For Writting2StayHalfSane's request at the HP Fanfiction Challenges Forum.

All Wrapped Up

The house was very quiet, Arthur thought, as he let himself in through the back door.

Just over eleven years of parenthood had taught him that that was probably a Bad Sign.

"Hi Dad!" Bill and Charlie were sitting blamelessly at the kitchen table reading a Quidditch magazine, evidently putting together a team for some fantasy league or other. They weren't the culprits then.

Arthur went into the hall to hang up his cloak and found his third son sitting on the stairs. Percy was so absorbed in his picture book that he barely looked up as his father greeted him.

Arthur sighed. It would be the twins then. He should have known.

In the living room, the lights on the Christmas tree were twinkling merrily. Molly was fast asleep in the big armchair, baby Ginny in her arms, also asleep. It was hardly surprising. Ginny had not slept much the previous night, and as a consequence neither had her mother. And then the twins had tumbled out of their beds at half past five, when Molly had finally persuaded the baby to go to sleep.

The twins themselves were now sitting on the hearthrug, apparently wrapping presents. Although of course, at three and a half years old, their attempts at wrapping were hardly tidy. Arthur shrugged as he greeted Fred and George in a low voice so as not to wake their mother. His parental sense of trouble must be failing him for once.

Then, as he left the room to get himself a cup of tea, he belatedly realised two things. Firstly, Fred and George's expressions had been just too innocent to be entirely believable. And secondly – and more importantly – where on earth was Ronnie?

He turned abruptly back into the living room and took a closer look at the parcel on the rug between the twins.

It was wriggling…