Hot Shot's girl: Hi, another fanfic I know, I'm crazy for putting up so many at once, but I'm trying out ideas and see which ones people like more or I find most interesting. This was actually the second fic I thought about though I don't know if anyone else has thought of something like this, I'm sure they have. Just wanted to try one meself :D

"I've spotted an island," said Zoro coming up to everyone making all excited and glad to be landing, for they had spent weeks out on the sea and needed some solid ground beneath their feet.

"SWEET!!" Luffy exclaimed with a jump. "Then let's go!!"

"Aye aye Captain," said Sanji with a smile as he went inside to help Franky steer the ship towards their destination.

Luffy jumped up on the railing and just grinned from ear to ear. As his crew looked at him they could only smile and shake their heads knowing that every island they land on is like some adventure to their Captain. Luffy shivered excited about going to a new island and only told everyone to press onward.

Once they reached the island they found a docking port and 'parked' their ship there for the time being. Luffy was the first one off the ship and immediately sped through the streets.

"Wait, Luffy!" Nami tried calling out to him, but it was too late—he was gone, nothing but a cloud of dust left in his wake. "Hhh, well I guess he's not going to get any money."

"I think it would have been wiser if you gave it to him before we docked," pointed out Zoro leaning against the railing to rest.

"No one asked for your opinion!" snapped Nami turning to him with an evil glare.

"Food, food, food!" chanted Luffy running through the streets in search of a restaurant or some kind of tavern.

He then caught sight of one and dove right into it. There, before he could even get a seat bumped into a taller man of tanned skin and blonde curly hair. Luffy backed up and looked at the man who didn't look to pleased that he was in his way.

"Out of the way!" the man sneered looking at Luffy expecting him to obey his wishes and move.

Luffy just stood there with a hand on his hat and blank look in his eyes as he stared at the man—unmoving. The man's blood boiled as he shook his fists. He gritted his teeth and the whole tavern halted their doings and silenced.

"You stupid kid I said MOVE!!" he growled one more time.

Everyone gasped and covered their mouths wondering what fate would befall the young straw hat. Luffy noticed the fearful atmosphere and wondered what the big deal was. He looked around at everyone's fearful face and asked—

"What's wrong with you people?"

"That man's just picked a fight with Saburo, whispered a waitress that Luffy heard.

"Who's Saburo?" asked Luffy in that carefree attitude of his he always carried around.

The whole tavern gasped not believing he didn't know who he was. Luffy took note of their shocked expressions, but still never got any answers.

"Huh?" was all he said cocking his head to the side.

"That'd—be me!" growled the taller man before him.

"Huh?" said Luffy looking back up at the man. "You don't look that scary."

Another array of gasps came from the place. Luffy just squinted his eyes and cocked his head. Clearly he was new to town.

"Luffy you found a good place to eat yet?" came Usopp as he walked through the doors to find Luffy starring up at a larger man.

"Yeah!" said Luffy turning to him with a smile forgetting completely about the man.

"Well it's a good thing I found you then 'cause Nami said you forgot your money, but fear not for I, Usopp, have yours with me!" said Usopp holding up an index finger.

"That's great Usopp!" Luffy cheered. "You're a life savor."

"Well," said Usopp with a chuckle as he rubbed his nose.

"You da-- kids!" growled Saburo looking at the door about ready to strike them, when one of his men stopped him telling they weren't worth it. "Hhh, you're right—for now."

At that the man named Saburo and his goons left. Usopp eyed them and blinked not understanding what that was all about. He then noticed the whole tavern sigh in relief.

"Hm? Luffy what have you been doing before I got here?" he asked his Captain who only answered with a smile and shrug.

"Let's EAT!!!" cheered Luffy pumping a fist in the air, which Usopp joined.

So the two boys sat at the bar and chanted for food. Once given everyone just continued to stare at them. The only one who actually noticed the stares was Usopp. He looked at everyone and wondered what was up.

"What's going on?" the young long nose asked slurping a noodle and sitting up straight.

"You two new here?" asked the bartender as she leaned against the bar on her elbows.

"Yup!" chirped Luffy with a grin and another mouthful of food. "This is our first time here!"

"Well that explains everything," said the bartender as she rolled her eyes.

"What do you mean?" asked Usopp looking around.

"Your friend here almost picked a fight with Saburo," said the dark-haired bartender as she straightened and pointed to the straw hat who continued to happily enjoy his meal.

"You mean the guy in front of Luffy, what about him?" asked Usopp.

"Are you kidding?!" came a waitress next to the bartender. "He pretty much rules this island!"

"How so?" asked Usopp.

"Well," said the Bartender casting her eyes downward almost in fear. "They say he has some kind of ability and that if anyone crosses him he—well I don't really know, but it isn't good."

"Yeah, I had a brother who went up against him once," said the fair-haired waitress.

"What'd happened to him?" asked Usopp feeling the beginnings of his disease 'he-shouldn't-be-on-this-island-any-longer' creep up on him.

"Hence why I said 'once'," she pointed out.

"Oh," said Usopp feeling himself break out in a sweat.

He then turned to Luffy and whispered to him—

"Hey—Luffy maybe we should leave earlier."

"Why?" asked Luffy looking at him with his mouth stuffed with meat.

"WEREN'T YOU LISTENING?!!" shouted Usopp.

"Huh?" asked Luffy looking at Usopp.

"DAH!!" spat Usopp throwing his hands in the air.

"How does this look?—This?—What about this?!" asked Nami showing off her new outfits she tried on.

"They all look great on you Nami!!" cheered Sanji with hearts in his eyes as he continued to do his noodle dance while holding the boxes and bags of things Nami had just bought.

"Somehow—I knew you'd say that," said Nami with a small sigh as she turned to the worker. "I'll take them all."

After they were done with that store they proceeded to move on to the next one. Nami found the next store and caught it in her sights and so proceeded to head towards it with her 'lap dog' faithfully following her with boxes in hand. Nami was about to walk across the street towards it when she was cut off by someone walking in her way and knocking the contents she held out of her hands.

"Uh!" she groaned watching them fall to the ground.

"Hhh, what is it with people running into me today?" the man Nami had bumped into sighed. "Do these people have a death wish?"

"Hm, Nami darling what is wrong?" asked Sanji looking past the mountain of boxes he held to see she was stopped by a taller, older man. "Who are you, and what did you do to Ms. Nami?!"

"This is Mr. Saburo kid!" shouted one of his 'goons'. "You better not speak to him with such an insolent tongue!"

"Like he-- I care!" spat Sanji looking to defend Nami.

"Don't come across me boy, and be sure to tell your girlfriend to stay out of my way if she wants to live," said Saburo.

"What was that?" asked Sanji dropping the boxes and taking a drag. "Was that a threat?!"

"And if it was?" asked Saburo turning to the blonde who looked ready to fight.

"Oooh, look at all these trinkets," gasped Chopper as he and Brooke looked in a glass window at the display.

"Yohoho, they are marvelous aren't they," said Brooke with a smile not noticing the frightened looks of the pedestrians that passed by seeing the walk/talking skeleton.

As the two starred at the objects they suddenly heard a few people crying out a fight has broken out not too far from them. Brooke and Chopper looked at the people speak about it who only looked more frightened because who was in the fight, apparently a fearful man here.

"Do you think it's one of ours?" asked Chopper looking up at Brooke.

"Yohoho, let's go find out!" said Brooke with a cheerful laugh.

"Guys!" Nami exclaimed as she ran all the way back to the Thousand Sunny.

"Hm, Nami, what are you doing back?" asked Franky lifting his sunglasses to look at the young tangerine.

Robin shut the book she was reading to pay more attention to the young adult as she caught her breath and looked at them as if in need.

"It's Sanji. He's picked a fight with some guy named Saburo!" said Nami.

"So, can't the crappy cook take care of himself?" asked Zoro with a yawn looking at the annoying girl.

"Most of the time he can, but there's something not normal about this guy," said Nami shaking her head.

"Like what?" asked Franky.

"I think—he has a Devil Fruit ability!" she exclaimed gaining everyone's undivided attention.

"Miko, Miko!" gasped a woman about the same age as the waitress as she came running in and up to the dark-haired bartender.

"What is it Rin?" asked the bartender by the name of Miko.

"It's Saburo!" she exclaimed. "Some idiot just picked a fight with him!"

"What?!" gasped Miko and the whole tavern—except Luffy.

"Yeah, he looks new. Probably one of them!" she said pointing to Luffy and Usopp.

"Huh, who?!" asked Usopp hoping she was mistaken.

"Um, some guy who uses kicks when he attacks," she said trying to remember him.

"That's Sanji!" gasped Usopp realizing the danger. "Luffy we gotta go!"

"Aww, but I haven't finished my fifth helping yet," whined Luffy.

"Do you really care more about food and than your own crew?!!" shouted Usopp.

"No, but," mumbled Luffy looking at his food that he could finish.

Then, before anyone knew it Luffy shoved it all into his mouth and ran out of the tavern. Usopp's eyes nearly popped out of his head, before he shook it off paid, and followed his Captain.

Sanji let out a groan as he was tossed to the side of a building. He growled as he looked at the man who seemed a little too fast for his kicks. The man by the name of Saburo only smirked and said—

"I told you not to get in my way."

"Da-- you!" spat Sanji getting back up and taking a drag before he tried again with his assault of kicks.

Saburo grabbed his leg and threw him to the side of the building again. Sanji coughed slightly and ended up spiting out his smoke. As Saburo readied to land a kick to the blonde he halted as he heard a warning voice say—

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. The bast--- will just get back up and kick you in the face."

"What?" growled Saburo as he turned to the source of the voice who was a tall muscular man dressed in green.

Next to the man was a wide man with just as much muscles, except he wore a Hawaiian shirt and a—speedo? On his other side was a tall woman of dark skin and dark hair, and next to her was the same redhead as before—looks like she ran to get reinforcements.

"Yoho! What's going on?" came a walking skeleton and walking reindeer?—what on earth?!

"Ah, Brooke, Chopper, glad you can make it," said Franky with a smile.

"Eehh! Sanji!" gasped Chopper seeing the cook smashed up against the wall.

"I see—so this is what's been going on," said Brooke becoming more serious.

"What are you—his friends?" asked Saburo as his goons came behind and beside him.

"Yeah," said Zoro with a sigh as he took out his katanas. "Something like that."

"Usopp where are we going?" whined Luffy. "I'm hungry!"

"You ate 3 minutes ago!!" shouted Usopp not believing his Captain's appetite.

They then saw a fight unfold before them and Usopp knew this is where they must be, but as the dust cleared he saw it wasn't just Sanji fighting, but the whole crew. Usopp stopped not wanting to get thrown headfirst into the fight, but Luffy just grinned ramming straight through.

"Gum gum—ROCKET!" shouted Luffy ramming quite a few people through the dust cloud only to find it was some of his own crew.

"Uuhh, Da-- it Luffy!" cursed Zoro seeing the one who rammed him was none other than his own Captain.

"Sorry," said Luffy quickly looking at them.

"What is your problem?!" asked Nami getting up quickly and joining back in the fight.

"Are you all fools or something?!" spat Saburo getting angered with all the ruckus this group had caused.

He then flinched as something sharp and small hit the back of his head—like a pebble. He turned and saw Usopp with a grin on his face and slingshot out. That was the last stra—but before he could finish that threatening thought something hard rammed into his face and tossed him off his feet—it was a fist—a rubber—fist.

"Ugh!" he groaned out as he rammed into the side of a building.

He then looked at who punched him and saw the straw hat holding his arm up ready for another. Saburo narrowed his eyes and decided THAT was the last stra—but again before he could finish that thought Luffy had punched him again.

"ENOUGH!!" shouted Saburo standing up in a rage.

"Oh no!" gasped the townspeople as they ran away and hid from him making all the crew wonder why they were doing such a thing.

"What's wrong with them?" asked Usopp forgetting all about the strange power the waitress had said this man possessed.

Saburo then held out his hands and outstretched his fingers. Suddenly all felt as if some binding force held them still and would not let them move.

"What—what the he--?!" gasped Zoro finding himself unable to move.

"W-what's going on?!" asked Luffy finding his body stuck as well.

Saburo then bent his fingers as if he was grabbing something. The crew then felt themselves being pulled forward, but for some strange reason they stood as still as they were before. Just what was going on?!

"Mix Mix power!" shouted Saburo and he flicked his hands only making the whole crew fall unconscious.

"Heh, you took care of them boss!" said his goons as they got up from their beating and joined their leader.

"Yeah, now they're never be a nuisance to us again!" one said with a chuckle.

"That's right," said Saburo with a grin as he turned and walked off. "They never knew what hit them."

Luffy groaned in the darkness as he heard a voice that was beginning to wake him up. He recognized it as the voice of the bartender Miko. She called out to someone saying—

"Miss, miss wake up. Oh please wake up."

Luffy groaned and then opened his eyes only to see the woman staring at him—why him? Why was she calling him a girl? Luffy looked at her as if she was insane as she sighed with a smile saying—

"Thank goodness you're okay."

"Miko?" Luffy said only making the girl more confused.

"Huh, I don't remember telling you my name," she said.

"What are you talking about?" asked Luffy as he sat up and looked around to only see his hat on the head of someone else who was starting to wake up from the constant shakes of the townspeople. "HEY! Give me back my hat!!"

At that Luffy got up and charged towards the lowlife with his fist raised. The person turned to him with a 'huh?' just in time for Luffy to give him a good 'whack!' on the face knocking the person down only for Luffy to look upon him in horror.

"Nami what the he--!!" shouted the man holding his abused face looking at person who hit him for no good reason.

Luffy froze seeing the person he hit—and did he just call him—Nami?

"AH! I JUST HIT MYSELF!!" Luffy freaked out and then looked at himself to only find he wasn't him at all—not even a 'him' but a she! He was Nami! "AH! I'M IN NAMI'S BODY!!!"

"What?" said the one who was in Luffy's body looking at 'her'.

He then looked down to find himself in another's body. He gasped and stood up shouting-


"Who are you anyways?" asked Luffy (Nami) looking at his own body.

"Who the he-- do you think I am?!!" shouted the one in Luffy's body who made himself very obvious.

"Chopper?" guessed Luffy cocking 'her' head to the side.

"NO YOU MORON!!" shouted the man. "You're completely clueless you know that!"

"I got it!" said Luffy slamming 'her' fist down in 'her' palm. "Franky!"

"Errr, I'm Zoro you idiot!!" shouted Zoro (Luffy).

"Oh, huh, I would have never guessed," said Luffy scratching 'her' head.

"Nami, my dear, I'm so glad you're okay!" came a familiar phrase and way of words, but in a different voice.

Both turned to look up and see Brooke standing before them with hearts where his eyes should have been—and he was doing the noodle dance. Both cocked their heads as they looked at him and said—


"Brooke?" he said to himself with a tilt of his head. "What are you talking abo—"

At that he halted once he was able to look down and see his hands. He screamed and ran around in circles shouting—

"AHH!! I DIED!!! AHHH!!!"

"Shut up crappy cook," said Zoro crossing his skinny rubber arms. "You've just been transferred into Brooke's body.

"WHAT?!" screeched Sanji (Brooke) as he stopped before 'Luffy' and looked down at him knowing all too well who that really was. "What are you talking about?!"

"I think it was that maniac," said Zoro. "Must have eaten a Devil Fruit allowing him to change the souls or something of his enemies."

"Well then if you and Luffy are in those bodies, and I'm in this," started Sanji looking down. "—then who has our bodies?!"

All three of the Monster Trio turned to look at the others who began to wake up and instantly knew they were noticing the changes.

"Why am I in Chopper's body?" asked the person who resided in Chopper's body as they looked at their paws.

"Robin?" asked Luffy tilting 'her' head at 'her'.

"Oh yeah, you guess her right," mumbled Zoro crossing his arms.

It was then all turned to hear an ear piercing scream that only someone like Nami would make, but the scream wasn't Nami. They turned to see Usopp holding his face with tears in his eyes.

"N-Nami?" asked Sanji (Brooke) looking at her wondering if he had guessed her right.

"LOOK!" Nami (Usopp) cried. "LOOK AT ME!! I'M UGLY!!!!!!!!"

"Nami dear!" came Sanji before 'him' as he knelt down beside 'him' and cupped 'his' hands. "I'm here for you!"

There was a long silence as all turned and gazed sideways glances at the awkward scene. Once 'Nami' came to 'he' kicked 'Sanji' upside the head screaming—

"Get away from me Brooke!!"

"B-but Nami dear, it's me—Sanji," Sanji said crying on the ground remaining where he'd been kicked.

"S-Sanji?" Nami said in disbelief.

All then turned at the sound of a loud 'YOHO!' but that definitely didn't belong to Brooke. They turned to see Franky starring at himself in sheer panic.

"YOHOHO!! I'm Franky," he said pondering things trying to stay calm.

"Eeeehhh! I'm a woman!" gasped the person in Robin's body jumping up at the sight of boobs.

"Franky, is that you?" asked Brooke (Franky) looking at the 'woman'.

"AH! BROOKE!" gasped Franky (Robin) as 'she' pointed towards him. "Why are you in my body!"

"I don't know but . . . can I see your panties?" asked Brooke only to be hit over the head by Nami as 'she' called him a pervert.

"Miss Nami?" asked Brooke. "Are you normal?"

"Luffy!" shouted Zoro. "What the he--?! Why'd you do that?!"

"I don't know," 'she' said looking at him. "Nami usually does that and so I thought I should pick up where she left off."

"You IDIOT!!" shouted Nami as 'he' hit 'his' own body upside the head.

"Ow—that hurt," moaned Luffy on the ground. "Guess I'm not rubber no more."

"Nope," said Zoro with a sigh as he pulled on his skin that stretched. "That'd be me."

"EEEKKK, I'm a HUMAN!!" came a phrase Chopper would say, but in a familiar voice.

All turned to see Sanji's body freaking out. Chopper never saw what hit him as Sanji (Brooke) came up to him and grabbed him by the collar and shook him saying—

"Cut it out Chopper! You're making me look stupid in front of the lovely ladies!"

"S-S-Sanji?" gasped Chopper (Sanji) looking at the tall musician.

"AHH!! WHY AM I IN ZORO'S BODY?!!" screeched someone as they turned to see a freaking out Zoro—very unusual and unnatural.

"Usopp?" asked Luffy as 'she' looked at him.

"Luffy?" asked Usopp (Zoro) looking at Nami who seemed to act more like their Captain than their navigator.

"Oh just GREAT!!" groaned Zoro with a roll of his eyes wishing that it had been anyone else but Usopp—well Sanji too, but Usopp?! "The coward's in MY body!"

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you all before," said Miko bowing her head and casting her eyes down in shame. "But Saburo has the powers of the Mix Mix Fruit, which allows him to mix whatever he wishes, usually the soul of someone who goes up against him. He does this knowing that they can't beat him in an unfamiliar body. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you before forgive me."

All looked at the bartender with growing eyes as they opened their mouths to say two words that had been on their mind since when they first woke up—

"Aw shi—"

Hot Shot's girl: Well this story will probably be the shorter of my stories so yeah there won't be that many chps. Now I don't know much about the show because I haven't seen everything. I've just been skipping around arcs and stuff like that so if I repeat something that's in the show or don't even mention something it's because I don't know much about it so don't judge me DX lol anyways hope you enjoyed and don't forever to review :D Until next chp bye ;D