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Summary: Mid-August, Isshin asked his son to do his cleaning duty. Then again, troubles appear as Ichigo found an old photograph he had never seen before, a picture of him hugging an exact copy of him, except his whole body and hair is all white. HichiXIchi in later chapter.

Disclaimers: As much I wanted to have a real Hollow Ichi in my room, it will never be granted, cursed the fate as Tite Kubo actually owns him *sob*



The wail is just too obvious for the substitute Shinigami to notice, quickly rolling to the far-end of the small bed, making his father's kick kicked the spring bed, making a lot of 'squeak!!' sounds, produced by the coil in the bed that made Isshin bouncing on the now luckily vacant bed, just like one who's playing on a trampoline.

Just before he fell, Ichigo quickly grabbed the edge of his bed and landed a kick exactly at the old man's ribs, making him flying out to the window (somehow Ichigo forgot to closed it that night, no wonder he felt so cold) and of course, the man falling right onto the earth downward, making a loud sound of 'BAAAAM!!!' and barely audible, sound of crater falling down too.

He just watched in amusement as his father's head successfully hit the gritted earth down there, making blood spilled from the goatee's head to everywhere.

Not that he would care anyway. That old man wouldn't die because of just that, he thought as he could saw his father suddenly rose up on his feet, energetic as ever and running down towards the Kurosaki Clinic behind his back, automatic doors opened freely greeting him.

His usual frown went deeper as he heard a loud thumping of feet walking on the stairs, and there goes his father, standing in front of him unharmed, except of the red-tilted ooze pouring down on his face. But then again he just looked as cheerful as ever.

Really, if anything, that man should have taken the art of dark magic to protect his body like that, he thought to himself even when Ichigo doesn't believe in such things like superstition and what-not.

Or maybe his father HAD, even an obscure things like a Soul Reaper existed when Ichigo have the ability to saw ghost since he was a child. And it's been about 15 years he had lived without noticing even the slightest presence to their existences.

"Oh, my son!!" chirped Isshin cheerfully just like always, ignoring the blood which dripped onto the wooden floor below and staining it with red mark. "Seems you had grown significantly to dodged such an attack like that!"

"Yeah, as if I hadn't grown significantly, I would have died because of my old man broke his son's neck intentionally." The younger Kurosaki replied with a glared plastered on his face.

"Ooh, anyway Ichigo!!" he said, changing the subject as Isshin padded on the wooden floor, making Ichigo prepared his horses to dodge another sudden attack from his hectic father, before finally receiving a broom and an old rag, handed over by Isshin.

"What is this?"

"Ooooh, noo!!!" Isshin shouted in agony. "My son doesn't even know what a broom is?!! I've failed as a father!! Masaki—"

"Shut up, goatface!!" screamed Ichigo as his feet kicked the oldest Kurosaki in the stomach, covered with flame of anger before his heretic father could crying over to the photograph of her deceased mother which Isshin always carried along in his pocket. Karin is right, as much as he missed his mother, he wouldn't gone all cry-baby to a dead item such as a photograph. It's annoying.

"I know what broom is!! What I don't know is why you handed it to me!? Where's Yuzu!?"

Isshin pinched his nose as blood could be seen pouring down from both holes thanks to his son's punch, tears coming out from his watery eyes. "Don't you know, my son? They went to a school trip."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow of confusion, and then a bulb of light lit above his head; yeah, the twins did say they'll go to Tokyo for a trip yesterday. And he's oversleep! He can't imagine Yuzu's sad face and Karin's angry face in their departure to Tokyo without their only brother accompanying. He felt bad about it, but then again he can't do anything about it right now. Well, he should apologize to her sisters later after they come home.

He then asked to his crying father, "And can't you just make yourself doing the cleaning duty?"

"Sadly but I can't, my son!!" he cried in such a disgusting manners that wanted to make Ichigo vomits. "I have to scrubbed all of Masaki's photo so she'll always be polished as alwa—oophf!!"

"Yeah! Yeah!! Just go now, old goat!!" shouted Ichigo in a malevolent way as he threw the dirty rag that successfully hit his father's face, being disgusted by his act. "I'll do the cleaning so can you please leave?!!"

He shouted at his father as his palm pushed against his father's back, trying to make him go out right now and there.

After finally, being able to pushed his crazed father out of his room (although he still could heard his father's cry), he stared at the broom and the rag which were left motionless on the floor.

He sighed, and then said to himself, "Well, time to get work then."

Isshin walked towards the door of his both house and clinic, silence hovering around him. Sighing faintly, he tilted up his head after he took a step outside the clinic, watching the second level of his house, staring blackly at the opened window of his son's room, and watched in silence as he could saw his son's palm pulling the window's white frame to close it up, and then sheathed its curtain.

He shook his head once, before finally walked along the road, pulling some kind of sheet op paper, no, it was a photo, actually, from his pocket, showing a white-haired boy smiling at him cheerfully, both tanned white hands waving at the camera.

He sighed once more, and put it back to his pocket.

Ichigo groaned in distress as they were, amusingly, too many dust at each corner of his house. He was surprised by how much his blonde sister had made their house all clean and tidy. Well, if a patient found out that the clinic was dirty, they could be sued anyway. Luckily that old man closed the clinic today, too. At Sunday, were most people are free to take some treatment that couldn't be done in any other day, hence the work and school and stuff like that, which made him thought for a moment; it was strange for his father to just close his clinic that easily, either he was busy at the moment (busy of what? Ichigo thought that to himself sarcastically) or, something must had happened.

But what could that be? Come to think of it, the old goat wore a normal outfits today and yesterday, either. It was strange, he thought to himself as his head tilted to the left side of the family room, looking at the calendar that hanging freely on the white wall up there beside a small wooden table.

It's still August, 10th of August, more exactly. Nowhere near the exact date of their mother leaving them for eternity.

He then remembered something as he broomed the dust out from the corner. Each time of the year, his father would began acting weird twice a year. One near the time of his wife's death and one again between the mid-firsts of August, which was about these days.

Maybe someone passed away around this time.

But he knew exactly, that his father is not the type who will act sulky upon someone's death. He will instead act (too) energetic as ever, cheering his grieving children with his (annoying) acts. But then again having a pretty havoc father like him around was not bad, so Ichigo didn't mind it.

He then turned his body around to move to his parent's, scratch that, his father's bedroom to mop around, grabbing the doorknob and twisted it, making a 'click' sound and finally opened it, revealing the large bedroom which was used by both of his mom and his father once, looking a the big-sized bed covered with brown thick blanket.

He quickly walked trying to not look at his father's weird outfit (a look-like-to-be pajamas with a big weird smiling star in the center –somehow the smile seemed to be mocking Ichigo- and a blue buggy pants with a sparkling rainbow colored stars here and there. If he wanted, maybe that cursed outfits of his pop already be burnt to ash. But he tried to not to) before his hip hit something so it fell.

"Ugh, what is it!?" he shouted to no one as the thing, or rather, things hit his poor feet more than once.

He looked down, and found out the thing that had just hit him was some set of books.

…no… Looking at it more carefully, he realized that it just not some kind of cooking books that his father used to read. Instead those books were a set of photo album, as he could saw some of the photographs flying freely in front of him.

He caught one of the photos which were flying like a feather and then flipped it over to the cover front; a photo of his old man hugging Masaki, whose stomach was swollen like a big-fat watermelon.

Ichigo looked at the date placed on the corner edge of the photo, curious by her mother's weird posture.

It's the year of 1985, when her mother was pregnanting him.

And he will be killed by his raging father in regards of his insolent actions such as ruining Isshin's favorite photo album.

That old goat never showed him this album.

That's just more than enough to make Ichigo irked in anger, fingers fidgeting restlessly against the hard-covered book that was now in his hand, wanting to punch or crush or squeeze or… anything to leash his anger!

But, this book… It's all full of her mother's smiling face. When she was playing at the beach, curly hair waving blown by the wind. When his husband hugging him from the back, a small smile seen from her attractive lips. When she rubbed her own watermelon-like tummy, cannot wait patiently to have her first son ever! When Isshin kissed her pink cheek gently…

Everything was full of joy and happiness, he thought that to himself as his palm rubbed his watery chocolate eyes. He was being both happy and regretful in the same time, happy that he could saw his mother's reassuring face again in his father's treasured photo album, and regretful as he was the one… the one that made that face lost to the abyss forever.

He rubbed his nearly-crying eyes again, as if his father was here, his calm and gentle words echoing in his head, that it was not his fault.

Well, he had tried to believe that and move forward, but the burden… burden being the only one who witnessed his mother's death in the hand of a godamn Hollow was just too painful for being just forgotten so easily like that.

He scratched his not-itchy orange hair while still holding the book with his other hand, inhaling and exhaling, trying to not cry anymore, and finally closed the book and then put it beside him. It's enough with the nostalgia time.

Just before he wanted to stand up to continue his task, he saw another photo album that fell together along with the other albums (of course including the album he read just now), though he didn't see that book before, yet his chocolate eyes glued to the title on the album's cover.

'Twins' he read the title on the cover.

Ichigo then giggled a little before finally sitting cross-leg again on the bright red-carpeted room (Isshin wanted to made it more… 'kingdom-ness' he said, instead of choosing another more plain colored carpet), completely forgot about the cleaning duty his father gave to him that morning. What kind of brother doesn't want to look at his sister's playful act on the age of 3? Possibly all kind of photos were stored inside the album, Karin playing a robot, Yuzu playing with her dolls, both of them taking a bath together…

Wait, he's not slowly turning into Kon, is he?

Regardless of the thought, he opened the cover book.

Instead of the picture of Yuzu and Karin taking a bath together, he got a photo of an orange-haired boy smiling cheerfully, brown chocolate eyes shining brightly as the sun shone above him.

It was… him…?

Being unsure, Ichigo turned the cover again to check the title.

It's clearly 'Twins' that was written there, 'cept his eyes started turning blind.

Heck, was his father really had gone mad for mistaking his 'sons' as a twin? Maybe yes, even that old goat had forgotten for how many years his wife had passed. 10 years? Ichigo would have grown an orange goatee just like his father's. A freakin' orange goatee! His hair was bad enough! He just could only hope that his hormones were not high enough to make a freakin' goatee like that.

Ichigo shook his head, trying to put down the confusion out from his head.

He then opened the book again, once again saw the orange-haired boy photo –the younger him- on the first page.

He noticed then; a blank, more brighter spot at the left corner on the page. The spot had the same size as his old photo's, but his was placed more to the upper left corner of the page, while the blank spot was more at the bottom right corner.

It had been taken by someone. And that someone, was someone that Ichigo clearly knew who he was.

He sighed a little; it's really not like his father to hide something like this. Was this 'someone' really an important and secret, yet pretty sensitive matter to him? And he once again thought about the odd title on the cover; 'Twins'. Heck, maybe Ichigo really HAD a twin brother that, SOMEHOW, he can't remember at all.

He shook his head, there was just too much things in his head. It can't be. He didn't have a twin, even how unlogical his father was. How can you have a twin brother when you didn't even have any slightest memories about him? Or her, maybe, if your twin was a girl.

No, no, it was twisted of him. If he keep thinking twisted things like this, sooner or later he will be the one who become twisted himself, Ichigo said that to himself, shaking his head once more.

He then turned the book to the second page, and was shocked by the picture in front of him.

It was him. It was the younger Ichigo. It was the orange-haired boy hugging a tightly white-haired boy that's just exactly look like him. The white-haired boy, no, not just hair, but face, hands, neck… everything was covered with sheer whiteness, a very pale white, and he as look almost identical to the younger Ichigo. He really wanted to look away from the photo as he started feeling queasy somehow, but it's like his eyes were glued to the photo.

But the thing that he wanted to averted his eyes from most, but can't, was a pair of glimmering golden eyes on the white boy's face. It's the only thing that differs Ichigo from the boy (except all of his white skin and hair). He felt scared, it's scary, as someone bad was inquiring him, looking through his entire mind from the inside, yet the people was standing still in front of him, looking at him with a triumphant face.

Not too long after that, suddenly Ichigo felt an extreme dizziness roaming on the head of his. It's so painful that he can't even regain his composure, resulting the fall of the book onto the carpeted floor downward.

"What… the…,"

His body fell to the ground, mimicking the book's fall just about some seconds ago, all limbs were stiff and numb while both of Ichigo's hand grasped it tightly, clutching his own body, nor did he can to move it around, it's just like someone had petrified him by an unknown force.

'Unknown force… is it… reiatsu…?' He thought to himself while his consciousness started to slipping away from him.

He tried to not close eyes, but the buzzing in his head were really painful he just wanted to die right away.

And by the time he nearly closed his eyes shut, he heard a far, distorted voices reaching out to him, calling his name in a cold, rough voice.


-to be continued

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