A/N: Okay, I was thinking about doing this for a while and I'm finally getting to it. This may always be marked as complete because I might come up with new ideas for the Ducklings, new and old, meet the Huddy children. On that note, the Huddy children's description. Oldest to youngest:

William James House (Will): Will is the only Huddy boy. He is the older twin of Heidi by a few minutes. He's very protective of his mother and sisters and is very much a Mamma's boy. He is kind when he wants to be, but is generally very sarcastic. He tends to be the man of the house when House is not there. (17)

Heidi Mackayla House (Heidi): Heidi is the oldest Huddy girl. She is the younger twin of Will by a few minutes. She's kind of a cry baby and usually seeks comfort in her twin or father. She can be strong at times, but once she's alone, she breaks. She's very smart and good for an argument. She hates seeing her Mom cry, especially when her Dad made her Mom cry. (17)

Madeline Rose House (Maddy): Maddy is the middle child. She has a temper that is easily set off by anything. She's smarter than Heidi and is not afraid to tell her so. She and Heidi don't get along very well do to the fact that Maddy hates Heidi's constant crying. She is a gifted piano player, along with her sister Cori, and is always practicing. She is also a Daddy's girl, but sometimes sides with her Mother, making her status unpredictable. (14)

Corinne Lindsi House (Cori): Cori is the second youngest Huddy child. She was born deaf and has never heard a sound in her life. Despite that, she loves playing piano with her sister Maddy, who is her favorite sister. Cori is a happy kid, liking Cuddy better than House and Cuddy's Mother and sister who are also deaf. (8)

Rachel Anne House (Rachel): Rachel is the youngest Huddy child and is also adopted. Rachel is picking up on habits of all her older siblings and her parents. She doesn't have a favorite parent, but Cori is her favorite sister, then Heidi, Maddy and Will is her only brother. (4)

All Huddy Children have Cuddy hair. Heidi and Maddy have Cuddy's warm soft blue eyes and Will and Cori have House's ice blues. Rachel has brown eyes.

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The Ducklings Meet The Huddy Children

"That's not the point!" Cuddy shouted at her sarcastic employee for the umpteenth time.

"There was a point to this whole thing?" Cameron looked at Chase who rolled his eyes in a semi-girlish manner. Foreman was enjoying the banter between his boss and his boss' boss. In the beginning it was pretty entertaining.

"Yes there was a point! Don't do these kinds of surgeries on a patient unless you know for a fact that it is what it is!"

"I saved the butt holes life didn't I?" House cracked back indifferently about to turn around when Cuddy's cell rang. She glared at him and found her phone in the purse she was carrying. Looking at the I.D. her face changed and it caught his attention. She flipped the phone open.

"Hello? ...Yes, this is she… What?!...We'll be down as soon as we can… Thank you, bye." She hung the cell up and looked at House.

"That was a doctor in the ER, Will and the girls were brought in." She turned on a heel and quickly walked out of the room, House hot on her trail. The Ducklings looked at each other before shrugging their shoulders and went back to what they were doing before Cuddy had come stomping in.

"Did they say what for?" House asked her once the elevator doors closed.

"No, she just said five children were brought in and refused to be touched unless it's by you or me, so she called me." House glanced at her, and saw her eyes closed and taking several quiet deep breaths. He reached over, turning his eyes to the doors, and took one of her hands in his.

"They'll be fine Lisa." She squeezed his hand and sent a small smile his way.

"I know Greg, but sometimes…"

"The doctor side of our brain takes over, but they'll be fine. They're Houses." Cuddy let out a chuckle.

"Your right, I mean, you can't even be off-ed, so how could they." After what seemed like an eternity, the metal doors opened and House released her hand. Both walked out and looked around, trying to see the children.

"Mom!" Will shouted, waving his hand back and forth to draw her attention. Ignoring the looks of the nurses around, Cuddy practically ran to her only son and hugged him close, her arms slipping under his, as he was as tall as his father.

"Let go of the kid Cuddy, you're going to kill 'em." Cuddy let go and glared at House.

"So, what happened?" Cuddy asked, stepping back.

"Nothing, Cori just fell out of her tree and wanted you. You know how she is." Will shook his head and looked back at his deaf sister who was being held by Maddy. Heidi sat off to the side, holding Rachel; making faces at the four year old causing her to laugh.

"Yeah, come on; let's head to my office, its more private." Cuddy suggested. All the children nodded, waiting for Cuddy to sign to Cori that they were going to her work room.

Cori nodded excitedly and jumped off the table taking one of Cuddy's hands, having Maddy's hand in the other. All seven people got them self's in the elevator and waited until they got to the floor they needed to be on. Heidi was telling House something about needed the motorcycle that weekend, wanting to go a festival that was pretty far away.

"Come on Daddy, lemme use it." She clasped her hands together and pouted. Maddy rolled her eyes.

"Heidi, no need to beg, they have street corners for the kinda stuff your into." Heidi nearly snarled and glared the Cuddy glare at her younger sister.

"Shut it dweeb." Heidi retorted.

"Wow, that's original, 'dweeb'. Watching Kim Possible lately Heidi?" Before Heidi could attack her sister, the doors opened and the seven members stepped out, going to Cuddy's office, but having to go past House's office, they ran into the Ducklings.

"Who are they?" Cameron asked first, pointing to the children.

"Will, Heidi, Maddy, Cori and Rachel." House grunted shortly, just wanting to get to the office already.

"And why are they here?" Chase questioned in his Australian accent. Heidi heard and grinned, about to slink up to the young blonde doctor, when Cuddy caught her.

"Nope, don't think so missy."

"But Mom-" The Ducklings gasped.

"'Mom?'" The three asked in union. They didn't know Cuddy had any children.

"Looks like the hats out of the bag, Ducklings, meet the spawn, spawn, Ducklings." House 'introduced'.

"If they're your kids and she's Dr. Cuddy's child, then…" Cameron stopped her eyes wide in disbelief. House smirked.

"That's right, meet the House's. You may know my wife," He pulled Cuddy into his side grinning like a wild man. Foreman started to laugh.

"That's funny, like Dr. Cuddy would marry you." He continued to laugh and when no one joined him he stopped.

"We need to go, good meeting you. Mom, Dad, lets go." Will muttered and turned, the others followed.

The Ducklings looked at each other.

That was weird.

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