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Meet the Huddy Children

Crashing Sucks

Season: First, second season

Meeting H.C.: Old Duckies, Kate Cole

"Are we almost there Mom?" Maddy wondered to the driver of the car she was sitting in. Cuddy nodded, smiling at her daughter quickly before returning her eyes to the open road.

"Don't worry Maddy, we'll get to the hospital before your father."

"Yeah, how else are we going to surprise Dad for his birthday?" Will remarked from the back seat where he was forced to sit after Maddy called shotgun. Rachel sat in next to him, in a car booster seat so she wouldn't go flying when they were driving. Cori sat in the very back with Heidi, practicing new techniques she learned for the piano while Heidi had earphone in listening to The Script.

"Daddy's old!" Rachel shouted from the back seat. Cuddy laughed so hard that she closed her eyes, just for a second, a second was all it took though. She heard Will yell at her to look out and the last thing she remembered was a blue pick-up truck swerve into their lane and run them head on.

Cuddy struggled to open her eyes, just wanting to fall into a deep unconscious state, but knew she shouldn't. Once they were finally open, she looked around, than to her right. Maddy sat there, eyes closed, groaning, a thin line of blood running down her temple.

"Are you okay Maddy?" Maddy didn't open her eyes, but she nodded her head carefully.

"Yeah," She breathed, "I think so, the others?" Cuddy allowed her head to roll back onto the seat and looked back. Will stared at her with worried eyes; she smiled trying to reassure him.

"Are they-"

"They're fine," Rachel's high pitched screams caught in her ears. "Rach got a little cut on her cheek, Heidi's got Cori. You and Maddy seem to have gotten the brunt force of it." He gulped, looking like he would break out in tears in a matter of seconds. Sirens came next in her hearing range. How long were they sitting there for? Cuddy asked her self.

A paramedic suddenly showed up out side her shattered window. She knew him, it was Carlos, he drove many patients into her hospital, and almost everyone knew him.

"Dr. Cuddy?" He asked shocked, seeing her in this state.

"Carlos. How good to see you, can you check on my daughter," She moved her head to where Maddy was sitting.

"Sure thing, my partner will get her. Now tell me, where are you in pain?" Cuddy stared at him with confused eyes.

"Pain?" In a second, everything hit her at once. Her legs felt like someone was trying to rip them off, her left arm was stinging, most likely from glass piercing her skin, her head was splitting in two, her gut hurt.

"Yes pain." He repeated slowly.

"Everywhere." She breathed, much like her daughter did when talking to her. "But you need to get my children first."

"Dr. Cuddy-" She glared at him, using a famous Cuddy glare.

"Them first or I'll be the worst patient you ever had." Carlos raised an eyebrow, amused.

"It that a threat?" She shook her head slowly.

"A promise." He could see that she was serious, so he sighed and rose to his feet.

"Get the children first. I got the driver." He bent back down.



It took sometime, but all occupants of the car were on their way to Cuddy's beloved hospital, Cuddy, Heidi, and Cori in one ambulance, and Will, Rachel and Maddy in the other. One minute out, Cuddy started to have trouble breathing, something Carlos noticed and tried to use a drug to put her under for a while. She refused immediately.

"No…I need…to talk to…my husband…first…Then…I'm…yours." She gasped out. The medic frowned, but nodded his head. They arrived and all people her unloaded from the large medical trucks. Cameron, Chase and Foreman ran over, gloves on along with a yellowish coat like thing.

"What do we have?" Foreman asked first, running to Cuddy's gurney. He looked surprised to see her, but said nothing.

"Forty one year old female, head on collision with what appears to be a drunk man, several lacerations along the face, arms and legs, broken femur and tibia of left leg, probably a few fractured if not broken ribs, most likely a minor concussion, refused drugs until she saw her husband." Foreman glanced at Carlos as he said this, but rolled his boss' boss to a trauma room.

"On the count of three, one, two, three." They, Foreman, a med student and several nurses, lifted her off the paramedics gurney and onto their own. Foreman shined a light in her eyes, to check response.

"Do you know your name?" Cuddy nodded.

"Elisea Eleanor Cuddy."

"Your age? The date?"

"Forty one and its House's birthday. I need you to get him."

"Not now Cuddy, you're going to need treatment, not House."

"I need him. Please." It wasn't often that Foreman gives in to people, but it wasn't often he heard Cuddy pleading, begging for someone, let alone House, like this. He felt his head bob up and down. He looked at the med student.

She was young, fresh out of med school, long red hair that made a fiery sunset look dull and blue-green eyes that was the color of the sky on a tornado-y day. She was hard working, but had yet to pass the House Test. If she cried when talking to House the first time, she probably wouldn't make it in the hospital. God Foreman thought what is her name? I know it started with a 'K'. Katherine? No, Kaitlin, no, Katie, Kate! That's it Kate Cole!

"Cole! Go get Dr. House; he's in coma guy's room." Kate nodded determined and took off in a dead run. She narrowly escaped three nurses holding pill trays, six patients trying to get her to talk doctor to them and one doctor hitting on a nurse who was rolling her eyes. It took her forever; it seemed like it to her, to get to coma guy's room where the great evil House usually resided.

"Whatever it is, it can wait." Was the first thing out of his mouth as she slammed the door open, breathing heavily.


"Is it a new case?"

"No, it-"

"Wilson send for me?"

"No, it was-"

"Than I don't care."

"It was Dr. Cuddy." House sat forward and turned to look at her, boredom deep in his eyes, with a tint of worry.

"What's the she-devil want now?"

"She's in the ER."

"That's all, well tell her-"

"As a patient!" Kate shouted to interrupt him.

"What?" House was on his feet staring her down. She swallowed hard.

"As a patient. She and five kids were in an accident this morning and were just brought in, hey where are you going?" Kate called after him as he limped as fast as he could away from her.

"To the ER."

"Where is she?" He was about ready to scream at the teary eyed nurse who followed him as he walked unsteadily to find his wife. He came to a room where he saw a familiar body. He practically ran into the room and to the side of the person in the uncomfortable hospital seat.

"Heidi." Her dark head bobbed up and he saw the tears rolling down her cheeks. It nearly broke his heart. "Heidi, where's your mother?" She was holding Cori and Rachel who were eerily silent, even for Cori.

"Oh god, Daddy, there was so much blood, I've never…" House spoke in a calm voice, knowing how to deal with his eldest daughter.

"Where is your mother, Heidi?"

"Maddy and Mom, they, they were in the front, we didn't see him coming, he just hit us."


"I don't know, when we got here, Mom went one way, with a black doctor, and Maddy and Will went with a brunette and blonde. We were told to wait here." He spent a little longer comforting his child and left in search for his long time lover. He spotted Foreman and walked into the room.

"You needed me?" Foreman looked up and than back down at his patient. House looked past the blood and saw his beloved.

"Oh jeeze. Lise." He limped closer and grabbed her less damaged hand lovingly. Cuddy smiled at him weakly.

"Are…the kids…alright? Maddy? Hei…di? I know…how she gets…" He stroked her forehead and over her head of hair, not caring the looks he and his wife were getting from the people in the room.

"Heidi, Cori and Rachel are fine. I haven't seen Will or Maddy yet, I'll go look right now."


"And listen to Foreman, take the medicine, I can tell by your breathing and immense look of pain that you haven't taken anything. Its okay, we'll be here when you wake up." He leaned down and planted a tender kiss on her lips. "Love you." He whispered so quietly that she barely heard it.

"Love you too." She whispered back.

"Just be carefully, I know your mind is a bit murky right now, but I know you know when this black guy is making a wrong move." House said loudly enough for the people who were listening. He looked innocently at Foreman who was glaring.

"If I come back and she's dead, I'll kill you and proudly walk up to a cop and tell him so." House left the room to find his son and daughter. He found them fast.


"Dad! Did you see Mom? Was she okay?"

"She should be fine, Maddy?"

"Just a little head bump. She's fine, we're all…"He took a deep breath. "fine." He finished. House did a very un-Housely thing and pulled his son into a hug. Will broke down into tears, sobbing into his Father's Mic Jagger shirt. That's how Cameron found them when she walked out.

"You know these kids House?" He nodded and Will pulled away.

"Yeah, this is my son and you worked on my daughter. My other daughter's are sitting in a room waiting to be told everything is alright and my wife is being worked on by Foreman. SO, you could say I know them, but-"

"It might be a long shot." Will finished.

"But Foreman's working on Cuddy…Oh my…" Her eyes rolled up into her head as she fainted. House and Will watched her fall backwards.

"Wow, so that's how you shut her up."

"When she wakes up, you should make it seem like she just dreamed it up." House grinned at Will.

"Good idea, my boy, good idea."

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