Luffy's in Nami's body

Zoro's in Luffy's body

Nami's in Usopp's body

Usopp's in Zoro's body

Sanji's in Brooke's body

Chopper's in Sanji's body

Robin's in Chopper's body

Franky's in Robin's body

Brooke's in Franky's body

The Straw Hats arrived on the island. They didn't know if that man Saburo would be on this island, but they didn't want to take the chance. Luffy ordered everyone to split up into teams and search for the man.

"But what if we run into trouble Luffy?" asked Usopp holding out his arms as he looked at his Captain.

"Why are you asking me for?" asked Zoro raising a brow finding this was the third time the sniper had mistaken him for Luffy—due to the fact he possessed his body at the time.

"Oh," said Usopp correcting himself and turning to the redhead whom was his Captain at the time. "I really wish we were all back to normal. Well Luffy?"

"Then you fight 'em," said Luffy looking at her sniper stuck in her swordsman's body.

"What?!" gasped Usopp. "Are you crazy?! I can't fight in this body!"

"And why the he-- not?!" growled Zoro sneering at the coward stuck in his body.

"B-Because, I'm still not used to it!" said Usopp.

"So," said Luffy with a shrug of her now feminine shoulders. "We're just going to have to deal with that."

"Great," said Usopp with a sigh as he slumped over in depression.

"Okay so we don't know if this guy's actually on this island," said Nami looking at the map in his hands. "But we can't take that chance if he is. So we'll be splitting up into teams. Usopp, you can go with me and Robin."

"Okay," said Usopp with a shaking nod.

"Right," said Robin.

"How come he always gets to go with the ladies?" moaned Sanji bowing his head in sadness. "Wait—I'LL GO WITH LUFFY AND FRANKY!!!"

"Okay," said Nami looking at his list. "Then you'll go with Brooke and Zoro . . ."

At that Sanji fell over in tears—that wasn't exactly what he meant at all.

"What's your problem crappy skeleton cook?" asked Zoro raising a brow with his arms crossed as he looked at the sunken cook.

"What was that?!" growled Sanji quickly getting over his depression and coming over to the swordsman stuck in the Captain's body.

"Then—that leaves Luffy with Franky and Chopper," said Nami with a smile as he put his list away. "Okay, ready everyone?"

"Yes!" they all shouted.

"Okay then let's head out and find that man—and make sure you don't beat him too much to a pulp, we'll still need him to change our bodies back," he said with a wink.

"Oh, don't worry," said Zoro with a smirk. "I won't beat him up—too bad."

"Well I WILL!!" shouted Luffy pumping her fists into the air.

"Luffy!!" groaned everyone.

"What?" she said turning to them.

"Please, just watch over him Chopper and Franky," said Nami looking at the two.

"You can count on us sis!" said Franky with a grin as she put on her sunglasses.

"'Kay, then let's go," said Nami as they headed out.

Sanji only sighed though as he saw his body go out with the two women's bodies. He slumped over and sighed saying—

"Wouldn't you know it—my body actually did get to go out with the ladies . . . hhh, I want it back."

"Come on crappy cook!" called Zoro as he and Brooke were already off the ship waiting for him.

"Yes, let us get our bodies back yohoho!" said Brooke as he raised his hands and laughed.

"Hhh, I'm coming," mumbled Sanji taking out a cigarette, placing it in his mouth, and lighting it as he walked towards his partners.

"So where do we look first?!" asked Luffy as she turned in every direction with a smile.

"Let's go to a tavern or something and ask if anyone's seen him," said Franky as she crossed her arms.

"Yeah, I bet they had some information if he was here," said Chopper with a smile as he fixed his pink hat on top his head.

"Right! Then let's go!" shouted Luffy as she darted off leaving her partners in the dust.

"Uh, Wait!" they called out. "Luffy!!"

Once they had actually caught up with her they found she had darted right into a tavern and just ordered a dinner. Franky puffed out and came in as she smacked her on the back of the head saying—

"Luffy!! What the he--?!?! I thought we told you to ask around!!"

"Well yeah, but then I realized I was hungry," said Luffy looking at his shipwright turned historian.

As the two 'women' were inside though Chopper just stood in the entrance trying to peek at them—though he was absolutely doing it the wrong way. Still ever nervous about being around people and in new towns.

"Chopper get you're a-- in here!!" pointed Franky at the doctor turned cook.

"EH! Okay!" he squealed as he ran in and sat down right next to Luffy who had just gotten her dinner and began to chow down.

"Luffy!" said Franky. "What did I tell you about eating?!"

"But I'm hungry!" she whined.

"Hhh, fine," said Franky sitting down next to her as well. "Nami never had that big of an appetite so we shouldn't be here for long. Hey, give me a cola!"

And so those three just sat and drink and ate. While doing this though they hadn't notice their other group pass by outside. The group consisting of their cook, swordsman, and musician.

"Hhh, where do you think Luffy and the others went to?" asked Sanji looking around.

"What?!" gasped Zoro. "Why are we looking for them?!?!"

"'Cause I want to make sure my body keeps those girls bodies safe," said Sanji clasping his hands together.

"You IDIOT!!" shouted Zoro hitting the tall cook over top the head with one of his swords.

While those two were fighting Zoro noticed Brooke actually asking around like Nami had told them to. He growled and looked at Sanji as he pointed to the bulky musician saying—

"Look! Well at least SOMEONE'S doing what they were told and ACTUALLY asking AROUND!!"

Both then turned to see the musician turned shipwright bending slightly and asking a woman.

"Um excuse me . . . may I see your panties?"

Both Sanji and Zoro's jaws dropped to the ground. Okay so maybe Zoro was wrong about that.

"Eh! You pervert!" squealed the woman as she kicked him in the face and ran for it.

"You were saying?!" growled Sanji looking at the swordsman.

"Excuse me have you seen a man named Saburo?" asked Robin coming up to a human.

"AHHH!! A TALKING DEER!!!" they cried as they ran off.

"Well, I can see why Chopper was so annoyed," said Robin scratching his chin with his hoof.

"Have you heard of a man called Saburo?" asked Nami who was near him.

"Oh yes, we have," the man said with a nod. "But he just recently left."

"Just?" moaned Nami slumping over.

"Mhm, he headed to the east island," the man said as he pointed in the direction.

"Well, at least we got a hint," sighed Nami as he turned back to Robin who looked up at him.

"Right," said Robin with a nod.

It wasn't long though until their other partner came running up to them crying—


"What are you babbling about now?!" groaned Nami turning to him as he placed his hands on his hips.

Usopp stopped right in front of them and stood there a moment before catching his breath.

"Since you're in Mr. Swordsman's body shouldn't you be in perfect shape?" asked Robin looking at the bent over body before him. "You shouldn't be wheezing like that."

"Oh, right," said Usopp looking at them. "Guys there's Marines!"

"Where?!" gasped Nami looking at him with wide eyes.

"They just arrived!" said Usopp pointing back. "And they're coming this WAY!!"

"Well we gotta get out of here then!" said Nami darting off.

"Uh, Wait! What about the others?!" called out Usopp.

"Oh, uh, go tell them and then get back to the ship!!" cried Nami continuing to run off.

"Well, I guess it's not just your personality that's the coward Mr. Sniper—but your body as well," said Robin with a giggle as he walked off.

"Hey!" spat Usopp completely offended by the complete truth.

"Have you seen a man named Saburo?" asked Zoro coming up to a person.

"Yes, but he left," the person said with a smile as they walked off.

"Great," said Zoro with a sigh as he scratched the back of his head. "Yo, Sanji, Brooke it's time to go!"

"What?" asked Sanji coming up to him. "Why?"

"Because the guy's gone," said Zoro with a frustrated sigh.

"Do you know where he went to?" asked Sanji looking at him and raising a brow—if he had one.

"No! I didn't ask!" groaned Zoro.

"Well you should have!" barked Sanji getting up into his face again.

"Fellas, fellas, please don't fight," said Brooke trying to break those two up before a fight broke out.

They all then halted hearing a strangely familiar voice call out—


"Huh?" said Zoro and Sanji turning to see a large muscular silver-haired Marine known none other than as Lieutenant Smoker.

"Crap!" gasped Zoro with wide eyes.

"MARINES!! MARINES!!!" cried their lovable coward as he came to the group—at the wrong time, only to see them already confronted by the ones he was warning about. "Oh."

"A little too late for that USOPP!!" shouted Zoro pointing back to the Marines in front of them.

"Well I tried," he said as he turned to leave back the way he came.

"RORONOA ZORO!!" shouted the blue-haired woman known as Tashigi that made Usopp halt. "I challenge you!"

Usopp shivered as he turned back to see the girl charging him with her sword drawn. He raised his hands and screamed as he ran off making his body look like a total goof.

"GET BACK HERE!!" she cried continuing to chase him.

"DA-- IT!! USOPP!!!!" growled Zoro seeing the idiot make his body look bad—so much for his tough guy reputation as of now.

"You're mine—Straw Hat!" said Smoker charging Zoro.

"Tch, yeah? You think!" said Zoro as he brought out his swords surprising the Marine greatly.

"Since when do you use swords?!" gasped Smoker as the two clashed.

"Since NOW!!" shouted Zoro using his gum gum abilities to stretch his arms to push the Marine back some.

"Well, I'm full," said Luffy with a smile as she turned in her seat. "I actually ate three plates! It's a miracle!"

"You know if you put on any pounds Nami's going to kill you," said Chopper looking at his Captain.

"I never get fat," said Luffy looking at her doctor. "I'm made of rubb—oh—yeah—right."

"He's dead," said Franky with a chuckle as she finished her cola.

It was then they saw Usopp pass by the tavern running like a madman crying out—


Not too far from him was a blue-haired woman they all knew was a Marine. Chopper gasped as he pointed saying—

"Uh, wasn't that—?"

"AAHHH!" gasped Luffy standing up with wide eyes. "THE MARINES ARE HERE!!!"

"We better get out of here while we still—" but Chopper couldn't finish that statement as Luffy, and even Franky darted off and out of the tavern. "Can . . . AAAHHH WHERE'D THEY GO?!?!?!"

After a few moments of panicking he pulled himself together and headed out after them. Chopper had to stop though as his hat was knocked off his head due to hitting the top of the door. He had forgotten how much taller he was.

"Oh, oops," he said taking it and then darting off after his partners.

"W-What the he--?!" gasped Smoker blinking in utter confusion seeing most of the crew come up ready to fight him.

They were all wearing totally different outfits—like they were switched or something. Just what was going on?!

"So Luffy, what do we do?" asked Zoro turning to his Captain.

"Luffy?" said Smoker with a few blinks as he turned to see their 'supposed' navigator wearing the infamous straw hat.

"Well," she sighed. "I'd say fight 'im, but I totally forgot I can't stretch."

"Hhh, how very like you," said Sanji shaking his head.

"Well under any circumstance we can NOT let the Marines find out about us being switched," said Luffy pointing to everyone.

"Uh . . . Luffy?" said Smoker pointing at the redhead in the straw hat.

"Huh?" said Luffy giving herself away and looking at the man.

"LUFFY YOU DA-- IDIOT!!" shouted everyone as they stomped on her—Nami's body or not.

"Uh oh!" groaned Luffy holding onto her hat. "They found out . . . RUN!!!"

At that they all ran for it leaving Smoker just standing there in utter confusion. He stood there for about a good minute before he shook off his confusion and ran after them.

"WAIT!!" He shouted. "GET BACK HERE!!"

"Dang it!" said Nami looking at the time. "Where are they?"

"They'll be here soon," said Robin with a smile.

"Huh? How do you know?" asked Nami turning to him.

Robin just pointed in a direction and it wasn't long before he heard crying—It was Zoro, well Usopp really. Nami turned to see the coward come running out onto the docks with a Marine chasing him!


Usopp then came to his senses and turned. He took out his slingshot and shot a smoke bomb at the girl.

"Ah!" she cried, the thing hitting her in the face and knocking off her glasses. "My glasses!"

It was then Usopp jumped onboard the ship and laid on the deck just gasping. Nami and Robin came up to him. Nami kicked him in the side and asked—

"Where are the others huh?!"

"Oh . . . uh?" said Usopp looking at the girl who was stuck in his body.

"There they are," said Robin with a smile as he pointed a short hoof towards the direction as all the boys came running to the ship with yet ANOTHER Marine chasing them.

"Nami set sail!" called Luffy as they made their way onto the docks.

Nami did as he was told and now it was up to everyone to jump onboard. All happened to make it in time—well all of Luffy.

"AH!" she cried falling into the water. "Help I'm gonna drown!"

"I'll save you!!" said Sanji with hearts where his eyes should have been as he dove in after her.

"SANJI!!" cried everyone pulling at their hair.

"AH! That da-- idiot!!" cried Zoro jumping in after the two.

"WAAHHH!! NOT YOU TOO!!!" everyone cried, seemingly the two boys keep forgetting they can't swim anymore—and that Luffy can.

It wasn't long before all three were rescued and sitting on the deck with large bumps forming on their head. Nami stood over them and scolded them.

"Idiots, idiots, idiots!!" he scolded. "Geez, we've been stuck in different bodies for a while now. I'd think you'd at least REMEMBER who's stuck in the bodies that CAN'T swim!!"

He then looked at Luffy and twitched as he said—

"And—who CAN!!"

"I'm sorry Nami," said Luffy rubbing her head.

"Oh yes!" cried Sanji folding his hands in apology before her. "Please forgive me!!"

"I forgive you," said Luffy with a grin seeing he was bowing in front of her instead of the 'real' Nami.

Nami groaned as he hit the man on the back of the head before he turned and did the same to him. Nami just sighed as he said—

"Well, at least I know where that mix mix Saburo guy is, and I think we're not too far behind him."

"That's great!" said Chopper with a smile. "Soon we shall have our normal bodies back!"

"Yep, very soon!" said Nami with a grin and thumbs up.

"So," said Tashigi with a sigh. "What exactly happened back there?"

"I think," said Smoker looking at the pictures they managed to take of all the crew in their new—outfits. "The crew has been mixed."

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