Kaku said with a salute before he turned and took the boy away who was still in a frustrated type of manner.

"Eh—what about the other devils?" Jyabura asked, jabbing his thumb behind him where they resided somewhere.

"Yes—about those," Sengoku said with a sigh, trying to think of what to do with the extra luggage. "You'll probably need to split them up if you wish to work better with them. Many are still young so it shouldn't be a problem—right?"

"Uh, right sir," Jyabura said with a short bow before he turned and darted off.

Yes, Sengoku thought to himself. Pirate children make the finest warriors—especially with as strong as parents as they have. No doubt they'll become just as strong, or even stronger than them . . . and every single one of them will be fighting 'against' them.

"Alright Olvia—you think you're small enough to fit through this?" Buddy asked as he and the twins moved away a stone from the cell they were in.

"Y-Yeah, but why do I have to go by myself?" the youngest of the group asked with a pout as she shifted a rock under her feet.

"Because you're the only one that can fit through it," Buddy said. "Now I don't know where they took Kichiro, but it can't be good."

"They probably took him to the torture rooms," Tange said with a nod. "Captain said they do that to Pirates."

"Really? !" Olvia squeaked in fear.

"Don't scare her Tange!" Takeo said, turning to his sister. "We need her to be brave!"

"Yeah sis," Buddy said as he turned to his little sister. "You have to get out of this place and find mom, dad, and the others. You have to tell them where we are okay? So they can come and save us."

"B-but I don't know where we are," she all but cried, she was really scared right now.

"Don't cry sis," Buddy said, placing his hands on her shoulders. "You can do this, just escape outside, find out where we are, and then steal a boat or something to go find mom and dad and the others."

"Sniff, okay," she said with a sniff and light nod.

"Can you do that?" they all asked.

"Yeah," she said with another nod, this one more surer.

"You sure?" Buddy asked one more time.

"Yes!" she said with a firm nod, readying to crawl into the tight hole the others had managed to dig out for her.

Right when she got her head in all jumped at the sound of the door being opened.

"Crap!" Tange gasped upon seeing someone enter—they'd been caught.

"Hey—what the he- - are you brats up to now? !" Jyabura came, seeing the scene unfold before him. "Da- - it! You're trying to escape!"

At that he lunged at the children, managing to slam Buddy to the ground and toss Takeo up against the wall. His free arm quickly came to Olvia, the girl trying to escape, but soon his hand was stopped short.

"DAH!" Jyabura yowled upon feeling his shin cave in from an inhuman kick.

"Stay away from her!" Takeo shouted.

"Yeah!" Tange came up and gave his other leg a kick, causing the wolf to collapse on his knees.

"You little brats!" Jyabura growled, getting so frustrated with them as to turn his hands into claws, making himself seem more threatening.

His hand flew towards Olvia and managed to grab her by the leg, pulling her back out. Olvia let out a scream as she tried clinging to the sides of the little hole she was in, but it was no use, the wolf man was strong. In a quick move she bent down and bit the man on his unwounded hand—quite hard to make him howl like so in pain.

"Bite 'im sis!" Buddy cheered. "Use those crooked teeth!"

Olvia closed her scared eyes and did as her brother cheered. She bit down harder and this time the man let go. In that moment she crawled the fastest she had ever crawled in her life and managed to pop out on the outside and make a run for it.

She wanted to look back to see if her brother and other 'siblings' were okay but she had no time. She had to be fast and find her parents and the others. They'd surely rescue them! It was their children after all.

Olvia ran as fast as her little legs would carry her, but it wasn't long until she heard others behind her, shouting at her to get back. She couldn't stop though, if she did she'd only ruin any chance of escape for everyone. She was the only one that could reach their parents. She had to.

"Leave me alone!" Olvia cried as she closed her eyes and ran as fast as she could—to get away from everyone.

"Hhhaaaa, well this looks like a good Marine town," Luffy said with a grin as he pulled his ship up to the docks and gazed at the large town. "Yep! They should know something about Takeshi!"

Luffy marched happily into town with a large grin on his face. Sure he knew he shouldn't be doing this, what being the Pirate King and all—but he knew if he drew the Marines attention to him then they'd come and he could ask them about Takeshi. It was foolproof!

Passing by a few restaurants Luffy knew he was hungry and was about ready to dart into one when he passed by a board that hung numerous wanted posters. He loved seeing them, especially his. Every year, or even a few months, they'd bump up his bounty a little more. If he thought about it he was well over . . .

Luffy blinked a few times before turning to see some Marine cadets beside him, putting up, and taking down, posters. They seemed to have not noticed him so Luffy made no motion as to move away from them. He was rather curious as to what they were doing really.

"Did you hear?" they spoke amongst one another as they took down a familiar poster to Luffy. "They finally caught him."

"Who?" one of the three asked.

"This kid," the one who was taking down the posters said as he showed his two comrades the picture—the picture of Kichiro.

W-What? ! Luffy inwardly gasped, now deciding to listen closely into their conversation.

"This kid's been wanted for years, the only other child besides Nico Robin to have such a high bounty placed on their head," they said to one another.

"Wooow, it must have been hard to catch him," another said. "Ever since I was little this kid's had the highest bounty I've ever seen. I'm sure many bounty hunters went after him. Did they catch him?"

"No—I heard it was the—CP9," one whispered to the other, completely unaware of Luffy's listening ears.

CP9! ? Luffy inwardly gasped. Aw shi-! Not them again!

"So where's this kid now?" one asked.

"Somewhere in Headquarters I think," one answered.

Da- - it! Luffy inwardly cursed, clenching his fists to where his veins began popping. What the he- - happened when I was gone? !

Luffy made up his mind there and then that he had to put searching for Takeshi on hold. He wasn't about to let the Marines take another child. Not on his watch!

Luffy quickly turned and darted back to the docks where Little Merry awaited him. In a flash he was back in and prepared to head back to Sunny. He knew he'd need his entire crew for this task if he wanted the best success. Sure he wanted to march into Headquarters, again, and take Kichiro back, but he had to remember Kichiro had another worried parent and friends that loved him just as much as he did—this had to be a team effort and by his lucky stars he was going to give the Marines so much trouble they'll never think about doing that to his family again.

Luffy took out Nami's card she insisted everyone carry so they could return back to Sunny, which she'd, more or likely, be on. He watched it move towards the south in his palm and instantly turned Little Merry in the same direction. He had to find the others fast—before something terrible happened to Kichiro . . . like him turning into a Marine.

Luffy shivered at the thought, but he couldn't help the fact that it plagued his mind—seeing Kichiro, his baby, in that horrid Marine outfit saluting and saying the World Government rules. Oh the horror!

"I won't let that happen to you!" Luffy swore, shifting Merry's speed up a notch to go even faster than he'd been traveling before.

As Luffy headed out into the open sea once more, leaving the promising island behind him. He couldn't help but look around it towards the crashing waves as they rocked against the tall cliffs. Upon one of the cliffs he noticed a single tree slightly bending in the ocean breeze. He could see someone casually taking nap against it—reminding him somewhat of Zoro.

Though he didn't have time to be staring at anything at the moment so he set his sights back towards the open sea and drove Little Merry as fast as he could towards the south, Sunny, and his crew.

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