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"No!" Shanks gasped, covering his mouth with his hand as he watched his beloved boy fall.

"Luffy!" Garp cried, tears coming to his eyes as he watched the end of his youngest grandchild.

"Da- - it!" Dragon cursed to himself for not getting there in time.

"Luffy!" Nami gasped, covering her mouth seeing their beloved leader fall at the hands of his closest friend.

"Luffy-san," Robin whispered, she hadn't expected on Zoro turning and suddenly slaying the boy—but this . . . was the only way for him it seemed. "Oh Asura . . . what have you done?"

Time had stopped once again as everyone turned to see the Demon King slay the D before everyone. The Demons all cheered as Asura slew the D Priest from attempting to overthrow him just like before. They all cheered for their King who would rule them with strength, he had just killed a D—even his ancestor was incapable of doing that.

"How dare you!" the humans roared, the slaying only edged the humans on as they attacked the laughing Demons who were glad another D was out of this world—now, only three existed.

The battle was now the most fierce. The humans were in a rage at how the brave young D fell and when he did the Demons only laughed it off. What wretched, wretched creatures! The world seemed to plummet more and more into darkness and the moon glew an even darker shade of red, so dark that it was hard to see anything that was befalling on the battlefield.

Things were getting deadlier by the second and soon the Demons began to howl and roar out, so loud that the humans had to cover their ears from the shrieking sounds. In horror the humans watched the Demons suddenly start shedding their skins to reveal their true forms—beings so monstrous the humans knew that they had gotten to whole assumption of a Demonic being all wrong.

"It's starting," Shanks groaned out, going to lean against a ruined building wall, he could feel his inner self wanting to break free and bath in the blood of the pitiful humans, but he didn't want to change—no, he wanted to hold onto this humane form for as long as he could . . . it was all the humanity he had left in him . . . since Luffy . . . since Luffy . . .

"Shanks-san!" Ace ceased his fires and came towards the Demon who wasn't looking so well. "Are you alright? ! Shanks-san!"

"Please," Shanks begged. "Get away!"

Ace could tell that Shanks was trying to hold on to his humanity, but it was so hard. He wouldn't hold on for long. Ace turned towards the temple and gazed at the Demon King. Someone had to stop him and if Luffy . . . if Luffy couldn't then he'd have to. After all the legend says that if a D be present then the Era will not come.

Ace darted towards the temple but before he could even reach the stairs a large monstrous being broke through the bricks hitting Ace into the ground. Ace tried to recover but a large hand was upon him. Beaming red demonic eyes gazed at him, ready to tear him apart.

"ACE!" he spoke out loud and beastly. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT OF YOUR CELL? ! ? !"

Ace recognized, by the way this monster was speaking, that this was Whitebeard. Shanks had been right, he had locked Ace in that cell so he wouldn't get hurt—so he wouldn't kill him, and now here he was . . . about to kill him.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING—? !" the creature continued as he raised it's giant arm and readied to smash Ace into the earth.

Ace couldn't let that happen, no, he had to kill Asura to stop this. To save everyone and he was NOT about to get killed by a Demon—NOT like his brother. Crying out Ace was set ablaze and so caught the monster above him on fire as well—though Whitebeard never let go of Ace, which began to frighten him.

"IT BURNS! IT BURNS! !" The creature cried out, trying to swish away the flames that were currently eating away his flesh and organs.

"Let go of me da- - it!" Ace cried out, the monster's claws were digging into his skin and that fist that was threatening to smash him flesh and bone was still raised. "AAAAAHHHHHHH! ! ! !"

Ace's cry seemed to heat his flame and spread them ever the more wild. It had been a while since he had used his Priestly powers but he was using them now, to their full extent and it burned—it even burned him. Still, Ace endured the pain as he burned this Demon above him away.

Once the ashes fell Ace's flames were spent and there he lay—motionless as the ashes snowed over him. It is said that a young Priest or Priestess, if not careful, could be killed by their Haki. It was a dangerous power given to Kami's chosen and He wished them use it with caution—any inexperienced user could be killed if it was overused.

It could be very lethal.

"Ace!" Garp had seen what his grandson had done and he heard the painful cries that he emitted.

As he ran up to him and fell at his side he picked him up in his arms. He held him close; close enough to feel anything move, a heart, a pulse, but he didn't. He was as motionless as his brother before the Demon King.

"Not you too Ace," Garp cried, tears running to his eyes as he watched all the young perish in this ill-gotten battle that he wished to end, he prayed to anyone, anything for it to end. "Just . . . make it end . . . please!"

Garp glanced up to where the Demon King still stood, tall and well. If he could he'd march up there and kill him now for what he's done, but he wouldn't . . . right now . . . he was going to stay with Ace.

Garp once again turned his eyes towards his oldest grandson and cradled him to his bosom; he placed his face against his neck and just held him there. His family was vanishing before his eyes . . .maybe this was fate—just maybe.

"The Era is here," Zoro said, watching as his people transformed into their true beings and slaughtered all the humans, they were so very close to wining—and fulfilling prophecy. "I suppose . . . I should go down to them."

Zoro went to go down to his people, but something stopped him. There was a frail hold on his ankle and he turned to look down to see that Luffy was still alive—barely, but he was. What little strength he had he was using it to hold onto Zoro.

"Don't . . . do this . . . Zoro," Luffy gasped out, leaning his head up to gaze up at the Demon.

"I'm no longer Zoro," the Demon King responded. "I never have been—I've always been . . . Asura. That in itself is the sole reason why I have to do this. I can't cut the ties of destiny Luffy!"

"Yes you can," Luffy laid his head back on the cold stone, denying everything.

"No I can't!" Zoro spat, what was wrong with Luffy—even in death he's denying everything!

"Yes you can," Luffy once again said. "Because you're the greatest swordsman in the world . . . you can cut anything . . . even the ties of destiny."

"Believe what you will, but you're still a fool," Zoro said, gazing away from the doomed boy.

"I will believe it," Luffy's tone began getting softer—signaling his end was closing in on him.

"Why?" Zoro asked, his voice cracking, those emotions were returning the more he realized Luffy was still here with him. "Why do you . . . still cling to me like this? !"

Zoro closed his eyes and demanded to control himself, to put on that emotionless face and go about like usual—the way he used to be . . . before he met Luffy.

"Because you're my friend," Luffy spoke, it was evident in his voice that he was crying and one glance down at him was all it took for Zoro to see tears running down the doomed boy's face. "My na-nakama."

"Just let go Luffy," Zoro said, glancing away from the boy—it was getting harder and harder to look at him without breaking. "I stabbed you because you were in the way of my reign, because I am Demon King Asura XIII, because you are a D Priest."

"Liar," Luffy spoke up.

Zoro bit the inside of his lip and scrunched his eyes to stay closed. The boy—he knew him better than he thought . . . no . . . Zoro knew Luffy knew him better than anyone else. He knew Luffy would see through everything . . . even his attempt to kill him.

"Liar!" Luffy nearly shouted, wrapping his numbing fingers around Zoro's ankle even tighter, oh yes, Luffy knew why he'd done this to him . . . he was putting him out of his misery for what was to lie ahead . . . Zoro didn't want him to see this Demon Era—whenever it came about.

And so they stayed like that—in silence. Zoro gazing out at the battle and Luffy trying, with all his might, to hang on to that last bit of life and hold onto Zoro.

"You were . . . talking about destiny," Luffy suddenly spoke up, his tone ever softer now—he was close to the end and it was getting harder for Zoro to listen to anymore of his dying friend's words. "If you . . . could choose . . . your own destiny . . . what would it be? What kind of . . . a life would you . . . have wanted?"

Zoro smiles, genuinely he smiles and knows the exact answer to that. He looks down at Luffy and says—

"If I had to choose then I would have lived my life as your brother . . . as a child of your mother . . . as a human. I loved her so much that that was the only time in my life I had actually wanted to be human."

Zoro then seems to turn away from Luffy, hard emotion written all over his face as he swallows deeply and narrows his eyes to war away the sadness and regret that threaten to overwhelm him. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out and so he tried once more, but this time something came out.

"There was also another time in my life I wished I had been human . . . it was when I was with you and our nakama."

Zoro breaks down inside once he hears Luffy begin to sob. He wanted to look down at him, but he couldn't. He knew Luffy was so close to death that it'd only break him down more to see him like this—crying his heart out.

"I . . . I wished that too," Luffy cried out, his fingers were numbing now and he wasn't even sure if he still had a grip around Zoro's ankle or not. "Deep down inside . . . I knew that you'd . . . that you'd leave us eventually."

Zoro remains looking onward into the distance. He was still and straight, forcing himself not to look at Luffy. He didn't want to fall apart and he knew he would if he just glanced a look at the dying boy.

"It was probably my Priestly powers that . . . alerted me . . . to your true intentions," Luffy said, his mouth felt dry now, even his tongue and it was getting harder and harder to speak. "But . . . that time when I was in banishment . . . was the best time . . . of my life. Because I was with Zoro . . . and our friends."

Zoro suddenly found himself staring down at Luffy who was smiling that same grin of his. He was at death's door and yet he was smiling like that—glad for the life that he had . . . even if his closest friend had cut it so short . . . a friend that couldn't cut destiny's ties, but could cut his friend's life.

"Hai," Zoro smiled out sadly, watching the color slowly draining from Luffy's face.

"I'm sorry . . . that it had to end this way," Luffy's tone was like a whisper now. "When Zoro's time comes . . . I'll wait for him . . . in the next life."

Zoro's bottom lip quivered and soon a sudden rage overtook him as he shouted—

"It's my destiny to destroy you!"

"I'd never . . . kill . . . my friend . . . even . . . if . . . it was . . . destiny," Luffy replies, seeming so distant now.

"Luffy," Zoro mutters out what sounds like a cry for his dear friend.

Zoro continues to watch Luffy's life drain away, but one last thing the boy did before he was in death's cold grip was look up at him with the little life he had in his eyes and say—

"I'll make sure to find you in the next life . . . and become . . . a very . . . good . . . friend," Luffy slowly laid his head down and sighed out, his fingers losing their grip on Zoro's ankle—now he was motionless . . . and lifeless.

Zoro covered his face. It was too much. His heart felt like it was about to burst. He couldn't take anymore of this.

Zoro remains still for a moment before something lathers his hands and in surprise he turns to see what it was—water? He raises his fingers towards his eyes and finds they are leaking . . . he's crying. He hadn't cried in so long that he almost forgot that he could.

How stupid could he be? Crying for the person he had just killed? Why was he crying? It was his fault. Why was he crying? It was what he was supposed to do. Why was he crying? It was his destiny.

Why was he crying?

Because he had a broken heart.

Gripping his chest he could hardly feel his heart. He knew it was in pieces now. After Kiyoko's death he thought it could never be repaired . . . and yet it was secretly getting repaired when he journeyed with Luffy and the others to only shatter for the last time upon the loved D's death. How tragic—how tragic indeed.

Don't go, don't go! His breaking heart cried out as its pieces fell into the abyss—along with his beloved friend Luffy.

Zoro gazed down at Luffy's form once more. A form that looked so peaceful as it lay there, with a smile still placed on his lips with his last words that he had spoke to Zoro. Saying that he'd find him again—in the next life.

Next life, Zoro sighed out sadly, his whole body ached and he hurt the worst he's ever hurt in his life. Is there such a thing? And if there is . . . can I go too? With you . . . Luffy?

It was strange—even though the night was at its darkest right now and the moon was a blood red, shining down angry beams of moonlight, Luffy seemed to be laid in a glow—as if in sunlight, on a clear springs day—when the sakura trees were in blossom and a light spring breeze blew across a chilly pond. Even in his death the boy made things look so bright . . . perhaps that was why Zoro was so attracted to him . . . because he could brighten anything—even, perhaps, a Demon King.

Zoro gazed out towards the battle that still raged and he managed to find each and every one of his nakama. They were all still alive and fighting—for their own survival. Their strange little group that came to be known as his nakama. Oh he knew Luffy had attracted each and every one of them—that was obvious—he had that way with people.

Could they come too? To this place? To the life after this?

If there was or wasn't Zoro had made up his mind. He straightened and knew what he had to do . . . cut the ties to destiny. Would he be cutting them though? Or would this also be a part of destiny? He didn't care, all he cared about were his friends who needed to live in a life without evil beings such a Demons and so to do that would mean they'd have to live a life without him . . . which he was sure they could handle.

Looking at his race . . . the Demons, he knew it was his job to keep them alive, to continue to thrive so they could . . . but as he looked at his friends, his nakama once more he decided that he loved them more. And so he closed his eyes and gave up his life. Only a Demon could willingly give up their spirit to death, no human could do such a thing for their wills weren't strong enough to command even their own spirits—save a few.

And thus ended the Demons. Falling back into lifelessness Zoro remembered the prophecy Priestess Kiyoko had told him when he was little . . . about how he'd die.


"Wait . . . you have seen my end?" the little one asked.

"I have . . . Asura," she said with a firm nod. "Not too long from now your life will meet it's end."

"W-What?" the little one gasped out in a whisper, unable to believe such a forward thing. "I . . . I'm going to die?"

The woman watched the boy closely as he glanced at the two of them. The look in his eyes was that of disbelief, but he knew that the woman was a Priestess and so could see the future—even that of a demon's.

"H-How?" he asked as he turned to the woman.

The woman closed her eyes for a few moments and inhaled, later exhaling softly upon opening her eyes once again.

"You will choose it," she spoke to him, her demeanor tall now, back in Priestess mode.

"Ha! I forfeit my life?" the boy was now just refusing to believe such things. "Do you know what my life means to my people? I CAN'T DIE!"

"So . . . you doubt the visions of a Priestess?" Dragon came to stand beside the woman.

"Why would I freely die when my people depend on me?" the boy growled.

"Because they won't be the only ones depending on you in the moment of your death," the woman spoke again. "You will have friends—eight of them, whom you will care for deeply. It is because of them you forfeit your life."

"You're crazy," was the boy's reply, only making the woman giggle.


Hm, she was right after all. Perhaps this was destiny. After all Kiyoko had foreseen it . . . and legend did say that if a D be present he would fail at bringing about the Demon Era. Who cared though . . . this is what Zoro wanted so it was his own destiny . . . his own.

The body of Asura fell beside the fallen D Priest and there he laid . . . history repeating itself—just like 1,000 years ago.

"So," Rayleigh sighed out, seeing this tragedy fall. "It seems they weren't too far off from you Roger—and Asura."

The scene seemed the same, with Gol D. Roger laying lifeless on the temple's top, the body of Asura the great laying next to his—though those two hadn't been the slightest of friends like the ones lying in the same fate here were. Rayleigh looked out over to see all the Demons were dying, vanishing before everyone's eyes.

"We won?" Usopp gasped and blinked in confusion.

"Something like that," Sanji sighed out—the atmosphere was too bittersweet to say anything, sure the Demons were vanishing thus signaling the Demon King was gone . . . but then again . . . they had just lost two friends.

All across the battlefield those who were still alive were looking for their dead friends who had fallen by many a demon. Dragon was about looking for his father and last remaining son. He looked around and saw his father, he was holding onto his son who wasn't moving.

"Father! Ace!" Dragon cried out, running up to them and watching Garp.

Right when Dragon came to the conclusion Ace had perished the boy suddenly shot forward with a heavy cough and gasp for air. Garp reeled back in shock and surprise and then smiled so big tears started streaming down his face.

"Ace! I thought you were dead!" Garp cried.

"I thought I was too," Ace coughed, Dragon coming to his side and helping him sit up. "I had this strange dream of a field of flowers and . . . Luffy was there . . . wandering off in this mindless direction. As a matter of fact so was . . . Asura."

Ace's vision suddenly caught sight of a vanishing being. He quickly got up and darted over to him.

"Shanks!" he cried out as he ran up to him, his father and grandfather in tow as Ace picked up the vanishing Demon who was ready to cease to exist. "Shanks!"

"Oh," came a weak reply from the vanishing Demon's voice. "I didn't . . . see you."

"Shanks," Garp sighed out sadly, he knew this was going to happen but he didn't expect it to end like this . . . a good friend vanishing from the world.

"I'm sorry . . . if I hurt any of you," Shanks apologized. "I didn't . . . mean to . . ."

"We know," Ace nodded. "Demons will be Demons right?"

"Hai," Shanks let out a long sigh before smiling softly and saying, "In the next life . . . if I get a second chance . . . I want to be . . . reborn . . . as a . . . human."

"I'd like that for you old friend," Garp nodded.

Shanks softly nodded before closing his eyes and vanishing completely. That was one of the problems about this . . . many a Demon was a friend to some kind of a human and so many a friend was lost in this—human and Demon alike.

"Farewell Asura," Rayleigh said, watching Zoro's body vanish along with the other Demons. "May you find another life more suitable for you in the next."

After there was no more traces of the passed Demon King Rayleigh looked down at the D who made all this happen . . . who saved the world of humanity.

"Monkey D. Luffy," Rayleigh said. "You did good son . . . may you two find one another in the next life, just like you wanted."

Rayleigh paused and turned to watch Dragon walk up and see his dead son. A look of grief written all over his face, but also that of relief.

"It's over Dragon," Rayleigh spoke. "Even if many don't believe it, you're son was the one to stop it."

"Luffy," Dragon sighed out, kneeling down beside his body and touching his cold face—a soft smile was still placed on the dead boy. "I think . . . he knows this."

"Hai, I think he does too," Rayleigh nodded and glanced at the remainder of humans and Priests and Priestesses, all looking around, wondering if this nightmare really was over.

"Wait!" Nami started, looking at Franky, and Robin. "Are you two going to vanish as well? !"

"If it were, we would have already," Robin spoke up, touching her face. "It seems since we are part human we'll remain in this world—how interesting."

"WAHH! ! Chopper! !" Usopp gasped, all turning to see Chopper's body vanishing.

"Wait!" Nami gasped, her eyes wide. "Chopper not you! You're not even a real Demon!"

Then, before their eyes they watched the Demon deer of Chopper's body vanish and suddenly a form broke forth, it was the form of his own body and soon Chopper looked at himself and nearly cried.

"I . . . I . . . I'm me again!" Chopper cried.

"H-How did this happen? !" Usopp gasped with wide eyes.

"I believe it was because his soul was human," Robin nodded, all turning to her since she seemed to know everything. "It seems his Demon body vanished while his soul shifted into the form it once was."

"Well how about that," Franky chuckled, slapping the little boy on the back. "Welcome back little buddy."

"I guess I'll remain like this then," Brook spoke up, looking at his skeletal frame. "Since I still am human."

"Hai, it appears that way," Sanji spoke up, looking at the tall skeleton.

"I can't believe it's over," Nami said, wrapping her arms around herself and looking all around. "Luffy . . . it was because of him wasn't it?"

"I think so," Robin nodded, looking at the temple tops where Rayleigh and Dragon where, picking up Luffy's body and gently carrying him down towards the people to show them their savior—the one who sacrificed, just like Gol D. Roger, to save them from the Demonic rule. "If it wasn't for him . . . I'd say our swordsman would have continued on with this Era."

"So . . . everything Demon . . . is gone?" Brook asked.

"Well . . . every Demon is gone, if that's what you're asking," Robin said. "I and Franky-san are half-Demon so parts of Demons still live in us . . . who's to say parts of Demons don't live elsewhere?"

"What do you mean?" Nami asked.

"I'm just thinking," Robin rolled her shoulders. "That not all things Demon vanish—just the beings themselves."

"I see," Nami nodded and then looked sadly on at where Dragon and Rayleigh had brought Luffy's body to his brother and grandfather—who were now mourning over him. "I'm gonna miss that baka I am."

"We all are," Sanji nodded.

"Yeah," Chopper sniffed, rubbing his eyes. "He's the one who brought us all together . . . and called us nakama."

"I'm sure he'll want us to continue on with our lives," Usopp sniffed, he still couldn't believe Luffy and Zoro were gone—two of their greatest friends . . . the two who started this little band of theirs. "It's just . . . they started this . . . you know? . . . we wouldn't be here without them."

"It's true," Nami sniffed, wiping tears from her eyes. "I don't know how they did it, but they did."

"You look back and sometimes it's hard to believe," Sanji chuckled to himself, a faint smile dancing on his lips. "All those dangers we went through together . . . because of that guy."

"May he find peace—in the next life," Brook spoke, like a prayer as he crossed his boney fingers together and gave his wishes up to Kami.

"Hai," everyone spoke their silent prayers as well . . . they knew Luffy deserved it.

"Hey," Nami spoke up, just when the group was about to turn and leave the corpse field. "Do you think . . . even Demons get second chances?"

"What do you mean Nami?" Usopp asked, looking at the tangerine.

"You know," Nami smiled softly, glancing up towards the temple tops where Zoro had given up his life—just for them. "Do you think they'll get to be reborn as well . . . in the next life?"

"Why do you ask Nami-san?" Brook asked the girl.

"It's just," Nami turned to them, but glanced once more at the temple. "I'd want to see that idiot who caused all this mayhem again . . . and give him a piece of my mind!" Nami chuckled lightly before wiping the tears falling off her eyes, all nodded in understanding and all agreed—they'd like to see that Demon again . . . sometime . . . sometime.

Perhaps . . . if people on earth wished really hard to see a loved one again then Kami would grant them their wish. That is what they did . . . they wished to see both Luffy and Zoro once more, praying that in the next life something like this never happened . . . that even Zoro would be granted to be born human and find them . . . or them find him . . . it didn't matter.

As long as they were all together.

As time passed things were soon forgotten about this great battle fought for humanity. About Demons and such . . . but not the works of Demons, curses were still in place, and half-Demons still roamed the land for a little while—only for a little. But humans began to remember Demons and stories were spoken of them. They were spoken the most by seas-men who were the most superstitious and fearing Demons of the deep.

Most of all they feared the devil of the sea who'd seek out to destroy their vessel they sailed in. It was said that long ago, when the very first Demon, Asura the great, perished, a Demon soldier took his head and tossed it into the sea—so the sea captured His spirit and now it inhabits the waters, tossing humans around hoping to drown them for destroying His race. It is said some of His powers were given out threw the sea as well . . . springing up on remote islands as evil plants that would throttle a man in his sleep . . . but if a brave soul ever got close enough they'd see of a fruit it bore—a single one, each plant only would bare one.

The Devil's fruit it came to be known as for if one unlucky man ate it they would be cursed never to swim again and with such a great demonic power it could very well consume them. So were the legends on the seas . . . all originating from the legends of old—long forgotten.

The world seemed to change dramatically through the ages, legends going into myth, myth going into legend. It was always the same. A story forgotten, a story remembered.

Demons went into myth not long after the last of the people whom remembered them passed away. Though later on, because of this rumored cursed fruit they came back into legend. Still though, Demons to everyone were still heartless monsters that hated humans. Many forgot the dealings of Demons—and their vanishment because a certain Demon loved humans.

So old books were opened by the curious and their stories were read . . . about the last Demons, and the Demon King who ended his entire race because of one human. Still though . . . those stories weren't spoken aloud, just read and because of so their stories were forgotten. Forgotten just long enough to bring them back though and perhaps help the world remember their feat once more . . . or to perhaps write another story . . . this one different . . . and with a happier ending . . . and beginning.

Humans accused of being a Demon could either be it in nature, of be cursed from one of the fruits, either way once accused people usually stayed clear of them. All believing Demons heartless . . . and it could be true because the Demon who ended it all for his brethren ended it because it was said he contracted a human's heart. So why not believe anyone given the title 'Demon' is a heartless monster? . . . everyone would believe it . . . perhaps.

But not this one.

With a grin and a pat on his head to hold his treasure in place after hopping over the wall to see this infamous Demon he comes up to him, closer than anyone else dared. Even the one he was with bid him to stay away, but he wouldn't listen. He wanted to see this Demon because he had always been fascinated by them ever since he was little. So he came up closer and looked him over.

Strange—this Demon looked mighty human and so he grinned and stood there until the 'Demon' looked at him. He could see he had fierce eyes and those eyes were going to threaten him off . . . or were they. When they met eyes the boy noticed this 'Demon's' eyes widened like he had just seen a ghost of some sort. The boy looked behind him wondering if it was something he saw, but it appeared it was him he was looking at.

"Oi . . . are you a Demon?" the boy asked, tilting his head to the side to look at him—he didn't look like what he imagined was a Demon . . . maybe he always imagined them wrong.

"Depends what you think kid," the 'Demon' said, closing his eyes and looking away, he wanted to be left alone . . . or did he? He had been alone most of his life, most people afraid of his demeanor calling it 'demonic' so perhaps a little company, especially right now, wasn't so bad.

"I don't think so," the boy crossed his arms and shook his head. "Oi . . . do you want to become my nakama and be my very first friend?"

The 'Demon' looked at the boy like he was crazy. He didn't even know him and yet here he was asking him to befriend him—on top of that join his crew of . . . Pirates? Just who did he think he was? But . . . then again something attracted him to this kid, it was almost like he had seen this kid somewhere before, but he was sure he hadn't ever seen him in his life. Yet still—that feeling stayed.

It stayed as he tried to push the boy away and ignore him. It stayed as the boy continued to return telling him he already added him to his crew. It stayed as the boy brought him his three katana to break free. Heck it even stayed when he saved the boy from getting split open in two by this jerk of an officer.

And so it stayed . . . even as he accepted the boy's offer.

He knew it was crazy—especially finding out it was just him and the boy so far as part of this 'pirate crew'. Sailing away in that small boat with just him and that crazy boy not knowing what lay ahead of them.

Zoro couldn't help but smile at the familiarity of things. Especially being with this crazy straw-hat boy who'll soon be called his Captain—Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy himself couldn't help but smile . . . feeling as if he fulfilled some unspoken promise and found him . . . his very first nakama and friend . . .

Roronoa Zoro.