Hot Shot's girl: Yeah this is based on a dream I had one time. It was a short dream just pretty much about Luffy being a rogue swordsman and the Royal Army sending another swordsman to take care of him, which was Zoro. Yeah, now I added on quite a few more things after thinking about this for a while so it might and probably will be a long story. If you like Luffy and Zoro then you'll like this story. Enjoy :D

"Oi, Oi, Luffy where are you going?" called out the redhead as he watched the young boy whom he was guardian over go running off the trail in the forest they were on.

"I'm thirsty Shank-sama and I heard the sound of a stream nearby," the young raven-haired boy of about 17 called back.

"Hhh, fine," said Shanks with a sigh. "Just don't take long. That party starts with or without us."

"Naaa, okay," said Luffy with a smile as he waved and disappeared in the vegetation.

Luffy followed the sound of running water until his sources were proven right and he came upon a stream. He smiled and stuck out his tongue not realizing how thirsty he had been up until now. It was then he rolled up his blood red kimono and sunk his hands in the water to capture some and pull it to his lips.

As he took a sip he noticed something bright shine in his eyes. He turned and looked to see the image of a sword in the water. He cocked his head wondering what a perfectly good sword would be doing in a stream like this.

And so Luffy got up and bent down to take up the sword. Once he grabbed a hold of it he felt as if a sudden chill came over him and before he knew it he was standing up straight staring at it like it was one of the wonders of the world.

"A . . . sword?" he asked looking at it almost blankly as he was soon enveloped in a cold and chilling darkness.

"Luffy!" came his guardian's voice. "Hurry up Luffy."

It was then Luffy turned towards the voice and slowly made his way back to it. His body moving somewhat stiffly like he was nothing but a puppet on a string.

The palace was a large place for the Emperor and his family, but the buildings for the Royal Army was just as grand. Different kinds of men fought in different divisions so there had to be plenty of housings to hold them, and barracks to store their weapons and dojos for them to train in. So, in other words, it was an easy place to get lost in—especially for one swordsman who cared nothing for directions.

The green-haired man with emerald eyes walked passed all the trainees as he made his way to the main build. All just stopped and looked at him. They were just in awe of the way he held himself and just the sheer look of him made them all know he was a high-ranking swordsman and he was way out of their league to even ask for a practice round. The atmosphere around him just screamed a warning of his skills, the air just seemed thick whenever he was around and there was some kind of chill in the air that scared most away.

"It's Roronoa-sama," whispered one of the trainees to a friend of his.

"Roronoa?!" gasped the other. "I heard he fights like a demon!"

"Well I heard he—" started the other, but stopped seeing the man pass by them.

All held their breaths until he passed for fear of—well—what exactly where they afraid of if he worked for the Royal Army? They weren't exactly sure, but there was just something about the might swordsman that warned them of death. None could explain it, but all knew it.

Once the greeters at the large iron doors bowed and escorted the swordsman in all the trainees who happened to be sparing outside let out sighs of relief. They all wondered why he was there. Some tried to guess why and some were right.

"Why do you think he's here?" asked a trainee to another.

"Maybe to get rid of that demon swordsman that's been going around killing people?" suggested the other.

"You mean the one who slaughtered about 100 nobles at the Emperor's party?!" gasped the other.

"Yeah, that one," said the other with a nod. "And I heard he hadn't even used a sword until then."

"S-So you think he's more dangerous than Roronoa-sama?!" asked the other.

"Who knows," the other said.

"You two!" came their commander. "Stop blabbering and continue your training!"

"Hai!" they both said straightening up.

And so as the others whispered and trained outside the swordsman was being lead to the main offices on the higher levels of the building. Even though most would glance around at all the splendors the building possessed he just kept his eyesight straight uncaring about anything. Some might think this swordsman hasn't any emotions—some could be right.

"This way Roronoa-sama," said one of the guards as they slid open the door before him and bowed for him to enter.

He said nothing as he entered and came before the higher-ups of the Royal Army. The door was slid shut behind him, which brung the attention of the man sitting at the desk.

"Oh, Roronoa-san, I see you've made it," said the large man with raven black hair as he placed his cup, half full of green tea in it, down. "Please—sit."

At that Zoro bent his knees and sat before the man as he got up and looked out the window at the trainees sparing outside being instructed by their sensei's words. With a sigh the man turned back towards the swordsman who continued to look like some emotionless drone.

"It has come to my knowledge that a demon swordsman is going around the land," he said looking at him.

At the mention of a demon swordsman Zoro looked up at the tall man known as Sengoku—head of the Royal Army.

"I understand his name is Monkey D. Luffy, a relative actually of a friend of mine," he said with a sigh and shake of his head. "Look the thing is he's murdered countless people, a lot were nobles at the Emperor's party. The ones he attacked were—"

"I see you want me to terminate him," cut in Zoro taking his eyes off him and looking straight ahead again.

"Uh, yes. You catch on quick Zoro-san," he said with a small nod.

"Then I guess I better be off to find him then," he said with a small hint of a sigh as he stood up and turned to leave.

"Wait, don't you want to know all he's murdered?" asked Sengoku reaching out to the young man.

"Does it matter?" asked Zoro as he stopped before the door. "Anything to do with any sort of demonic activity has a right to be killed . . . right . . . general?"

At that Zoro turned to him with a cold and emotionless stare before he opened the door, shut it, and left. Sengoku sighed and shook his head wondering how on earth the Royal Army found a swordsman like that. Sure he was expensive, but his skills were extraordinary and the Army needed someone like him to take down any 'monster'.

"So you have already sent someone to take care of him?" asked Emperor Cobra at the commander of his Armies.

"Yes sire," said Sengoku with a nod. "The legendary swordsman Roronoa Zoro-sama."

"Good," said Cobra with a sigh as he relaxed a little more in his throne looking around his grand room that was once covered with bodies and blood, now only covered with the stains of the deceased as the servants tried to get them out of the upholstery. "Do you have any idea how much trouble that boy has caused me?! Do you have any idea how many he's killed?!"

"Hai, I do your highness," said Sengoku with a nod. "I still can't believe it happened—here of all places."

"It's like the gods are punishing me," said Cobra bowing his head with his hand on his face.

"Don't think such a thing sire," said Sengoku. "The gods will grant you justice and allow Roronoa-san to slaughter the man just as he did the nobles."

"It's just . . . so many of my friends were at the party. So many of them were either killed or injured," he said rubbing his face.

"Hai, I remember sire," said Sengoku with a nod. "I was there as well, I'm just sorry that I couldn't help more."

"Don't be," said Emperor Cobra with a sigh leaning back in his throne.

"The boy was probably some kind of demon out to murder your majesty's family," said Sengoku

"You might be right," said Cobra gazing into the distance. "But nonetheless my daughter Vivi was scarred because of it. I'm afraid it has traumatized her too much."


"Oh Papa tonight is such a blessed night to have a party," Princess Vivi said with a bright smile as she came up to her father.

"I believe you're right," said Emperor Cobra with a smile looking at his lovely daughter who looked just like her late mother. "Why don't you go and greet your friends darling."

"Yes Papa," she said with a bow as she trotted off to speak to her other noble friends such as Kohza, Nami, and her sister Nojiko, and of course her father's personal, and head chef's son Sanji.

Emperor Cobra just smiled seeing all his friends here. He looked around seeing all the familiar faces such as his personal doctor Dr. Kureha who brought her family, her husband also a doctor Dr. Hiluluk, though not as talented, and their young son who aspired to be just like his parents, Tony Tony Chopper. He even saw his personal Chef Zeff, and even though it was his day off due to the party in honor of the Emperor's friends he still insisted on cooking everything, he even brought his son Sanji who was aspiring also to be just like his old man and someday become a head chef, a good friend of Vivi since they were pretty much raised in the palace.

He looked around again and there smiled as he spotted another dear friend—Bellemere. She had come with her husband Genzo, and they had brought their two lovely daughters Nami and Nojiko who were good friends of Vivi as well. Of course even his Army friends had come like Sengoku, Aokiji, Smoker, even Kizaru. Monkey D. Garp had even made an appearance along with his underlings Helmeppo-san and Koby-san.

He saw the highest-ranking sniper in his army Yasopp, who had actually brought his family for once. Cobra looked to see his wife, whom he spoke so highly of, Banchina. He also spotted their young son who seemed to be about Vivi's age and the perfect mix between each parent. If Cobra was correct his name was Usopp.

Cobra smiled liking to see new faces. It was what all these parties were all about. He turned to see a red-haired man enter with a younger raven-haired boy who looked to be of the age of Vivi as well. Cobra smiled knowing Vivi would love all these new friends. Upon further inspection Cobra recognized the redhead as Shanks-san, a close friend of Yasopp. He had met him a few times to be more than an acquaintance, plus, from what he heard, this Shanks was in charge of raising one of Garp's grandson's though he had no clue where the other be.

"Shanks!" said Yasopp with a wide grin coming up to the man. "Glad to see you finally made it."

"Dah ha ha, Well Luffy here was the slow one this time," said Shanks shooting his thumb back at Luffy who seemed to have his gaze downcast strangely.

"Luffy!" said Usopp with a wide grin as he ran over to his best friend. "Luffy what's the matter?"

"Who knows," said Shanks turning to the two teens. "He's been like this ever since we got here."

Usopp looked confused while glaring at his friend who was always happy-go-lucky. He then looked down to see a strange looking sword resting on his hip. As far as he remembered Luffy NEVER used any weapons before or had any for that matter so just where did he get this sword?

"Luffy?" asked Usopp looking at it. "Where did you get that sword?"

At that Luffy flinched. Usopp saw the strange behavior and thought it best to back away slightly. He asked again and saw Luffy grab it and hold it out towards him.

"Luffy, where did you get that?" asked Shanks not noticing it before.

Luffy then lifted his gaze and all saw it was blank. It seemed as if some unknown force controlled his actions. It wasn't a good thing as far as Shanks knew.

"Luffy?" he asked again, this time more of a warning, but before he knew it Luffy swung the sword at Usopp making him fall to the ground.

All around gasped and backed away. Usopp had no chance to do any such thing as Luffy went to slice him. Usopp closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact, but all he heard was his name being called out desperately by his mother and then something warm on in. He opened his eyes and shook all over seeing his mother above him—she—she took the hit for him.

"Mother?!" gasped Usopp seeing this.

"Oh Usopp, thank goodness you're safe," she said as she closed her eyes and fell on him unconscious, but still alive.

"MOTHER!!" cried Usopp holding onto her and crying a waterfall.

"Banchina!!" gasped Yasopp as he turned to Shanks not believing he had just let the child do something like that.

Shanks saw the anger in his friend's eyes and so turned to Luffy in anger. He came to him and grabbed him by the shoulder, roughly shaking him as he said—

"Luffy what the he--'s wrong with you?!! That was your best friend's MOTHER!!"

No matter what Shanks did Luffy remained blank. His gaze soon came to the redhead and before anyone knew it Luffy had swung the sword and chopped off the man's left arm. Shanks fell back in pain as he grasped his arm that gushed out so much blood. At that everyone broke out in a panic, screaming, and running everywhere.

"What's going on?!" came Vivi only to see the sight and gasp as she covered her mouth.

"Princess Vivi get out of here!" shouted Shanks looking at her frozen form.

But it was no use. She was scared 'stiff'. Before she could even think of moving Luffy jumped with sword raised high ready to cut her down.

"Princess Vivi-sama!!" came a young man just a bit older than Luffy as he rushed to her side and kicked Luffy away from her.

"Sanji-kun!" she cried.

"Stay right here Vivi-sama," he said as he ran off to finish the person who dare strike a lady.

"Sanji-kun don't!" she cried watching him ignore her cry and try and kick the crazed swordsman only to have him dodge and almost slice his head off from the behind. "Sanji—BEHIND YOU!!"

Sanji looked behind him and gasped seeing the sword coming, but he knew there was no way he was going to be able to dodge that this time. Before he knew it he felt himself being kicked out of the way and into the wall. With a loud 'OOF!' he crashed against it.

"If you're going to pick a fight with anyone then pick a fight with me instead of that shrimp!" came Sanji's savior's voice who happened to be none other than his own father.

Luffy only swung the sword at the chef only to have him dodge and kick him in the side causing him to go flying. Zeff was about to finish him off when Sanji cut him saying he wanted to.

"No you brat DON'T!!" warned Zeff watching his young idiotic son race towards the downed swordsman.

"Just shut up old man!!" yelled Sanji looking back at him, which he should have never done.

In that short moment of Sanji looking back he hadn't noticed how quickly Luffy had recovered and came with his sword-raised ready to slice him in half.

"BEHIND YOU!!" shouted Zeff knowing Sanji would be too caught off-guard to do anything about it.

"What?!" gasped Sanji looking back to only see his life flash before his eyes.

In the middle of his life flashes he felt a body ram into him on his side. He even heard the sword hit the marble ground letting Sanji know it must have hit something being way too swift to avoid. He then hit the wall again with the body who had pushed him out of the way.

Once Sanji came to he noticed it was Zeff who had rammed his body into his to save his life. Sanji's eyes widened to see the cost of his life though—Zeff's right leg . . . was . . . was GONE!!

"Ol—OLD MAN!!" gasped Sanji seeing the blood everywhere and the amputated limp where the sword had touched down with the floor in a clean slice.

"You da-- kid always getting in the way," muttered Zeff before he fell unconscious.

"FATHER!!!" cried Sanji with tears running down his eyes and anger boiling his blood as he looked at the demonic swordsman. "DA-- YOU!!!"

Luffy was about to finish off the offspring, but the sound of screaming caught his attention and so went after the other guests chopping down whoever was in the way. The soldiers, and generals there tried to stop him, but with all the people in the way it was hard to get to him without hurting someone in the process. The demonic swordsman had managed to corner a family with two elderly daughters who only trembled behind their mother and father.

"Genzo take the girls and get out of here!!" demanded Bellemere as she charged at the crazed swordsman.

"But—but Bellemere!" cried Genzo taking the girls away.

"Mother!!" they cried seeing her draw the swordsman's attention on her other than them.

Before they knew it though Luffy had plunged the sword through her heart and she collapsed.

"MOTHER!!!!" they cried for her.

Luffy was then attacked by his own grandfather trying to stop this madness.

"Luffy STOP!!" he said trying to throw a punch at him, but Luffy dodged and manages to slice him clean across the chest making him fall over holding his chest. "AH!! You darn brat! LUFFY!!"

Luffy then ran across the room chopping down more people and dodging some higher-ranked soldiers. Again he had managed to corner a family, but this family was a family full of doctors. The father in front guarding his wife and young child whom the mother held close, covering his eyes from all the carnage.

"Get away you!!" shouted Dr. Hiluluk holding out his arms.

"Hiluluk don't!" said Dr. Kureha knowing this young man was possessed as of now and wouldn't stop his killing unless the sword had enough to drink.

Luffy then brought his sword down on the man and slew him. At that time the young boy had managed to see and cried out for his father whom he'd never see again because of this bloodthirsty crazed man.

"FATHER!!!" he cried making his mother hold him close as she protected him just in case the swordsman would come after her next.

Luffy again raised his sword to strike down the mother and the son, but the crying of the little one was heard and somehow he withdrew his blade and placed it back on his hip. Once done he blinked and now became aware of everything. He looked at the family before him and gasped seeing blood everywhere.

"W-What's happened?!!" gasped Luffy looking around only to see a blood house.

"There he is! GET HIM!!" cried the soldiers as they ran towards him.

"What?!" he gasped backing away in confusion.

"Luffy!" came Shanks' strangled voice.

Luffy looked at his guardian and then noticed something missing that SHOULD have been there.

"SHANKS!!" he gasped shaking all over. "YOUR ARM!!!!"

"Luffy, forget about it!" said Shanks shaking off some sweat as he leaned against a pillar still holding the nub. "Just run!"

"But—but!" stuttered Luffy.

"RUN!!!" shouted Shanks. "GET OUT OF HERE AND RUN!!!"

Luffy, being by the door, turned and ran for it. He looked back not understanding what had happened. He had no clue he had caused such a massacre—he had no clue that sword was still attached to his hip silently clanking against his bloodstained kimono.


"So many of my friends died that day," Emperor Cobra entwining his fingers with a heavy sigh. "So many grudges were born that day and I'm afraid they won't go away unless the blood of their loved ones has been avenged."

"You made the right decision in pursuing the young lad," said Sengoku. "I'm just sad that it had to be a grandson of one of my best friends."

"I know," said Cobra with a sigh as he closed his eyes. "But someone has to pay for this. Any demonic act such as this is punishable under death—such is the way of our law."

"I—I don't understand!" said Luffy looking to see the village he once lodged in, once full of the nicest people, now full of dead and decay all along. "What happened here?!"

He just could never understand why wherever he went to the people around him would always end up in pool of blood. Was he cursed or something? WHAT WAS IT?!!

"Errr! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!?" he cried our pulling on his hair.

"Monkey D. Luffy," came a monotone voice behind him.

"Na?" Luffy said turning around in confusion only to see a tall green-haired swordsman who carried around three swords.

"I have orders from the Emperor himself to take you down," he said with such little emotion.

"NANI?!?!?!?!!" gasped Luffy grabbing his hair again.

Hot Shot's girl: There you have it, the beginning of the story. Don't blame me on the cliffhanger; it was my sister's idea REALLY!! Well I hope you enjoyed it because the next chp will show some more insight on the whole demon thing so yeah. Until next chp bye ;D